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Creatures of the Moon


Welcome to Kalvin, a small town in the middle of nowhere. The houses in the town were small and old, spread far apart, the land mostly full of open fields or woods. Its people were average, mostly innocent and ignorant, a common mix in such places. Most of the residents were in their sixties or older or their late twenties and younger. It was extremely rare to see anyone outside these age ranges and people who were, were usually well known or strangers from out of town. The same faces were seen everyday, passed by in the same places. Children always walked to and from school and were dragged around for the duration of the day, nothing too extravagant. Nothing exciting ever went on there.

At least that's what most of the people in the town of Kalvin thought.

The two werewolf packs stalked toward each other in the night, the full moon's light beating down on them, making them change into their more predatorily side, that of a wolf.

They moved into the deserted field, far enough away from the town that only the distant howl of the wolves could be heard. The two different groups snarled and growled as they approached one another, preparing for the fight that was about to come just like many before and many after.

A feud had been going on between the two packs, the Pack of Longwood and the Skinned Pelt Pack, for years with no end in sight. Peace was intangible, both packs and its members only knowing the ways of fighting and war.

Though the two looked similar in their wolf forms, there were a few subtle difference between the two, like the differences in size and ferocity, though those were not the reason for the fighting. They did not even remember how the feud started, but they did know the hate they felt inside toward the other werewolves that were not of their pack and that was not so easily forgotten. So the two continued to fight, if only for the hatred they felt inside.

The groups stopped a hundred yard from each other while the two pack leaders, slightly ahead of their packs, took a step closer to each other, paws not making a sound against the earth as they did so. They raised hackles and their lips curled back to show large, sharp and deadly teeth as the two continued to snarl at each other in a challenging way.

The leader of the bigger, more wild wolves, Kouga, growled at the other, saying, you die tonight.

We'll just see about that, Inuyasha growled back, being the leader of the second, smarter wolves.

It was clearly evident, as the moon shone brightly down on the dozens of wolves, that the more ferocious wolves were losing their wits, becoming more wild and animal-like, losing their human ability to think, unlike the other pack. It was an advantage to the other side, since they still could use human reasoning, while Kouga's pack went completely wild on nights of the full moon.

With that, as Kouga lost the last bit of him that was human and became pure animal, every part of him telling him to kill, he let out a war cry and lunged himself at Inuyasha, or more accurate, his throat.

The others wolves sprinted to the center of the field, throwing themselves at the enemy, animal instincts taking over as claws and teeth were used to wound and draw blood. The air was thick with the metallic scent of blood and the cries of injured werewolves and the air was getting thicker by the second.

Kouga snapped at Inuyasha's foreleg but he danced back, leaving only air in Kouga's grasp. Kouga snarled in frustration, leaping forward to attack the other leader as their fight continued, ignoring all others around them.

The fight continued long into the night, only the moonlight pooling around them to shelter the wolves from the darkness, the moonlight that was their curse, their gift that changed them into animals and the same moonlight that seemed to laugh at them as they fought, struggling to survive.

Because animals were all that they were, disguised as humans for most of their lives, but the moonlight knew. It knew what they really were, animals, just animals. It brought the predator out of them, forcing them to show their true colors.

Animals were all they were, all they would ever be…

…wasn't it?