It was time to go back and Logan knew it. He knew that he should have gone back years ago. He should have gone back when he realized he'd never remember what happened at Alkali Lake. He should have gone back when he realized that things were so much better with others of his kind. He should have gone back when he realized how much his missed his Marie.

His Marie? When had he begun to think of her as his Marie? She was a baby, a kid, and he was old enough to be... he didn't know how old he was, but just to look at him he could be her father. Still, he should have gone back to Westchester then, instead of waiting until the pull was so strong, so strong that something had to be wrong.

Two years ago, he'd felt a pull like this to go back to the mansion. He resisted it, but he did call once and spoke to Bobby. He was told that "Rogue" was fine, that she's been hurt in a battle, but Jean said she'd be fine. He was in tune with Marie, he knew her mind and her heart, and she was calling him home. He knew it.

"Rogue," hold still, Storm laughed gently as the girl stood on a milk crate, "I'm going to stick you with these pins."

"I'm sorry," she drawled, "I can't help myself. I want to see what it looks like."

Storm smiled, never had she seen Rogue so excited about clothes before, usually she wore black, but not this time. This time though, it would be white for her, white for their bride.

"You can see it in a minute, when I finish pinning up the hem," Storm told her, "I'm almost done."

Marie smiled. She never thought this day would ever come. The day when she would become Mrs. Clifford Alden would be the happiest of her life. She never thought she'd ever find any one mutant or otherwise willing to chance her deadly skin, and she never thought is would be anyone as sweet or as handsome as Clifford Alden.

Cliff was a banker in Manhattan and moved to Westchester to manage a branch of the bank up there. They met at a bar, danced a few dances and before she knew it, she'd told him about her mutation, about leaving home, about Logan, about everything in her past. And he'd accepted it, just like that he accepted it. He didn't show fear or hate or recrimination, he just accepted her for who and what she was and she liked that. If only Logan were here, her wedding day would be perfect.

Storm caught the far off look on her face, "You know, the Professor could try to find him for you. Bring him back for the wedding." She knew where's Rogue's mind was.

"It's just, he's the closest thing I had to family. I'd really like it if he were here to give me away," she confessed, "but if he doesn't want to come here on his own, if he didn't care enough to come back when he knew that I...never mind, we have a dress to finish," she announce changing the subject as she always did when Logan was concerned.

Jean, who had been watching this exchange from the stairway let out a long sigh. She knew something, she was in tune with Logan's mind as was the professor and she sensed it's power growing stronger, growing closer. She also sensed the danger of Logan's arrival, what he would do when he found out about Marie getting married. She sighed a bit and smiled to herself, it wasn't going to be pretty, but it sure was going to get interesting.