Title: Forgotten?

Author: Troubled-Spirit

Summary: What happens when Yumi has to move to America and comes back 4yrs later just to find that Ulrich (spell?) and the others have forgotten her. That Ulrich and Sissy dating, Aelita human, Odd a guitar player. (Bad at summaries) (Not telling pairings)

Author's Note: Hey guys! Me again! To all my reviewers! I am so sooooooo sorry! I know I promised to finish this sotry and I plan to finish it. I apoligize for not updating in such a long time. I've been rather busy and lost interest in writing stories. And as you can now see I'm back and ready to finish this story, so please forgive me! Anyway here's chapter 3!

Chapter 3

Yumi walked towards the black convertable in which Kayo was in. She smiled at him and said her greetings while getting on. "So what's plan for today?" Kayo asked. Yumi threw her bookbag to the bag and shrugged "Not sure...what you think?". The car started moving again, for it to only stop for a moment at a stop sign.

"Not sure either...Hey maybe after school we could go site seeing around here. Since you use to live her you might as well show me what this place has to offer!" he grinned. She laughed slightly "Like you said I use to live here...I can hardly remember anymore..." she looked out the window with a small smile on her face "My memories a bit hazy...I could just hardly remember my friends from here." She looked at Kayo, whom had stop at a red light and turned towards her.

"Your friends? Do you think they're still here?" he asked her. She nodded "Yeah...well I think that's them anyway. You remember the guys we bumped intp yesterday?" she asked. Kayo nodded and was looking at the road, for the light turned green. "Yeah I did, why?"

"Well I think that's two of them. I think that's Ulrich and Jeremy" she smiled even brighter "I hope I'm right...I miss them" she again was looking out the window. After that there was a comfortable silence between the two friends. Yumi thinking about the past while Kayo drove to school. After awhile they arrived at school, both got out of the car. "So we have the first two periods together and then we're split right?" Kayo asked. Yumi nodded "Yeah, I believe it's Algebra I and Chemistry"

They both walked towards the front of the school, unaware of two glaring eyes. The person was hidden from behind a tree. "Not her!...I thought I got rid of her along time ago...arghh!" the person walked away from the trees.

Troubled-Spirit: Okay I know it's short, but please bare with me. I'll make the chapters longer next time kk? I just wanted to update already. So I apoligize for it!