Disclaimer: If Cowboy Bebop was mine, a lot of other fans' dreams for ownership would be crushed. Thankfully, I don't own such a masterpiece, simply this short, sad tale that emerged from the deep recesses of mine mind.


Opening Notes


Midi: Dude! I'm doing a Cowboy Bebop fic! DUDE!!!

Larcenciel: -gives her a cautious look and backs away slowly – Uh, yeah! That's right, Midi. Good for you!!!

Midi: Get back here you! –grabs him around the neck and keeps him in a strangle hold – On with the one-shot.


cowboy bebop – is it real

/of course it is/


"Was it real?"

Spike thoughtfully pushed through the double doors, whispering those simple words to himself under his breath. As soon as they left his lips, he quietly removed a grenade from his jacket.

"Who knows."





It spread throughout the first floor of the building like hatred burns through the heart of innocents and transforms them into ashes of despair.

In an instant he went from a slow, laid back saunter to a fast, sprinting run.

Guns out, triggers pulled, enemies dead.



Over and over, it proceeded like this until one of the guns ran out of bullets. Not bothering to reload it, he simply tossed it over his shoulder and continued to run, never looking back.

So much death.

A slow smile crept onto his face as he stopped at the top of the third flight of stairs.

"So Spike."

He glanced over his shoulder.



Azure eyes

"Was it real?"

Spike chuckled, turning away from the ghost of his memory.

"Of course not."


Ending Notes


Okay, I know that that was extremely short, but I wanted to do a small thing that people could read quickly and easily get the message. I might add a few more chapters, each their own small one-shot, but only if I get a little feedback. Thanks.