A Story of Helms Deep. Kinda.

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And so we begin.

Racing down toward him was a beast like horror; it was wolf like and revoltingly smelly. On it rode an uruk-hai with half of its face ripped off. Aragorn leaped onto it as they passed.

And cutting the uruk-hai down as it ripped the Evenstar necklace off from around his neck.

Flinging the uruk-hai away and over the wargs back, Aragorn pushed off it only to realize that his hand was caught on a bit of leather he had used to hold on to for leverage. Since being dragged and trying to pull your self lose is not easy, the Ranger had only just looked up when they went toppling off the Cliffside.


He watched as the land fell from him. Then with a jerk the warg's body hit a overhang of the side of the cliff and caught there. The jerk stopped Aragorn enough to say his life and then snapped the leather strap at the same time. Aragorn continued to fall unconscious to the water below.


Soon after, a bright flash of light goes unnoticed behind the Mountains of the Glimmering Caves.

There was a cloaked figure striding out of the light flash, it was a tall dark character, and heavily armed.

Longbow, about twenty-seven arrows, twin long swords on its back, a regular broad sword at its left side, a curved dagger on the right, bull whip, a lance; mithril tipped of course, come to think about it, everything was mithril tipped or mithril made of some sort.

And come to think about this as well, under the cloak was a body covered in chain mail. Without it, it would have been hard to look at, being a twinkle and all. Auh, yes got off track, weapons and other various objects and items that might be of interest..

Longbow, arrows, um, swords, whip and lance, a horn with a long story attached to it, a bag slung over the shoulder (AN: We shall see what is in it later) and a variety of other weapons hidden on its person.

"Neigh" Whamp. Whamp. The figure just ignored the four legged short haired animal, as it smacked the middle of its back with its head. Whamp.

-What,- finally annoyed the figure brushed off dust and horse hair as it opened up the mind flow between them, -is your problem? We just got here and all you can do is try to push me over, what is your complaint this time?-

The animal back off a little after that, but still the dark silver horse replied, answering with, -Samwe, we have to go if we are going to get around these mountains anytime soon, and I fear that our way may be blocked.-

Samwe for that's the name of the cloaked figure could sense the horses mind: hay, grain, grass, and galloping. Yep, everything still there, after all the things Andune had gone through, he was still a horse.

-I know, Andune- With that, they broke the connection. Samwe did a back flip with a quick twist to get the cloak out of the way. Bringing arms in, Samwe was on his back. Yelling a short "He yagh!" they were on there way north around the mountains. To the Gap of Rohan, and then down Westfold. Through Rohan and towards Helm's Deep.

() And now back to the soon to be King of all Middle Earth. There he is, floating on his back in the middle of a river, unconscious. Tsk tsk! Very un-kingly like if you ask me. Very un-humanly like as well. Is he dead? Please don't be dead! No, Wait! Look! The current washes him to one of the banks of the river. Ah, gosh Aragorn, don't scare me like that! Up, he didn't hear me, he is dreaming of Arwen.

The Dream

"Estel. Estel. Wake up my dearest." The Elven Princess laughs lightly.

Dream Aragorn moans and smiles "But I was content." Arwen sighs and leans over the back of couch, in an open room in Rivendell, on which Aragon was sleeping.

Leans gently over and kisses him gently on the lips. Once kissed Aragorn opens his eyes and looks at her, love shining deep from within him. Arwen tilts her head and says, "May the grace of the Valar protect you, my love."

And the dream fades away. () P.O.V. The Horse, Brego.

'I do hope that is him, my master' which was one of Brego's thoughts as he approached the form lying on the river side. He looks at the prone figure and then with his head begins to nudge him.


"He had me freed!" Brego was way too absent minded at the moment to try and bite or purse the stable hand that had just taken off his halter and then turned and ran like all hell fire was after him.

'He's voice was magnificent, no wonder that Female Who Smells Like The Master had an attraction to him.' Brego' being a horse did know the names of Eowyn, Aragorn or Theodrend his only master who was now dead.

Then taking off at a gallop Brego searched the countryside for a place to be.

After a while of playing and frolicking on the East and Westfold, he headed up the mountain range after the band of horses and people that had left the stable and home.

Not long after he heard loud screams from the people, then he heard the horses, they were afraid.

Brego ran past the people to see what was happening, knocking over a couple on the way and jumping over a fallen child. He labored up the hill and stopped short at the top, just in time to see as Aragorn fight the uruk-hai while riding on the warg.

And Brego saw the falling uruk-hai grab the shiny necklace off of his savior, and watched as Aragorn was dragged of the cliff side by the warg.

"The Master" was dead

"Oh, serves him right.' Brego snorted in disgust at both men, gave shrill whiney and then galloped off to find his friend and new master, Aragorn.


Pushing Aragorn over Brego sniffing and nuzzling him to make sure it was Aragorn and not somebody else. It was him, scruffy looking and all. 'Come on, wake up, and grab my mane. Do something!'

Brego knelt and went to the ground so Aragorn could reach him better.

"Brego..." the body responded to the horse besides him, and flung his hand up to entangle his fingers in the base of his rescuers mane. Pulling himself completely up on to the horses back the wounded half dead man whispered, "To Helms Deep, mellon."

END POV () And now back to Samwe and Audune.

Holding on to a horse with just your knees at a full dead run, was something quite a stupid and talented thing to do.

That exactly what Samwe was doing now, and of course it helps that your horse is part magic.

"We will go through the Gap of Rohan and then down to Helms Deep, better put a shield up so no one can see us." Samwe waited for the horse to comply and then, now invisible, sang the song of speed.

"And thee with wind my feet will ride, across most spaces far and wide. Wings of speed I ask of you, to make me faster, faster fly!"

And away they went, more rapidly then Shadowfax himself.

Later. Nearing the Gap. Audune slows, Samwe asks why, and Audune says,

-There be uruk-hai or orcs over yon fair meadow that's why! Get your bow out kiddo, we are going to have us some fun- The horse for all its pretty words sounded grim.

-Make us visible again, Audune-

Out loud Samwe pulled out the bow and said, "Done."

Still a mile away from the scout band of uruk-hai, Samwe lifts the bow with three arrows and lets the string it lose.


The Uruk-hai see three of their comrades' fall, while some start a fresh meat lunch a little early, others notice that three more then three more fall.

After the leader is shot through the throat they realize something wrong and they see a horse and rider approaching killing more as they come closer, the Uruk-hai on an unspoken decision, begin running. Towards the rider, the ones still alive that is, twenty-two of them.

"Here's your fun Audune!" Nine arrows out in rapid secession, then the band is closer now, less eight.

"Dammit Missed!"

Then with nine arrows left Samwe begins to aim and kill the largest and deadliest looking dark elves remaining. The last arrow ricochets off the head of one uruk-hai and kills another that had a bow strapped to its back. It slows the first uruk-hai down a little and he's last one to get to the sword play.

Spurring Audune on, Samwe drops the bow to the ground and pulls out the two long swords from behind, with a silent word of prayer, swings them back and on the forward motion the swords chop off the heads of the pair of closest uruk-hai. Getting splattered in rice black blood during the beheading of the pair.

Audune then rears up with out warning causing Samwe to drop one of the swords to grab his mane, and then lands and crushes the skull of the unfortunate body beneath his hoofs.

"Aughhh!" Samwe yells in surprise and hurt, 'My arm! Oh gosh it hurt.' Revenge is wanted; Samwe's eyes begin turning a deadly dark shade of purple with a cat's pupil of green. Then plunges the sword through the attacker's chest cavity.

He grins one last time, with that grin of knowing something that you don't know. Then he falls to his knees and then to his face, dead.

Samwe watched him fall. Eyes go back to the brown that they had been.

Audune, felt the angry magic flow away, he was safe from becoming squashed once again. Then he looked up and saw the arrow come toward them. Rearing yet again, he saved Samwe's life.


With a sharp intake of breath Samwe let go of Audunes mane and looked at the arrow protruding out of the outer fleshy part of the thigh.

Drawing Omni, from the sheath Samwe looked up at the last remaining forgotten uruk-hai, he had picked up the bow of the other uruk-hai and was now going to shot again. He never got the chance.

"Ugh." Azog said his last word as he dropped the bow and arrows. Omni, imbedded to the hilt in his gut.

Grasping the sword, he tried to pull it out, put all he could do was, nothing.

Azog, the name sake of the most hated by dwarves, died.

Audune spun his head around and bit off the end of the arrow, feathers and all.

"AAahggga," -dumb horse that hurt!-

-Cut off the other end Samwe, now- The horses tone voiced no argument.

"Yes ma'am" Samwe pulled out a dagger and twisted around and held the arrow firmly with one had and cut through it with the smooth sharp side of the dagger.

"Ooohhh, that hurts" Samwe ground out through clenched teeth.

The arrow was now just barely sticking out in the front and it had four inches in the back, for a handle when it was to be pulled out.

Dismounting gently Samwe said, "Ya know what I hate more than an arrow impaled into me? Getting an impaled arrow out."

Audune shorted, -come on, quite complaining. When we get to where ever we're going. Someone's sure to help you. But, before we go, we must pick up your weapons.-

-I knew that horse.-

-Good, I'll go get your bow. Start colleting arrows and swords.-

Samwe began petting Audunes forlock, "I'm beholden to you. Thank you Audune."

-I know.-

Samwe smiles, "Get, yah patronizing horse!"


Pan up the cliff side, there, stop. A man with golden haired and a fair elf, looking out over towards the river. Then at each other.

Théoden to Legolas. "I'm sorry, but we must go. I have my people to worry about, and I don't think any one could survive that fall."

Legolas clenched the Evenstar in his hand as he watched the King of Rohan walk away. He looked at the river and for the second time in his long, long life. Grief came to the Elf.

"Estle nin mellon" he whispered as he turned to walk away. "I have hope that you are not dead. Arwen would not let you die, not yet, not so soon."

Gimli herd what he said, but did not comment on it. He knew somewhat about what immortality was like. A long life, and then all your close human friends, dead before you know it.

Gimli accepted the hand up on to the horse Arod. Seated behind Legolas, "Ready?" the Prince asked. Gimli grunted in reply.

And off they went to Helms Deep.

() "We are almost there, my good horse." Going over the crest of a hill Aragorn leaned over and patted Brego. Sitting back up he saw an army of thousands of Uruk-hai, marching towards Helms Deep, and the people of Riddermark.

Finding fear and a new strength in the sight, Aragorn turns Brego and makes toward the north-east and he soon sees the tall walls of the Deep.


Approaching the gate, Aragorn thanks his horse with a pat and a few words of praise.

"He's alive!"

"Quick open the gates!"

"Make way a path!!"

The refugees are all have amazed looks on there faces as Aragorn rides through the gate and down the road to where Théoden is.

Dismounting he hears Gimli pushing his way through the crowd.

"Where is he? Where is he? Get out of the way. I'm gonna kill him!"

As soon as Gimli sees Aragorn he gives him an earful as he continues

"You are the luckiest, the canniest and the most reckless man I ever knew!" He then gives Aragorn the hug that only a dwarf can give. "Bless you, laddie!"

Hugging him back then dislodging him Aragorn asks "Gimli, where is the king?"

Gimli then points the way and Aragorn nods "Thank you."

On his way he almost runs into Legolas who stands waiting.

The Elf is smiling "Le ab-dollen" (You're late.)

Aragorn smiles back.

Then after a quick once over worry comes to Legolas eyes then leaves it as he says, "You look terrible."

"You don't look so bad your self." Aragorn responds.

Legolas then takes his friends hand and presses some thing in it. It's the Evanstar. Aragorn looks up at Legolas. "Hannon le, Legolas." (Thank you)


"Woah Audune! We are here."

After quickly gathering and cleaning the weapons, Samwe and horse were soon on their way. And then at the Deep it'self.

-I can see that-

Now they had gotten to Helms Deep, Samwe prepared to go in.

Hood over face.

A little while later.

"Who is it?"

"I need to speak to the King" Samwe's voice was like bells and pleasing to the ear.

"Very well, go on through." the guard said, in a daze from the spell.

-Getting the guard at the gate had been easy. And now getting through to the room where the King was, is even easer.-

Audune stopped munching his grain in his stall, and listen to Samwe's thoughts.

-Well, of course it was easy; you put a persuading spell on both of them! Now leave be, I'm eating and there's a cute mare in the next stall "making eyes at me" as you would say. –

Laughing softly, then winching at the pain in both leg and arm, Samwe opens both the Doors of the Great Halls. And states in a resounding volume and voice,

"You need more trustworthy guards my King, if you're ever going to stay safe from me."


Théoden and Aragorn had been talking urgently with each other before Samwe showed up.

"A great host, you say?" The King asked of the parade that Aragorn had seen.

Aragorn answered, "Yes, all of Isengard has been emptied; my guess is ten thousand strong at least." When done, Aragorn took a sip of his wine.

"Ten thousand?!" Théoden had expected a large number, but, not THAT large.

Aragorn sighed, "Milord, it is an army bred to destroy the world of men. They will be here by nightfall. Even if we die trying to, we well need a miracle to survive--"

"You need more trustworthy guards my King, if you're ever going to stay safe."

Ever one in the room looked up at the cloaked and hooded intruder, pulling out their weapons in the process.

Every one but Aragorn that is, he took another sip of the wine then, looked up.

Then commenced choking on his wine, coughing he squeaks out, "Samwe?"

The hood is thrown back as the figure walks over and smacks him on the back, "None other Strider! How are your Undomiel and the twins?"

() In the corridor Legolas and Eowyn had been talking when Samwe had passed them and went into the Kings chambers with out so much as a "Who are you?" from the guards. Eowyn, having denied ever seeing that person before, so they decided to fallowed the cloaked person into the Hall. ()

Legolas enters with Eowyn at this moment and hears the question. Gimli is already in the room, having come soon after Aragorn did.

'His Undomiel? Twins? Is there something we don't know about Lord Aragorn?!' Eowyn peeped then felt a fool and almost like she was going to faint, from two things. One, she was in love with a married man! And two, she almost said her thoughts out laud! She grabbed for something to hold on to, found nothing, and then stood with her hands entwined.

Aragorn looks up weakly. Samwe whose back was to the door, heard the thought by accident and smiled at him, and said in a hushed tone that he alone could hear, "You're in a fix, boy."

"Yes, and who is this woman." Seeing that there was no threat, the King sheathed his sword and demanded an answer. "Well, what is all this?"

After one more pat the on the back Samwe strode away from the Ranger, and turned around in the process.

Legolas gasped, then tensed, and in a flash he had left Eowyn's side by the door and had Samwe pinned to a pillar. Samwe winched when he grabbed her hurt arm and scraped the back of the arrow on the stone.

"I thought you looked familiar. What in the name of the Valer are you doing here!?!."

"Nice to see you to, Pointy Eared Princeling."

Then she kissed him full on the mouth, in hopes of distracting him. Lagolas didn't respond to her and just held her against the stone, her left arm bent back and pined to the pillar, his left shoulder pushing on hers, and right arm confined by cloak and elf flesh, and with a dagger at her neck.

Aragorn cleared his throat, "King Theoden, this is your miracle, weather you like it or not." He looked at Legolas, "Legolas, game over, she remembers, let her go. "

Theoden, Eowyn, Gimli and Legolas all said simultaneously, "But!"

"No Legolas, let her go."

The elf did as he was asked. "You should have remained where ever you were." He released her and then flung the dagger at her.

The whole room gasped. Samwe caught it calmly and put it back in its holder. "I see it took you longer to find it, Legolas then usually."

"You really us remember then?" The Prince's voice was full with doubt.

"Yes, I really remember you this time. I'm sorry if I ever forgot. I never did though."

"You mean you've been playing with us the last few times?!?" Legolas was shocked.

Then Samwe smiled, "You guys always were easy to fool, Lagolas."

Eowyn whispered "You mean that was a game?" And sat down in a chair at the table and poured her a cup of water and begin to drink it. Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn each had one of wine. And all three males realize at the same time that Samwe had an arrow sticking out of her thigh.

They exchanged conspiring looks; she would never let them get it out. So they would have to do it clandestinely, and soon, before infection set in. Boy, this was going to be fun.... Whahahahaha!

End Chapter 1.

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