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The Missing

Chapter 1: Beginnings of a Mystery

September 13:

"Come on guys!" Superman yelled to The Flash and The Greenlantern who were in the kitchen getting some good quality junk food. "The game is going to start."

"I don't know why you're so exited," Flash's voice called from the kitchen amongst the bangs and clangs, "C.C.U is going to kick M.U's butt."

"Central City hasn't beat Metropolis in years!"

"Until tonight my friend tonight." Flash said coming out of the kitchen with a bowl full of popcorn. He plopped down on the couch and placed his feet on the coffee table. Lantern came into the room with some Cheetos and, after knocking Flash's feet off, sat down next to him.

"So who do you think will win GL?" Flash asked. Lantern glanced back and forth from Flash to Superman.

"I'm staying out of this one." He replied

"He just hates being wrong and doesn't want to take the chance." Flash whispered to Superman. But not quietly enough as he soon had a handful of Cheetos flying at his head.

"Hey!" Flash cried, "You could at least aim for my mouth." He held it open and Lantern expertly tossed another Cheeto into Flash's mouth. Supermen looked at the two and shock his head. Before Lantern met Flash he would have never done that, it was funny to see how Flash had loosened the military man up.

"Okay you guys settle down, the game is beginning." Superman said, but he was smiling. The announcer's voice that was playing gently in the background, suddenly turned frantic as the Metropolis University Football team finished taking the field.

"Where is Jake Jud?" The announcer cried, "M.U's top quarterback is not on the field!"

"That's odd." Superman said. He looked at the screen. The other members of team M.U looked very anxious and worried. The game couldn't wait though and the second string quarterback was brought in. Superman, Flash, and Lantern watched the game but they were all wondering about Jud. The game ended with Central City taking the win, but everyone knew –The Flash included- that the game would have been different with out the sudden disappearance of Jake Jud.

"Where is your quarterback?" Dozens of reporters shouted at M.U's coach.

"We don't know." the man replied "he just- never showed up."

Later on the news Superman found out that Jud wasn't just missing from the game: he was missing from everywhere. His friends told reporters and police that they had seen him yesterday at school. Jud had told them that he couldn't go out that night because of the game the next day. His friends were certain that he wouldn't have missed it unless something was wrong. Superman had to agree.

September 14:

Superman leaned back in his chair staring at the television screen; he frowned and seemed to be in deep thought. He was watching the coverage of the disappearance of Jake Jud.
"Just doesn't make sense," The Man of Steel said to himself. He was just about to turn off the TV when suddenly a different reporter appeared on the screen disrupting the current story.

"Carlos Lee, the young swimmer from Las Angeles, who was already making waves with his imminent trip to the summer Olympics, has disappeared just a day after star quarterback Jake Jud." She spook anxiously

The press went on with conspiracy theories while Superman didn't know what to think. Could it have just been a coincident? He wasn't sure, but his own reporter instincts thought no.

"What? Is there some secret athlete convention?" Flash said suddenly. Superman almost fell out of his chair. Being so deep in thought he didn't even hear Flash approach.

"I doubt that." He responded with a slightly annoyed tone.

Flash took a long slurping sip of his drink threw his straw, but seemed to be thinking.

"Could they have just snapped under the pressure and spilt?" Flash asked

"Not according to Jud's friends and Lee's mother said her son was more excited about the Olympics then anything else. I don't think two young men with such futures ahead of them would run away."

"That's because they were kidnapped." Batman said stepping out of the shadows.

This time it was Flash's turn to be surprised as he jumped about a foot in the air. He did manage not to spill his drink all over himself though.

"Geez." Flash said under his breath

Batman glanced at him secretly pleased at the response.

"Kidnapped? How do you know?" Superman asked

"I got the chance to talk to Jake Jud once. He's a good kid, so I was suspicious when he didn't come to the game. I checked out his dorm: there was forced entry, but very little evidence of a struggle. The police want to keep the facts quiet so they won't worry all his friends and fans. I looked into Lee as well after hearing about his disappearance, before the press caught wind. I got more out of the search of his place." Batman threw a plastic bag at Superman, who caught it and looked inside.

"A dart?" He and Flash asked in union

"No prints, but there was some residue on it that I tested. It was a potent sleeping agent."

"That explains the lack of struggle in Jud's dorm." Flash said almost to himself, "He must have been hit with a dart too. The kidnappers didn't have to struggle with getting him because he was unconscious."

Batman and Superman looked at him, Superman showing surprise on his face.

"Heh." Flash chuckled, "I guess Bats is rubbing off on me."

"Flash is probably right about Jud. I believe these incidents are connected" Batman confirmed.

"Why are they being kidnapped?" Superman asked

"I don't know-yet." Batman replied.

September 15:

That afternoon, the doors of the Watchtower opened with a whoosh of importance disrupting the previous quiet of the orbiting command center.

"I don't believe it!" Lantern said walking briskly into the room. "Guys! important!" he yelled

Superman, Flash and Wonder Woman rushed into the room. (J'onn and Hawkgirl were on a mission for that week and the next, and Batman was not there at the moment.)

"What's wrong?"

"I went to Pennsylvania's College basketball game and Andre Terrain was missing! The whole university is up in arms"

"That's two in one day!" Superman exclaimed

"Two?" Lantern asked

"Benny Sanson, a first place weightlifting champion." Wonder Woman said

"I don't like this at all." Lantern said

"You and me both buddy." Flash replied

"Come on we have to figure out what to do." Superman turned and walked towards the conference room. Once they were inside they all took a seat around the large stainless steel table. Superman folded his hand and laid them down on the metal.

"What have we got? Any theories?" he asked

"Only that some freak is collecting athletes." Flash said

"We have 4 victims so far: Jake Jud, Carlos Lee, Andre Terrain, and Benny Sanson. All male athletes in their 20's." Superman stated

"Thousands of people fit that description." Lantern sighed.

"We have to do something." Superman exclaimed. "We can't just wait around for the next kid to be kidnapped. We need a lead!"

"Has anyone heard from Batman today?" Wonder Woman asked twirling a pen between her fingers.

"He's probably checking things out right now." Flash replied

"No one does reconnaissance work like Batman." Lantern put in. "We should wait to find out if he found anything."

"I'd hate to wait." Superman said

"What should we do then? Make an announcement? 'Please all male athletes in their 20's hide?'" Flash asked sarcastically.

Superman sighed.

"Okay, we'll wait for Batman."

Little did the League know that the kidnappings were about to take a very personal twist.