Summary: Sasuke, a rock star, meets one of his fans as they were about to buy the same and last copy of a certain CD. Who says they can't fall in love since this is just one world after all. Completely AU. Mainly SasuSaku.

Pairings: SasuSaku, NaruHina, NejiTenten, ItachiNoOne, AnkoKaka

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and if I did, I would probably promote the pairings up there.

Just One World After All

Epilogue – They Love

Jade green eyes brightened as they watched what was before her. She was thirty, four years since she came back from Paris. Sasuke was also thirty and they got married, a month after she arrived from Paris, much to her surprise. It wasn't bad but, it was just sudden. She didn't care though. She was spending the rest of her life with him. Glancing towards the kitchen, she watched the people inside. Sasuke was struggling to finish baking, he wanted to do that just because it was a special day today, and they were busy bothering him. A small grin was on her face. It was happy site, especially within their home. Glancing at the picture in front of her, she smiled. It read 'Thank you for coming to our wedding! Uchiha Sasuke and Sakura' Yeah, that was right. She was no longer Haruno Sakura. She was his wife already, she was Uchiha Sakura.

They were married for four years and they were bound to have children. They already did, in fact. They had two children, a son and a daughter. The eldest child's name was Satoshi and he was turning four. Satoshi, their son, looked exactly like Sasuke, save the jade green eyes he had gotten from his mother. Risa, their daughter, had already turned two earlier in the year, and looked exactly like Sakura, except for the onyx eyes that she had gotten from her father. Sakura was pregnant, about nine months already. They were expecting a son any time soon and they'd call him Haru, since he would be born before spring ended. They couldn't ask for anything more. They had a happy family, a secure lifestyle, and everything they'd ever want or need.

"Tou-chan, can I help?" asked a small voice as Sasuke felt a tug on his black slacks. Looking down, his onyx eyes met another pair. It was Risa, their daughter. Stopping his mixing, Sasuke bent down and picked his daughter up, setting her down on the marble countertop. "What can I do?" she peered over at the metal bowl Sasuke was holding, stirring the brown sticky substance inside. Her onyx eyes followed the movement of Sasuke's hands. Reaching out, she touched them, a frown appearing on her face. His hands weren't as smooth as Sakura's. Then again, he played the guitar. It was something that he had to sacrifice in order to play. He had to earn calloused hands, one of the signs that one played either a guitar or a bass. He played the former of course; his older brother played the latter. "Tou-chan, why are your hands rough? Kaa-chan's aren't," asked Risa as she poked at her father's hand.

"Did I ever tell you I used to be in a band along with Naruto-ji-san, Neji-ji-san, and Itachi-ji-san?" Risa shook her head as she swung her feet lazily. "Well, okay, there's your answer. You remember that thing you like to look at? The one I have a lot of but in different colors?" Risa nodded vigorously. She loved to play with those! She'd run her fingers across the metal strings of varying thicknesses and run her hands over the polished colored surface. She also loved to look at her reflection in them, especially in her father's prized guitar which he rarely used. It was black, ebony he said, with crimson streaks. She thought that was the prettiest, even if her father had others of different colors. "Well, I can play that and because I can play that, my hands became like this." Suddenly, Sakura walked in, the swell of her belly protruding awkwardly. She was holding Satoshi's hand with her right one.

"What are you planning to bake, dear?" Sakura sat down on one of the chairs as she let go of Satoshi's hand, the young Sasuke look-a-like running towards his sister, an obvious scowl on her face. Sakura laughed as she saw Satoshi's expression. "Sasuke-kun, carry Satoshi-kun and make him sit beside his sister. He finds it unfair that she's up there, watching you bake." Sasuke turned around and looked at his wife before picking up his son and setting him down beside his sister who latched herself quickly on her brother. They were close, really close. Sakura kept saying that one day, when they were both older, and people started courting Risa; it would be a wonder if anyone did manage to get to know the girl. They would not only have to go through the customary protectiveness of the father but the over protectiveness of the older brother, and maybe the younger one as well.

"Chocolate Cake with Mocha Filling," said Sasuke proudly as he poured the batter into two separate cake pans. The filling was sandwiched between two layers of chocolate cake. A content smile found its way to the pink haired woman's face. It had been her craving and Sasuke readily made it whenever there was none left, which was a pretty regular basis. Besides that, it was the first thing Sakura taught him how to bake after Sasuke had asked for lessons every Sunday. "I'm about to bake the cake, do you want to make the filling or will I?" Sakura stood up, though with help from the table and her chair, as she walked slowly over to her husband and children. Sasuke felt a hand rest on his shoulder. "I take that as a yes."

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Six Hours Later

The family was in the living room, watching TV. Risa was on Sasuke's lap, her head lolling against her father's chest. Satoshi's head was on Sakura's lap, his hands clenched. Both of them were asleep, tired out because they were playing. It was ten in the evening so that was understandable for two toddlers to be asleep. Sasuke and Sakura were watching a movie and Sakura's head was on Sasuke's shoulder, a small smile on her face. It was a nice night to watch a movie together, rarely doing so since Satoshi was born. Not that they regretted it but once in a while, it was nice to spend time together, just the two of them. Suddenly, Sasuke felt Sakura's head move quickly, as if something happened.

"Sasuke-kun!" said Sakura urgently as she faced at him, a worried expression on her face, "I think it's time for Haru-kun to come out." Sasuke stared as he lost his voice. Regaining his senses, he woke Risa up and looked for the remote, promptly switching the TV off. "Where'll we leave the kids?" Her voice had a tone of uncertainty in it. She didn't want to leave them here but who would take them in for the time being while she was in the hospital, about to give birth to their baby brother? Sasuke looked at her and gave her an uneasy look. "You can bring them along with you, right?" Sasuke nodded as he helped his wife up. Satoshi and Risa had roused a sleepy look in their eyes. "Satoshi-kun, Risa-chan, Kaa-chan has to go to the hospital. Stay with Otou-san, okay?" Satoshi nodded slightly, already having experienced this once. Risa nodded but with a confused look on her face.

"I should tell them about this, especially him. He, of all people, has the right to know he's about to get a second nephew," mumbled Sasuke incoherently as they walked as fast as they could to the car. Sakura nodded, feeling a migraine coming. For the earlier two times she gave birth, she had a migraine. This had to be the worst, by far, but a baby was coming so she tried to stand it but failed miserably. "You can stand it, Sakura. This is the third time already," said Sasuke as comfortingly as he could. This was the only time he felt so helpless. He could hardly do anything to lessen the pain she was feeling now.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Outside the Emergency Room

"A third, little brother?" asked a familiar voice as he came striding in. Sasuke ignored the urge to roll his eyes and snap at him but his children were there. They had never, and should never; see the bitter side of Sasuke towards his older brother. Risa yelped with glee as she ran towards her tall uncle. Itachi smiled slightly as he picked up his sole niece and carried her over to where Sasuke was sitting. Satoshi clung to his father, hiding from his uncle. He didn't know why but he was afraid of his uncle, unlike Risa who adored him. "Hey there, Satoshi. Is your father going to teach you how to play the guitar?" Satoshi squirmed under the gaze of his uncle's crimson eyes. He really didn't like his uncle, the way Risa did anyway. "How long as she been in there?"

"She's been in there for an hour. It's 11:30," replied Sasuke tersely. Why he had informed his brother, he didn't know. Oh yeah, he had a right to know. He was their children's Uncle and besides that, Sasuke's brother. He had called Naruto but the blonde was fast asleep. Hinata apologized profusely, saying they'd visit the next day. It was extremely hard to wake up the blonde. Neji was on his way with Tenten and the twins, Ryouji and Ruiko. Kakashi was bound to be late, even with Anko's badgering. Sasuke looked at his older brother at the corner of his eye. Shrugging, he attempted at a conversation, to at least keep him from becoming a nervous wreck. "How is Otou-san?" he asked, his voice laced with a placid tone.

"He's alright. Okaa-san has been worried about his health but besides that, not much else is going on at home. Why do you ask, little brother? You're usually not concerned about him, forcing you to do everything he wants, after all." Itachi looked at him, holding a sleeping Risa in his arms as protectively as he could. Risa was his only niece; he'd have two nephews by no time. Sasuke shrugged as he set Satoshi on his lap; the boy was beginning to fall asleep. A skeptical look crossed Itachi's face as he looked at his younger brother. The married life was getting to Sasuke that much he could say. If he was starting to get worried about their parents, it must be his wife's doing. "I'm going to inherit the company soon. You know what that means don't you?"

"You're going to need an heir?" supplied Sasuke, his voice dripping with annoyance. Itachi laughed slightly, nodding. Sasuke had hit the right mark. Sasuke furrowed his brow. It was only know he remembered ever hearing his brother laugh. Hell, it was only now that they had a civilized talk of any kind! Itachi shrugged and nodded a blank look on his face. It was rare that the two brothers said anything in the same conversation that didn't involve jeering at someone, most especially if that someone was Neji, Kakashi, or Naruto. This time, it was different, very different. Sasuke sighed slightly.

"I was hoping it could be you but the age difference isn't all that big. So could I ask if one of the kids could be the heir? Otou-san wants the company to be held by the Uchiha blood so that leaves Risa-chan out. It has to either be, Satoshi, or, well..." Itachi trailed off at the end, pointing towards the emergency room. "Or my younger nephew." Sasuke remained passive. Would he force Satoshi or Haru to be the heir? He didn't want to be forced to do anything so here he was, working alongside Sakura, managing the growing chain of bakeries. Naruto was too but he was tasked with the less important jobs. Hinata didn't trust him enough with the bigger jobs, though she did trust him, even a little bit. Mirai, their one year old son, and Yuuko, their two month old daughter, were enough reason for Hinata to put her trust in him.

"Sasuke-kun, Itachi-kun!" said a female voice, causing both Uchiha to turn around. It was Tenten, followed by a very disgruntled Neji who was holding the hands of the twins, Ryuuji and Ruiko. "Where's Sakura-chan? Still in there?" Sasuke nodded slowly, motioning towards the two kids in the laps of the older Uchiha siblings. Tenten clasped her hands over her mouth. Her voice was a bit too loud, causing the younger Uchiha siblings to squirm but eventually, they fell asleep again. "How long have you been here?" Neji finally reached them, a blank look in his opalescent eyes, not that anyone could tell how a Hyuuga was feeling in the first place.

"It's been an hour and a half," mumbled Sasuke as his onyx eyes gazed at the delivery room. Tenten walked over, peering into the window, trying to get a look inside. "No use. I tried that earlier." Satoshi stirred at the sound of his father's voice. Slowly opening his eyes, he blinked the tiredness away from his jade orbs. Glancing across him, he noticed that Ryuuji was busy proving Ruiko wrong. Tugging at his father's shirt, he left the lap of his father and scooted over to where the other four year olds were, a small smile plastered on his face. He wouldn't be bored anymore!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4:30 in the Morning

"Uchiha-san?" said a doctor tentatively as he exited the room, a look of relief on his face. Itachi's and Sasuke's heads swerved towards the direction of the room. "Err... I mean the husband of Sakura-san." Sasuke stood up, a tired look on his face. Of course he was tired, he'd been awake all day and it was 4:30 in the morning of May 29. "Uchiha-san, I'm glad to inform you that your son has been born, just a minute ago. You can go in now and visit Sakura-san. Please, just one at a time. I don't want her to get too excited. It's bad for the baby." Sasuke nodded, fatherly pride swelling inside him. Entering the room, Sasuke walked over to his wife.

"Hey, Sasuke-kun," said Sakura tiredly as she clutched a light blue cloth, wrapped around the baby. "He looks like you, just like you," she said, a smile on her face, as she slowly handed the precious bundle towards her husband. Sasuke looked at the sleeping child. Tufts of raven hair covered his forehead, a content look on the baby's face. "It'll take a while for Haru-kun's eye color to show but my guess is that it'll be onyx. I could be wrong though." Sakura smiled slightly as she tucked a stray tress of her pink hair. "Who's outside? I can vaguely tell who they are."

"Hinata and Naruto weren't able to come but they said they'd visit tomorrow. Itachi's there, holding a sleeping Risa-chan. Neji and Tenten are there. The twins are playing with Satoshi. I think Kakashi's coming but I can't tell. He's never on time." Sakura giggled slightly. From all of the tales of Sasuke about Kakashi's lateness, as well as Anko's tales of his lateness, she'd doubt it would ever be cured, even at a time like this. "Knowing him, he'll come no matter how late he arrives, with a lame excuse ready. I wonder what it'll be this time. Oh, maybe it'll be 'I got lost on the road of life.' or 'A black cat crossed my way so I had to find a different route.'" Sasuke's voice was dripping with annoyance, Sakura could tell. "Well, I'll let Itachi visit now." Sakura nodded as she cradled her precious baby. Sasuke kissed her slightly damp forehead before leaving.

"Yo!" greeted Kakashi as Sasuke exited the delivery room. Anko was beside him, a wide grin on her face. "So, where's Sakura?" Sasuke jabbed his thumb towards the room that Itachi was now entering. Kakashi nodded his head slowly as he looked around. Neji, his wife and his children were here. Sasuke and his children obviously were. Itachi was in the delivery room, talking to Sakura and looking at the baby. He and Anko were here. "Where's Naruto and his family?" he finally asked, not finding the loud blonde. Neji rolled his eyes at Kakashi's question. Oh so now he noticed.

"Why were you late?" deadpanned Sasuke. It was Kakashi's habit to be late. He didn't actually have a good excuse. At this time, hardly anyone was out so heavy traffic was no excuse. He being a heavy sleeper wasn't an excuse either. He woke up at every sound made, even if a paper clip fell on top of a pillow stuffed with goose feathers.

"What? Oh! Anko and I were walking from the parking lot towards here but a black cat crossed our way and after a lot of convincing, I... well... convinced her to take a longer route here! It was more time consuming but we managed to not get struck by any form of bad luck!" Kakashi was proud of his excuse. Maybe, this time, they'd believe in him. Or, it would just equal to everyone calling him a liar in many different forms, like it usually ended up. Then, after everyone had their turn at calling him a liar, Anko would explain what really happened.

"Liar!" said the children accusingly, pointing at him with their index fingers, with the exception of Risa who was still asleep. Kakashi winced. He knew they learned that from their parents.

"Lies!" said Tenten, glaring at Kakashi. She knew that could never happen. Who was that superstitious anyway?

"That was a lame lie. Naruto can lie better than you." Neji said that. Kakashi's ego burst. Naruto, making better lies than him?! There was no way that could happen! If Naruto's excuse for forgetting to buy a new pack of strings, which were very important to the rest of the band members, his "lie" was always 'I was eating ramen and I forgot!' It wasn't even a lie! It was the truth. Then the three other members promptly kicked his ass for that.

"Risa-chan can lie better than you and two year olds can't and don't lie. They're too young to know what lying even is." That was it, Kakashi's ego burst horribly. Sasuke had said the truth. Two year olds never lied. They were too young and happy to do so. That and they were too innocent, not really realizing what made the world go round.

"We were about to go out but then this five hour Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles special came on so he decided to watch that and then go to the hospital." Anko was ashamed. Her boyfriend, yeah, they still weren't married, loved to watch turtles that were named after Renaissance Era artists, fight like ninjas and who were trained by a rat. It was hopeless. He even said, once, 'Raphael is my favorite! He's the rude one!' She was afraid to even know how this fandom started. Kakashi twitched and winced as he watched three very dangerous adults inch closer towards him. Suddenly, the door to the delivery room swung open.

"Who wants to go visit Sakura next?" Itachi blinked as he looked at the annoyed adults, an ashamed Anko, and a scared Kakashi. "Oh, Kakashi, you're finally here. Why were you late by the way?"

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A Month Later

"Satoshi-kun, could you make sure Haru-kun's asleep? I have to get something for your father." Satoshi nodded as he scampered off to the room of his brother. Sakura smiled. It had been a month since Haru was born and Satoshi and Risa loved their brother. For Risa, that was an understatement. She adored her younger brother, as she adored everyone in the family. Turning around, she began walking towards the kitchen, to get the keys.

"Where are you going?" Sakura turned around to face her husband, a curious look on his face.

"Oh, I was going to get something from the bakery. I was going to get Strawberry Cheesecake."

"That's it?" Sakura nodded as she turned around. Sasuke pulled her back, causing her to collide with him, her hands on his chest and her face looking upwards. Sasuke kissed her softly on the lips before letting her go. "Have a safe trip then." Sakura laughed slightly, a happy and content smile on her face.

"You always have to do things in style, don't you, Sasuke-kun?"

"Of course I do. I'm Uchiha Sasuke." Sakura laughed again, waving goodbye to her husband, as she walked towards the kitchen. It was a happy life, she couldn't ask for anything more. She was married to the only man she would ever learn to love, Uchiha Sasuke. She had three children and she couldn't name any greater gift that Sasuke had given her. Satoshi, Risa, and Haru were all dear to her. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Sasuke smile slightly, motioning her to go ahead and that he'd keep an eye on the children. Facing the direction she was going in, a smile appeared on her face. Nothing could be better in the life she had asked for in just this one world. After all, she and her family were a part of it, right?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finished

-cries- Just One World after All is now officially FINISHED! I hoped you liked it as much as I did. It was a fun story to write, especially since this is my first Naruto fanfic. I can say that it's very successful.

I really can't say anything else about the epilogue, it speaks for itself. I won't do a sequel since the way I finished the story doesn't really call for it.

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Blossoms Bakery and Coffee Shop Menu:


Hazelnut Cream Cake

Honey Vanilla Cake

Berry Cheesecake (served with either blueberries or strawberries)

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Mango/Banana Cream Pie

Graham Cheesecake (Graham crust with Cheesecake filling and graham powder sprinkled on top)


Chocolate Éclairs

Cream Puffs

Chocolate/Blueberry/Cheese Muffins

Cinnamon Rolls (with cream cheese or caramel frosting)

Filled Croissants (chocolate, ham and cheese, butter)

Coffee/Hot Drinks:

Regular (However you want it)

Decaf (However you want it)


Hot Spanish Chocolate (Slightly bitterer than conventional Swiss Hot chocolate)

Hot Swiss Chocolate

(You guys deserve to know the Menu of Blossoms, after the fanfic has ended... right? :D)