I can't believe I'm doing this...I have exams and a few unfinished fics. And I haven't watched the movie yet... Oh Well, here goes nothing-hope you like it.

A year had passed. Had it just been a year ago? Gabriel walked into the lab in search for Carl. Memories of the Translavanian Assignment haunted him still. Especially of Anna's body burning on the pyre...

At least she can rest in peace now,

Gabriel thought, as a bitter solace. He held her cross close to his heart. At least one part of her would always be with him. Meanwhile...

Outside, a winged figure was escaping from a few bird-like creatures, pecking mercilessly at the figure.

I must escape, but where to?

Upon seeing a room, the creature sped towards the window, smashing the stained glass window and falling upon –curiously enough- an operating table. Slowly, before a (startled) Carl and (shocked) Van Helsing, the creature began to metamorphise-into a lovely-if anything, half-nude- young woman, badly injured. Silence reigned for a moment. Then, the bird-like demons flew in for the kill, awakening the men from their reverie. In one fluid motion, Gabriel grabbed two loaded pistols and blasted at the demons while Carl tried to shield the woman. In minutes, all 10 demons lay in pools of crimson on the floor of Carl's lab.

"Never did like birds,"

Gabriel quipped.He turned to look at Carl, who had given the lady a spare robe to wear. She had ink-dark locks and blue-gray eyes-like Anna's. Yet her eyes had a reddish-green tinge to them. Definitely inhuman.

"Are they gone?"


"The demons."

"Dead as doornails."

"Oh.I suppose thanks is in order."

"Who are you?"

asked Carl, his eyes filled with awe-for the woman before him.

"Iilana Valerious. You are-?"

"Gabriel Van Helsing."


The girl leapt up in a frenzy despite her injuries and grabbed Gabriel by the shoulders.

"Is it really you, Van Helsing? Were you the one that defeated Dracula? Is it true? Tell me!"


"What about my cousin Anna?"

Pain washed over him like a tidal wave.

"I ...She is in Heaven."

She released him, Grief filling her eyes. Then, she smiled, to their surprise.

"Where is she buried?"

"I cremated her-

"Just tell me where you cremated her."

"Not far from Dracula's castle."

"Good...Tell me, Gabriel, did you-feel for her?"

His eyes betrayed his poker expression.

"Fret not, good sir. I can resurrect her for you."

"Do not give me false hope-

She shook her head and sighed, as if she was dealing with two stubborn little boys who refused to go to bed.

"Really, Gabriel Van Helsing, you believe in werewolves, you believe in vampires-

"They are part of my job."

"Let me finish. If you believe in the above, why don't you believe in resurrection?"

He stopped.

"Come now, Gabriel, I know you want her-you would give anything to have her- am I right?"

"Who-or what are you?"


At that, she transformed- Wings-leathery dark wings- shot out of her back. Her teeth become sharp canines. Her eyes became greenish-red. Her robes ripped off to reveal something other-worldly.

She was a demon.

"Relax. I don't bite-hard."