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"blah" Yami and Yugi talking out loud

'blah' Dream talking

/blah/ Yugi talking to Yami

/blah/ Yami talking to Yugi

(Yugi's thoughts)

((Yami's thoughts))

Deepest Dreams


'Yami, where are you?' Yugi cried out into the night. 'Yami, don't leave me! Where did you go?'

Yugi frantically ran through the trees searching for his lost dark. Finally he ran into a clearing, and spotted him. Yugi only stared at the former Pharaoh as he regained his breath. Yami was lying on a rock staring into the full moon. The light radiated off him, and made his skin glow in a pearly shade of white. His hair was blowing gently in the breeze, framing his perfect face.He looked so peaceful, and…desirable lying there. Yugi realized his mouth was hanging open, so he closed it and walked towards the image of perfection before him.

'Yami, why did you leave me? I was worried about you,' he said, as he stood in front of the spirit.

'That's all you do. Worry, worry, worry. I don't know why I stick around with you. Now that I have my own body, I can do anything I want, including get away from you,' Yami said as he lifted himself from the rock. He stared at Yugi with his piercing crimson eyes. He had a look of hatred and disgust in them, a look he only saved for his enemies.

Yugi was shocked, but as that faded, the feeling was replaced by one he had never felt before. He was engulfed in a wave of sadness, fear, and…..longing. Longing for one who hated him. Longing for one who would never see him as an equal, just a burden to protect. 'Y-Yami?'

Yami got up and walked away from Yugi's now trembling form. As he walked away, Yugi fell on the ground and started to sob uncontrollably. 'Y-Yami, no. Wait……..Yami!'

-----In Yugi's Room-----

"YAMI!" he screamed out in a wave of panic. "Yami come back!"

Yami ran into Yugi's room, ready to fight off anything that was hurting his precious hikari. When he saw nothing wrong, he turned his attention on Yugi. He paled when he saw him.

Yugi was thrashing around in his bed, knocking everything off. He was deathly pale, and drenched in sweat. His eyes were shut tight, and he was reaching out into the air, screaming Yami's name.

"Yugi! Yugi what's wrong?" Yami asked, afraid of what was happening. "Yugi, wake up! I'm here, don't worry!" he said, as he grabbed Yugi, and held him tightly, trying to stop his wild moving.

Yugi opened his eyes quickly, and looked up. When he looked into Yami's eyes, he broke down in tears. "Yami, I'm…I'm sorry. I didn't….." Suddenly his dream came back to him, and he was filled with fear. He pushed away from Yami, and curled up in a corner.

Yami was confused by his actions, and was worried when he felt fear overflow their mindlink. /Aibou, please tell me what's wrong./

/Nothing, just please leave. I didn't mean to bother you./

/What do you mean? It never bothers me to protect you. Please, just tell me/ he said, as he walked over to Yugi's small form on the floor. Yugi only flinched, and curled up tighter. Yami frowned, and slid Yugi into his lap, wrapping his arms around his hikari's waist. Yugi just sat there, trembling in fear of what Yami would do.

Yami started to whisper comforting words to Yugi, in an attempt to calm his light. Yugi started to calm down, and gingerly lay his head on Yami's bare chest. The spirit of the puzzle started to rock back and forth, till Yugi's trembling had ceased, and was now sleeping quietly, holding on to Yami's arm.

Yami was filled with worry and a feeling he couldn't describe. It felt like….love. Was it possible he loved his other half? Why did Yugi act like that? Why did he feel so useless just now? Seeing Yugi act like this, made him realize how much he cared for him, and how empty he would be if anything happened to him. With these questions buzzing around his head, he slowly fell asleep, drawing Yugi closer to him, so he could be with him all night.

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