A Somewhat true Tale of Helms Deep

Chapter 10...

By Liz

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Meanings: -Telepathic massages-

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Chapter 10: We Part Ways, To Each His Own.

Life leaves you full.

And death can take that away.

Hold it in, keep it close.

Let your life bend with the wind.

© 2004 Elizabeth B.

Andune felt his mistresses' spirit leave; he called out to the retreating mind –Wait!-

The dragon answered him, -Hurry Andune! We are leaving, you must come- Her voice was gentle.

Is she to far gone to talk to me?- Andune was worried, Eerangel never talked to him if she could avoid it.

Yes! Now come- Her voice was fading, with her spirit.

Please wait! I must find the sunlight!- He whinnied, and looked around the stall.

Light. Light. Light. Sunlight. Find Light. It went 'round and 'round his head.


The horse in the next stall talked to him.

'What is wrong?"

The other horses soon picked up on it.

'Is wrong? What'

'Wrong? What is'

'Is what wrong?'

Their words blurred together.

'Stop! Light, sunlight, dawn!" Andune was frantic.

The stable was quite for a moment, then a white horse across from him.

"Behind, up, a crack! Light!"

Andune turned as best he could and raised his head up as far as it could go, he couldn't see anything, then there it was, light!

It was a thin beam, so thin, maybe to thin, "Thank you Snowmane!"

Andune moved until the light touched the middle of his forehead, right over his forelock, where years ago a ivory horn had grown, but now, it was only a magic gathering point.

He stiffened himself for the pain that was to come. He tossed his head to move aside his forelock. And then brought it back down.

The light hit his scar, and then brighten, Andune screamed as he felt his body fade, just as his mistress, Samwe had just faded.

The next thing he saw was more light, it blinded him, -Samwe? Eerandgel?- He called out, searching for them.

Over here Andune, my poor horse- Samwe's voice pulled him to where her spirit rested.

–Eerangel went back for a moment, she said that there was a cat in the room we had been, she told me-

Andune loved this part, after all the pain was over. His spirit was in the form of his original self, a unicorn. He couldn't do what he wanted to do as a unicorn, so he changed to a human form.

Samwe laughed at him after he changed, -Your horn Andune, you still have your horn!-

He closed his eyes and the horn disappeared, -My Lady Samwe- he bowed to her then walked to her side. –Where should I look?-

Samwe pulled at his minds eye and directed it toward the world of Arda, -Over here, it is sad almost isn't it?-

He just peered closer, -Why! There is the elf that came to me after we got here! He lived through the fight? How? I thought he was destined to die.-

Yes, he was. But, I saved him-

at Andune's inquiring glance, she finished,

My past self saved him I mean. I knew this would happen, and since my meddling caused Legolas's future to change, I did some more med' ling to change it again. I sent a note when I found out to Mandos, and he managed to get a hold of Yoda somehow, probably through Mouse, who in turn told, Sarah where to go.-


There was a long pause as the pair watched the going on in the room below. Many things were happening in it.

Andune interrupted the silence by asking, -What did Randie tell you?-

Only that she had to explain something to Gandalf-

As soon as she got back they could rest, and wait to be called to the next adventure.

(In the Great Hall)

"No..." The last no was no longer a sob, but a whisper. It came from Sarah.

She had fallen to her knees and grasped the table edge. "I didn't have time! I could've saved her."

Haldir touched her right hand, Legolas her left. She looked up to see the two elves flanking her.

"You could not have saved her, she left of her own accord." After the one on her right said that, both elves tugged on her hands, Sarah allowed them to help her stand.

Eowyn had come back from her faint and she walked over to Sarah. Sarah reached out and hugged her briefly, then wiped the tears from her cheek; they just stared at each other for awhile.

Theoden placed his hand on Eowyns shoulder,

"Come, we must see to our people, they need our strength."

Ewoyn nodded and took her bag that Haldir offered to her, he had found it under the table where it had been kicked and he picked it up when she approached, their hands touched and she meet his eyes briefly then she followed her brother out the doors.

Theoden stared at the elf for a moment the nodded to the rest of the occupants of the room before he walked out.

"Does he not care?" Gimils voice was accusing.

Aragorn sighed then slowly pulled the cloak off the table top, "There is no body to prepare, so how would he help?"

Legolas smiled at the dwarf, for some reason, he did not feel sad at Samwes death, it felt like she had gone away again, and he felt that she would be back, just like she always was.

"What are you smiling at elf, this is no matter to smile at." The Dwarfs gruff voice.

"I smile dwarf, because Samwe will be back someday."

"How do you know?" Haldir's voice was weary, Samwe had told him that they would meet again, but he was not to sure how the Prince had found out.

"Well, Haldir, I know because I have seen her again."

Sarah had followed the exchange not really listening, she knew that Samwe would be back, but it would be too late for her liking, to late to learn what she wanted to know. She had to move on. Then a name broke her thoughts like a glass plate falling to a stone floor.

"Haldir? Your name is Haldir?" She turned to face the elf in question, square on.

Haldir answered with a small bow, "I am Marchwarden, Haldir of Lórien."

Sarah took a deep breath not really believing what she had heard,

"You wouldn't have by any chance have two younger brothers named Rumil and Orophin?" she didn't realize that she had slipped into Quenya when she said his name.

Haldir looked surprised but nodded. Sarah could have screamed with joy, instead she flung her self at the elf, hugging him around the neck, startling him and ever body else, "Oh!" was all that came out

Gandalf cleared his throat and Sarah blushed at the discomfort she was causing the elf. "So sorry! It's me, Sarah. You may not remember me, 'cause you were an elfling, along with every body else of course and I'm just so glad to see somebody I know besides Gandalf and—"

Samwe, you are going nowhere.-

The purr of the voice interrupted hers, and was strong enough that everybody heard it, or felt it. Thy all sort of jumped and looked around at each other. Gandalf pointed to a place near the other end of the table. A black cat stood there and she had purple and yellow eyes.

"Come here," the wizard said sternly, the cat walked its way over then sat down in front of him, and then they stared into each others eyes, "what would you be doing here?"

At the appearance of the cat, Sarah felt something wake up in her, some one who she hadn't felt in a long time. She smiled inwardly and silently greeted the waking dragon.

(On the Road to Gondor.)

"Master Elf, are you sure we should have let Samwe go to Lothlorien? We could have used her power and magic."

Legolas grinned then paused a moment to think of something Sarah had told him, in answer to the same question he had asked her..

Flash Back

((Two days ago.))

"I am Samwe, the name was giving to me by the Lord and Lady of Rivendell." He watched her, Sarah, Samwe pause as if hearing something said that only she could hear, then resume, "There are complications I must confront to those of Power."

Legolas looked at her eyes; they were changing, from a dark brown to the colour of brown acorns, with specks of green in them, he stated more then asked. "Then after that, you will ride to meet us in Gondor."

Samwe smiled wanly and looked out over the battle field; the piles of Uruk-hai were still smouldering,

"No, then after that, I shall be leaving."

"Where? Rivendell? You can come after that."

He heard her chuckle, "Leg'las, I'm leaving. As in like, gone. How do I put this so you will understand?... Legolas, you will never see me again. Not me, Sarah Samwe Eerandgel, the next time you see that person, the name Sarah will be long forgotten."

"But...why? Why do you want to leave your friends? Why?" He reached out and pulled her around to face him, "why?"

She reached up with her hand and touched his cheek with her finger tips, "Things just turn out this way Legolas, and there is nothing that can be done." She dropped her hand, and turned away, "I will leave at dawn with Haildir and the remaining of the elves." She walked away and left him to think about how strangers you can know for such a short time can become a friends.

End Flashback

He turned his body on the horse and answered the dwarf, "Gimli, that is why she went, to see the Lady of the woods. She won't be back."

"Oh." Was what the dwarf grunted in surprise, "I didn't know that."

Aragorn rode up next to them he heard the exchange, "Gimli, we will see the older Samwe again, do not worry, for Haildir told us that she promised him, so let us lay aside the past for now, and see to our future task, mellon."

Gimli nodded, and Legolas leaned over the horses neck to whisper words to Arod. He asked Aragorn from his position, "You are naming you first child after me correct? That is, if you're still able to." Referring to a close encounter of the way-to-close kind with a sword attached to a orc.

Aragorn glared and reached over to pull the elf off his horse. Legolas laughed, "Noro lim Arod! Noro lim!"

The horse took off at a run.

"Hey! Hey! Elf stop! no fast stuff! I want off this monster! Help!" Gimli tightened his hold on Legolas's tunic as Arod speed up.

Aragorn laughed and urged his horse on.

((In a Far Away Place of White))

Time passed strangly in this place, the trio knew that from past experances.

It was almost two million sets of one thousand counts per beat of dragon heart, when they began to feel the familiar pull on their spirits.

Andune brushed the already sleeping Samwes hair from her face. –So 'Randgel, where are we ending up next?-

Some place civilized, I think it's a place called Minas Tirith.-

Andune stopped finger combing Samwes hair, -How in the name of Pete did you manage that?-

Eeradgel snorted and curled her body around the sleeping form of the woman.

If I tried to explain it to a mind as small as yours, it might blow to pieces-

Andune laughed, -No really how did you manage that?-

Go to sleep horse, or you might miss the ride.-

"My Lady Galadriel, May I Present, Sarah Samwe Eerandgel; Our Long Lost Friend, Raiser of Our Ladyship, Protector of The Noldor Elves, and Sister in Fea."

Haildir's smile was wide but not as wide as the one on Samwe face, nor the tears in his eyes as happy as the ones in Galadriel eyes.

Samwe bowed, then quickly walked up the few steps the separated her from her long ago charge, "My dear Galadriel, how I missed you so!"

Then they meet and embraced, crying.

I am here now, what was your problem child? I am here to fix it- Samwe smoothed Galadriels face, wiping away her tears,

The Rings of Power will lose their strength when the One Ring is destroyed, I did not know how to live with out the feel of power close to me.- Galadriel paused in her thought, -I was wondering if you could-

Samwe laughed, "Mend it? That is what I am here for, to make things better."

The End.

"And you will weep
When you face the end alone
You are lost!
You can never go home. "

Quoted from Gollum's Song
Words & Music by Fran Walsh & Howard Shore
Performed by Emiliana Torrini