It was cold. The chill seeped into your bones and clung. Snowflakes fluttered helplessly down onto the frozen ground. The sky was clothed in clouds, luminescent with the light from the pale, full moon. Somewhere in the distance a wolf, maybe a werewolf tracking it's prey, howled. The howl was mournful and long, carrying out over miles and miles. It reached all the way to Count Dracula's Castle.

In one of the highest windows, in the highest tower, Aleera sat, idly twirling her long, silky red hair. She giggled softly at the sound of the werewolf, but it faded quickly. She was bored. She couldn't feed, vampires only fed when they had to, and Dracula was off with Verona. She sneered. Lately he had been spending a bit too much time with Verona. Too much time for her liking. She sighed. How much she longed for her Master to love her. But, alas, he was uncapable of love. He had no emotions, no heart, such was the price of working for the Devil himself. Aleera wasn't working for the Devil, simply an advocate of the Devil, so she managed to keep her feelings. Sometimes she wished she didn't have them though. It was hard sometimes, she had to admint to herself as she sighed heavily, but she would stick with her lover, her groom, her Master, through it all.

Someone tapped lightly on her door, and Aleera groaned.

"Yes? Who is it?" she snapped testily, flinging a vase at the door for good measure. Whoever was at the door snarled and flung it open.

"Marishka you fool! Haven't you enough sense to know when it is one of your own sisters?" Marishka cooed as she floated into the room to sit be Aleera's feet. Aleera pursed her lips and rolled her eyes.

"What do you want?" She inquiried. Marishka looked up at her, a smirk slowly spreading across her pretty, blond features. Aleera leaned in closer when Marishka beckoned.

"I'm hungry. I don't want to wait until Dracula says we can feed. Plus, it'll be fun to get out of this boring, musty castle, won't it dear sister?" The way Marishka put it so sweetly, so innocently, Aleera couldn't refuse.

"Fine. Let's go!" She cried and jumped into her window. She snarled and leapt from the window and screamed in sheer delight as Marishka jumped not a second later. Aleera shreiked again as she swooped down, feinting a low dive. She pulled up and swept her wings low, Marishka trailing her slightly to the left. When she heard someone rushing up beside her from the right, she twisted her head around and snarled furiously.

"Didn't think you could sneak out and have all the fun without me, did you dearies?" Verona cooed sweetly, her long canines gnashing together as she cackled.

"No Verona. We tried to just leave you behind but, you know, you're to smart for that." Aleera purred. Verona smiled and accepted the whole thing as a compliment, when really it was mockery and an insult. Aleera sighed and swooped down towards a small village, sometimes she really wished Dracula had chosen someone else as his second Bride. Verona was well, dumb. But, alas, she was strong, and an essential part to their trio.

Aleera grinned, licking her lips as the town came more and more into focus. She lifted her arms up and shrieked like a banshee.

"Tonight, we feed girls!"