Wicked Wonderland

Chapter 3: Of Lies And Sandwiches

After Sheen whispered an "ew," to Cindy saying she had a 'gut feeling' that something was wrong with Timmy, she threatened to introduce his face to Mr. Dirt. Naturally, Sheen wasn't his bright self and came very close to the introduction.

Cindy turned away from Sheen and faced Jimmy, her hands were clutched into a fist, but slowly she inhaled and exhaled breath, clearly holding back falling tears. Slowly her fingers separated, yet they appeared timid and shook slightly with her every word, they threatened to collapse into a fist and slug who ever was the first to make any sort of comment. She stared Jimmy in the eyes, "Tell me!" which was not a request, but a demand.

Jimmy felt nervous of her being so close with the pained look on her face. He was even more nervous about her shaking hands and didn't want to see that fist causing a permanent indent in her face. He blinked, "Uhm – nothing's wrong, Cindy," he lied. What was it with him and lying recently? It was the only answer he had and he felt it was the only way he could win Cindy over. If they both thought they hated one another – well they were in separate dimensions, right? They'll never see each other anyways; it couldn't hurt to just say just one last white lie.

Cindy narrowed her eyes, "Let me speak to him," her fingers tingled closer to forming into a ball of pain.

Sheen, Carl, and Libby watched the two of them with curiosity, almost as if it were a soap opera. They were so deeply enthralled with what was going on, in their minds they couldn't wait to see what happened next. Not really in an excited way, but they were truly curious as to where this was going.

Jimmy sighed deeply, "I'm sorry Cindy – but -," how was he going to say this? He'd never lied to someone so close to him, not just so close to his face, but so close to his heart. Lying to Timmy was easy over e-mail, "I don't think it'd be best for you to talk to him. He doesn't like you anymore, he never – well, he never wants to see you again," Jimmy paused very quickly, "I'm so sorry Cindy," he flinched slightly at her look.

Her eyes were hollow with a mix of disbelief and horrid sorrow; her face grew pale by the second. It was like every inch of her usually colorful self was suddenly drained of brightness.

Libby, Sheen, and Carl looked at each other, Carl spoke slightly, "Sheen and I will just be in your lab – uh, playing with the cheese ray, ok Jimmy – thanks bye!" And quickly the two dashed off to the lab where Libby arched an eyebrow at them and then looked back and Jimmy and Cindy. She walked towards Cindy, "Y-you ok Cin?"

Cindy's hands flung into balls of fists and she stormed away, her face was angry as tears streamed down her face. Libby and Jimmy looked at each other, Libby looked at him, "You made her sad – go fix it Mr. Boy Genius."

Jimmy gulped; knowing Libby was pretty much capable of fist flinging as well as Cindy was and ran after Cindy.

He ran after her as she was storming quickly down the street, "CINDY, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!"




Jimmy grabbed her arm and she stopped and turned to him, she narrowed her eyes as more tears came out, he muttered, "Cindy ..."

"What," she replied to his mutter sourly, "gives you the guts to – to lie like that? To lie to ME?"

Jimmy stepped back and blinked, what was this sixth sense thing Cindy was having recently? Either way, he suddenly felt ten times shorter than he already was.

Back in Timmy's world, Timmy was getting cramped from sitting under the bed so long; he whipped tears away from his face and suddenly realized something odd was happening. The ferocious wind had died down, now it sounded normal. He slowly crept out of his hiding space, wondering where Jimmy could be, and feeling slightly annoyed. Then again, maybe it was harder to transport through dimensions this time than it had been last time, he only wished he knew where Cosmo and Wanda where.

"Why hello Timothy!" A voice greeted him from behind, Timmy thought for a second, it sounded like Cosmo – like as if he were imitating a British person or something. He heard some chomping sounds like someone was eating a sandwitch.

To Be Continued

Author Notes: Thanks for more replies everyone! Sorry it took so long – I had actually finished it a long time ago, and didn't think the chapter worked, but rereading it- I actually like it, so I'm posting it now. Please tell me what you think! And NEXT chapter will be titled 'Losing Depth' haha.

Megan: Well I told you online what the eventual pairing would be. Most of the story will be like it's been so far, very triangle love. I agree though, while some of the T/C was funny, a lot of it I wanted to slap Cindy's face off. Tip to all girls out there, and I should remember this to, it's a BAD idea to ask a guy what's on his mind – really, really bad – cause like the episode showed, well you just may not want to know what they're thinking, especially if it has to do with monkey boxing. Oo