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Originally Published: May 9th, 2004; Last Updated: August 3rd, 2007

Midi: Okay, I was planning on doing this sooner or later, and sooner appeals to me more. I'm revamping this story. I won't take down any of the chapters, but I will be working on each one separately and uploading the rewritten versions probably twice a week. (But don't get your hopes up, because I'm busy with work!)

When I started writing this fic, I was fourteen and now I'm almost seventeen, so I think it's time to go through and change some things that stick out like a sore thumb due to my immaturity when I first penned them.

For those of you who have been here since I started writing this story, I'd appreciate it if you would go through and reread the chapters, as the changes I am making will have an affect on the new chapters I update with.


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Let's Begin:

Chapter One


She sat still. Very, very still.

The ceiling, white-washed and chipping as it was, seemed to close in on her more every day, suffocating her. The darkness would drive her insane, if it hadn't already. Kamiya Kaoru's gaze wandered upward, toward that ceiling, toward that which every day reminded her that she was a prisoner, and said nothing, only swallowed despair.

Had she ever spoken?

Before, perhaps. But not anymore, not when she had no one to talk to that loved her, that wanted to hear what she had to say. These days all she got were harsh words and swift punishment. She could try as hard as she wanted to, give them what they needed, and recieve nothing but a cold smile in return.

She was prepared for what was to come – she knew. Oh how she knew. So when the unmistakable sound of keys clanging inside of an iron lock and the door opening reached her ears, she didn't react at all.

Whatever anger she had once felt toward the people who kept her trapped here had vanished rather quickly. Feeling bubbled up inside her, surprising in its intensity.


The man that entered the cell was of medim height and incredible girth, with the barest stubble of a black beard spread over his stubby chin and the beginning of a moustache under his piggish nose. Kaoru hardly spared him a glance, even as he swung the cell door open, causing it to hit the wall with a metallic clink.

"It's time, bitch. Get up!"

Kaoru sighed a little, chest aching with all the feelings trapped up inside of her. She pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs, wishing she could just curl up and die. She wasn't sure if she could take this anymore. She wasn't strong enough. Tired of waiting, the man wrapped his grimy fingers around her slim upper arm and pulled her roughly to her feet, not even noticing when she knocked her bare knee against the stone wall. Once she was upright he pushed her through the door, the force of which caused her to stumble and fall.

"Stupid girl," the guard grumbled under his breath, dragging her to her feet once more and throwing her at the exit again. "Move!"

Kaoru consented, tired of the rough treatment. She lowered her face, allowing her long black hair to fall forward like a curtain around her. She would not let them see her cry, even if killed her.

And as the man continued to push her carelessly through the dark, cold hall, the tears fell, leaving a clear trail of despair in the dust.


The man focused carefully on the ceiling, face blank with stoicism. Tonight he would be able to get what he wanted. After so many long, long years, he could finally be free of his memories.


It emerged as a whisper, a whisper with only the echo of the emotions he had long since abandoned.

"Just one more fucking person."


His hair was deep in pigment, dark red, like wine.

It streamed down his back like a bloody waterfall, even when it was tied back out of his face. People often thought that his hair was most extraordinary - until they saw his eyes.

The legends stated that anyone that ever looked into this man's eyes would not live to see another day. Usually myths such as this would not be taken seriously, but too many people had died for it to be a laughing matter. The first victim was a woman in her mid-forties with three children and an ex-husband. She had been viciously gutted and her blood was flung about the place of her death like the fountain water. The police had been both confused and disgusted. What confused them further was the writing on the wall, sketched in the blood of the murdered woman in crude, jagged handwriting.

Throughout a span of two years, many people were found murdered in such a way, all with the same ferocity, all with bloodied writing nearby.


Eventually the slaughter ended and the killer disappeared, as though from the face of the Earth. The cases went cold, along with the killer's trail.

Hitokiri Battousai's eyes were gold.


"Kamiya." Kaoru forced her gaze upward into the sly one of her 'uncle' Katsura. "You must realize the situation you are in."

Kaoru barely resisted the urge to snort. Any defiance on her behalf would be dealt with harshly, this she knew quite well. But he could not punish her for being angry, and she was - angry as hell. And he relished in it.

Kaoru looked up at him with hatred in her blue eyes.

"Don't look at me like that, girl," Katsura breathed into her ear, gripping her by her ebony hair and pulling her up so he could smirk at her face-to-face. "It neither intimidates me nor impresses me." His smirk suddenly disappeared and the grip on her hair tightened, a stressor against her already raw scalp. "All it does is piss me off, and the only thing that my anger can do is make your life more of a living hell than it already is. Do you want that, my dear?"

Despite herself, Kaoru shivered as she looked into his cold eyes and could not see herself reflected there.

He held her gaze until she looked away.

"I didn't think so."

He unceremoniously flung her to the ground by her hair; her head knocked the ground and she groaned on impact.

Katsura unfolded himself from where he'd held her above the ground and started down the dais. "Now Kaoru-"


Suddenly a guard came flying into the room, panting heavily and bleeding from a large cut that spread from his forehead to his chin.

"Dear God man," Katsura spat in disgust. "What's happened?"

The man fell to his knees, a hand clamped over his shoulder. Kaoru's eyes widened in horror as she realized that the red on his fingers was blood.

"Intruder!" he managed to blurt out, before falling to the hard floor with a sickening thud, out cold.

Katsura ran a hand quickly through his thinning hair. "What now?" he growled, eyes on the opposite wall. "Just proves how useless hired thugs truly are..."

Kaoru watched as her captor paced a bit, muttering under his breath, seeming to have forgotten her presence. As quietly as she could, she drew herself back into the shadows, cowering, hoping above all hope...

And to Kaoru's great shock, the man turned away and stormed out a different door, feet pounding against the black oak, leaving behind nothing but a frightening and resounding echo. For a moment, she simply stared at the half-open door, numb with surprise, but then she shook her head rapidly, calling herself back into reality. Scrambling to her feet, she threw open the door and ran down the halls as fast as her bare feet could take her.


He could have scoffed at how easily he managed to get inside without the notice of any of the guards that surrounded the mansion. For such an important place, the security was pathetic. As he leapt onto the top of the roof, a shrill whistle resounded throughout the silence that had occupied the air before wise. He cursed himself for being too bold and quickly jumped down through the small skylight into the halls below.

Now, he thought, moving through the narrow passage way with an impressionable speed, now all I have to do is find the girl.

Midi: Okay, except for the format, description, and depth of the writing, nothing really changed. I didn't change the plot at all (at least not yet) and I tried to go through and make everything seem a bit mature, more like it is now, not just hokey (which it very well may be anyway.)

Expect a revamped Ch.2 sometime later this month.