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--------------------------Episode #27: Syndicate Solo-----------------------

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x Silence reigned within the steel and titanium fortress that was the home of the red dragon syndicate. Above the two fighters was pure, star-lit sky; an aftereffect from the roof being blasted open. The silence burst suddenly like a glass window as the ultra-loud clang of sword on steel resonated through it. At nearly the same moment, a shot rang out, as shots are often know to do. Then...nothing. x

What the hell am I doing here?' Faye Valentine asked herself as she pressed on. Her left leg was burning with a vibrant pain that her mind refused to acknowledge. The last five minutes had been the most intense in her life, even more so then The Accident. Breaking into, of all places, the Red Dragon Syndicate, getting shot twice in the leg, fighting through more destruction then she had ever seen in her life; and all of this to save the life of someone she had never supposedly even cared about.
'Spike is soooo going to get it when I find him!' she thought angrily. But a caring, saddened voice deep inside of her whispered back, 'If he's alive...' He had to be! Spike had been through everything: hell and high water; and yet he was still alive. And, he had told her himself, he wasn't coming here to die. Or was he?
She had cried herself silly after he left. That, and wasted a whole clip of bullets shooting at the ceiling. Jet was going to kill her for the ceiling once he got out of his stupor. She couldn't stand watching him wash the window over and over when it was already spotless. Why didn't he do anything? Spike was HIS partner after all!
Whatever. Faye had cried herself silly, but then she had bounced back; taking action. In the Red tail, she hightailed it down after Spike, only to discover that their enemy was one far more powerful then she had ever thought. When she first met Vicious, she had figured he was just some common crook. He hadn't acted like one though, and it wasn't until now that she realized what he was. 'A top-ranking syndicate member!' she had thought. 'How the hell did Spike get involved with this guy?'
Her legs seemed to be carrying her through one broken room after another of their own accord; she had no control over her own movements. Something was wrong though. No one was shooting at her. It was as if they were all dead, or as if they didn't care if she was there or not. She knew she should be relieved, but...
'If Spike did all this damage, then that means he's way ahead of me. What if...?'
Her 'what if' was soon answered.

'It's all a dream...but it ends here. I'll finally wake up. Julia...I'm coming.'
Spike Spiegal's tired body moved down the stairs, inch by inch, one foot at a time. His teeth were clenched in pain, but his eyes seemed bright, and he smirked. The entire room was dead silent except for the echo each thud of his feet made. All eyes were focused on the bloodied cowboy, he stared back at them like a dragon, victorious. He knew these men, they knew him. They were practically part of some weird, messed-up family. The only family Spike had. After being a bounty hunter for so long, however, they hardly meant anything to him anymore. If he were to live, he would be placed as their new head whether he liked it or not. That left only one choice.
And it was then that he paused. Raising one injured arm up, holding it out towards the crowd, he held out his thumb and forefinger like a gun, and whispered, softly, "Bang."
Vicious was dead. Julia was dead. He had nothing more to live for. His eyes closed and he felt his body falling forward, falling into nothingness.

'Oh god' Faye thought, her body frozen, rigid. Spike was dead. He was falling to the ground, and Faye was sure he was dead. She couldn't move, couldn't breathe. Time seemed to stand just as still as the people in this room. They all seemed awestruck, and she could tell why.
Thoughts flashed through Faye's head. Memories of her time with the Bebop resurfaced suddenly, each hitting her with an impact like a freight train. Tears came to her eyes. In an instant she had thrown down her gun, her legs propelling her towards her comrade, as her voice cried out in anguish, "SPIKE!!"
Every single one of the Syndicate members turned to look at this crazy woman running straight for the victor of the assassination, whom they too were sure, was dead. Some seemed uneasy, others looking ready to duke it out for the now-empty position once they got word that Spike was truly dead. A few looked like they wanted to help, but didn't want to get in the woman's way. Some just looked hostile. Faye didn't care. They could shoot at her for all that she cared. Ed had left, and her memories had led her nowhere. Without Spike she was sure Jet would never allow her to stay on the Bebop. She didn't want to go back to how things were before Bebop. She liked being a bounty hunter, even if it meant throwing her so-called pearls before swine.
Practically throwing herself down beside Spike, she grabbed him lightly and rolled him over. Blood was everywhere. A quick scanning with her eyes showed her a blasted arm, a gunshot wound in the side, several good slashes from a sword, and a lot of wounds from just, most likely, dodging out of the way of bullets and slashes.
Her hand reached out and placed itself gently on his wrist, trying desperately to feel for a pulse. He couldn't be dead!
Faye nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt a single tiny pulsing of his heart as Spike's body held on with the last of its energy to what little life it had. He was alive! She was so happy that, ironically, she could have hugged the poor guy to death, but instead she knew what had to be done.
Now that she looked closer, she realized he was barely breathing as well. Good. CPR wasn't needed. After a small sigh of relief, she threw off her favorite red jacket and wrapped it tight around his worst wound: most likely the slash on his waist; and then hauled him up, his arm draped over her shoulder, her arm wrapped around his body.
"Hang on Spike," she whispered softly, praying to whatever Gods that she believed in that the cowboy would hold on just a little longer.
Then she turned to the crowd below, who were still fascinated by this whole incident. With a glare in her eyes like a tiger about to strike, she spoke up with as much venom as she could fathom, "I'm leaving and I'm taking him with me. DON'T try to stop me."
And with that, she began slowly, very slowly, down the stairs.