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Get Up 'n Move

"Man, this time, I got you!"

Gerald's battlecry was unmistakable. As he began to pull off his Ecko t-shirt to reveal a new wifebeater and a nicely-defined body, a handful of regulars at started to move ever so slightly towards the Dance Dance Revolution machine. Like a favorite Broadway play that one watches again and again, they all knew exactly what was about to transpire, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

"Whatever you say," replied Eugene with a smile. "Just pick a song and let's just get it over with."

"Oh, don't you think for a second that today will be like the other..." Gerald paused in thought. "It doesn't matter how many times you've won before."

"A hundred and thirtyseven, honey," chimed Phoebe from a nearby table.

"Really?" inquired Arnold as he reached for the communal cheese fries. "I thought it was one thirtyeight."

"Buck fourty by my count," added Helga through her chewing.

"Thanks, guys," said Gerald in mock gratitude, as he finally settled on "Jet World." "The point is, the streak ends right now!" Without another word, both combatants prepared for 100 seconds of dancing combat.

Welcome to a typical Sunday afternoon in Hillwood. With Saturdays set for work and Sunday nights dedicated to any last-minute studying or homework that needed to be done, this was the only part of the weekend guarenteed to be free for all of the 'Fab 4.' For the most part, this would be their time to decompress from the stresses of school. With the worst part of Senior year behind them, their Sunday gettogethers became more or less extentions of whatever they did the night before. Still, there was something special about Sunday afternoons that made them so fun... so refreshing... so...

"Yeah, baby!" exclaimed Gerald, raising his arms in victoryin a Muhamad Ali-like victory pose. "Your winner, and NEW DDR champion of the wooooooooooorld..."

"Um, Gerald?"

"Now, Eugene," he replied, consolingly, "you put up a great fight. Don't go spoiling it by trying to talk trash, now. That's just fowl."

"But Gerald... you know I won, right?"

A short pause followed.

"I know, I know, but a brotha can dream, can't he?" He and Eugene chuckled as the small crowd, satisfied with the result, returned to their own games. "Well, see ya next week, man." With that, Gerald returned to his table and sat. He was quickly welcomed with a consoling hug from behind from Phoebe.

"Don't worry, honey," she said as she began to rub his shoulders. "You'll beat him eventually. Right, guys?"

"If by 'eventually,' you mean 'when pigs fly,'" replied Arnold, "then yes. Yes he will."

"Hey now," defended Gerald as he began to wipe the sweat from his forehead. "Modern science is doing some amazing things! I heard about this one snake in Brazil that was taught to dress itself."

"Oh my goodness!"cried Phoebe, suddenly releasing Gerald's shoulders

"I know! You should'a seen the pictures. There's this one where it's got on this little top hat and tux..."

"No, no, no!The dress! I was going to meet my parents at the bridal shop to pick out a Prom dress." Phoebe then returned her hands to her boyfriend's shoulders. "You ready to take off?"

"Sure thing, baby." He turned towards the other two at the table. "You guys wanna come too?"

"Thanks," replied Arnold, "but as fun as dress-shopping sounds, I'm afraid I'll have to pass on this one."

"Yeah," said Helga, as she reached for her Dr. Pepper. "We wouldn't wanna intrude."

"But Helga," said Phoebe, "it wouldn't be intruding. Besides, you should start thinking about a dress for yourself."

"Ummm... maybe another time," she replied, definately not sounding suspicious. Yep, not suspicious at all.

"Oh well, suit yourself. Gerald and I will be back at my place around 6:30. Did you two want to meet up there?"

"That depends," said Helga with a smile. "Are you two gonna be fully clothed?"

With an ear-to-ear grin, Gerald replied, "As long as y'all are there by 6:30."

"After that?" asked Arnold.

"Well, at 6:31..." chmied Phoebe with a grin bigger than Gerald's, "no guarantees!" With that, she promptly grabbed Gerald's hand and led him towards the exit of GamePalace. Back at the table, Helga and Arnold watched in awe.

"Can you believe them, Arnold?"

"I know," he said, as he turned towards his blonde friend. "Three years, and they're still flirting like they're about to celebrate their two week anniversary."

"They don't know how good they've got it."

"Tell me about it."

"So, Arnaldo," began Helga with a smile. "Should we show up at Phoebe's at 7?"

"Sure, but... why not 6:30?"

"Twenty bucks says those two were serious." Her grin widened as she extended her hand to Arnold. He quickly brought his hand to hers and shook.

"You're on!"