"The choice is very simple slayer... It's either your life or your watchers?" he called out to the Bostonian.

"No dice. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but even I know you'll kill us both," the Slayer retorted.

"Alas, you are indeed correct, but to be fair, allow me to show you what it is that I intend to do to you..." The voice stated.

A high-pitched scream erupted from the captive and was soon followed by several tears of both clothing and appendages. Faith watched horrorified as he relished in the look of fear on the newest slayer's face. The young girl was next and he would enjoy making her screams echo throughout the town's streets. He dropped the still breathing body of the watcher as Kakistos, the master vampire of this region lunged at the slayer. The brunette, armed only with a sharp stake and a worn US Marine K-Bar knife, reacted on instinct and drew her knife from its sheath. In the blink of an eye the knife in Faith's right hand flew up; she flipped the grip of the knife and brought it back down as Kakistos yelled in agony as pain exploded through his eye, and blood pumped out like a fountain. Her face paling, the Slayer dropped her knife as she stared up at him.

Kakistos, whose name in Greek meant worst of the worst, was scarred. No one in his very long life had ever accomplished this and this bitch would have to pay. Clutching his wounded eye with his left hand the vampire started swatting at Faith with his free arm. Faith managed to block several of his strikes but the Kakistos began using both arms to try and entrap her. As he neared the desperate slayer she, wooden stake clutched in her left hand, rammed the piece of wood forward.

Faith's attack had again been pure instinct and the vampire bellowed so loud that all of Boston must have heard him. As his head came back into view Faith snapped out of her daze and realized she'd rammed that stake under Kakistos's wounded right eye. Blood was gushing from the wound, out of his bloody eye he could see the slayer running as fast as her legs would carry her down the side streets of Boston. In the distance she could hear Kakistos bellowing orders to his minions to find her and bring her to him. None were to kill her, that honor was his and his alone.

Faith jumped up onto a dumpster and then up to a fire escape. She climbed desperately onto the metal ladder and darted as quickly as she could to the roof of the building. Scoping the distance from the rooftop she was on to an adjacent building Faith took a breath, wiped some sweat off her brow and dashed forward only to leap up and into the air. Faith sailed forward and a mere second before smashing onto the rooftop the brunette rolled forward and landed in on one knee. Faith did this for the next fifteen minutes until she was sure that she'd lost the vampires.

Knowing she could not return to her watcher's home (it was bound to be under surveillance) and not having parents that gave a rats ass about her, Faith came to the only logical conclusion for her... She would venture to Sunnydale, California. Her watcher had told her that until recent times there was only supposed to be one active slayer at a time. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you looked at the situation) there was in fact another slayer that was active. One Buffy Anne Summers.

The slightly older slayer had apparently drowned while facing a Master Vampire only to be resuscitated before truly dying. This caused a break in the Slayer line and there were now two slayers. Running to the bus station Faith pulled out her emergency key, it was to a locker that contained an emergency bag that the watcher had set up, just in case. Faith inserted the key and opened the locker.

There inside was a backpack for the girl and an envelope containing instructions. Opening the bag first, Faith found a change of clothes, a garbage bag, a cross, two vials of holy water, and a wooden stake. Inside the envelope she found two hundred dollars and direction on how to find Buffy Summers and Rupert Giles, the older slayers watcher. Faith ran to the bathroom and immediately changed out of her bloody clothes, she took the time to wash off some of the blood that was on her skin (to avoid questions), placed a ball cap on her head (with her hair tucked under it), and proceeded to calmly walk to the ticket counter.

Ticket in hand and now only having seventy-five dollars, Faith waited inside until her bus arrived. It was still several hours till sunrise and Faith didn't want to risk being caught outside till then. The bus was due to arrive within the hour, baring traffic and or other mishaps but at least in here she was not alone. Faith had positioned herself so that she could see the mirror that faced the door. If someone entered that didn't have a reflection Faith would be ready.

"Going somewhere girly?" A rather shifty character asked Faith.

"What if I am?" She replied.

"Just wondering how you're gonna make it to the bus before me and my friends get you." The vampire inquired as he shifted to his game face.

"Simple." Faith stated now that her nerves had relaxed some.

Faith motioned towards the police officers that were walking through the front door. The vampire immediately changes his face back and was about to comment when Faith took a swig of her water bottle. She then pulled the vampire towards her by the collar of his shirt and kissed him full on the lips. The vampire didn't realize until a few seconds later that something wasn't right. Faith then showed the vampire the half empty flask of holy water that she had in her pocket. Realization hit the vampire and he ran out of the bus station only to combust shortly after leaving the station. Faith had purchased a cheap toy squirt gun from the gift shop and decided to load it up with some holy water as well. While it wouldn't be enough to kill a vampire it would sure be enough to slow it down.

It seemed that the vampire's threat of having friends waiting outside had been a bluff because as Faith and two other passengers departed the station she encountered no trouble getting on the bus nor leaving the city limits. Breathing a very big sigh of relief Faith relaxed for the first time all night as she made her way to Sunnydale, California.