Chapter 1: 17th Birthday

There he was, Harry Potter, walking along the moonlit beach hand in hand with the non other then the really muggle-born witch, Hermione Granger.

"Harry," she said, "I-" "OW!" Harry gasped as a large tawny owl landed forcefully on his stomach. Harry closed his eyes as he tried to savor the last moments of his dream. The owl hooted loudly in his ear as though in protest.

"Alright, alright," Harry groaned as he untied the parcel from the owls leg. His heart jumped when he recognized the neat writing of Hermione. He hastily opened the letter. He opened up the card when a picture of Hermione smiling broadly at him. He looked at it for a moment and smiled as he propped her picture up against his Flying with the Cannons book. He looked at it for a few more moments before going back to the letter.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday!

Harry quickly glanced at the clock, 12:45, sure enough it was his birthday. Though that was nothing to be excited about, last year, the Dursley's gave him an old pair of Uncle Vernon's socks.

I hope you like your present.

Harry glanced at the package, knowing Hermione it was a book.

I wanted to know if you wanted to come to my house for the rest of the summer. I haven't written to Ron yet. Write soon!

Lots of extra love,


Harry blushed at the last lines, he liked Hermione a lot, but he never told her, he planned on telling her but there was one thing in the way, Ron. Just last year he admitted to Harry that he liked her. He also couldn't help but notice that all the little dots and O's were little hearts. He than reached for the parcel and ripped the paper and it revealed a book as he suspected. But not just any book "Thanks Hermione," he whispered. It was Quidditch Through the Ages. He started flipping through the pages when a note fell out.

Harry, I knew you had one before Snape confected it. So I thought it was perfect. Hermione.

Snape was the Slytherin's head teacher who was also the potion's teacher. He was definitely Harry's least favorite teacher. He grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill and wrote:

Dear Hermione,

Thanks for the book, I love it. Sure I'll stay at your house. See you soon!

He hesitated for a moment. Love, sincerely, yours truly? He wasn't sure. He quickly wrote down the first thing that came to mind.



He blushed as he quickly tied the note to the owls leg before he changed his mind, and it was off. All off a sudden a small, fluffy, gray owl collided with the side of his head knocking his glasses' off. "Pig!" he whispered as he grabbed the tiny owl out of the air. It was caring a parcel and he noticed Ron's untidy scrawl almost immediately. The tiny owl began hoping up and down on his bed and hooting happily,"Shut up," he said as he stuffed one of Hedwig's oversized owl treats in its mouth.


Hope your having a good birthday.

Harry laughed at the absurd idea of having a good birthday with the Dursleys.

I was hoping you could come to my house for the rest of the summer.


Harry then opened the small parcel, inside was a small Quidditch figure zooming around on a little Firebolt trying to catch a minuet snitch. And a bulging bag of Mrs Weasley's delicious mince pies.

He then wrote Ron a letter.


Sorry but I can't come I'm going to Hermione's house. Thanks for the present.


He sent Pig on the way with the letter and sat down on his bed. Just then a barn owl and a eagle owl, flew gracefully through his window and landed on his bed.

Harry took the letter and parcel from the eagle owl. The note read:

Dear Harry,

Happy 17th birthday! Your all grown up now. I'm sure Sirius would be proud of what you've become. And if I know you your probably going to move out as far away from those retched muggles as soon as you can, so I sent you a little something in addition to your present. Enjoy!

The Order has been searching for You-Know-Who, but still haven't had any luck. They think he's searching for something, or someone, but there still not sure. I'll update you if anything happens.

Give my regards to Ron and Hermione!


Harry neatly folded up the letter from Lupin and reached for the small, oddly shaped, and poorly wrapped parcel. Within it was a gold compass in a leather case. Harry ran his fingers along the odd designs which Harry guessed were some sort of ancient language. He looked back in the box and he saw a leather pouch about the size of his hand.

He carefully undid the bridle leather cord from around the opening. Suddenly, a flow of gold coins spilt on his bed, along with a note.

Don't bother counting, Harry, there are 5,000 galleons in here, just enough to get you on your feet when you move out. All of us from the Order chipped in a few galleons each.

He kept glancing from the coins to the note. 5,000 ! He couldn't believe it. Why did Lupin give him all that money! Harry could've easily gotten started with the money he inherited from his parents.

Though his attention was quickly drawn away when he noticed the barn owl sticking out his leg, to which the parcel was tied, irritably. Much to his horror, it began to hoot impatiently. "Sshh," he said trying to untie the parcel as quickly as possible. He heard a loud snort from his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunias room.

The owl quickly flew off as Harry opened the parcel.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday, Harry! I wanted ter tell you that I won't be there for the first six months of the year, don't worry, I'll be back for the last three months. I hand picked your substitute. I'm sure you'll like him.


Harry wondered what Hagrid was going to be gone for. Yet then a disturbing thought hit his mind, what if the substitute had an even bigger thirst for dangerous creatures? His mind shot back to his fourth year and the blast-ended-skrewts and he shivered at the thought.

He opened the parcel and inside was a jewel incrusted, oak box. His eyes became dreary, so he set the compass Lupin had given him into the box and set it on his bed side table and he laid back down on his bed, dreaming about spending the rest of the summer with Hermione before he finally dozed off.