Summary: Sasuke, a rock star, meets one of his fans as they were about to buy the same and last copy of a certain CD. Who says they can't fall in love since this is just one world after all. Completely AU. Mainly SasuSaku.

Pairing: SasuSaku, NaruHina, NejiTenten, ItachiOC (maybe), AnkoKaka

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Just One World after All

Chapter One – They Greet

"It's the last copy!" said a pink-haired woman in a sing-song voice as she picked up the CD. As she did so, another hand grasped the same album she was about to buy. Blinking, she looked at the hand then traced it to see the face of a man, about her age, which was twenty-three. "Hey," she said indignantly as she began thinking of whom this raven haired onyx eyed man reminded her of, "That's the last copy and I found it first fair and square!"

"Oh," he countered smoothly as he stood up straight. The woman blinked upwards for the man was taller than her. "But I don't see your name on it," he said calmly as he still held on to the copy of the CD, "I've been looking for this one album and this is the one copy of that album." He still held his calm gaze as he looked down at the woman.

"But… but…!" sputtered the woman as she held onto the CD case, "I've been looking for this album ever since Phantasm broke up which was four years ago!" Huffing, her eyes welled up with tears as she clung onto that CD. It was true. When Phantasm was first formed, she loved all their songs and had all their CD's except for this one. She remained a true fan, only being able to watch their concert once, before they broke up four years ago. Sighing, the man let go. He despised seeing a woman on the verge of tears or already crying. It reminded him of that day.

"Fine," said the man as he pocketed his hands, "You can have the CD. Just, you owe me something Miss…?" The man blinked as he gazed at her, waiting for her name. He really wanted that CD but because she was on the verge of tears, he gave the CD up so that she wouldn't cry. He earned a yip of delight when the woman realized that he would let her have the CD.

"I'll tell you my name if you accompany me to the counter and tell me just what I owe you," said the woman slyly as she began walking to the counter. Heaving a heavy sigh, the man followed her and waited right beside her as she paid. "It's Haruno Sakura," said the woman, Sakura, as they began making their way to the exit of the store, "And how, exactly, do you want me to pay you back by letting me have this CD Mister…?"

"Uchiha, Uchiha Sasuke," said the man, Sasuke as they exited the store, "Burn me a copy of that CD since even I was a fan of Phantasm and have a drink of coffee, or something, with me before we split. I'll give you my address so you can mail the copy to me, or something." Sakura's eyes widened slightly as she smacked her head softly.

"I knew you looked familiar! You're that guitarist from the band Sharingan!" said Sakura giddily as she realized that he was a famous rock star and she didn't even realize that. "I love your band! Besides Phantasm, I have all your CD's! I especially loved the cover of your latest album! It was so creative. It was all crimson red, as if it was an eye, and it had three comma-like things surrounding the hole in the middle of the CD." Sasuke, as said by Sakura, was the guitarist and main vocalist. His brother, Itachi, was the bassist and back up vocalist. Hyuuga Neji was the second guitarist and Uzumaki Naruto was the drummer.

"Glad to see I have another fan," said Sasuke sarcastically as he pocketed his hands. He didn't need another member in his unofficial fan club. The president was his schoolmate and she kept bugging him about how she truly loved him. "I don't need another member in that damned fan club she started since Sharingan was formed," growled Sasuke lowly as they walked on.

"Don't worry," said Sakura warmly as she looked at the suddenly cold man, "I won't be like your fan girls. I'm too busy with my work anyway so I just listen to music and if I get the chance, a concert or something." Sasuke raised an eyebrow as they continued walking, somewhat telling her to explain more. "My work," said Sakura amiably as they moved forward, "I own a coffee and bakeshop along with my best friend, Hyuuga Hinata. We can have coffee and a piece of cake or something there if you want." It had been her dream to become a pastry chef, ever since she was a little child and got that first 'Little Miss Sunshine' oven when she was seven.

"Fine, let's go there. What's your shop called?" asked Sasuke, out of pure curiosity. He had hoped that it was 'Blossoms Bakery and Coffee Shop' because every now and then, he would have someone order a cake and some coffee from there. It was good stuff, real good stuff. Even his even more anti-social brother Itachi liked the food there and if the Uchiha brothers both liked the same thing, it must mean that it was very, more of extremely really, good.

"Blossoms Bakery and Coffee Shop," she replied as they walked towards the quaint shop. It wasn't that big, nor was it that small. For a bakery that had just opened three years ago, it was rather successful. It only had one branch, seeing as it was a local Kyoto bakery. Sakura and Hinata had both been rather flustered when they read the local newspaper and their quaint bakery was featured in one of the must-visits. Ever since, their business had been booming. It was just the two of them who basically ran the shop, hiring a couple of part-time workers to help distribute the orders and such.

"I see," said Sasuke, ending the conversation quite abruptly. He was quite relieved when he found out that she did own the bakery he was thinking of. He never actually stepped inside the store itself because he always ordered someone to go there and buy some pastries or a cake and a thermos of coffee. The first time he had it was when Naruto spotted the rather busy bakery and decided to check it out, seeing as a lot of people did. Since then, whenever the members of Sharingan wanted coffee, cake and/or pastries, they would always ask someone to get it for them. Soon enough, they reached the bakery, which, as usual, was swarming with people.

"Come! We'll eat in my office," said Sakura as she dragged a surprised Sasuke to the back entrance, "I'll introduce you to Hinata-chan! Have any special requests for coffee and cake or pastries?" Sasuke shrugged wordlessly as they entered the smallish but neat and organized office. Well, it seemed to be neat and organized but inside the recipe file cabinet, it was complete havoc. When Sakura and Hinata felt like it, they'd grab a thick wad of recipes that they've collected over the years and decide to add something new to the already good menu.

"Oh, hello, Sakura-chan," greeted a dark haired pale eyed woman shyly as Sakura came in, along with Sasuke of course. Squinting slightly, the woman looked at Sasuke. "Oh! Hello, Sasuke-san," said the woman, again, shyly, "How is cousin Neji? I hope he's doing alright." Sakura blinked. Hinata was related to one of the people of Sharingan?!

"Fine, Hinata," mumbled Sasuke as he pocketed his hands, "Why must you ask? Don't you see him every time your family has a get-together or something? Neji would always start snapping, more often, at Naruto every time he has to be sent off to that… whatever it is." Hinata winced slightly, maybe because it was her younger sister, Hanabi, who made it an even worse occasion. Hanabi would always start rambling on about how cool it was for Neji to be in a famous band and bring her friends over who just found Neji the best, among the four of them.

"Oh, nothing," said Hinata softly as she held her hands together, "I'll leave you two now. Ryuki and Sae are pretty busy serving the people and I'm done with my break." With that, Hinata bowed and left Sakura and Sasuke to… their own little coffee break.

"Hmmm. I never knew Neji and Hinata-chan was related," said Sakura inaudibly as she hugged herself slightly. Grinning lopsidedly, Sakura turned around to face Sasuke, who was staring at the wall, as if he wanted to burn it down or something. "So," began Sakura as she dragged him and forced him to sit on the chair in front of her desk, "What do you want, coffee or cake or pastries? You name it!"

"Decaf and a slice of your Hazelnut Cream Cake," said Sasuke simply as he rested his elbows on the oaken desk. Nodding she excused herself to get what Sasuke had 'ordered'. Luckily, she had that particular cake in the oven right before she left in order to get that CD. It took about thirty minutes for that cake to finish baking and it had been forty-five minutes since she left so it would have been out cooling on a rack for the next fifteen minutes. She always loved freshly baked cakes and a mug of steaming milk or coffee along with it.

"I guess I'll have this and milk for this afternoon," said Sakura finally as she took out a knife, two forks and two plates. Shuffling slowly so as not to drop the plates and the silverware, Sakura made her way to where the cake was cooling; sighing, she set the plates and forks down then promptly began to cut a medium sized slice for Sasuke and for herself. As soon as the knife touched the cake, Sakura felt it glide smoothly though the crumbly cake and through the smooth hazelnut flavored filling that was sandwiched between two chocolate-flavored cakes. Soon, she was finally able to cut two slices and move them onto separate plates. Putting a fork beside the slice, Sakura picked up the plate and walked over towards where Sasuke was seated. "Here you go," said Sakura professionally, "One slice of our Hazelnut Cream Cake! Please wait for another few minutes so I can prepare your coffee." With that, she set down both plates on the table and shuffled off to prepare his coffee and her milk.

"Hmm," mumbled Sasuke as he idly traced patterns on the white porcelain with his fork, "I wonder what possessed me to order –this-." When Naruto first brought some cake from the bakery into the studio, everyone criticized him pointedly about how late he was for the recording session. Neji was grumbling about how annoying Naruto was, Itachi was busy trying to glare down some helpless plant, broody man and Sasuke was standing in front of the window that revealed the booth, his hands in his pockets. Naruto gave a muffled laugh and gave his excuse which was he bought some cake for a snack later and he didn't expect the line to be even longer than he thought. Accepting his measly excuse, the band began recording the next couple of tracks for their latest album, Spin. As soon as they were resting, Naruto happily opened the box and began slicing the cake and handing out pieces to everyone. Much to the other band members' annoyance, they actually liked the damn cake.

"Here you go," said Sakura as she entered the room again with two steaming mugs in her hand, "Coffee for you and steaming milk for me!" Smiling slightly, she set his mug down in front of him, set her mug down beside her plate and sat down on the chair opposite of him. "Go on, eat!" urged Sakura as she waited for Sasuke to eat, "That particular cake has been cooling for the past fifteen minutes so it should still be a bit warm." Shrugging, Sasuke began eating his cake and drinking coffee at the same time. "Like it?" asked Sakura, not knowing if he actually ate here before. For all she knew, someone could have suggested for him to eat that particular cake if ever he had passed by.

"It's alright," lied Sasuke as he savored every bit of the delicious cake. He hated someone knowing that he actually liked something. He disliked a lot of things and liked… hardly anything. Why tarnish his reputation for just a silly slice of cake? Sakura nodded and began eating her own slice of cake, stopping every now and then to sip her milk. The entire time they were there was quiet, with the occasional accidental slurps of their drink. Soon, they were done, little crumbs of chocolate cake and flecks of the hazelnut cream remained on their plate. If it were Naruto's plate, he would probably be licking it, literally, clean by now.

"Well," spoke Sakura nervously as she looked at Sasuke. She was nervous because one, he was a rock star, eating at her and Hinata's little bakery and two, she had nothing else to say. "Uhm…" began Sakura weakly as she looked at him again, "What now?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow. He wasn't in the mood for a conversation.

"Here," mumbled Sasuke as he put a thin card on the table, "My address. Uhh… thanks for the free coffee and cake. Stop by anytime when you've got that CD ready because if not, I'll hunt you down to this bakery of yours and make you burn me a copy of that CD." Silently, he rose. Nodding his head in acknowledgement, he stood up and left the quaint little café, leaving Sakura to do whatever she had left to do for that day. As far as he knew, by what the sign had mentioned, the café closed at six in the evening and it was only four-thirty, leaving her an hour and thirty minutes left to work. As he began walking on the hot concrete called a pavement, his thoughts began lingering as to why he let her take that final copy of the CD he had been searching for. His own brother knew that he was looking for that CD and yet, he let that woman, Sakura, take it without a fight.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the Studio

"Argh! Where's that bastard?!" whined an overly loud blonde man, about twenty-three. "I want my ramen!" he huffed as he slumped down onto the couch, much to the annoyance of a crimson-eyed man and a white eyed man. Both wanted to just kill the blonde but just then, the door swung open and Sasuke entered the room with an annoyingly steaming hot package with him that sent whiffs of ramen-scented air floating towards where the other three were sitting. "Finally!" cheered the blonde as he grabbed the package from Sasuke. With that, he happily began eating his ramen, ignoring the other three members of Sharingan.

"Stupid Naruto," growled Sasuke lowly as his grip on the package, the ramen, was released suddenly. "Why do you all look so annoyed, especially you, Neji," asked Sasuke, uninterested. While he was off getting a free mug of coffee and a free slice of cake, the three of them were stuck in the studio with nothing better to do with their lives. It bothered Sasuke that he had asked them a question. "Never mind, forget I even asked it," mumbled Sasuke as he pocketed his hands.

"Where's the CD, brother," asked the crimson eyed man, Itachi, as he eyed Sasuke who wasn't holding a square-shaped package at all, "I thought you wanted to get that CD of… Phantasm was it?" Shrugging, Sasuke assumed his usual position in front of the window that revealed the studio booth. They weren't about to record something today because their latest album, Spin, was released fairly recently. They were going to talk about what song they were going to create a music video for.

"Where is Kakashi," asked the white-eyed man, Neji, as he turned his gaze around so as not to watch Naruto slurp his ramen with a disgusting look on his face, "He said he'd be here any minute now." He hated being made to wait. He, Sasuke and Itachi hated being made to wait. Naruto was just loud and obnoxious every time they waited for their ever-so-late agent that the three of them, even though they were harassed and annoyed, would take turns every so often to get Naruto ramen from the store in the lobby, just so he would shut up.

"Hello my little children!" said a voice with a fake fatherly tone in it, so fake that Sasuke and the other two, if they had not self-control, would have thrown up already. "How have you been while I was out?" His visible eye crinkled in amusement. Why visible eye? Well, he had a long, rectangular navy-blue cloth covering his left eye for some reason or another. The only time the four boys of Sharingan actually saw his left eye was when he was overtly drunk and he somehow pulled off that cloth of his.

"Shut up, Kakashi," growled Itachi, who had the least amount of patience a man could have, "Just, shut up and let's decide the damn song already." Kakashi, their silver-haired agent, was –always- late; never for the life of them could they figure out why. Other than that, he always read one of his perverted books in the series Icha Icha Paradise.

"Fine, fine," mumbled the silver haired man as he pocketed his hands. Slumping down on one of the free couches, he motioned for Naruto to stop slurping his ramen, for Sasuke to sit down on one of the other free chairs and for Itachi and Neji to stop glaring at him like that. "Alright," said Kakashi as he pulled out a copy of their latest album, "Let's pick a song, shall we? I've been getting feedback, at least from my coworkers who have children who have Spin, that they like 'Exhausted' the best. Just a suggestion for you guys to have an easier time choosing." As they heard Kakashi say the title of that song, the rock tunes began playing in their heads.

Sasuke, along with Itachi, wrote the song. Itachi wrote the lyrics while Sasuke figured out the parts of the guitars and the bass. Naruto and Neji, every once in a while, would go over to the Uchiha mansion and the four of them would run a test on how 'Exhausted' sounded so far. It took them about a month to finish that single song out of the twelve tracks in Spin. It, by far, was the group's favorite song because, of course, it talked about how, when they were still younger, forced to do something that they didn't want to.  

"Fine," said the four in agreement, "The next video will be for Exhausted." Grinning in satisfaction, not that you could see his lips curve beneath that mask of his, Kakashi scribbled that down on a piece of paper. "Now, can we go?" said three out of the four, guess who didn't say this, with a harassed tone, "We have better things to do than wait for you all day." Kakashi's eye crinkled as he nodded. Standing up silently, all three of the black haired boys walked out of the brightly lit studio as Naruto just continued his little act of slurping the rest of the ramen down.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Be Continued…

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