Small Two of Pieces

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The figure lay still, unmoving and silent. Beside him, a crumpled heap of what could be mistaken for shredded rags lay in a pile. The room was dark and musty, the smell of sweat thick in the air.

The figure twitched suddenly, as if beginning the motion for some act in a scheduled play.

"Onegai... Yamete..." He whimpered. (Please; Stop)

A tall man with silver hair towered over him, kicking him in the side harshly at the sound of his sweet and pained voice.

"Be silent, worthless little whore!"

His response was a cry of agony that sent a shiver down the man's spine. But no, he would have to wait. He had more pressing matters than taking the slave boy a second time. He had been coming back to the tavern often for over two years, and didn't intend to stop anytime soon.

"Onegai..." The boy whimpered. (Please)

"I said be silent!" The man harshly clamped down on the child's left arm, basking in the sound of the child's loud screams. Taking one more look at the boy's bruised and battered nude body, he exited the room.

When he was gone, the slave child attempted to pick himself up off of the filthy floor, but a searing pain attacked in shockwaves, starting at his left hand, and making its way through his entire body. He crumpled in defeat, whimpering and sobbing to any unknown force for some form of mercy.

"Doshiite?" He whispered to himself pitifully, tears making tracks down his pale face, which was rarely in the sun, and often streaked with dirt smudges. (Why)

And like many other times, Yuugi felt his will crumbling. There never would be an answer, and he would never escape his rank as a whore among tavern men. The bartender made sure of that. He couldn't remember many nights where he hadn't been sold to some violent drunken man to use and abuse. His head hurt from men constantly pulling his tri-colored hair, which despite his uncleanly appearance, was soft and silky to the touch, though spiked.

And although his will wavered many times, his prayer did not. He would always have hope etched into the farthest corner of his mind, that god would send him an angel, if he would only be patient enough. And Yuugi knew that this angel would be his savior. Like a burst of strength in weakened hours.

He was however thankful, that the bartender didn't require him until later in the evening. He didn't know what exactly was wrong, but the pain in his shoulder wouldn't cease, and kept him practically immobile. His blood leaked out of him in tiny droplets, from between his legs and from his mouth. The man had been exceptionally rough on this occasion, leaving Yugi with many bruises and cuts.

"Watashi no..." (My)

Yugi forced his weight onto his right hand, sitting up with a pained cry.

"T-tenshi..." (Angel)

He forced the weight to his aching posterior, gathering his scraps of cloth to wear.

"O-oneg-gai..." (Please)

Yugi bit his bottom lip in order to stop from screaming to the heavens when he pulled a makeshift shirt over his left arm, and settled it on his sore torso.

"Tasukete..." (Help me)

His lower garments were easier to adorn, simply because he only had to wrap them around his slim hips and tie.

Tears streamed down his angelic face, clearing more paths through the dirt streaks. He didn't know when, or where, but his angel would come for him, and then save him. His only regret was that he didn't know what would happen to his only friend Sere. He was sure she had an angel too, but she had never been used by the men before, and he wanted to keep it that way.

Yugi stood shakily, knees wobbling under the strain. He managed to crawl onto semi-soft bed that many men had taken him in before, then kicked him to the ground when they were done. As soon as his body fell against the softer-than-the-ground mattress, he gave in to sleep from the pain and exhaustion.



The Pharaoh smiled to himself, completely disguised as a peasant with his personal bodyguards. It was another one of his games he liked to play to escape the council. They hated it when he went off into one of his cities as a peasant and associated with lower life forms.

"Yami, why are we doing this so soon?" Katsuyaa, a tall blonde boy with tanned skin and visible muscles on his slender form asked. It was almost a whine...

Yami rolled his eyes, ready for another one of Katsu's whining sessions. It was amusing to him actually, because he knew Anzu, the pretty brown haired bodyguard, would argue with Katsu, and then Seth, the tall brown haired man with piercing blue eyes to Katsu's soft brown ones, would intervene.

"Oh shut up Katsu. You complain a lot, and I'm not in the mood today."

Yami chuckled. Time for Katsu to counter, and Seth to break in.

"What's the matter, Anzu dear—not getting laid?" Katsu asked innocently, knowing it was a touchy spot for the virgin bodyguard.

All five bodyguards were loyal to their Pharaoh. Anzu was the only girl, a strong young woman with short brown hair framing her petite face. Her eyes were a clear blue, focused and usually bright. Slightly older than her, Ryou, was the silvery haired, fair-skinned other. He was a soft-spoken and very shy boy, though he protected his friends and fought when he had to. His eyes were a soft chocolate brown color, always looking ready to fill with tears and make someone obey him on sheer principal. He also, was a virgin, but not so well known, as Anzu. Next in age, was Katsuyaa, whom they called Katsu for short. He was a golden-haired, fair-skinned boy from a life of slavery, with fire in his sweet amber eyes. Stubborn and immature could be used to describe him often. Then there was Honda. Eighteen years of age, with sharp, and quite literally so, brown hair that was spiked to a point. His eyes were hazel, sharp and alert, his body more muscular than Katsu's, due to extreme training as a child. He was tan and tall, and only a few inches shorter than Seth.

Seth was almost another matter entirely. He had come from a rich family that sold silks to the Pharaoh. While he may have been pampered, he was nowhere near untrained. He and Honda were the strongest fighters the Pharaoh had. The Pharaoh, Atemu, though nicknamed Yami by his mother at a young age, was almost nineteen, his eyes intelligent and wise, ruby and bright. His hair was tri-colored—ebony, gold and crimson, swept up in spiked silky waves naturally.

All the boys were wearing a gold wrap around their waists, but they had weapons concealed. They also had brown cloaks to disguise them as peasants, no decorative jewelry on at this time. Anzu wore a simple white dress that cut off above her knees, which was meant to conceal her body and appear down to earth—she couldn't very well wear her bodyguard armor and try to pretend she was a peasant. Her expression was currently pissed off.


Seth stepped between the two, acting as if they were both little children, something he was allowed to do because he was almost as old as the Pharaoh, and then smiled at Anzu.

"Not to worry. He's just too worn out for traveling," Seth said, barely containing his leer as he smirked suggestively.

Anzu turned bright red, stepping backwards. " I SO did not need to hear that Seth!"

Seth ignored that, then brought his face close to his angry blond mate.

"Katsu?" He asked sweetly.

Katsu faltered in his glare for a moment, feeling his insides turning to mush. "Yeah?"

Seth grinned evilly. "Shut up." But before Katsu could react, Seth grabbed his chin forcefully and covered the pouting lips with his own, effectively cutting off any coherent words.

Ryou just smiled at the two, pushing his silvery hair off of his pale shoulder, then turned to the tall brown-haired boy beside him. "It's amusing, don't you think, Honda?"

Honda nodded, noting that their Pharaoh was almost doubled over with laughter.

"C'mon guys, there's an inn up ahead. We'll rest there tonight, then head back to the palace tomorrow morning," Honda urged.

Yami composed himself, Seth released a disappointed Katsu, and the group set off towards the inn.

The door was creaky and old, and the entire place reeked of alcohol and men who probably hadn't bathed in decades.

"Oh yuck," Anzu muttered.

Yami walked ahead of the group, wrinkling his nose in disgust as he watched tavern whores through themselves at the men, some tavern whores being touched against their will.

The bartender was a strong looking man with cold eyes. He summoned one of his servants to him, and as the boy tried to get through the crowd to him, his eyes connected with Yami's. In that moment, Yami's life was changed forever.


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