Part 1: Feelings

The Uncanny R-Man

Disclaimer- I don't own the New Mutants, or the X-Men, Marvel does.

Quote of the day- 'Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Belts off, trousers down, isn't life a scream? OI!'- Lt. George and General Melchett (Blackadder Goes Forth)

The New Mutant known as Doug Ramsey, aka Cypher, is lying on his bed looking at the ceiling. Just recently he has been having feelings for a certain female teammate. He's not sure whether she feels the same way.

'Query: Why is Self Friend Doug sad?' Doug's roommate Warlock asks.

Doug sits up on his bed and looks at his techno-organic buddy.

'I'm not sure that you'd understand 'Lock.' Doug sighs.

'Self may not know very much about human behaviour but it dies not mean that Self Friend cannot tell Self.'

'Okay.' Doug sighs. 'I like one of the girls.'

'May Self enquire as to whom Self Friend Doug likes?'

'I'd prefer to keep it a secret, if you don't mind.' Doug replies.

'May Self make a hypothesis?'

'Go ahead!'

'Self believes that Self Friend had feelings of the romantic nature towards Self Friend Rahne.'

'How did you guess?' Doug gasps.

'Self has seen the way Self friend Doug has been looking at Self Friend Rahne.'

'Am I that obvious?'

Warlock nods his head.

'And not another word to anyone about this, okay?' Doug continues. 'Not even Dani!'

'Self's mouth is sealed!'

Meanwhile, in Rahne and Dani's room, the two girls are hanging out also.

'So tell me Fur Top.' Dani begins. 'Is there anybody here that you like?'

'I like ye.' The ever-innocent Rahne replies.

'Not like that silly!' Dani grins. 'Are there any boys that you like? That you'd want to kiss!'

Rahne gasps in amazement and clasps her hand over her mouth.

'Danielle Moonstar! How dare ye say such a thing, 'tis sinful!'

Dani doesn't let up her questions.

'I'll tell you who I like!' The young Cheyenne Mutant grins.

'I'm still nae telling ye!'

'Okay then.' Dani says. 'I like Sam!'

Rahne momentarily starts at the sound of her former crush's name.

'Oh, I'm sorry Rahne!' Dani apologises. 'I forgot about your crush.'

'Tis alright.' Rahne replies. 'I'm over him. It wouldnae have worked out anyway.'

'So, are you going to tell me who you like or do I have to pry it out of your brain like someone eating oysters?'

'Alright.' Rahne sighs. 'I like...'

Dani waits with baited breath.

'I like...'

Dani still waits.

'Doug.' Rahne finally says. 'I like Doug.'

'Ha!' Dani says, jumping up from her seat on Rahne's bed. 'I KNEW you had a crush on Doug!'

'Why did ye ask me if ye already knew?' Rahne asks with an incredulous expression.

'I just wanted to hear it for myself! Plus, I had a bet with 'Berto and 'Yana, they both think that you're still stuck on Sam!'

'I'm going tae kill 'em!' Rahne growls.

'Whoa there Fur Top!' Dani says, placing her hand on Rahne's arm. 'Chill! Remember what Logan said about blood vengeance? Take it to the Danger Room!'

'Alright.' Rahne sighs. 'But don't ye dare tell anyone else! Least of all Doug!'

'How am I going to collect my winnings?' Dani asks.

'Ye shouldae thought o' that before bettin'!' Rahne grins.

The New Mutants are now gathered in the rec room, it's their weekly movie night.

'Let's watch Magnum PI!' Roberto grins, waving a videocassette about.

'Do we have to?' Illyana groans. 'We've seen every episode of that show at least five times!'

'Seven actually.' Roberto corrects.

'Ah think what Illyana is trying to say is, there's only so much Magnum a guy can take before goin' mad!' Sam pipes up.

'Okay then Guthrie.' Roberto says. 'What do you suggest we watch?'

'Uh, excuse me.' Doug says. 'But I believe it's Rahne's turn to choose this week!'

'So what is it Fur Top?' Roberto asks the young Scot. 'Magnum PI or what ever rubbish the Hayseed wants to watch?'

'Neither.' Rahne says. 'I'd like tae watch 'Th' Sound O' Music!'

A collective groan moves around the room as the others voice their opinion of Rahne's choice of film.

'Hey!' Doug pipes up. 'It's Rahne's turn to choose, so we're going to watch 'The Sound of Music' okay?'

The others mutter their agreement.

'Someone's got the hots for someone.' Roberto whispers to Illyana.

'Where have you been DaCosta?' Illyana whispers back. 'We all know that Doug and Rahne like each other, they just aren't admitting their feelings to each other yet!'

The movie has now finished and they all bid each other goodnight. Doug and Rahne are left to tidy up the discarded popcorn bowls and soda cans.

'Who ever knew Amara could make such a mess?' Doug asks.

'Aye.' Rahne replies. 'Seein' that she was brought up so privileged, ye would expect her to know how tae throw away her rubbish!'

Doug finishes throwing the soda cans and chip packets into a sack and ties them up.

'I'm just going to take these outside, alright?'

'I'll just be waitin' here.' Rahne replies.

Rahne watches as Doug walks out of the room and into the kitchen.

'I have tae admit.' She thinks to herself. 'Doug is rather handsome! Gah! What are ye thinkin' of Rahne! 'Tis sinful to think such things! But Dani likes Sam, does that make her a sinner?'

Rahne is snapped out of her musing as Doug walks back into the room.

'Well that's me finished.' Doug says. 'I'm off to bed. 'Night Rahne!'

'Doug wait!' Rahne says. 'I want tae tell ye somethin'!'

Doug turns around and looks back at her.

'Shoot Fur Top.'

'I jus' wantae thank ye f'r stickin' up f'r me back there. I know my film tastes arenae exactly enjoyable but I like them none the less.'

'Think nothing of it!' Doug grins. 'It just annoys me how Roberto and Illyana pick on you because you're such a sweet girl!'

'Ye think that I'm sweet?' Rahne asks suddenly.

Doug mentally kicks himself.

'Yeah, I know.' He says. 'Tis sinful.'

'It's nae that.' Rahne replies. 'It's jus', nobody's ever called me sweet!'

'Well you are!' Doug continues, placing his hand on the shorter girl's shoulder. Rahne tenses at the touch but instead of moving away, she stays put.

Doug looks down into Rahne's emerald green eyes while she dares deeply into his ice-blue eyes. Rahne gasps as Doug takes her chin in his hand and moves closer to kiss her. The young Scots werewolf's heartbeat starts to beat furiously as she feels Doug's breath against her face. Then he kisses her. Rahne's senses go loopy at the feeling of Doug's lips pressed against hers! Then she breaks the kiss.

'What's the matter?' Doug asks.

'I-I'm sorry.' Rahne says. 'I cannae do this!' She then runs up the stairs to her room, leaving Doug to watch in bewilderment.

'Great!' He thinks to himself. 'Now I've scared her off, she'll never like me now!'