Wicked Wonderland

Written By Jessie G – screen name: Dory

Disclaimer: I do not own Jimmy Neutron, nor do I own the Fairly Oddparents, at least I don't own them yet. ;) And as a side not I prefer to post this crossover story here because I know most Jimmy fans like FOP more than FOP fans like Jimmy, and I felt it would get more recognition if it were to be here. This story is indirectly a sequel to the "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour" special – if you don't know what I mean by indirect, well, you'll see!

Chapter 1: Letters, Lies, And Confetti

Hey Jimmy,
How's everything going? Thanks for the tips on the science-stuff, even though at the last second I got really bored and forgot most of it – it was still helpful for the brief moment I knew what you were talking about. It's totally awesome that you figured out a way for us to email back and forth between dimensions, I don't know why Cindy wouldn't be swooning over you; you're the genius after all. Oh, and tell her I say hi again! Maybe you could try and set up an account for her that way I could still talk to her. I miss her a lot, which is weird since I never really liked girls before, but she's the only one who has ever actually found me interesting – even if she doesn't realize I'm actually uh – what's the word – non-genius-y. Whatever, tell her I say hi, and say the same to Goddard, even though I'm sure he reads all your emails when you aren't looking. I've gotta go, Cosmo my fairy – program – thing, just blew up my room, talk to you later!
Your 2nd Dimension Buddy (What ever that means),
Timmy Turner

Dear Timmy,
Everything is going excruciatingly well, thanks for asking. If you ever need any more help for anything science-related, never worry about asking. Cindy Vortex, swooning over me? I don't think I could possibly laugh any harder than I am right now. Vortex and I are and never will be anything more than enemies; you can count on that Turner. If I must, next time I insult her I'll mention that you say hi. Goddard says hi back and says he doesn't read my email – I may have to change my password now, but I have a feeling that won't help. Good luck with fixing your room – if you need, I could help you create an upgrade for your fairies, they sound like they really need to be re-done for a newer system. Better go now and work on my latest experiments. Your Friend, Jimmy Neutron

Timmy Turner scanned his eyes over the e-mail he had received on a special mini-computer Jimmy Neutron had invented that permitted people to e-mail back and forth through separate dimensions as long as they had an appropriate address. A small frown creased over his two-dimensional lips as he realized Jimmy had mentioned nothing referring to letting Cindy have contact with him. Perhaps Jimmy forgot to mention his thoughts about the concept, or maybe he just didn't want to have anything to do with Cindy. Or an even deeper thought, something Timmy rarely had, could Jimmy possibly be jealous that Cindy was in love with Timmy and Jimmy was secretly in love with her and would have dreaded the concept of Cindy and Timmy being together even over the internet.

"Whoa," Timmy whacked the side of his head with his hand, "Brain – hurting, ow," He twitched slightly as his limited brain wasn't used to any sort of heavy thinking, let alone for so long.

Suddenly, a small poof and a cloud of smoke caused two fairies to appear out of nowhere, they were of course Cosmo and Wanda.

"Hey Timmy!" both fairies recited simultaneously.

Wanda was the first to speak, "So you got another letter from Jimmy, huh?" Timmy nodded, "Yeah, but he's still not saying anything about letting me talk to Cindy."

Cosmo somewhat pondered this briefly, "Well my mom never wanted me to see Wanda ever again after that pudding incident," but Wanda cut him off.

"WHAT PUDDING INCIDENT?" She shot at him dangerously.

Blinking and trying to remember, Cosmo suddenly let out a recalling laugh, "Oh, hah, no wait that was me – she just didn't like Wanda at all," Wanda narrowed her eyes but ignored the impulse to hurt him, "So I told my mom I was going to get milk and I went off and married Wanda!"

Timmy stared at Cosmo curiously, "So you're saying to tell Jimmy I'm going to get milk, then run off to Cindy and get married?"

"Sure! I'll be the DJ for the wedding!" He squealed and confetti flew out of his hands, just like magic.

This was enough for Wanda; she took out her wand and zapped some tap to cover his mouth, "No Timmy, that wouldn't be the right thing to do – much less the fact it doesn't even make sense. And that you're too young to marry; I think maybe you should try talking to Jimmy and tell him that you really want to see Cindy again."

Timmy barely considered this an option, "Nah- too logical, I want to try something that will turn into a great adventure – yanno, where I have to save the girl and stuff, and then Jimmy would HAVE to let me talk to her," Timmy stood up from his seat in a heroic posture, before losing his balance and falling on his face, looking up at Wanda slightly sheepishly.

Wanda crossed her arms, glanced at Cosmo who was currently flying around in circles being incredibly frantic about having tape on his mouth when he could have simply just taken it off, "I'll tell you what Timmy, just this once, you try asking Jimmy more directly about seeing or talking to Cindy again, and if he says no, then we can do it your way, but just for once, maybe we could see if the practical way makes sense?" She raised her eyebrows expectantly.

Timmy sighed, defeated slightly, and while Wanda truly had to do what ever he wanted, maybe for once he could try it her way, so he looked back up at her and extended his hand, she extended hers and they shook on it, "Deal," Timmy smiled slightly.

Wanda whipped her brow, "Phew! I was really worried there I'd be dragged through some crazy and random adventure again." "

Well there's always hope for that!" Timmy grinned evilly. Timmy went back to the computer and began typing his reply to Jimmy.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Neutron was tapping his fingers in an unorganized beat whilst he gazed upon his computer screen at the reply he had just received from Timmy. It had been weeks since the whole mix up had occurred, and Cindy seemed to have preferred to draw hearts with "Cindy and Timmy 4Evr" written in them with hearts on all the dots of the i's, than writing down lecture notes.

'Not that I've paid attention that closely – she made it obvious! Her large emerald eyed in the shape of hearts, bouncing around her eye socket as if she were a little baby who was admiring a huge teddy bear for the first time. Always wearing a particular smile that was secretive with a small grin pasted over her glossy lips. Not to mention those incredibly distracting heavy and happy sighs she gives every once in a while when she is clearly off in some sort of la-la land, you'd think she actually HAD a boyfriend.' Jimmy stopped thinking for a moment and realized all his thoughts were surrounding Cindy's features and he shook his head, as if there were some way to erase them out of his mind, why on earth would he care that much about someone like Cindy? His heart suddenly felt stabbed as he read Timmy's letter, begging Jimmy to let him talk to Cindy, and how pretty her voice was, or even knowing she had personally typed a letter would make him the happiest ten-year-old alive.

However Jimmy just scowled at the letter with a tint of anger, rather than thinking it sweet.

"Dear Timmy," He angrily typed, not really thinking of what he was writing and his fingers pounded the keyboard with an extreme force. His ranted on about something, but he wasn't sure what, some sort of lie about Cindy not liking Timmy anymore and that it would be best for everyone if he just stopped asking about her because she would never want to see him again.

He took a deep breath and looked at what he had written, feeling slightly guilty, and looking over at Goddard who was sleeping in his special bed. It wouldn't be right to send this letter to Timmy, Jimmy knew that perfectly well, he sighed and pondered what he should do. By accident, or perhaps it was subconscious, Jimmy placed his elbow on his keyboard and somehow hit the "enter" button which caused something to appear on screen.

VOX's voice hummed, "Message being sent."

Jimmy's eyes went wide in absolute terror, he looked up at the screen and sure enough it said what VOX had just recited, "Gah! No, no, no, no!!" He pressed all of the keyboard's buttons, trying to stop the message being sent, not clearly thinking about just pressing 'cancel'. He was too panicked to think of that, as VOX suddenly told me, "Message has been sent".

"No-," Jimmy gasped breathless, his oversized head falling onto the keyboard causing the writing space on his computer to type out random letters and numbers. It was too late.

Timmy lay face down into his pillow, holding back his tears, he didn't want any of this to be true, it was too much for a ten-year-old to handle. Cindy must have realized he wasn't a genius, she must have hated him for lying to her, and now he'd never see her again. Maybe it was for the best, but he sure wondered how horrible it'd be if it were for the worst considering the best felt so miserable.

Wanda and Cosmo watched him silently from the fish bowl, dawning their goldfish disguises. Cosmo sighed, after Wanda had ripped off the piece of tape covering his mouth and realized what was going on, he felt pretty bad about it.

He turned to Wanda and sobbed, "It's all your fault! You and your smart ways!"

Wanda narrowed her eyes, "well, even though it is sad, I guess it's better Jimmy tell him than her dumping him, right?"

Cosmo sniffed and whipped a tear off his scales, even though he was surrounded by water, "I wish we could do something to make him happier."

"You know the rules, we can't make anyone fall in love, and we can only grant Timmy's wishes," She frowned with a sigh.

Timmy sat up slightly with a sleepy look in his eyes, it wasn't quite clear whether he knew what he was about to wish for, or if he was even completely conscious, but he mumbled slightly, "I wish something horrible would happen to our dimension that forced Jimmy, Cindy, and their friends to come here and help – and maybe so I could talk to Cindy again," Timmy's eyes fluttered close and he fell back face first into his bed with a thud, immediately falling asleep.

Cosmo and Wanda starred at him for a long moment and looked at each other, Cosmo looked at Wanda, both of them were frowning, "He wished it."

Wanda sighed and nodded, "Yeah – but for once, I really, really, wished he hadn't."

And with a swish of a wand, a dark cloud crept like a slimy and poisonous snake over the unsuspecting two-dimensional world as they all slept soundless in their beds, ready to attack and poison them all. Figuratively speaking, of course.


Authors Notes: This in general is going to be somewhat a freaky story – I had an idea sort of like this that I wrote one chapter to for a Kim Possible story, and I may still finish that, but I'm for sure going to try hard to write this one, just as long as you guys review and actually like the story. As a hint – I'm going to say think of the title and think of a video game where it was the opposite of a certain "wonderland" (how many wonderlands do you all know of, lol). I forget the title of the video game but I remember reading about it and thinking it was an awesome concept. It'll be an awesome story, I can promise you that, or at least I hope it ends up being that way for you guys, not just me. Later everyone! - Jessie 3