By troubledspirit

Chapter: Left, but back again

Summary: What happens when Yumi has to move to America and comes back 4yrs later just to find that Ulrich (spell?) and the others have forgotten her. That Ulrich and Sissy dating, Aelita human, Odd a guitar player. (Bad at summaries) (Not telling pairings)

"WHAT?" a young girl screamed "I'M NOT LEAVING YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!"

"I'm sorry Yumi but we have to move. Whether you like it or not" the young girls mom started packing for her.

"But mom I" Yumi started to argue but was interrupted by her mom.

"I'm sorry Yumi my decision is final, now finish packing your belongings. You'll come back again I promise" she gave her daughter a kiss in the forehead and walked out.

'I have no choice, but to do as I am told...goodbye guys it will be along time till I ever see you again' she walked to the window and looked out of it 'I promise to come back...I won't say goodbye because I will come back sooner or later' a tear slid down her cheek. She finished packing her belongings and waited for her mom to call her down.

......................................................4 years later.........................................................

"We have arrived to Bourgogne, France. Thank you for using The France Airline I hope you had a wonderful flight. Have a nice Day!!" the captain finished talking and everyone started getting off of the plane.(I looked it up)

"Hey Yumi were are you headed now?" asked a young man, he had spiky electric blue hair, black vest with a chain around his neck, black baggy pants and spikes around both of his wrists.

"Just going to see if I can enroll in a school near the place I'm staying. Hey how about you enroll in the same school I get into? It will be fun what do you say Kayo?" asked a young 15 yr old Yumi (A/N: Sorry I don't know how old Yumi is in the TV show). She was wearing a similar outfit like Kayo but had a black tank top under the vest, her chain had a Tribal Cross on it.

"Ok let's go then luckily I have a black convertible here in Japan" they both took their luggage's and took a taxi to were Kayo's car was located. They dropped off their things into Yumi's old house and headed to a high school near there.

"Excuse me, we were wondering if we can enroll here?" Yumi asked as they arrived in the school office.

"Sure you can please tell me your names?" the assistant principal said.

"Yumi Ashiyama and Kayo Zen" the assistant principal wrote their names down and typed something in the computer. She waited till two papers printed out of the computer and handed each one to both of them.

"Here you go, these are your schedule come tomorrow around 8am so that you will be shown around the school campus by two of the students. Now there is no school uniform so come in whatever clothes you please, is there anything else you need?"

"No that's all. Thanks" both of them headed out of the office. They were looking and comparing each others schedules that they didn't look and both bumped into two persons and fell down.

"Ouch uhh sorry, I wasn't watching were I was going" a young boy who had dark brown hair light green shirt an a dark green open shirt on top, also dark green pants.

"No prob" Yumi said as the boy helped her up "I wasn't watching were I was going either. You ok Kayo?"

"Yep you? Sorry about that" he helped the other boy up as well . He was wearing a light blue open shirt with a white muscle shirt underneath, he had dark blue jeans on as well.

"That's ok" said the young boy

"I'm fine, but let's go and unpack before my mother starts thinking we are doing something else. You don't want go through the same thing like the first time we meet remember?" Yumi laughed while saying this.

"Yeah who doesn't? well sorry again, but we got to go. Come on Yumi" he grabbed her had and left running leaving the two boys behind.

"Jeremie?" said the boy in green.

"Yeah Ulrich?" the boy in blue wiped away invisible dust.

"She seems familiar....Yumi? Yumi were have I heard that name before?" The boy known as Ulrich asked himself and the boy known as Jeremie.

"Your guess is as good as mine. Dough I got to admit she does look familiar. We will have to think about it later we got class" Jeremie headed to their next class.

"Your right plus I got to meet Sissy" with that they both left to their classes wondering who the girl was.

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