Much like Sunnydale, Haddonfield had an under eighteen club that the high school students could do to for dancing, drinking (no alcohol of course) and just hanging out somewhere other than home. Faith and Dawn were currently having a girl's night out while Xander holed himself up in his little Bat-Cave. The two girls were dancing away to the techno music that the DJ was currently playing working up a sweat and just having fun in general. It had been some time since Faith had let her hair down like this and she was immediately taken back to her younger days.

Prison had changed her outlook on life a great deal. In the three years she resided there (not counting the time that she was forcibly removed from prison against her will) Faith had not had a whole lot of time to relax. Even the one time that Faith took the potential slayers out to the Bronze to blow off some steam she was still on the clock playing den mother. Now, for the first time in ages she was free to cut loose and just hang out with her sister. The club, Twilight, was packed with gals and guys ages fifteen to twenty a large number of which were staring at the two women who many had not seen around before.

Faith's sultry looks and Dawn's angelic beauty were the envy of all the girls present. To the male population (and some of the female) Faith was the ultimate temptress, while Dawn's innocence gave her a girl next door like appearance that they craved equally as much. The males in close proximity to the two women were ogling them as if their heads would explode if they were to look away. Dawn and Faith just ignored the lustful stares by the men and jealous glances of the women and continued to dance to the beat of the song. When the melody subsided and the DJ began speaking Faith and Dawn stepped off to the side to take a quick breather. Their solitude did not last long.

"Hey beautiful," A rather studly African American male said to Faith, "Care to dance?"

"Maybe next dance," Faith stated. "My sister and I are just getting our groves on."

"Sister is it..." Another male stated. "Thank god."

Faith and Dawn rolled their eyes. It was obvious what the jackass was thinking and they were so not in the mood to deal with it.

"You'll have to forgive my friend here. He thought that because you two were dancing together that you might be..."

"Not interested." Dawn adamantly stated to the friend as she stopped dancing turned towards the bar and proceeded to go get something to drink.

"Your sister needs to learn some manners." The second male, a slightly shorter Caucasian with blonde hair and brown eyes stated to Faith.

"And you need to learn the meaning of tact, take a hike." Faith informed the two.

"Hey, hey, hey... don't be like that. My friend here just isn't used to being shot down so eloquently. He will gladly apologize to your sister, WON'T you Greg?"

"Yeah... yeah I'll apologize. I was way out of line."

"I'm Bryan."

"And I'm done here. Sorry gents, by my sister and I have to jet." Faith stated as she took a bottle of water from Dawn and the two walked towards the exit. Laughs in the direction of the two young men who had just fallen on their faces erupted as the two knockouts let the door slam shut behind them.

"Are you gonna take that?" Greg asked feeling completely embarrassed.

"Nah, nah let's go let those two know what they just blew off." Bryan stated. The two young men rushed to the door opened it and not a minute later where thrown back through the main door to Twilight. The music stopped and all around watched as a group of seven people decked out in black clothing entered the club. The person to the rear, a rather large fellow about six and a half foot tall, entered the room grabbed Bryan by his shirt collar with his left hand and using his right hand twisted the young man's head ninety degrees in the opposite direction. Greg didn't even get a chance to say a single syllable before a woman, appearing to be in her early thirties descended upon him and bit into his neck.

Screams erupted from the club, screams that pierced the night sky.

"Did you hear that?" Faith asked as she and Dawn walked to their home.

"No, what did it sound like?" Dawn replied as they both stopped to listen for sounds.

Faith was about to give up when she heard a faint scream coming directly behind them.

"You don't think..." Dawn began to say but Faith was to busy dreading the thought of a massacre happening to worry about thinking. Turning, she charged in the direction the scream had originated from and judging by the faintness of the scream it must be from an enclosed structure.

Twilight was surprisingly quiet and Faith guessed that if the music had stopped it was for a good reason. Dawn, unable to keep up with Faith's pace finally arrived right behind the slayer. Faith removed her good jacket and handed it to Dawn.

"Get on the phone and call Xander, tell him we need more weapons." Faith ordered.

Dawn, who was still trying to catch her breath, simply nodded in agreement.

Faith decided that instead of charging through the front door it would probably be more prudent to sneak in through the back.

"Weapons R' Us, how may I direct you call?" Xander said as he lifted his welding helmet up and shut off the torch.

"Xander, Faith said to bring as many weapons as you can muster in a short time to the Twilight Club." Dawn said having finally caught her breath.

"What's the sitch?" Xander inquired as she removed his safety gloves and helmet.

"We don't know yet but there were screams coming from inside the Twilight Club and there isn't any music playing. Something is definitely not right here." Dawn explained.

"All right hon. Sit tight and I'll be there with the standard demon and vampire hardware." Xander decreed as he ended the conversation and proceeded to load up on sharp pointy objects.

He was about to head upstairs when he saw something out of the corner of his eye that made him rethink his choice of weapons. Running back down the stairs Xander dropped the bag he was carrying and opened the cabinet that contained several items that while not tested might be better suited for close combat in a club full of teens.

Faith was in the middle of a fight with three vampires attempting to snack on a group of high school girls. Faith had found a wooden broom in a utility closet and upon breaking it, engaged the vampires in hand-to-hand combat. Faith noticed immediately that the vampires seemed less inclined to fight now that she had arrived and more interested in preventing her escape. The group of teens had fled the dance floor upon Faith's reappearance and watched as the lone girl fought off the weird faced hooligans. The group then stopped their assault and moved back allowing the tallest vampire Faith had ever seen to enter the dance floor.

"You are Faith?" The figure inquired.

"What of it?" The annoyed slayer inclined. She was sizing up the pro- wrestler wanna be with his hokey Transylvanian accent.

"I vanted to be sure dat I had de right person. It vud be a shame if I killed the wrong gurl." The figure informed her.

Faith charged the vampire, drew back her right hand, and clinched her fist and using her full power delivered the first of several staggering blows, to her opponent's chest, waist and face. The six-foot plus foe took all of Faith's most powerful blows without blocking, and was still standing. Faith, upon seeing her opponent still standing, uttered only one word, "Fuck!"

The tall figure smiled at his bewildered opponent and then backhanded Faith sending her sailing through the air and into the bar. Faith impacted with a sickening thud and she thought she could taste blood once she managed to regain some semblance of coherency.

"So this is a slayer... and here I thought you might be mildly amusing."

"Go to hell." Faith spat as her opponent neared her.

"I vill once you join me. I miss it on dese rather tiring business trips." The figure stated. "I vant you to know before you die that my name is Argos. I kill you now not for pleasure or amusement... it's just business."

Faith watched as Argos lifted his right boot and prepared to bring it down full force upon her rib cage. If his legs were as strong as his arms Faith knew that her ribs would shatter and puncture her lungs and heart.

Showing no fear Faith merely spat defiantly at the six-foot tall monster. Argos was about to kill his foe when he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He looked down to see a wooden shaft sticking out of the left side of his chest. He turned to see a young teenage girl wielding a rather modern looking crossbow. She cocked the pump action hand on her weapon and another arrow was primed and ready to shoot at the first vampire that moved in her direction. Dawn Summers and her older sister watched as Argos slowly lowered his foot to the ground, casually looked at the arrow sticking out of his chest through his suit, then carefully removed the wooden shaft from the front of his wound and snapped it in half. Definitely not a vampire! Dawn and Faith both thought at the same time.

"Remove the annoyance from my sight." Argos ordered. The three vampires that had previously been holding Faith at bay darted towards Dawn, eager to carry out the order. Dawn sent an arrow at the vampire to her right nailing it in the heart causing the vampire to explode. She tossed her crossbow to the vampire in front of her completely bewildering him while his companion seeks to sink her teeth into Dawn's throat. Dawn uses the vampire's moment and monkey flips the female vampire through the door. The initially shocked vampire decides to be original flips the hefty crossbow around and takes aim at Dawn.

"Suck on this bitch." The vampire screams. He pulls the trigger only to have nothing happen.

Dawn walked up looking at the again stupefied vampire and says, "Safety." She then pressed the stud to release her wrist blades, shearing the vampire's head off with her right hand weapon and catching the crossbow in her left hand.

"I love this part of the job." Dawn says as she released the safety catch and proceeded to unload another arrow at a vampire.

"As you may have guessed I am not a vampire." Argos announced to the now standing Faith Summers. "I am a rare entity on this plane known as a Vorsha Demon. I can alter my appearance to make myself look like however I vant. In addition to being sturdier than de average demon I can do this..." Argos announced. He slammed his fists together and his upper forearms ignited in red flames.

"Come slayer... time to meet your maker."

Faith ducked the left and right combination punches that Argos sent at her, rolled forward and ended up directly behind him. She back kicked the demon staggering him only for a moment before he swung around and singed her long dark hair. Now that she had her second wind, and Argos wasn't as prepared for her attack, Faith spun about so that she was facing the Vorsha demon, jumped up and delivered a very powerful drop kick sending her almost foot taller opponent crashing into the bar that she'd just sailed into. Argos was smiling when he regained his composure. Faith was not at all surprised that she had only staggered the demon with that attack but it was better than the onesided fight that had been occuring up until this point.

"Dat's the spirit Slayer. Give me all you've got. Make my trip to this place worth my time."

Xander,who upon arriving gave his love her crossbow and wrist blades, had circled around the back and was currently assisting Dawn with the clean up of the lesser vampires. Sneaking up on a couple of vamp's, while they were distracted, Xander used the opportunity to test his newest gadget. The two vampire's had their backs to him and only realized he was there after they felt a sharp pain from a blade followed by a burning sensation. The two vampires barely had time to scream before they were dust. He didn't have long to celebrate thought before he heard a booming voice.

"Get him, I'll take her." One of the last two remaining vampires stated. The vampire that was giving orders tossed a glass bottle of coke at Dawn making the youngest Summers girl duck and cover. When the projectile was clear she was in the immediate presence of the vampire who had used the distraction to close the distance and make using the crossbow useless. He stood laughing as he held the wooden shaft directly in front of his heart.

"If only it would fly huh fledgling? What are going to do know?" The vampire asked Dawn in a mocking tone.

"Improvise." Dawn spat. Striking the second trigger on the crossbow, the vampire watched in horror as a wood stake, shaped like a bayonet, shot from the underside of the crossbow and was now a moment from puncturing the vamp's skin.

"Duck Season." Dawn said and ran the wooden weapon into the vampire.

The wooden shaft, now free of the vampire's grip flew forward and, since Dawn had been aiming the whole duration of the smug vampire's speech, struck the Vorsha Demon in it's left hand. Dawn had been aiming for his leg but she wasn't complaining.

Xander mean while was testing his latest invention, a pneumatic injector similar to the ones used in the movie Blade II. Unlike Blade's weapons, his vials needed only one stab to inject a lethal dose of holy water directly into a vampire's blood stream. This weapon was more ideal for a slayer (experts at hand to hand combat with the strength & speed to match) but since this was the first field test and Faith was battling a demon, not a vampire he decided to test it out himself.

The vampire must have had some boxing lessons in his days because he was treating his bout with Xander like a prizefight. Xander managed to evade all of the vampire's attacks, not wanting to risk taking one of his super punches and was looking for his opening. The vampire delivered a left cross that Xander ducked under, and countered with a left directly to the vampire's un-beating heart.

The blade pierced the vampire's skin and injected the holy water into his system. The vampire staggered back and was about to continue the fight when he felt something strange within him. At first he thought it was a side effect of being stabbed but then he started to burn. The vampire felt like he was on fire then watched as smoke began rising from him. With a scream of pain the vampire combusted then turned to ash.

Dawn ran over to her love and gave him a hug. Xander breathed a sigh of relief until he saw that Faith was barely holding her own against the fire- wielding demon. "When did Brock Lesnar become a vampire?" Xander inquired.

"His name is Argos, says he's a Vorsha Demon. I shot him in the heart with an arrow and it didn't kill him."

"His heart, if he has one, is probably in a different place." Xander said trying to quickly assess a way to help Faith.

"Fire probably won't do much to this guy." Xander said noticing the demon's arms.

"Yah think." Dawn replied sarcastically.

"Let's try this on for size." Xander said as he grabbed his bag-o-tricks that he'd placed behind the counter just before he entered the fray and pulled out a rather hefty looking glove.

"Xander, this is no time for another untested gizmo." Dawn spat as she watched her sister take a fire fist to the stomach then not only burned her for the brief contact but put a whole in her new top. She knew that Faith was now pissed.

"It's not entirely untested... watch and learn."

Faith was irate this pro-wrestling reject was barely winded and had the upper hand on her. Given, Faith had hoped to leave this part of her life far behind her, but if there was one thing that she truly despised, it was losing fights. Faith was determined that after everything that she'd been put through, especially the last moth, that she was not going to start losing now.

Argos grinned as he raised his right fist, still crackling of fire, and was about to begin pummeling Faith when Faith heard something strike the big thug and next thing she knew he was jittering about like he'd stepped in a puddle of water that was electrified. Faith saw that Xander was wearing some contraption on his hand and several wires were handing from it.

"Go Xander." Faith yelled as she realized Xander had rigged a high capacity stunner similar to what she'd been told the Initiative used to capture hostiles.

Xander watched as the power cell discharged into the demon and he gave dawn the signal. Dawn slid her sister the last weapon that Xander had brought with him, but he was sure that Faith would make the best of it. Faith opened the bag and drew out a rather wicked looking black rod but she already knew what it was. Xander had told her he'd designed it with a slayer in mind. Pressing the stud in the middle of the handle, two rather sharp sword blades sprung from the ends and Faith spun the double bladed spear about and going for the only weak spot she could think of on this Demon, cleaved the still electrically charged demon's head off at his rather non-existant neck.

All present watched as the demon's head fell from it's shoulders and fell to the ground. The fire that was originally only on the demon's forearms enveloped its whole body. Within seconds the demon was ash, head included.

Xander stopped the shock treatment and retracted the coils back into the glove. In the distance the sounds of a police siren could be heard.

"I think that's our cue to motor ladies." Xander said and headed for the back door.

"Don't have to tell me twice." Faith announced retracting the blades on her new favorite two and tossing the weapon to Xander.

Dawn helped Faith gather the rest of their things and departed ASAP.

"So…" The Master said in a very annoyed tone. "Argos failed."

The video footage that Joshua had collected from the security cameras told a better story than Joshua ever could.

"Yes my Master."

"She is indeed become a very formidable." The Master announced to a surprised Joshua.

"She did have assistance my Master."

"Of course she did Joshua. But do not discount the slayer in the equation. In the grand scheme of things her associates are nothing more than tools, weapons if you will, at the slayer's disposal. She may view them as colleagues and friends, but they are a resource for her, nothing more, nothing less. Besides, she lasted the entire duration of their encounter with only three assists. That alone shows that she has incredible endurance. A fact I won't forget, nor disregard."

"Forgive my ignorance my master. I, your lowly servant, completely missed that detail." Joshua declared, his head bowed.

"I may not be the oldest vampire in existence my servant but I am by far one of the smartest, and most observant. There is much to learn about this girl before the time of my plans is at hand. Keep a watch on her Joshua. Keep a very, very close watch."

"I live to serve, my master." Joshua said bowing and then departing.

The telephone in the office was ringing so loud he thought his head would explode. If he hadn't already been awake researching a demon uprising in Prague he would be very cross to say the least. Picking up the receiver the native brit answered, "Rupert Giles speaking."

"Hello Giles." The distinctively feminine voice on the other line greeted him.

"Faith, how have you been?" Giles inquired surprised to hear from his second surrogate daughter.

"I've had better days… I just wanted to call and see how things were on your end of the big blue."

"Demon uprising in Prague. Nothing we can't handle. Is everything all right Faith, you sound a little… distracted?"

"No… everything's ok. I just had to take a break from things… get away from slaying."

"I understand, this last month has been particularly trying for you, especially since…"

"I'm un-retiring Giles. Consider me an active slayer again" Faith announced.

"Really?" An astonished Giles replied.

"Mark me down as the Slayer assigned to the Midwest region of the United States."

"Where precisely are you?" Giles inquired.

"Haddonfield, Illinois." Faith informed him.

"Haddonfield?" Giles inqured not familar with the area. He looked it up and did not see that the area merrited a full time slayer, still if Faith requested it there must be a reason. "If you don't mind my asking, what's in Haddonfield that would require a slayer?"

"It's a staging ground for demonic activity. I've been here less than seventy-two hours and I've been in four fights and killed about six vampires and my first Vorsha Demon."

"A Vorsha demon??? I thought they were a myth."

"You were myth-taken." Faith replied.

"That was by far the worst pun I've ever heard you utter." Giles said not sure if he should heave or smile. He opted for the later.

"Yeah well I'm beat. I'll have Dawn send you the report and all the info we have on what's going on."

"Dawn is there… oh never mind. Ok Faith, I eagerly await your report… oh and Faith…" Giles said before she could end the call.

"Yeah Giles?"

"It's good to hear from you, be safe." Giles told the dark haired girl.

"You too G. Say hi to big sis for me.

Faith sat upon the ledge of the Harris/Summers dwelling looking out at the calm night sky. She was pondering her place in the grand scheme of things when she felt a familiar presence approach her.

"Some pretty rad gear you cooked up there X-Man."

"Thanks, glad you liked you new toy."

"Yeah, it cleaved his head off with like I was cutting through hot butter." Faith stated, not really caring to remember the activities of the night.

"I'm really sorry you had to cut your retirement short. If it's any consolation, I know exactly how you feel."

"Thanks Xander, I would say you're being condescending but I don't actually know what the word means…" She laughed, so did her sister's boyfriend. "All I know is that when I look back on the night, if I hadn't gone back to help those kids…. It would have been a massacre. Those guys at the club were specifically looking for me. As it is it was sheer luck I was there and happened to hear the kids screaming for help."

"Faith… there are so few of us that truly know what evil exists in the world and even fewer of us that can do anything about it. I know you wanted to leave it behind you… but the truth is this is your calling. It is who you are and defines you. I'm not saying that this is all you'll ever amount to, but for the most part I'm glad that you are who you are."

"Thanks Xander." Faith said smiling.

"Faith the Vampire Slayer, the boogey man… er... woman of the underworld."

"And don't you forget it."

"Come on Faith, since you didn't get a full night off I'll let you massacre me in Dead or Alive 3 some more."

"Oh you'll let me will you…" Faith said climbing to her feet and racing to the stairwell.

The End