Chapter 11: Return of the Wolf Prince


The Uncanny R-Man

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It was a balmy summer afternoon at the Xavier School for Gifted Children and the New Mutants were doing their chores. Usually, the young mutants would kick up a fuss about doing such activities but it was such a beautiful day that they were happy to get out into the sun. It was that or another Danger Room session.

Rahne and Doug were presently in the stables, cleaning the place up and mucking out Dani's winged stallion, Brightwind.

'How can ye produce so much poop when ye only eat hay?' Rahne asked the horse as she patted him on the shoulder.

Brightwind just snorted and tapped the ground with a hoof.

'I havenae any idea what yuir goin' on aboot.' Rahne replied. 'I'm nay a horse, or Dr Doolittle.'

'And considerably sexier.' Doug replied as he stuck his pitchfork in the ground and watched sweat from his brow. 'Especially when you're all drenched in sweat. Yum.'

Rahne blushed at that and swatted Doug on the arm.

'Well look at you, Dougie.' Rahne said. 'Yuir all drenched in sweat too. An yuir nae wearing a shirt.'

'And you, my dear, are not wearing a bra.' Doug said as he stepped forward and laced his arms around Rahne's waist. 'Are you sure it's safe to leave the Ullapool Two unbound like that?'

Rahne looked down at her chest and sighed regretfully.

'My boobs arenae all that impressive.' She sniffed. 'Not like Illyana or Amara, they're much bigger than me...'

Doug kissed Rahne on the top of her head and smiled happily.

'Well I love you just the way you are, Furtop.' He said. 'And you don't get 'Yana or Amy letting their untethered groove things loose.'

'As much as ye'd like tae see 'em.' Rahne sniffed.

'Hey, let's not get like that.' Doug said as he gently stroked Rahne's cheek. 'You know that you're the only one for me.'

'And I damn well better, laddie.' Rahne half-heartedly growled.

Doug sighed happily, he finally felt at peace with Rahne, his best friend and lover. Rahne matched his happy sigh, even after all the things Reverend Craig had put her through, Doug made her feel complete.

'Dougie...?' Rahne asked hopefully.

'Yes?' Doug asked, his curiosity piqued.

'Well we're all alone here and I was thinking... Wantae take a roll in the hay?'

Doug put his hand to his mouth with a mock gasp.

'Why Miss Sinclair, are you trying to seduce me?'

'Pretty much, aye.' Rahne replied.

'But what about Brightwind?' Doug asked.

'He's a horse.' Rahne replied simply. 'It's nae as if he's a dirty ol' perv, unlike certain dragons I may mention...'

Doug chuckled at that, the other day Rahne had told him that during laundry duty with Dani, Kitty's pet dragon, Lockheed, had somehow snuck in and began rooting around the laundry basket. He snagged a pair of Kitty's panties and flew off before the pair could stop him.

'I think Lockheed's busy sleeping.' Doug said. 'Man, that dragon sure leads an active life. If he isn't stealing Kitty's panties, he's curled up in front of the fire.'

'All right for some.' Rahne sniffed. 'So, sex?'

'Right.' Doug nodded. 'Sex.'

Doug let out a yelp as Rahne pushed him back and leapt onto him.

'Man, you don't mess about, do you' Doug chuckled.

'Just shut up and help me off with yuir skivvies, Ramsey.' Rahne commanded.

Doug silently nodded and did as Rahne commanded.

Rahne had just removed Doug's jeans when Brightwind whinnied in fear and kicked against the stable door.

'Something's up...' Doug said as he gently lifted Rah e off him.

'I'll say.' Rahne replied, eyeing Doug's lower extremities hungrily.

'Not like that.' Doug said seriously. 'I've never seen Brightwind act this way.'

Rahne muttered a curse and pulled on her clothes.

'Bloody skittish horse.' She muttered. 'Most probably seen a mouse...'

Rahne kept her senses alert for trouble as she turned into her transitional werewolf form. Doug brushed straw from his backside and followed.

'Spider Sense tingling yet, sweetie?' He asked.

Rahne held up her hand to silence him.

'I cannae really tell what it is but the scent smells familiar...' Rahne replied. 'I feel like I've smelt it before.'

The pair spun on their heels as they heard movement nearby. Dour grabbed his pitchfork from the ground and pointed it in the direction the sound came from.

'Who's there?' He asked. 'Show yourself!'

'Thou art in no danger.' A voice replied. 'You have my word.'

Rahne's eyes widened in surprise at the voice.

'It cannae be...'

'Why art thou so surprised Rahne? Hela herself couldst not keep us apart.'

Rahne ran up to the mystery figure and grabbed him in a huge hug; it was the Asgardian Wolf Prince.

'I never thought I'd see ye again.' Rahne said as she laid her head on the Wolf Prince's shoulder.

'As did I, beloved.' The Wolf Prince replied. 'As did I.'

Doug just watched them with an expression much akin to jealousy. He and Rahne had just become an official, complete with all the sexy privileges, and the Wolf Prince pops up to screw everything up. How could a lowly mutant compare to the Prince of Wolves?


Rahne, Doug and the Wolf Prince were sat in the kitchen catching up on old times. Occasionally Doug would should Rahne and the Wolf Prince, who were getting far too close for his comfort, a dirty glare. Rahne and the Wolf Prince didn't seem to notice however as they were too busy peering into each other's eyes adoringly.

'I never stopped thinking about ye, y'know.' Rahne said as he held the Wolf Prince's paw in hers. 'I couldnae forget the time that we had back in Asgard.'

'Aye, 'twas a most wonderful time.' The Wolf Prince nodded. 'Thou wert most wonderful company.'

Doug just sneered at them both.

'I'm going outside.' He muttered. 'I'm going for a walk. See if Warlock's about.'

Her boyfriend's voice seemed to snap Rahne out of her romantic stupor as she turned her head to look at him as he left.

'Dougie, please wait!' She called but it was too late, Doug had already gone.

'Dammit!' Rahne hissed. 'I had it so good, now I've gone and ruined it. Stupid, stupid Rahne.'

'Art thou all right, beloved?' The Wolf Prince asked. 'Hast the blonde mortal disturbed you?'

'He's nae ordinary blonde.' Rahne replied. 'He's the man that I love.'

The Wolf Prince's face fall at that.

'Oh. But I thought thou didst love me...'

'I do... I did.' Rahne replied. 'But me and Dougie... We have something like nothing I've ever felt before. With you, it was the first way I ever felt loved. But wi' Dougie... He makes me feel complete. He's the one I Wantae spend the rest o' m my life with. I'm sorry.'

'No. It is I who shouldst be sorry.' The Wolf Prince replied. 'Twas selfish of me to arrive here and expect to win your heart once more. Pray, allow me to speak to him, to make sure that he doest not make the wrong impression.'

'It seems a wee bit late f'r that.' Rahne said. 'But if ye think it'll help, I wilnae stop ye.'

The Wolf Prince merely nodded and trotted off to find Doug.


Doug was pacing about in the kitchen. Doug Ramsey preferred to think of himself to be a non-violent person but seeing the Wolf Prince making goo-goo eyes at Rahne like that, it made him want to gather up some hounds and horses and send a hunting party after him.

'Stupid Wolf Prince.' Doug muttered. 'I'll show him. Get myself a hunting party. Shout tally ho and shoot his ass.'

Doug's ranting was cut short as he heard rustling in a bush.

'Berto, I'm not in the mood for screwing around.' Doug said.

'I am not your shadow-skinned friend.' The Wolf Prince replied. 'I merely came to talk.'

Doug just snorted sceptically.

'Oh right. I'm sure you were.'

'I am serious.' The Wolf Prince replied. 'Twas no reason for me to come here and steal Rahne from you. Thou art lucky to have her. Look after her, she ist a beautiful young woman.'

Doug just blinked in confusion.

'You're not going to challenge me to a duel for her hand?' He asked.

'No.' The Wolf Prince replied. 'T'would do nothing to change Fair Rahne's feelings about thou. She doest love thou. That much ist blindingly obvious. She doest worship thou like she doest worship her God, but obviously in a more sensual vein.'

'And you're okay with this?' Doug asked. 'I know how close you to were back in Asgard.'

'She hast moved on.' The Wolf Prince said regretfully. 'I do not have a place in her heart any more. That place is solely for you, Douglas Ramsey and you alone.'

'Well I guess I'd better apologise for being a jerk then.' Doug said. 'It's just that when I saw how close you two were, I started having doubts. Hell, you're the Prince of Wolves and I'm just a lowly mortal.'

'But thou art Rahne's mortal.' The Wolf Prince replied. 'Thou must never forget that.'

'Yeah, I guess you're right.' Doug nodded. 'Rahne's never been one to cheat, she's too loyal. Must be because she's part wolf.'

'Then we have no malice towards each other?' The Wolf Prince asked.

'Yeah, we're cool.' Doug nodded as he shook the Wolf Prince's paw.

Later still-

Doug and Rahne were back outside, saying goodbye to the Wolf Prince.

'Dinnae be a stranger.' Rahne said as she gave the Wolf Prince a hug. 'Any time ye feel like visitin' dinnae hesitate. Yuir perfectly welcome here, isnae that right, Dougie?'

'Yeah.' Doug replied. 'Just make sure you don't dig up the garden after going for a poop.'

The Wolf Prince chuckled at that.

'Farewell my friends, hopefully the next time we meet will be under more pleasant times.'

'Aye, an' wi'out jealous boyfriends.' Rahne replied, shooting Doug a half-hearted grin.

The pair gave the Wolf Prince a wave as he disappeared into a stepping disc.

'Now, where were we?' Doug asked, pulling Rahne into a tight embrace.

'Dinnae ye get fresh wi' me, Douglas Aaron Ramsey!' Rahne said pushing herself away. 'Ye were actin' like an' arse an' yuir goin' tae have tae make it up t'me.'

'Any ideas?' Doug asked.

'A few.' Rahne replied, a cheeky grin gracing her lips. 'But first we havetae get ye oot o' those clothes...'

Doug followed obediently as Rahne led him upstairs. Rahne Sinclair may have been woefully naïve but she sure knew how to make a guy squeal...


Author's Note- Okay, that's it for 'Dougie.' The first part of the epic love story is complete, now it's time for the sequel. Check out 'Spawn of Dougie' for details.

Here's a brief preview... Set several years after the events of 'Dougie', 'Spawn of Dougie' tells the tale of the newly-married Rahne and Doug Ramsey and their litter of children (yes, I said litter), Luke, Leia, Seth, Willow and Ellie. Wolves are prone to multiple pregnancies y'see...Just check out the story, okay?