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She's a Lady

By Rogue Pryde

Boys are fated to be tempted.

Adam was created first. And even though the world was perfect, he gave in to sin once Eve came along. Now days, boys are more susceptible than ever to the evils of the world.

None more so than Miroku.

"Dude." Kouga's voice was less than sympathetic, more awe-filled than anything else. "That had to hurt!"

"Ya think?" Miroku squinted at his friend with his one good eye, adjusting the icepack on the left side of his face. The swelling seemed to be going down (finally) but the ice did nothing for the bruise already decorating his precious face.

Inuyasha smirked. "What'd you do this time, monk?" Technically, the nickname was getting old. Miroku had been called that since 8th grade, when he'd convinced a girl he had the credentials to marry them himself. Their union was recognized as less than legal by both of their families but the name had stuck. He'd never be rid of it.

Miroku drew himself to his full height, a difficult feat when you're still pressing an ice pack against a sore chunk of skin. Not that it did any good. Both of his roommates were tall enough that it made his attempts look pitiful.

"I," He began with bravado. "Am innocent. She hit me for no reason. Most unbecoming of a lady." He sniffed, but than his eyes shone and he stared off into space. "Not that it makes her any less of a woman." He amended. "If anything she's the epitome of female perfection, why, I-"

"He groped me, that's what he did." The three turned. Miroku shuddered involuntarily at the sound of her voice. Kagome stalked into the kitchen and grabbed a coke from the fridge, facing them as she opened it.

"Now Kagome," He started, making his tone as condescending as possible. At her glare, he switched tactics. "I know what I did was wrong." His voice was suddenly regretful. "Would you believe I was entranced by your beauty?" He looked up at her hopefully.

"No." She said bluntly, giving herself a once over with raised eyebrows. Inuyasha snickered.

"He's just a perv." Kouga tried to be the voice of reason, uncrossing his arms and spreading them innocently. "We've all had to learn to live with him."

She snorted. "So he gropes you too?"

The look of horror the three exchanged was priceless.

"For the record," Inuyasha warned, eyeing his friend dangerously. "I can kill you no problem."

Miroku looked appalled, then sick. "Inuyasha my friend, I would kill myself."

Kouga didn't say anything, just tightened his fists and looked anywhere but at Miroku. He was slightly green around the edges.

Kagome smirked and took a sip of her drink. "For the record," She used the same tone as Inuyasha, and it was no less dangerous for all she was female. "If you touch me again," She didn't even have to finish the threat. Miroku was nodding in agreement.

She didn't trust him as far as she could throw him but there was nothing she could do about that now. "As long as we're clear." She finished resignedly. He continued nodding emphatically. She turned to leave.

"Wait, Kagome?" It was Kouga. Before she came downstairs they'd voted (while Miroku was rummaging in the freezer). Inuyasha refused to do it, threatening bodily harm if they tried to make him, and Miroku was in no condition to ask her anything. So it all came down to him.

"It's a Sunday night," He started, unsure of how to phrase the request. "And a lot of the people in our school go to the Shikon on weekends. It's like a dance club, but you don't need ID." There was a pause. "You'd get to meet people?" He added hopefully.

She stared at him. "Did you really think it'd be that easy?"

He deflated. "No."

"Smart boy."

Inuyasha waited till she was out the door before snorting. "I can't believe you groped that thing Miroku." He shook his head. "You have no standards, do you?"

Miroku shrugged, pressing the ice pack more firmly against his skin. "What can I say? I'm a slave to my hand."


"And you call yourself a man."

The three boys were standing by the door, slipping on their jackets before they headed over to the popular club. Kouga was shaking his head.

"What?" Miroku defended himself. "I couldn't very well go to a club with that . . . that thing on my face, now could I? No self respecting girl would have a decent conversation with me!"

Inuyasha made a face. "Like the conversations you have with girls are decent."

Miroku opened his mouth and lifted his index finger, as if to object, but changed his mind. "Point." He lowered his hand, defeated.

"Still," Kouga's expression hadn't changed. "Make-up? I'm not even gonna ask how you learned to put it on so naturally."

Suddenly, Inuyasha grinned, slinging his arm around the shoulders of the playboy. "You're more of a girl than Kagome is!" Kouga slapped him a high five as Miroku made a face.

"My friends." His voice was dry.

"You know it." The other two said in unison, as all three headed out the door and into the night.


"Hey guys!" Kouga greeted his teammates, sliding into a booth to join them. Inuyasha had taken his motorcycle and Kouga and Miroku had ridden together, separating once they entered the club.

"Kouga!" Kejii, the quarter back, greeted him, lifting his glass in salutation. "Stoked for the game on Friday?"

He grinned wolfishly. "Yeah." He said simply, the rest of the group grinned. No one got into a game like Kouga. His love for the sport earned him a certain amount of respect from his teammates, and his skill just made them revere him all the more. "How was practice Saturday? I can't believe I missed it!"

They all groaned in unison. "Not fun." Kejii answered, making a face. "I'm telling you, the coach gets pissed when you're not there. And he takes it out on us!"

Kouga ran a hand through his hair. "Sorry guys. I'd have been there if I could." He gave them an apologetic smile. Most nodded, but one of the players, Hiko, flashed the captain a look of annoyance.

"What did you have to do exactly? That was an important practice, and you know the Mejii team is pretty tough to beat." He crossed his arms. Other students steered clear of Hiko, thinking he was rude and something of a jerk. As captain, Kouga had spent a lot of time trying to gain his loyalty, and what he learned was that Hiko's personality was rough. It was just the way he was. The fact that he was asking rather than demanding said something of how he felt for his captain.

Kouga made a face. "Miroku made Inuyasha and I clean the entire house." He nodded glumly. "Both floors, and even the bathrooms."

They stared. "That's why you missed practice?" Hiko's tone was a cross between disbelieving and disgust.

Kouga shot him a look. "Let's see you say no to Miroku when money's involved. Not possible."

Hiko nodded grudgingly. "You have a point. Why was money involved?"

Kouga paused, thinking over his words before answering. The three of them had agreed before meeting Kagome that they wouldn't talk of the arrangement with other people. They had assumed she'd be embarrassed if people knew. After meeting her, he doubted that was the case, but they hadn't talked about it since, and he wasn't one to break an agreement. "Our landlord." He replied shortly. "Miroku thinks if we impress him, we'll get a discount." That was kind of a half truth . . . from a certain standpoint.

"Miroku's psychotic." Kejii muttered. "Give him thirty years and he'll be our own Mr. Scrooge."

"Nah," Someone disagreed. "He's too popular with the ladies to ever be a miser."

"What do they see in him?" Kejii and the others turned slightly, eyeing Miroku and the three girls he was currently talking with. Well, they were talking. He was smiling charmingly and eyeing each one in turn, as if sizing them up.

Kouga took a sip of the drink he'd picked up before meeting up with the team. "Who knows?"



She was the one.

Eri was currently talking but Miroku silenced her easily enough by raising his hand. "I'm sorry." He apologized sincerely. "But I couldn't help but notice that Yumi here has been tapping her foot." She started to protest but he continued. "Obviously she's dying to dance. If you'll excuse us?" He winked at the other two and pulled a bright pink Yumi with him onto the dance floor.

"I wasn't tapping my foot." She told him, smiling shyly.

Miroku grinned down at her. "Nope. You most certainly were not."

She blushed even brighter. "You wanted it to be just us, didn't you?"

"My dear," As overused as his lines were, he pulled them off smoothly every time. "There's nothing I want more."

She giggled. "I bet you say that to all the girls."

"Of course not." He lied, flashing her his class president smile. "There's just something about you . . ." He trailed off, as rehearsed, but something was wrong with the line. He'd delivered it perfectly, but he had heard another voice speaking in unison with his own.

He turned around, taking in the sight of the girl in front of him. She was an inch or two shorter than him, and absently his mind registered that as the perfect height. She was slim, dark-haired, and her perfectly shaped almond eyes were staring at him in disgust.

Yumi was confused. "How did you know what he was going to say?" She asked, shaking her dyed blond curls in concentration.

"Because the moron says it to all the girls, and I didn't want to see you falling for something that lame." The newcomer crossed her arms, making the short red spagetthi strap dress look that much more attractive on her.

"I'm sorry." Miroku interceded, maintaining his composure. "I didn't catch your name." Half of him was annoyed at the interruption, and the other half was enjoying his eye candy.

"That's cause I didn't tell you." Her voice was matter of fact. "Let's go Yumi. Your date just got here."

"Oh!" Her eyes widened. "Thanks Sango!" She stepped away from Miroku without hesitation, something that irked him just a little.

'Sango' turned her back on Miroku as soon as it was clear Yumi was following her. As they made their way through the crowd, he caught the first bit of their conversation.

"By the way, that dress looks great on you!" That was definitely Yumi, even though he couldn't see their faces.

"Don't get used to it. Kohaku asked me to look girly one night as a favor for him." Their voices were fading but the resignation in her tone was still obvious.

"Well, if you ask me, looking female is a definite improvement."

"I didn't ask Yumi. Look, there's your boyfriend. Now run along and do a good job making up for nearly cheating on him with that dumb playboy." They parted, and Miroku continued to watch Sango until her retreating figure was completely out of sight. An idea was forming in his head, and if he moved the slightest bit he was afraid it would get away from him.

Finally, it finished processing. Sango was another 'not-girl', as Inuyasha would put it. He would use her for research a kind of test subject, to try and figure out what might or might not work on Kagome. All he had to do was get her to be willing, which shouldn't be a problem once she allowed him to talk.

Women always fell for his lines.


Inuyasha was bored.

Why he came to this place, he didn't know.

He enjoyed himself when he came with Miroku and Kouga and the three of them hung out, but that was generally for when they came to eat not when they were hanging out. Miroku had the girls and Kouga had his team and Inuyasha was the loner. Nobody was more defined by their stereotypes than those three.

Inuyasha sipped his drink. It wasn't alcoholic. He'd seen first hand what alcohol could do to a person and he'd sworn that that would never be him. It was a promise he'd kept faithfully over the years.

A group of girls walked by his table giggling. One of them was more audacious than the rest and actually winked at him. His expression didn't change and after a second of staring stupidly at him, she and her friends finally walked away. Miroku would have loved that. But as far as Inuyasha was concerned, the admiration of the female population was absolutely useless. What was the point of being an idol to his classmates? The only benefit as far as he was concerned was that his status made the girls listen when he said no, and the boys steer clear of him. He had his precious solitude . . . for the most part. The sighs, giggles and blushes of the schoolgirls were driving him crazy, but at least he could blow them off when they approached him.

Kouga walked by with a couple members from his team. Inuyasha lifted his drink as a gesture of recognition and Kouga returned the act. Then he was out of sight and Inuyasha once more felt the gaze of the females in the room.

Screw this.

He slid his chair back and got up, leaving his half-full glass as he headed for the exit.

"Bye Inuyasha!" Someone waved, a light haired girl from his math class. He ignored her, only half hearing her friends' excited whispers asking her if she knew him.

It wasn't unusual for him to leave early, so he didn't say anything to his housemates. Once on his motorcycle, he instinctively headed for home, forgetting the newest addition to their household.


Kagome was bored.

Part of her wished she had gone to the club with the boys, if only so that she could get a chance to know people who weren't out to conform her. But the rest of her rejected that idea forcefully. Who knew what her housemates would do once they got her in a social environment! She knew all about the deal they'd struck with her Jii-chan. Her mom had made it all quite clear as she was packing for her daughter.

"I give up!" She said, tossing in the last of Kagome's wardrobe and slamming the suite case shut with an audible click. "Obviously nothing I can do will make you start acting like a normal human being."

"You mean a normal girl." Kagome corrected, her face expressionless. "And since that's what you want, you have no problems getting rid of me, do you?"

Her mother wiped the hair away from her eyes with a tired gesture. "It's not getting ride of you Kagome. You're coming back."

"Yeah," She snorted. "Once they make me good enough for you."

"Stop it Kagome!" Her mother rarely raised her voice, but when she did everyone listened. Kagome clamped her mouth shut. "This is for your own good. I don't want to hear another word out of you."

Kagome didn't speak the entire trip to her new home.

Yeah. She knew all about what those boys were supposed to do. And there was no way she was going to let them win. Her mother's dismissal of her just fueled her rebellion.

It wasn't that easy! Everyone made it sound like all she had to do was dress a certain way and use the right products and then she'd be everything they wanted her to be. Ignoring the fact that she hated the idea of molding to the 'girly' stereotype, her personality would never be ideal, not for that, no matter how much she changed her appearance. Even if she wanted to, she'd never meet her mother's expectations.

She was startled out of her reverie by the sound of a vehicle pulling into the driveway. It's too early for the boys to be back yet. She rose from the couch and turned off the television she'd been ignoring for the past few minutes. At first she heard nothing, then came the distinctive sound of footsteps heading for the front door.

Slowly, doing her best not to make any noise, she set down the remote and scanned the room for some kind of weapon as she headed towards the entrance. By the time she reached the door, she still hadn't found anything, and the intruder-to-be was already fumbling with the lock. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the open closet, and dove for the umbrella lying on the floor just as the door opened.

Closing her eyes, she brought down the umbrella with all her strength letting out an involuntary yell. "Aaargh!"

Contact! Ignoring his muffled curse, she raised her weapon for another blow, but froze when she caught sight of the intruder's face. Slowly, she lowered both hands, unable to keep the blood from rushing to her cheeks.

"Hi Inuyasha." She swallowed hard. "Welcome home."


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