The Conclusion . . .

Chapter 6: Resurrection

Dusk: September 18th

The humming of the machines grew louder, lights from unknown sources danced along the pale white walls making the room look like someone's bizarre idea of a disco. Crayshrek's body convulsed and shock, then let out a horrible scream. But this time his scream was the only one filling the halls.

A bright shimmering light passed from his body and into the tube attached to his confinement. His body was ageing before their eyes. The wrinkles surrounded his eyes; his hair was washed of its color, and the veins on his old leathery hands stuck out. The light, meanwhile, had come to an intersection of the tubes, and burst in six directions. As it went into each separate tube the shimmer appeared to change. Inside the light were glitter like particles that seems to shine and glisten different for each individual person; Flash's seemed to move faster then the others, Carlos Lee's, the young swimmer's, seemed to be swimming in the light, and Nightwing's had definite blue tint, that leaped around joyfully. The League stared at the light dumbfounded in its beauty as it made its way to its owner. There was a collective gasp from the boys as the light entered their bodies at the same time. At once the heart monitors started beating rhythmically, and blood rushed to their pale faces.

Batman smacked a button opening the blue glass doors before running to Nightwing. Lantern went to see if Flash was okay, and Wonder Woman and Superman tended to the athletes. Batman reached into his son's oval and placed his hand on the side of Nightwing's face. The young man moved at the touch and slowly opened his eyes. He looked at Batman.

"Bruce?" it was question rather then a statement.

"Yes, I'm here...are you okay?" Batman said throwing of the restrains and trying to hide his overwhelming joy

"I ach all over, what happened?" he answered though the words were slow and slurred.

"Nothing we need to talk about now." was the reply. Batman quickly scooped Nightwing off the table and into his arms knowing that the young man was too weak to walk on his own at the moment. Nightwing was about to protest beginning carried like a child but then realized that Superman and Wonder Woman both held two semi-conscious athletes, and Flash, mumbling something incoherently, was being supported by Green Lantern.

"Must've been interesting." Nightwing mumbled before falling asleep; his head on his fathers shoulder.

Morning September 19th

Superman walked into the infirmary where the league had spent the night. They had dropped the athletes off at the hospital, to the immense relief of their loved ones, and a befuddled, mute Crayshrek off at jail the night before.

Flash and Nightwing had slept threw the night peacefully, under Batman's constant care. Well, at least until the Dark Knight finally succumbed to sleep slumped in a chair, his head resting on the side of Nightwings's bed. Lantern was also asleep in a chair next to Flash's bed, his head thrown back and snoring softly just a little.

"Here." Wonder Woman came up behind Superman and gave him a cup of coffee.

"Thanks." he mumbled and took a sip.

They sat down in two other chairs and looked over the sleepers.

"You know," Wonder Woman said thoughtfully, "I think I saw more emotion out of Batman yesterday then I have in the whole time I've known him."

Superman nodded

"You could spit in his face, set his hair on fire, and kick him in the shin and he'd just stare at you with those piercing eyes until you trembled," Superman told her, "but if you harmed either one of his boys, he'd kill you were you stood."

Wonder Woman smiled and took a sip of coffee from her own cup.

"I believe it." She answered

From across the room Lantern snorted suddenly, then coughed himself awake. He shock his head and blinked a couple times, before his eyes focused on Superman and Wonder Woman staring at him. His cheeks tinted a bit before he asked:

"How long have you two been here?"

"Long enough." Wonder Woman smiled. Lantern groaned and rubbed the back of his neck. He then stood up and stretched before making his way over to the other conscious people.

"How are they?" he asked

"They'll be fine, they slept threw the night with out incident. I believe they'll wake up at any time." Superman answered

Green Lantern walked back to his seat and sat down looking at Flash; he chuckled.

"I wonder if I started to make scrambled eggs it'd help wake him up."

"You bet your ass it would." Flash mumbled before turning on his side, his back facing Lantern. Lantern's eyes widened. "And don't skimp on the pepper." Flash added.

Lantern laughed out loud.

"Some one's feeling better."

Flash yawned and sat up in bed stretching his arms above his head.

"Yeah, but you know what would really make me feel better?" he asked Lantern grinning his goofy grin.

"Scrambled eggs?" Lantern answered amused

"And toast." Flash replied, "aaaand orange juice."

Lantern laughed again.

"Actually a large home made breakfast sounds good." Superman said getting up, "I'll help."

"I will too." Wonder Woman said

"Well, I'm not staying in here alone now that I'm all woken up." Flash said definitely.

"I don't know Flash . . ." Superman said

"No sweat. Just help me to the table."

Superman looked at Lantern who nodded.


Batman woke to someone poking his head. As he stirred he heard:

"Brrrrrruce, wakey, wakey."

He mumbled something and lifted his head off the bed. His first reaction was total and utter anger at himself for falling asleep but it was quickly brushed aside with relief when he realized that the person poking him was Nightwing; and he was sitting up in his bed.

"Hey," he said straightening in his chair. "How are you?"

"I'm fine. You?"

Batman stared at his son astonished by the fact that after all Nightwing went threw he was asking him if he was okay! Batman almost laughed.

"I'm fine, but you . . . ah . . ." Batman shifted his weight in the chair and took in a deep breath, "you gave me quiet a scare last night." He said in rushed words. Nightwing looked at him surprised, it was very rare for Bruce to admit a feeling, especially fear, but he continued, "I thought I may have lost you." Batman finished and looked down at his hands.

"Can't get rid of me that easily." Nightwing said smiling and leaned over to hug him. Adding more to the young man's surprise, Batman hugged back tightly. "You really were worried weren't you?" Nightwing asked

Batman let go of the hug, placed his hands on his son's shoulders and looked him in the eyes.

"How could you think I wouldn't be? You're my son. One of the reasons I fight so hard to keep this world in one piece is because you and Tim live in it. That's why I join up with the League to stop the psychos, not only to protect the innocent, but to protect my children as well."

Nightwing was taken aback at this.

"To answer your question, I was never more worried in my life." Batman answered, then slipped his hand behind Nightwing's head and kissed him on the forehead. "Because...I love you."

"I know," Nightwing replied, "I guess I've always known...and you know that I- "

"I know."

"So..." Nightwing said understanding, "Superman and the others are making breakfast."

"Is there bacon?"

"I think so..." He paused, "You like bacon?"

"I've always liked bacon."

"I've never seen you eat bacon."

"Because Alfred won't let me."

Nightwing laughed.

"Lets just go." Batman said and, after helping Nightwing up, they walked into the kitchen and sat down with the others.

The End.

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