Small Two of Pieces

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::Still feels like someone with a pitchfork might be nearby...::


The night air was cold and harsh, setting a thin blanket of mist on everything it surrounded. A small group of people camping on the side of the road was no exception to this.

"It's freezing," Anzu commented.

Yami had to agree with her, even though her opinion was based on the fact, that as a girl, she didn't get to wear much cover. Yuugi too, was shaking in Yami's arms, but even though the boy was barely clothed, Yami didn't think the shaking was caused by cold.

"You two seem to be bonding," Ryou pointed out.

Yuugi only snuggled closer, and Yami half-smiled. He didn't actually know why Yuugi seemed to trust him so much, but he wasn't complaining. The boy was sweet and soft, and easy to grow fond of.

"So, Yuugi, can you speak our language?" Seth asked, his curiosity getting the better of him. Yuugi seemed to understand, but understanding and speaking were two different things.

Yuugi shook his head. "Iie," He said shyly. "Hanasemasen..."

"So then 'iie' means no?" Seth asked, assuming because Yuugi shook his head.

"Hai..." Yuugi was growing weary, shrinking away a little, as if burrowing into Yami's arms for protection.

"And 'hai' means yes?"

Katsu looked over at them, his hand on Seth's.


"Seth, that's enough. You're making him nervous," Yami said sternly, stroking Yuugi's hair in an attempt to soothe him.

Yuugi almost whimpered again, but the comfort Yami provided stopped him. He just wasn't having very pleasant thoughts with all the questioning and company. He missed Sere, the lovely young girl who had been at the tavern with him... A friend, but a stranger in the same sense.

"Can you just tell me one more thing, Yuugi?" Seth asked slowly and kindly, to show that he didn't really have to answer.

Yuugi looked up at Yami hesitantly, then nodded. Tears began forming in his eyes at the question.

"How old are you?"

It seemed like forever, but Yuugi finally made eye contact with Seto, trembling horribly with fresh tears falling down his face.

"J-j-juusan-sai desu..." thirteen

"On your hands, what would that be?"

Yami wanted to stop Seth from asking anything else, but he too, was intrigued. He wanted to know just how old the beautiful boy in his arms was.

"Ichi, ni, san shi..." Yugi counted on his fingers, but when he got to the number thirteen, he stopped.

"J-juusan desu."

Yami felt his heart lurch again, but the pain was replaced by an unspeakable anger towards Aono. How could a man do something like that to such a young child? Granted, Yuugi wasn't that much younger—but to be a pleasure slave at that young age...

"Oh Ra... I thought he was at least sixteen..." Anzu whispered sadly.

"It's disgusting, that's what it is," Katsu spat angrily, gripping Seth's hand and averting his eyes.

Yuugi could sense their anger, and suddenly shrank in Yami's arms, clutching the older boy's robes, which had been mostly wrapped around the both of them. And all at once, Yami's anger faded. His features softened, and he hugged Yuugi closer. The urge to protect the sweet boy in his arms was almost maddening, Yami realized, as he stroked the soft hair. It was then that he decided that no one would ever touch this boy without Yuugi's own permission, and still live to tell about it.

"We're not mad at you, Yuugi," Honda started. "We're just angry at the one who did this to you."


The way Yugi stammered over that one word sent another fleeting rush of anger through Yami's body.

"Is that Aono?"

Yugi bit his lip, wincing when he remembered the wounds that had been inflicted for his disobedience. "H-hai..."

It was a long while before anyone spoke again, and that gave Yami time to think about everything that had happened that day. He had never dreamed that one of his little games could turn into something like this. He had already grown to want the boy, but knowing what he had been put through, there was no way he would try. He wanted Yuugi to trust him. And if Yuugi ended up loving him, then that would be fine with Yami. But then, that was a pretty cocky thought, even for the Pharaoh. To think that just because he was taking care of the boy, he'd fall in love... But even if it happened, Yami didn't think he'd mind it. He could still feel that strange presence of the silver cord, though he chose not to speak his thoughts. Yuugi had stopped crying, and was now falling asleep against his chest.

The campfire cast shadows on all of their faces, dancing around and providing warmth. Anzu leaned in closer to the fire, but yelped and pulled away when some of her hair got singed.

"ARGH! I hate camping! If anyone wants me, I'll be in my tent."

"Wants you?" Ryou asked innocently.

Anzu however, took this the wrong way, glaring at Ryou with flushed cheeks. "You pervert!"

Ryou's face blanked, before turning bright red. "I didn't mean it that way!"

Anzu just growled, considering that everyone except for Yuugi was laughing. "Whatever!" And with that said, she ran to her tent.

"I think we should all sleep..." Honda said quietly, when the laughter subsided.

Yami nodded, picking Yugi up tenderly, then walked to his own tent.


Yugi was already asleep.

OOOOO A/N: This used to be a rape scene, flashback dream that Yuugi has. So uh... it's not anymore. lol. No lemon content. OOOOO

It was later in the evening as Yami lay in his tent with the little Yuugi in his arms. Yami himself wasn't really asleep, just lying there with his arms around the warm boy, who cuddled into him for warmth and yawned.

Smiling warmly, Yami began to stroke his hand through the thick hair. Granted, it needed to be washed, as did the rest of the boy... But even that didn't make him seem any less desirable to Yami. Even with a full harem of about thirty young girls and boys, Yami had never really paid much attention to things like lust.

Yuugi shifted in his arms, turning on his side slightly. To this, Yami adjusted to hold him again, feeling warmer with the boy close to him. Something wet touched his shoulder, and Yami paused, looking down. Yuugi was crying in his sleep, his little body starting to shake.

"Iie..." He whispered softly in his sleep.

"Yuugi?" Yami murmured, a frown marring his royal features.

Yuugi gave a choked whimper in reply, then tried to jerk away from Yami's embrace. "IIE!"

"Little one!" Yami gasped at the sudden shove, sitting up and trying to hold Yuugi still in his arms, as the former tavern whore screamed out, shoving against Yami, choked sobs leaving his lips.

Yami felt himself ready to panic. He didn't know what to do or how to calm the little one... He was virtually worthless when it came to this matter, feeling like all he knew how to do was tell him not to cry and stroke his hair. But he doubted that would work right now.

Awakened—or interrupted—by Yuugi's cries, Seth and Katsu came into the tent, looking disheveled and concerned.

"What is wrong with him?" Katsu gasped, seeing Yuugi thrashing and crying as the distraught Pharaoh tried to steady him.

Yuugi's thrashing became so violent that Yami had to grab each wrist and pin it down on either side of the boy's head, now hovering over him and not holding him. He'd taken a hit or two to the face, leaving a small red mark on his cheek.

"Yuugi, it's just me! Wake up!" Yami cried.

Seth wrapped his arms around Katsu, who looked equally concerned for the boy. Yuugi's eyes fluttered open, filled with tears and pain. The amethyst orbs were so innocent and vulnerable, that even Seth showed a look of concern, before masking it and tightening his arms around Katsu.

"Little one?" Yami asked softly, loosening his grip so as not to bruise or hurt the boy.

"G-gomen... Gom-men... Na-nasai..."

Even though Yami couldn't understand the words themselves, he recognized the tone as an apology, seeing the smaller boy trembling, as if expecting punishment. No one was going to punish this boy with him around, he decided again.

"Ssh. It's alright Yuugi," Yami murmured soothingly.

Seth smirked slightly—almost a smile, but not quite. Katsu was grinning—seeing as how Yuugi was now in Yami's lap as the other sat up. Yami cuddled Yuugi close protectively, wondering what the boy could have been dreaming about... But having a good idea. He waved Seth and Katsu away, allowing Yuugi to seek solace in his arms.

OOOOO A/N: This was a Seto/Jou lemon... but not anymore :/ Sorry. Un-cut version coming out after the fic is re-completed. And it will be on when I do OOOOO

"Seth...?" Katsu asked softly when they went back to their tent.

Seth looked down at Katsu, his dark blue eyes unreadable. The blonde boy had his arms wrapped around himself, shaking a little, and it was obvious some unpleasant memories had been unearthed.

"Katsu..." Without another word, Seth reached for Katsu and pulled him close, kissing him hard. His lips were demanding and hot, and Katsu had no choice but to surrender with a surprised whimper, his lips parting when the other demanded entrance. He could feel Seth's tongue inside his mouth, mapping out the interior and claiming dominance—something Katsu had no problem in surrendering. He liked to fight back just a little—but Seth would always win, and that's how Katsu liked it.

A small whimper escaped Katsu's throat as Seth's hands shifted, one on his lower back, the other cupping the back of his head, fingers lightly skimming over the nape of his neck.

Katsu could feel his body warming up, his cheeks flushing as he gripped Seth's arms, one hand sliding up into Seth's hair. "Nnn..."

Seth broke the kiss for air, sliding his tongue out of the younger boy's mouth, and trailing soft kisses down his jaw line instead.

"S-Seth..." Katsu breathed, his knees going weak, his vision swimming.


It was basically just one syllable, a soft sound and not even a word—but from Seth's lips, it was more than enough, as Katsu wrapped his arms around the other's neck and moaned, trying to hold himself up. Seth's lips were hot on his neck, nipping and kissing, his hands strong and warm.

Katsu obeyed the command without a second thought, his breaths coming out in small gasps, amber eyes barely open. Even as Seth's kisses made his body ache for more, his voice weak, he managed not to cry out, a clinging, shaking mess in Seth's arms.

Seth smiled warmly for a moment, before he leaned in and kissed Katsu again, as hot and demanding as ever, stealing his breath away easily.

Stumbling to their makeshift bed, Seth gathered Katsu close, twining their fingers together and whispering a soft, almost inaudible "I love you" into Katsu's ear.

They snuffed the light of the candle out, leaving the two lovers in darkness.


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