" I told myself that I would make some changes,

More that I change the more one thing remains the same

I can't seem to shake ya,

You seem to really have a hold on me.

This can't go on now

I gotta move on now

It's not the fact that I don't love you no more

I just gotta break this bad habit

I can't take this bad habit no more."

- Destiny's Child, IBad Habit/I


In the first stages of consciousness when waking up, one finds themselves in a strange state. For a moment, every thing is blissfully blank, and it is not until after you open your eyes that reality sets in. Upon encountering reality, you may find a smiling teddy bear. Maybe one day that teddy bear turns into a sleeping child contentedly snuggled against you. In any case, in the dark of the night when you sleep, Time and Reality do not exist. You can be young and old in the same night, and become everything that you are not.


Among the mallorn trees of Lothlorien, a young elf stirred in the warmth of a glowing sun. As he woke, he felt the warmth on his skin, and stretched and moved about, completely devoid of thoughts for the time being. As he stretched he forgot that his bed was too small for him and accidentally stubbed his toe on the end board. He shot straight up in pain, cursing all the way.

" Ei, Elberth!"

His mother came through door that connected her talan to his, and stepped in just in time to hear his mild curse.

" Anor, mind your tongue!"

He was sitting up in his bed, bent over his toe, checking to see if it was hurt.

" Your toe is just fine, you big lump! But onto bigger matters. You must go meet Lady Galadriel before you join Haldir and his Galadrim, remember?"

"How could I forget, mother?"

He got up and started searching for his new uniform.

Niphredil smiled coyly, and held out his official uniform.

" Here. I put your bow and arrow in the hallway for when you need them.'

Anor sighed in relief. " Oh, thank the Valar! I was afraid I had lost them on my first day!"

" Psh, child, that's what mother's are for. Now go get changed!"

She walked out of the door and closed it behind her, and felt older than ever. She felt used and just… well, old, lkike she had stayed alive for too long. It was very hard staying alive and bright for her son, and she hoped that she could hold on for just a little longer so that Anor could grow up just a little more. She didn't want to leave him here alone without ever being able to see her even in Valinor. Anor was 183 and he began to look more and more like his father everyday. She couldn't count on her fingers and toes she'd had to stop herself from saying Legolas's name when Anor came into the room. Over the years, she'd tried to stop thinking about him, but it was inevitable. He was a piece of her- a very hated piece, mind you- just like Anor and Lotestel. She'd tried everything, but she could still feel herself slipping away… But those were not the thoughts that would her go on. She'd decided a long time ago, that if she couldn't block thoughts, she would save them for a more appropriate time.

She walked down to the kitchen to wrap up some lembas bread, and saved her thoughts.

Anor hastily slid on his leggings and his boots, and he was just about to slide his green undershirt on when there was a knock at the door. He walked over and opened the door, expecting to find his mother on the other side.

Instead, he was greeted with the lovely face of Rílaisseth, Lothestel and her husband Cuilë's daughter. He leaned casually against the doorway, hoping to impress her with his "impressive" body.

" Hello."

Rílaisseth blushed profusely. She definitely had noticed the absence of clothes. She finally worked up the courage to talk.

" Hello. My mother sent me over to give you this."

She reached up and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Both reacted instantaneously. If possible Rílaisseth's blush grew even more, and Anor looked a little star struck.

In order to avoid embarrassment, she quickly pushed on with her news.

" She also said to give you this."

Out of her bag she produced an arrow. Upon closer inspection, one could see that it was beautifully made. Forest green feathers graced the edge of the beautiful oak carved arrow.

" She said it was for good luck because it came from one of the best archers in all of Middle Earth."

Rílaisseth giggled as a thought came into her mind.

" She also said he was a complete bastard. Do you suppose she meant Haldir?"

Both laughed helplessly as they thought of the stern faced elf counting his arrows to find one gone. Haldir had a reputation of being stern and thickheaded, but Anor had met Haldir and knew that he was just very responsible, and cared about the lives of his men.

Anor finally let his giggles die down, only to have them start up again when he thought of Lothestel.

" Only your mother would dare do such a thing. I could definitely see her sneaking into his talan to get one."

Joking over, he found himself staring at the pretty girl in front of him. He vaguely recalled a tree-climbing elfling, but thought maybe they could have been illusions. This green-eyed goddess in front of him could not possibly be Lothestel's daughter. Neither of them heard the pounding of Niphredil's feet as she came closer to Anor's room, and both were shocked back into reality when Niphredil poked Anor.

" Well hello Rílaisseth! What brings you here on such a fine day?"

Rílaisseth murmured something about delivering for her mother, so Niphredil said to say hello, and suddenly Rílaisseth was gone.

Niphredil saw the look on her son's face, and smiled knowingly.

" Nice girl that Rílaisseth is."


He figured he had at least 20 minutes until he was required to meet the Lady and the Lord, so Anor set of in the direction of Navinaion's house. He munched on some lembas bread his mother had given him, and was just to go around the bend in the road when his mother called him back.

" Can you tell the Lady that I will be there shortly?"

" Yes Naneth."

" Thank you darling. I'll see you soon."

He set off a quick jog and quickly scaled the tree in which Navinaion lived. He peeked through Navinaion window, and found him fast asleep. The fool! Navinaion had forgotten that today was the first day of guard duty.

Shaking him awake, Anor waited for his friend to fully become part of the land of the living. He pulled out the arrow that Lothestel had given him and was scrutinizing it carefully. It had been carved quite a while ago, but was still very sturdy and usable. Archery wasn't exactly his favorite form of warfare, but he was good enough at it to be able to beat most of the youths in Lorien. Anor preferred using a sword because it almost gave him control of the battlefield. Security was a common feeling with a sword. He tapped the arrow against his hand when he felt something move. He looked closer at the arrow and fount that the fletching was hiding a piece of paper. He took it out and looked at the message inside and nearly fell off of his chair.

This belonged to your father.

He sat up and blinked a few times. Not possible. He didn't have a father. Naneth wasn't even his real mother! This had to be joke. He had been found in the Mirkwood forest and adopted by Naneth. There was no other possibility. Naneth would never lie to him about that. He continued to read the letter.

He is a good archer but bad news through and through. If you ever find out who he is, make sure you shoot him with this arrow. I cannot tell you more, and I will never tell you anything else, but you need to know this. It is wrong how we have kept this from you and I am sorry. Do not hold this against your mother. She did this for you.


Just then Navinaion decided to properly wake up and asked the question Anor was asking himself.

" What's that you've got there?"

" Nothing. Come on. You have to get dressed. I can't believe you forgot this. As your best friend I feel obligated to tell you that you are the laziest slob ever."

"Obligated, my foot! You've wanted to say that ever since I beat you in archery."

" You never beat me in archery! You liar."

" I DID SO! You were 43, and I was 43 1/2."

" I don't believe you, but I have an audience with the Lady and I can't be late."

" All right, you poncy git. Off you go. I'll meet you later by the gates, okay?"

" Fine with me. See you later! And don't forget your uniform!"

Glad he had been able to deter the conversation, Anor sprinted towards the large tree, which housed the Lady and her hall. He paused to say hello to the guard, sprinted up the stairs and pushed open the heavy door into the Cermonial Hall.

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