This is very short, mostly Eric centered, the last chapter does have the kids but I did this last minute and it is in the third week of April in the 8th Season.

A/N: I wanted to do this story G rated but because Ruth is killed in a plane crash, I was worried it might be too violent so I did PG just in case.


"Eric, I'll be home when you get home from school, okay honey."

"Okay mommy." An 8 year old Eric Camden tells his mother as he is taken to school by the mom of his friends.

"Mom, mom.. I really miss you." He turned with his back to his wife as he cried a little then fell asleep.

Annie sleepily turned over facing her husband's back then held him.

The next morning Eric got up then after breakfast went to see a child who needed to talk to him at the Children's center for kids who are in foster care. Kevin who was 14 years old, with black hair, brown eyes, was about Ruthie's height and lost his mom to a drunk driver and a dad to drugs. He was sitting at a table when Eric came in and sat next to him.

"Hi." He said.

"Hi." Kevin responded in a sad tone.

"What's the matter?"

"I really want a mom. I mean I do rather have a mom and a dad but I do want a mom cause I miss it." His eyes watered with a choking back tears tone.

"I know. I'm sure there is a mom out there who wants a child. I'm sure that they will be happy to have you."

"Thanks. Can you get me a mom?" He asked with tears in his eyes.

"I will try but I won't make promises, okay." As Kevin shook his head, Eric gave him a hug.

A few minutes later Eric leaves to go back to the church and later in the day goes home, after walking through the front door he walks to the hall near the kitchen then stops. He leans on the wall near the phone and watches his wife cook grilled ham and cheese and soup.

"How are you feeling today, sweetie?" Ruth asked her flu-ridden son when she brought up some chicken soup and grilled ham and cheese on a tray.

"I feel a little better mom." The 10 year old boy responded as he sat up to eat the food.

She felt his forehead, it was warm and told him to stay in bed.

"Eric? Eric!" He heard his named yelled out as he snapped out of his day dream then walked towards his wife.

"What? What's wrong?"

"Nothing, you just weren't responding and I would like you to please put the plates and silverware on the table then call the kids." She responded as she handed him the dinnerware.

"Okay but I'm feeling a little excited." He said in a sexy tone of voice.

"Eric. Stop it." She told him then he left the room.

He put the dinnerware on the table then after the kids were called they sat at the table.

Since Ruthie was at Peter's for dinner, Martin was on a date with Cecilia, Lucy and Kevin were out to dinner, it was just Eric, Annie and the twins. Eric was shocked to see he wasn't having grilled ham and cheese just soup and a salad.

"What? Annie! I want grilled ham and cheese. I had my heart set on it!"

"Eric! Your heart is the reason you are not having any. You have two pieces of bread, soup and a salad. Don't be such a baby." She responded with shock.

"Oh, okay." He replied as Annie got up to get the milk she forgot.

He got up, went to her plate, took one part of her grilled ham and cheese, took Sam's side of it, put it on her plate. Sam screamed as Eric ran to his seat and stuffed part of the sandwich in his mouth when Annie came running back.

"What happened?"

"Daddy took my food and stuffed it in his mouth!!" Sam cried as Annie looked at him with anger and disappointment.


"No he didn't, he took Mommy's food and just put Sam's food on the plate." David corrected his brother.

"Here is the other half of my sandwich okay honey." She gave him her half then sat down looking at her husband with anger. Her husband was finishing up the part of the sandwich then started to eat his soup.

Few hours later Annie was taking a shower, Eric was on the Sam's bed watching him and his brother play when the phone rang so he got the phone from Simon's room. It was Sharon asking if he and she can talk some time soon since she and her husband just can't have kids.

A week later Eric was talking to Sharon and her husband at their house after they had supper in their own homes. Sharon and her husband sat on the couch as Eric sat on the chair across from them while he listened.

"We just want to have a child so we can teach them new things and guide them to be good adults. We feel like our lives are so empty because we don't have the joy of having someone in our lives who can share our values. "She sniffled as she told him while her husband had consoled her.

After awhile Eric left then drove home but first he went to the batting cage where he hit some baseballs.