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Chapter 8 - Impassioned Determination

Deep within a cavern, a lone figure stood impatiently as he gazed at the various landscapes before him. Although gratified when Orochimaru had returned he had furfilled his mission with mixed results, the job was accomplished. However he had failed to considered the resiliency of the human mind, especially the young blond boy that had appeared in the conversation on numerous times.

The black dark abyss that was enclosed with demonic fury, the eyes of Karimystic glanced at the trembling Orochimaru, the once proud snake-sannin. The dark lord had decided it was time to continue the next phase of plan before any normalcy could be achieved in the world.

Orochimaru although being the great tool he is, could not overcome his short coming which was his desire for knowledge. The snake slave had the habit of prolonging the fight to get as much knowledge as he can.

It was during the time the evil pondered and realized that often time to find strength, one have look to its weakness. If he could remove Orochimaru's habit of prolonging a battle for knowledge of technique, Karimystic believed he would have the perfect tool. Through research, and Orochimaru's bitterness towards one clan, that had always belittled and stole his techniques, the great evil placed his interest upon the noble Uchiha Clan.

The evil lord was interested in the wonderful ability called Sharingan and if he had enough samples, he could have transplanted to his elite warriors. He had originally sent Orochimaru with an elaborate plan to get both the Sharingan and remove the great police force in Kohona village, however the fool had allowed Uchiha Itachi to escape through his fingers and returned empty handed.

Orochimaru however was able to get the maniulation needed to get Itachi to betray his family and clan. Itachi soon became to obsess with power and accompanied with their regular insanity usually suited in the clan, it was only logical the way things happened.

Nevertheless Karimystic achieved a part of his goal, for a lone survivor existed from the once powerful clan, and the evil had already planted his seed. The lone survivor, Uchiha Sasuke, the child processed a greater potential for his diabolical plans, and avengers can be easily swayed by promises of power for Orochimaru proved to be an excellent example.

As the evil gazed from this throne, in a booming ominous voice, appropriate for a demon, "Soon child, you will be mine, soon Uchiha Sasuke", followed by thunder that destroyed ear drums and lighting that could make several blind, it only assured that the future would not be peaceful anymore.

When the opportunity had arisen where one given the choice to protect their precious people. Would they do anything that is possible to keep them safe, protected and happy? How far would one go to ensure the people that are important to them are kept happy?

Human emotions are found to be a double edge sword, have provided both a blessing and curse. For when in the heat of combat, human emotions can lead to either the warrior's defeat or victory. One such instance, anger and rage all human emotions which are easily evoked, cloud the mind into making rash decision that will ultimately lead to defeat.

Yet in another instance, human emotions of love and a strong desire to protect provide undying determination helped lead to victory. Just like a double-edge sword, a weapon that became the tool to defeat one's enemies or it became a self-inflicted wound that slowly decayed a warrior to defeat.

Will fate smile kindly upon Naruto as he struggled to discover the balance of the human emotions in his quest to become great? Will fate provide Naruto the strength as he strives to prove each and everyone wrong of the impression everyone had already have established on Naruto.

Naruto stood before the proud Hiashi and contemplated his chances of success. As proven before, human emotions can be either the source of strength, or the curse towards damnation. However, for our unsung hero, Naruto had witnessed how human emotions droved people to do thing beyond reason. In his attempts to be accepted by his home, he had forever utilized and reinforced his source of strength to be the desire to protect those he hold dear.

Naruto recalled the determined fight Hinata had endured in order for her to be allowed to get further trainings. Naruto realized Hinata had changed dramatically since he had met her, for even through she was shy, she had grown to release the fear that had encaged her. Naruto never realized that he drawn strength from Hinata in the same Hinata had down strength from Naruto. For Naruto saw how Hinata had accepted her fate and made steps, even if it went beyond all formal barriers of her home to get stronger. Naruto had endured many hardship through his short life already, however to see someone else do the same thing he been forced to do, it provided him hope and courage. Each thought of Hinata, his childhood, and the desire to be accepted produced torrential waves of determination that flared vividly through his eyes.

'I must win this battle…this is just not for me but also for Hinata. She fought so bravery and defeated her most feared enemy.' As Naruto remembered Hinata shared her inner most feared of Neji. Naruto easily remembered how Neji was the one door that prevent Hinata any freedom and escape from her distress. However Naruto noticed the passion and determination in Hinata's eyes as she battled Neji, and realized that Hinata had grown to be an amazing and powerful friend.

Naruto felt proud to have Hinata as his true friend for she defended him when the need had arisen. Never once in all his life had someone came and defended him. To Naruto, the gesture was similar to someone offering their hand to help him get up. A gesture that is simple, however if one were pushed away and hated, the simplest kind gesture was like drops of water in the brutal desert. Naruto vowed to help Hinata out in any way possible which only provided Naruto more fuel to overcome his current obstacles.

Naruto glanced quickly at Hinata, only to receive a gentle smile, before Naruto focused his iron gaze upon Hiashi-sama. Unfazed by the gaze, Hiashi was proud at the determined gaze, which showed Naruto had his priority and ready to fulfill them. Hiashi fought a smile from appearing, for anyone else, the gaze can be quite intimidating, but the Hyuuga clan is master of intimidation.

"Hiashi-sama…I vow to you right before Hinata...that I will never let any harm come to her even if it were to cost my life, and that is my new way of the ninja", began Naruto, as blue chakra surrounded the blond ninja, ready to fight for his right.

Hinata heard the statement and could only quietly say, "Naruto-kun…good luck!", as she leaned back against the wall.

"That is an impressive speech", as Hiashi stood calmly before Naruto, not even fazed that he would be involved in a battle. The head of the Hyuuga clan pondered, "Looks like he got his mother's determination and spirit, but does Naruto have his father's skill and strength"

"Very well then, show me if you can back up your words with action", as Hiashi is determined to find the extent and limitation of Naruto's power.

Not needing any more invitation, Naruto charged toward Hiashi, determined to make Hiashi acknowledge him worthy of being the body guard for Hinata and letting them to train together.

"Hrm…lets see I think I will tone down a little…or I might beat him too early…,I need to see the extent of his skills and courage", as Hiashi felled in the stance of the noble Gentle Fist Style.

"If Hiashi-sama thinks I don't know anything about that style then he is going to be surprised", as Naruto had practiced with Hinata in which she would use their clan's feared Taijutsu, Gentle Fist Style.

Trainings with Hinata had another benefit for Naruto, as he learned and developed a way to increase his chance of survival against the Gentle Fist Style. Naruto realized that when the Hyuuga clan would use their Gentle Fist Style, produced short burst of Chakra with the intention to close his charka opening points. With his demonic chakra that resided within him, Naruto practiced to release chakra in the general area of the attack, so he could reduce the effects of the style.

He knew that he may not have the accuracy of Hinata with her using her Byakugan; however he knew that when he would parry some of their attacks he concentrated a burst of his chakra into his hands hoping to reduce some of their affect.

Nevertheless Naruto valiantly parried against Hiashi for a limited amount of time, before exhaustion began to overcome him and having some of his chakra opening points being closed, thus reducing his capacity to use and expend charka. Without the ability to use charka efficiently, Naruto had been placed in the same disadvantage all opponents of the Hyuuga clan are, where the only outcome is the eventual defeat.

However those thoughts did not raced though Naruto's mind, the only thoughts he had in his mind were to beat Hiashi, even if it would cost his life, but he would never give up.

Having found his determination once more, Naruto rushed towards Hiashi with the intention of winning no matter what. Hinata could only look on, as her friend battle against a tough opponent.

Hiashi-sama admired the endurance and determination displayed by Naruto. Seeing Naruto charging towards him, Hiashi perceived where Hinata's strength may have originated from.

Naruto charged into Hiashi and attempted to land a hit on him, near his right ribs. However Hiashi just brought his hand there to block the attack and quickly closed more opening points. Yet Naruto seemed to have developed some sort defense with his chakra that reduced the effects of the strikes from Gentle Fist Style.

Hiashi was pleased and surprised at his quick assessment of Naruto, 'Well this is certainly different…Naruto you are certainty unique…I wander was this because training with Hinata. Well he definitely has good form in attacking, and reverts back to defensive very quickly. Although his speed is a little lacking compared with Hinata…he does make it up in strength and endurance. Naruto you have been trained very well.', as Hiashi dodged another attack effortlessly and analyzed everything he can about Naruto's ability. 'His mental aptitude in battle, and changing battle strategies on the fly is incredible…makes him very unpredictable during battle. With further training he certainly can be very formable…as he did not planned anything before he charged me…but I wander what else he can do?', as Hiashi is quite pleased with Naruto.

Naruto saw his first several strikes on Hiashi being blocked and cursed himself mentally at no have developed a plan before he began his attack. Yet something that either comes from his resident within or time he had lived off the street, Naruto was a genius in developing strategies in mid-battle. Naruto quickly changed form and began series of attack towards the middle of the chest. However Hiashi just moved to the side and dodged the attack. Naruto now realized that he had made himself vulnerable as Hiashi has taken hold one of his arm, the same arm that had glanced past Hiashi's chest and left himself open to the possibility of being hit in the chest, ribs, shoulder, or the arms.

Although displeased that Naruto had left himself open for attack, Hiashi released that is something one will learn through experience, one that Hiashi was ready to provide.

Not wanting to give Hiashi any more chances, Naruto performed a backward somersault and hoped to twist his way out to allow him space from Hiashi. While Naruto had begun his action of flipping backward, he brought one of his legs upward and hoped he might hit Hiashi in the chin. However Hiashi only bended his body back that allowed the flying leg to keep going up, but also letting Naruto twisted out of his grip.

Naruto relieved he had escaped from the strangle hold iron grip of Hiashi continued to tumble away doing black-ward flips and hoped to get some ground away from Hiashi.

'I will admit, he is very acrobatic, and seem to develop a good sense of balance', as Hiashi watched Naruto doing back-wards flip to get away from him.

'Wow look at Naruto-kun…he looks…graceful', as Hinata continued to look at awe and then put her hand to her mouth to prevent a giggle that may escape as she remembered she called Naruto graceful.

After Naruto had removed himself to a safer place away from Hiashi, through back to all his action, and became infuriated. 'What the hell are you doing Naruto? Come on you have calm down…heading into combat without thinking will only cause your downfall. You have not been just training to look good, what would Hokage-sama think if he was watching you right now .I have to focus and think of a way to defeat Hiashi-sama', but in fact the third Hokage was actually indeed watching because he was in his office watching the battle unfold in his shinny white ball.

The Hokage was also pleased at Naruto performance, for he always knew that Naruto would become a great warrior. A grandfatherly smiled graced his face when Hinata proved to everyone she was not the same girl as before. "Well so far looks like Naruto is doing very well…I think he made a good impression onto Hiashi…but I doubt he could beat Hiashi at his stage right. I think Hiashi just testing his abilities right, and probably just toying with Naruto", as the Hokage continued to watch the event, and neglected unfinished paper works.

Naruto remembered his leaf training and looked around his surrounding trying to find anything useful. Hiashi knew that now Naruto's natural survival instinct had kicked in, and wandered if influence of the creature inside Naruto be possible. 'Good he can adapt quickly to face various challenges that may come out of battle, although he head into battle without thinking…lets see what he comes up to now', as Hiashi returned to his casual calm stance similar to the one he had before the fight started. However, Hiashi failed to realize that although many would not have noticed that Hiashi did not fought at full potential, it never escaped a person who received their strengths from hard work. For hard work left reminders of the pain he had endured and even Hinata had damaged him more then Hiashi and that to Naruto was considered he was being given pity.

Naruto worked hard to achieve any of his goal, for they were the only that showed he existed, However the one thing he hated was have pity shown to him. That was the only thing he could not stand. For pity reminded Naruto that he was weak and people would not respect him enough to take him serious. That was the one human emotion that he hated, every fiber within in Naruto always wanted friendship and respect. Currently Naruto sensed pity from Hiashi-sama, and felt that he was holding back, which Naruto did not approved.

"Hiashi-sama, please do not hold anything back. If I was to defeat you, and you are not really trying, it would be an insult both to my skills and strength. If I were to fail in a fight with you, I will able to recognize my weakness. I will go then go train those weaknesses until they become my strength. So please give me everything you have, and do not fear in hurting me, I heal quickly", as Naruto looked earnestly at Hiashi and hoped he would agree with his request.

With one of his eyebrow raised, Hiashi replied, "Is that so…then very well", as he was extremely impressed by Naruto honesty and determination of getting stronger. Hiashi now realized why Naruto had such a great effect on Hinata, for Naruto had developed a way to ignite fires within individuals. Hinata became even more proud of her special friend, and gained respect from several members of the Hyuuga members present.

Yet Naruto processed gold of a heart, and to those he respect, he would gladly kneel before them, Naruto also replied, "However, I will also use anything to beat you Hiashi-sama, I just hope you don't think I am cheating", as Naruto unsure what is proper, for in real life, he did anything to survive.

"Of course not Naruto, use what ever tool you have at your disposable…you should never hold back on the enemy, as they will not either. Show me what you can do…and believe me you will feel pain this time", as the particular glint that shown through the pure white eyes of Hiashi sent a chill down Naruto's spine.

As Naruto tried to remove the uneasy feeling he had felt his arm moved without thoughts as he unsheathed his wooden sword. Hiashi was surprised that Naruto had brought out a sword, since kids at that age are still trying to become proficient in using kunai. However, Hiashi realize he wasn't talking about normal kids, for Naruto would be different.

Naruto gripped the wooden sword, comforted by the rough texture of the wood; he pulled it out and brought it before him. He placed his left leg a little further while his right leg bended back to give Naruto enough leg room to develop a solid foundation.

Naruto then performed the leaf control exercises that surrounded his wooden sword with his chakra. Naruto realized that if Hiashi were to combat using the Gentle Fist Style, then he would little chance of succeeding. He hoped that using the Emerald Sword Style, and utilizes his tools so he may increase his chances of survival.

Naruto charged again at Hiashi, except this time he used a little more chakra to add more strength and speed into his attack. Hiashi noticed the difference in this attack and surprised as Hiashi began to parry with the wooden sword. However the chakra that surrounds the wooden sword, allowed Naruto to parry with Hiashi's attacks during the Gentle Fist Style. The fact that wooden sword had no opening points, to which Hiashi could close, it gave Naruto an effective barrier only if Naruto was quick. Hiashi was surprised that Naruto had an effective barrier to prevent any strike reach him, however it relied heavily on speed, which Naruto had not excelled.

Naruto used every ounce of skill he had with the sword to get some kind of opening. No matter wherever he would strike, Hiashi would have a hand there to block the attack and he would have to move quickly to prevent attack in reaching him. Naruto was just glad he had the wooden sword for he would not be able to fight in close combat with Hiashi.

Naruto focused once more on attacking and brought his sword upward to attack the neck of Hiashi; however Hiashi just simply brought his arm up to block the attack. Naruto then pulled the sword and spun around where he hoped to get the ribs on the other side. However this time Hiashi was still there to block the attack and the repeated cycle of Naruto trying to lend an attack through Hiashi's defense continued.

An exhausted Naruto barely stood before the proud Hyuuga, as he gained his breath to ready another swarm of attacks. Naruto realized there was still more training and work required as he was no where near as good as Hiashi. Naruto had aimed high, implemented it has his goal, and will do all that is possible to reach it.

Hiashi looked at the tired young shinobi, "Impressive Naruto, I see you have become very proficient in using sword", as all those strikes were well coordinated to open up holes in an opponent's defense.

At this point Neji had finally regained consciousness, and was confused at what occurred before him. Before him, he witnessed a brutal duel between Hiashi-sama, head of the Hyuuga clan and the blond boy, Naruto the social outcast.

Neji realized that if Hinata had overpowered him, the thought of Naruto being stronger raced through previous genius's mind. The speed at which they attacked seem just like a blur to Neji's eyes. However Hinata, who been trained in the art of speed and agility, was able to see the various attacks. Even when she watched them in combat, Hinata continued to call out encouragement for Naruto to keep on fighting.

With the support he received from his dear friend, Naruto quickly initiated his series of attack. First it started with low-sweep where he hoped to hit the knee, but Hiashi jumped over the swipe and at the same time closed some chakra opening point in Naruto's shoulder.

Naruto grimaced as he tried to fight the pain, and once again proceed to attack Hiashi with a series of slashes, sweeps, and strikes. All attacks alternated orientation and direction, as Naruto hoped to create random attacks that would confuse Hiashi. Yet that was not possible, as the ever knowing Byakugan eye was ever watchful.

Hiashi wished to know what the limits of Naruto's abilities were, as he began to attack, thus he raised the combat level a notch. Naruto was surprised as this time Hiashi initiated the attack, and struggled to parry the blows. As the attack came faster, Naruto was unable to dodge and block most of the attacks, which resulted in Naruto having more of his chakra opening points closed.

Hiashi decided to allow Naruto no chance of recovery that he performed the 64 Hands of Hakke while Naruto struggled to stand. As the lightening-quick blows descended upon his battered body, Naruto stumbled to the ground and was unable to stand.

Hinata saw Naruto fall to the ground and hastily tried to run there to help Naruto. However a hand from Neji stopped her, "Let him be, this is fight between them two so do not interfere", as Hinata could only watched and hoped for the best, "Naruto-kun don't give up", as she twiddled her thumbs.

On the ground, Naruto glanced towards Hinata, and was surprised that Hinata seemed worried because she feverously twiddled her thumb. Naruto knew that Hinata only proceeded to do that action, when she became worried or scared. Naruto's eye widen in realization when it seemed Hinata was afraid and worried about him. 'Hinata is probably the only one who seems to show much care for me, she is worried. I am truly lucky to find her as my friend. I just wish I could do something to win…I guess I am not strong enough to protect her. Well this is far as I can go…lets see what Hiashi-sama does', as Naruto closed his eyes awaiting what may happen.

With those last thought something unique happened, as Naruto mind felt like it was being ripped apart. As soon as the disturbing feeling raked through his mind, he felt a comforting presence in the back of his mind.

"So that's it…you going to give up?", as Kyuubi's manifested within Naruto's mind, where Naruto felt disappoint.

Naruto continued his endless stare at the room's ceiling, where the gleam of the golden paint seemed to hypnotize our young shinobi. Nevertheless, Naruto responded to Kyuubi's question, "You are probably laughing at me for failing. I guess the villagers were right…I will always fail…I don't know why I hope this time I could do something different", as Naruto recalled all the time the villagers have looked at him as someone who was weak and worthless.

"So what are you going to do kid?", as Kyuubi is not at all pleased with the current attitude Naruto had processed. Kyuubi glanced through his cage only to see a beaten down boy, one that had endured far too many blows through his young life.

With downcast eyes, which were once a vibrant blue had now decayed to a teal color, Naruto glanced towards Kyuubi. In a monotone voice, Naruto told Kyuubi, "What is there left to do…I am unable to use my charka. Even my Taijutsu skill can't compare with the Gentle Fist Style. Shit! Damnit! Why is it that the entire thing I do to accomplish…all the time I spent trying…all the time I work hard but it is never enough. It doesn't matter in the end…I guess I am born a failure", as a fiery inner rage began to manifest inside Naruto for his failure

In a caring, supportive tone usually used by friends that are there for support, Kyuubi responded, "Well if you have that kind of mentality then I agree. Failures are the people who always complaining and whining about things. Winners are the people who don't say anything but use action to accomplish it. So I ask you again what you are going to do", as Kyuubi pushed Naruto back into reality after his statement.

Naruto sneaked another glance towards Hinata, and remembered the determination she showed when she faced her feared cousin, Neji. Naruto remembered how Hinata was at the brink of exhaustion in training would still continued to train with him just so she could get stronger. Naruto realized that Hinata have attempted to get stronger in hoping that she could change herself and be able to face her fears. Naruto asked himself, then how was he any different, why was he running away when Hinata had not, had he not vowed to himself to protect his friend. Naruto was not naïve and believed that he would face obstacles worse then he faced against Hiashi, would he call it quits in the face of adversity as well.

Every day he woke up into world where he would be faced with a battle all day. A life where he was forced to face the cold stares and insult in the very home Naruto was training hard to protect. Determined to prove the villagers wrong he continued to get up every day and face the horrors of his life. Destiny had put a grave burden on his shoulder, yet he vowed he would get stronger and even protect the village, the very same that parent died protecting.

Deep down he really did not wanted to disappoint Hinata. For Naruto felt that Hinata was the only person who seemed to be nice to him as well as give him company. Naruto realized that he was giving up to easily right now. As he looked at the worried Hinata, Naruto burning determination and resolve returned in full force, as his desire to prove that he is a strong shinobi once again was reborn.

Kyuubi felt the despair vanished from Naruto, and when Naruto responded, he was proud to hear the strength in his kit's voice, "Kyuubi what I want to do right now is kick Hiashi-sama' ass. But I don't know how to do anything, you have any bright ideas", as he struggled to get himself up into standing position, however being the stubborn boy he is, Naruto eventually got up and once again zoned his iron gaze upon Hiashi. An iron gaze that held determination and strong will that refused to give up. A trait that Hiashi believed to the foundation of a great shinobi, excellent example being Naruto's father that did not give up to save the village, and he was pleased Naruto processed that will as well.

Hinata smiled once she saw naruto steadily rose to his feet, 'Naruto-kun I know you can win because I believe in you…and you made me believe in myself. Nobody see your hidden strength but I can see it and I know you can beat my father', as Hinata was overjoyed that Naruto once again stood and looked determined to continue, because she knew that Naruto would never give up.

Neji who through his childhood had known that nothing can change destiny, be his father's death, his life would be forever caged, and his strength will never be respected in the clan due to the different classes. It had always touched a nerve in Neji's heart to see someone work so hard to change the course of fate, something he found he was seeing before him. For Neji had believed that once your path had been determined, nothing can change it. "That fool is only making it harder…why bother fighting? Your destiny was already determined for you. He is only going get himself killed that way, there is not point for him to continue", as Neji declared behind Hinata.

Hinata turned around which surprised and made Neji flinched when he noticed the icy glare Hinata gave him. The same glare he had received from the members of the Main House. Yet in a quiet, strong voice, the once normally frail Hyuuga Heir surprisingly responded with, "You have no idea what Naruto-kun is capable, he is not weak and I suggest you keep on watching you might learn something Neji", and before Neji could respond, Hinata had turned around.

Kyuubi once again manifest inside Naruto's mind, "Well since you are in the kicking mood…there might be something I could do to help you, seeing you are so eager to kick his ass. Why don't you relax a little bit and let anything you feel just to flow inside you body. Let all your pent up emotion and fears be release", as Naruto listened to Kyuubi, absorbing the information like water is being absorbed by a sponge.

Naruto obeyed Kyuubi's order, and once he released his emotions he immediately felt like another gate opened. To Naruto it felt like what happens when water being hold in place by a dam, and when the dam is opening, the water would rush out. Well currently Naruto felt more charka released throughout his body however he struggled to maintain control on the raw untamed power that flowed through his veins.

Within Naruto, with Kyuubi's charka being released, his five senses seems to heighten, he could smell the vanilla scented perfume Hinata had used which provided Naruto with an uneasy feeling. Naruto felt the hair on his body pick up at the mere swipe of the wind that flowed through the room. Object in the distant seemed to retained more clarity and he heard a portion of the various conversations that surrounded him.

Neji cannot understand on why Naruto would continued to fight against his struggle, with Hinata's defeat fresh in his mind, he decided to hit a sore spot within Hinata, "I can not believe you were training with that loser…he can not even stand against the Gentle Fist Style...How do you expect him to actually protect you", as Neji was quite aware that even he himself would have difficulties against Hiashi-sama, however was still furious and continued his insults. Another instance where angry and rage can cloud the simple human mind to do thing beyond logic.

With surprising ease, Hinata had contained her displeasure of the comment and steadily responded, "Neji please stop saying those thing about Naruto-kun. I trust him and he is more powerful than he seem. Why don't you leave your mind open and see what is really underneath.", as Hinata tried very hard not to kill Neji right there. Nevertheless Hinata's response surprised Neji that Hinata had developed a backbone to even talk back. While Neji was troubled with his thoughts, Hinata was determined to do everything she could to defend Naruto, because deep down she knew Naruto would do the same.

Neji, a genius in deciphering human emotion could tell Hinata had changed, to what extent he desired to discover, "Being the loser he is…you can not escape destiny and fate. They will always follow you around, and there is no way you can change or escape from fate.", as Neji wanted to see what would be Hinata's reaction, for a shinobi must always mask their emotions.

Even through Hinata looked to conceal her emotion well, the slight clenching of her jaws, her eyes that had narrowed, and her chakra being released had showed Neji he had impacted her. Although Hinata had proved to be formidable fighter through the training she had endured, Neji needed to know if she contained the mindset of an heir of a noble clan. For Neji believed in order to survive, the strong have prevailed, and something he had felt close to his heart since he was born. For the seal always reminded which house was inferior, and weakness is something he was disgusted by. The primary reason for his hatred for the once weak heir, for seeing a weak heir tormented his heart and even through he was hailed as a prodigy; Neji would never gain freedom from his burden. Hinata had hold a soft heart within Neji and felt if she did not processed the heart of a shinobi, he would make her quit to save her life. Often times certain action although with good intent can lead to not so favorable results.

Neji continued to administer his mental test, as he continued to throw insults towards Hinata, "It would do you a favor Hinata, if you learn to accept that, that you have been wasting your time with that loser. It also be wise to give up this weak life of shinobi, Hinata people can not change their destiny it's a true and tried fact", as this Hinata reacted and appeared before the pleased Neji. Neji saw one of the coldest gazed displayed by a Hyuuga; one that literally brought the temperature in the room down.

With eyes that flashed her lavender eyes to pure ice snow, "Neji I will be giving this warning only once, time to watch you mouth for if it were to be kept close it would provide you with favorable outcomes", hissed Hinata who was accompanied by an another visible glow of charka around her hands.

Neji at that moment was extremely pleased, glad to see the new Hinata, loyal, but strong to handle her ground, just like an heir should be. His respect for the young blond shinobi grew, for he knew that Naruto had started a chain reaction of the changes within Hinata. Hinata had always been a sister to the stoic Neji, and relieved to see her growing strong. Of course, a being the master of reading human emotion, Neji learned to mask his emotion, and as he hide his mischievous smiled, he continued to see why his dear sister seemed so attached to Naruto.

With trained strength, Neji kept his face to intimated Hinata, as he quickly asked, "Oh have I must hit a nerve, does Hinata actually care about that boy. Could two loser actually have feeling for each other?", and Neji hoped she would respond, and take his bait.

Through clenched teeth, Hinata barely managed to keep her voice leveled, although her chakra rose once again as she responded, "What I do and feel is none of your concern", which only led Neji to release a genuine smile, however he wanted to see where this would end up.

Anger and rage whirled violently inside Hinata and barely contained her emotion. She desperately wanted to let her fist answer Neji's action however that would appear to be un-lady like. If she wanted to be treated as an adult, she should act like one and even so more in front of Naruto and her father.

The various emotions that crashed through her body had exhausted Hinata and her body decided to act on it's on to release the raging emotion she had contained. Hinata had not released that she had brought hands together to its feared twiddling of her thumbs, while tears flowed down her silk-like skin on without any predetermined destination. It had made Neji heartbroken to see those tears, but he needed to know would Hinata be able to withstand the abuse of being the leader of the clan. Having witnessed what had occurred before him, Neji had gained one special person in his so called hell, Hyuuga Manor.

Mangled whispers of conversation reached Naruto's ears as the wind carried them effortlessly through the air. Naruto glanced around to discover the location of where the conversation may have originated from. Naruto performed a double take as he noticed a concerned Neji looked upon a distraught Hinata.

"Hinata crying?" asked Naruto he became worried at what might have caused for the tears to drop from Hinata. Still perplexed at the tears that have came out, Naruto realized those tears caused turmoil within his heart.

"What do you think she is doing? She has her own share of worries and fear, yet she continued to defend you. The poor child is worried about you Naruto and she could not stand seeing you insulted, taunted or hurt. Kid she deeply cares about you, a true friend yet she feels she is weak as she is unable to do anything to help you. The fact she can not do anything help probably cause her to be distraught", as Hinata continued to the let her tears be released without any recollection of what had happened. Naruto was alarmed to see how fragile Hinata appeared and realized they are still just children, each who hungered for acceptance.

In a hazy whispered, Naruto responded back to Kyuubi, "She cares about me that much?", for he was surprised that someone hold his well being that high.

Seeing depression that was about to swept through the young child, "Boy we need a serious talk about this later, but right now you have to tell me are you going to stand there and do nothing?", where Kyuubi hoped Naruto wouldn't let his emotion be his downfall.

Frustrated he could not do anything to help Hinata, as he barely could stand properly and this to Naruto was weakness. Weakness Naruto believe meant he wasn't strong, now he wasn't foolish to think that power is everything, but with power he could protect those that are precious to him. In his current situation, Naruto felt he was useless, as he did not processed the strength to walk over to Hinata and make her smile. Once again something that is classified as a weakness, a word that ignited the famous stubborn anger within Naruto. "Well what the hell do you suggest I should try? Last time I checked I am not capable of doing anything!" mentally screamed Naruto as he temper began to boil at the sight of Hinata crying.

"Look Naruto are you just going to stand there and mop around saying you can't do anything?" as Kyuubi's voice disrupted the dark thoughts Naruto harbored.

In a resigned voice, "Its not that I don't want to do anything, it's just that I can't do anything right now", as Naruto desperately tried to get back things in control.

"Naruto do you see Hinata there?", as Naruto took another glanced towards Hinata, who had now noticed her tears and had wiped them away with the sleeves of her jacket.

"Well of course I haven gone blind yet", as Kyuubi snorted because he found Naruto's sarcastic remark to be quite amusing in the time of distress. However Naruto wandered why Kyuubi ask a question like that because he knew he was not blind.

"Well what do you think is going though her mind right now?" in which was a simple question seemed to annoy Naruto beyond reason.

"How would I know, I am not a mind reader!" yelled back towards Kyuubi in his mind.

"Look I know you don't like this situation very well, but don't take out on me…if you want take it out on somebody, then take it out on Hiashi over there. And to let you in, Hinata is hoping that you would win, and if you want to see her smile then I suggest you defeat him", yelled back an equally agitated fox demon.

The statement caused Naruto's mouth to close immediately, and was curious therefore asked, "Hoping that I would win, but why Kyuubi, why would anybody want me to win?" for all through his life, he had been tormented and always proclaimed to lose.

Kyuubi's slit eyes soften as he calmly spoke to Naruto, "Because she cares about you, and she wants to be with you to train…why do you think she fought so hard against Neji? She learned not to give up by watching you Naruto, because you have never known to give up.", as Kyuubi looked proudly at Naruto, proud to see a young shinobi handle the torments of his life, but processed a strength powered by only his heart to overcome all difficulties. Kyuubi knew that Naruto will become great, a name that would be spoken with utmost respect and love.

"But I never thought I was doing anything different, is just the same things I do everyday.", still puzzled by why his everyday attitude would have effected another person.

"That's true, everyday you wake up to face all the hardship and insults form the villagers. No matter how cruel they were, and how awful the insults were, you just ignore them and continue to wake up everyday."

"So tell me Naruto, are you just going to give up now, and let what they said to be true?" asked Kyuubi.

"No I will not", for Naruto's fist clenched, his jaw clamped tight, and returned to a determined fighting stance.

Kyuubi's encouraging words once again roared through Naruto's mind, "Are you just going to let them see that you're a failure, and only to give to never achieve your dreams?"

The normally dull teal eyes suddenly flared to life, as a vibrant cerulean blue emerged with hint of ruby red flashed through, "No I will show them that I am not weak", as Naruto remembered how everyone already assumed he was not meant to exist.

"Are you going to let Hinata worried sick because you were too afraid to keep on trying, and let tears come down instead of the smile which you like a lot?"

In a strong voice, that resounded like thunder in Naruto's mind to Kyuubi, "No… I promise I will never let any tears come out of her", as the color in Naruto's eyes began to pulsate from blue to red more frequently.

A smile reached Kyuubi's jaws as he almost felt pity for Hyuuga that stood before Naruto, "Hiashi, you had picked the wrong boy to face today."

"I won't let anything happen to Hinata. I will always protect her. And I will die trying if I have to…now tell me Kyuubi what do I', where Naruto's determination was one thing nobody could destroy.

Naruto clamped his hand together and maintained strict concentration as Kyuubi began to show his favorite technique.

"Good Naruto, this is a little technique I had developed and found. Right now you are not strong enough to maintain 100 percent of the power, however at your current level you should be able to combat with Hiashi, maybe. For that to happen, Naruto let all your charka, feelings, desire, and determination swirl into a source of ball inside of you. When you sense you have built enough let it all go, and you will unleash your hidden powers", however Naruto had no idea how to do that.

"But how will I know I had enough focused to reach my hidden powers?" for he could not even acquire a glimpse of his chakra, and his feeling were chaotic that it caused diffusion within him.

"Do not worry child, I am here I will help you, and tell you when its time to let it release", and that was all it took that removed any insecurities within Naruto. To know someone would be there to help you along was a wonderful feeling Naruto had never felt, another testament of how cruel his lifebecame.

Hiashi stood shocked as Naruto began to draw charka around him and was bewildered when all the opening charka points began to open. To Naruto it felt like his body was able to breathe once more, for each breath became a drop of water in the hot desert. Nevertheless Naruto continued to put everything he had into this bundle of emotions. Naruto realized he felt an orb, a cyclone of feeling that pulsated violently and desired to be freed. Slowly Naruto began to see a mental image, one that felt he had been destined to witness since the moment he was born. Once that Naruto recognized what he had felt, he realized this was the core of power, the driving force behind the human, the fundamental truth of human existence looked like.

Kyuubi felt his chakra being drawn by Naruto and noticed the tangible orb of power being generated. Although not huge in size, Kyuubi found it to be quite amazing for a human. "Okay Naruto not let it all go!" as Kyuubi did not wanted to have Naruto experience a power lash if it backfired on him.

Upon confirmation from Kyuubi, Naruto released the torrential power that had developed due to his inner feelings, desire, determination, and charka. In a primal roar that shocked the very ground many stood, Naruto yelled, "I WILL…NOT….BE…DEFEATED TODAY! I WILL NOT BE SEEN WEAK! I WILL PROTECT HINATA!" After the statement, sound failed to be generated, static in the air removed all sense of air movement, and many felt shivers ran through their body for something big was about to transpire. Just like the crash of thunder, a powerful burst of power exploded throughout the room accompanied by vibrant blue sonic blue conducted as reality returned with a vengeance.

The sudden rupture of energy made the room trembled in mercy as various artifacts from book stands, chairs, tables and furniture were moved from their original safe positions. The area where Naruto stood was encased in smoke as a deep crater existed from the strain of the tremendous power generated.

Waves of powerful wind erupted from where Narutos stood that shoved many of the furniture away from which caused many to find safe areas from the heavy projectiles. Hiashi was forced to bring his arms upward to cover his face, as debris, vivid light, and magnetic crackle of energy radiated from Naruto. Several member that witnessed the tremendous power that came from such a young boy struggled to remain in position and looked in awe at the red chakra infused Naruto.

Neji was not only amazed from the display of power generated from such a young child, but he remembered those eyes, for they have always chilled his heart. To the prodigy, it seemed the blond shinobi had the potential to move the whole world just from the gaze of those ruby sapphire eyes.

"I knew you can do it Naruto-kun…I believe in you", as Hinata watched the power emitted from her dear friend, one that had always managed to make her go beyond then she was capable of. "What! No…it can't be that chakra…how…is it possible?" as Anaish recognized the chakra.

Eventually the waves of power that was released calm down and through the storm of chakra, what stood there surprised everyone in the room.

They were surprised to see Naruto's appearance had changed. The once spiky blond hair had transformed into a dark crimson hair with small instances of blonde leaked through. Where the hair once used to be spiked up that defied gravity, it had gentled down that covered most of his face, except his right eye. The bangs of his hair was left opened that allowed most to see half of his face, from his eyes to the birthmarks on his cheeks. Yet when glanced into his eyes, they were unnerved by the burning crimson color accompanied a blue iris and processed a slit-like characteristic.

Due to the power being generated at high rate, most of Naruto's clothing had been ripped off that left the young child bare chest. Without any clothing, those present were mesmerized once they caught a glimpse of the seal pulsating vibrant red. The remaining clothing consisted of his pants, and shoe. Another aspect of Naruto's appearance was that he was now clouded in red chakra and blue chakra graced near the edge of the outline.

"Kyuubi what have I done? This…this power is incredible!" as Naruto looked at his hand, and could feel the thunderous power surged though his veins.

Kyuubi smiled at the enthusiasm in Naruto's awed voiced and knew that the young boy would not abuse the great power he was blessed with. "Impressive isn't it Naruto? What you just performed was a replica of my hidden talent which I discovered when things that were precious to me were being harmed. I called it the Kyuubi Crimson Rage. Somehow it unlocks hidden source of power in talent in me…" as Kyuubi was silent as he recalled what had happened when his power was achieved. With a heavy heart not characteristic of a demon, he continued to warn Naruto the dangers of such power, "however Naruto, there are severe complications to it", warned Kyuubi.

"Compilations what do you mean?" as Naruto did not like how that sounded, and hoped with this power he could protect those precious to him.

"The immense flow of emotions that race through your body had height various other emotions. Usually that not harmful, however since you are in a enrage state, if you have enough vengeance and malice in your heart, then not only will you kill your enemy, but also those close to you", as Kyuubi spoke in a somber tone and hoped Naruto took his warning to heart.

"Therefore whenever in this state, always remember who you fighting to protect, how are your precious, under no condition should your intent be for vengeance, for that only leads to the wings of shadows", something Kyuubi wished he had known, for various innocent individuals would have not met their fate earlier then destined. Had he been in control, he would have found his nemesis, and innocent such as Naruto would not have suffered.

Kyuubi resisted the dark temptation of vengeance that snaked its way into his mind, and continued to discuss the technique to Naruto, "Also you have not completely master this technique yet"

"Nani! What do you mean?" asked a surprised Naruto, for he realized he had potential growth if he worked hard on this technique.

"Well as I said you are still not physically and mentally strong enough to achieve full potential of its power. This can only come by vigorous training. However the amount you have achieved right now should be sufficient to give you a fighting chance against the wraith of Hiashi. Yet there is no guarantee that you can win. Naruto this is your fight and you will have to figure a way out to win. The amount of chakra you have summoned sadly puts a strain on the seal, and I am afraid to tell that we will soon lose our connection. However I know I will be talking with you soon. Good luck Naruto", and with that Kyuubi's mental presence, presence had been denied through his childhood, the kind of presence he had always dreamed of. The demonic creature's presence that ironically is feared by many yet treasured by the lonely blond young child, a boy that will soon be revered as Naruto.

With determined eyes that flared to life, Naruto gladly responded back, "Thank you Kyuubi I do the rest", as he once again glanced at his hand enclosed as a fist surged with raw power.

As he brought his gaze upon the rigid Hyuuga, in a soft calm voice that still managed to be carried through as thunder, "Hiashi-sama…let finish this battle!" as Naruto once again brought his wooden sword once and reinstated into his now second-nature Emerald Sword Style.

The sight of seeing a young child that looked calm and ready to strike seemed uncharacteristic, that it saddens Hiashi how burden caused some individuals to grow quickly. Also assured Naruto was quite strong, Hiashi felt in his discipline bones crackle from the eruption of power. It made Hiashi released maybe Naruto processed power to protect not only Hinata, but the village as well. "I guess it runs in their family to be powerful like this…if that is true then Naruto has the potential to become more, Yondaime. But no longer dear friend will he be alone, no longer would he be tormented and treated as an outcast, no longer will my honor of to my clan prevent what I should have done a long time ago", as Naruto had gained not only a precious family, but status as well in this narrow-minded prejudice.

Every discipline bones shuddered with anxiety, due to Kyuubi's chakra, or Naruto unyielding gaze, nevertheless Hiashi felt he may have to it up a level, "Very well Naruto let finish this", as Hiashi returned to his previous Gentle Fist Style stance.

Not needing another invitation, Naruto focused some chakra into his feet, and coiled his body before he blasted towards Hiashi. As Naruto headed towards Hiashi, with each step, the pull of his chakra ripped holes into the ground.

When Naruto felt he had reached close enough to Hiashi, he launched himself into the air and twisted his body around so that he faced Hiashi below. Once he had rotated his body in a different direction, Naruto pumped chakra out of his foot and utilized his chakra to increase his speed as he descended upon Hiashi. As Naruto brought out his sword before him, it gave him the appearance of an arrow flying true towards a target.

Hiashi was surprised at his sudden change of tactics into aerial attacks, although not your normal procedure of attack, Hiashi was prepared to handle what had became a surprising shinobi. Naruto dropped in close vicinity of attacking and Naruto quickly utilized his chakra to perform a lightning quick swiped that alarmed Hiashi. Hiashi managed to move away quickly as used some of his own charka and this timed had his Byakugan activated. Hiashi eyes widen at the amount of chakra that flowed through Naruto's body. The speed of the attack had surprised Hiashi and the fact he had actually had to work to dodge the attack from Naruto pleased Hiashi tremendously. Hiashi noticed Naruto's chakra being drawn to his legs and arms which signaled Naruto was about to perform another series of attacks.

Naruto did not waste another moment as he used another charka burst that launched him towards Hiashi with the intent to plunge the sword into Hiashi's chest. Once again Hiashi dodged the attack and he was amazed at the amount of chakra Naruto utilized. "How much stamina, endurance and charka does this boy have?"

Naruto became irritated that Hiashi has been able to dodge all his attack and began perform one of the Emerald Sword Style Technique, Ryokugyoku Youshin. Hiashi was bewildered that Naruto has suddenly stopped attacking but stood before him in deep concentration.

Unaware at what his opponent was thinking, Naruto continued to talk himself through his predicament, "Okay Naruto…you haven't mastered this technique but you not going to give up I can at least try let see. What did Hinata always said, yes think my body as a glass and water as chakra. Well right now I don't want any chakra to be held back, so I must concentrate and force to let all my chakra out", as Hiashi noticed the young child developed chakra beyond what a normal child was capable.

Naruto focused in releasing all of his chakra into his wooden sword which amazingly did not managed to be ripped apart from the strain of the massive amount of chakra. Various stones around Naruto were seen to be levitated and revolved around Naruto. Both Neji and Hiashi were shocked as they felt a strong pull being generated by Naruto and had to place chakra onto their feet to prevent them from moving. Hinata had witnessed this occurrence before and was not surprised at the capabilities of Naruto. Naruto in deep concentration, continued to draw every ounce of chakra from his body, and the speed of the debris quickly elevated.

Naruto recalled the training he had received from the Hokage, and went over his memory to ensure he had not forgotten anything, "Okay now the Hokage-sama said to focus all the chakra and rotate it around in a figure eight direction to gain momentum and draw the currents of the air", which was exactly Naruto, began to perform. For as Naruto conducted the required steps for the technique, Naruto initiated the figure eight motion, were he swirled, rotated, and twisted his body as a trail of chakra trailed his sword.

Although worried, Hinata continued to watch Naruto perform the first advance technique of Emerald Sword Style. She knew that Naruto had not perfected the technique, however like they have grown; they both will not give up and try everything that would be possible to win.

Naruto was so involved in making sure he had done the technique correctly, that he had removed all connection to reality. "Okay…there is plenty of charka in there; if I do anymore I might break the sword", and like waves that crashed into a town, Naruto returned to reality with his goal in sight.

Without a moment rest or any inclination at what he was about to perform, Naruto turned his body around ready to launch the projectile, similar to what a catapult would. Hiashi was in a momentary paralysis as he watched the majestic slice of chakra projectile head towards him. Of course being the Jounin level and once he came out of his paralysis, he managed to the dodged the wrath of the projectile. The projectile continued its path as it screamed past and crashed through the house with a sizeable hole as its only evidence of an impact. Hiashi could see the projectile sliced though the wall, the trees and continued to dig into the mountain and created a lasting crater.

It Hiashi admired Naruto's determination to fight to the limit, he was impressed by the power in the skill, and praise from Hiashi was not often given out. "I must admit Naruto that was clearly amazing and incredibly powerful. You have shown great skill and strength. I did not know the Third Hokage had taken you to train you in the Emerald Sword Style. If the Third Hokage acknowledges you are worthy for that then indeed you have the potential to be powerful", as the statement surprised the two students, for the style was considered a village secret. However Naruto was not the kind of child that let his ego grow due to praise, but a feeling of warmth leaked through his body as he felt his effort were being accepted.

"How did Hiashi-sama know about the Emerald Sword Style", asked Naruto and Hinata.

"It doesn't matter right now, I have to concentrate and win this battle!" as Naruto restarted his relentless attack on Hiashi and utilized the head of the clan's momentary pause to catch him off guard.

Hiashi noticed Naruto had began attacking, and knew that the boy would fulfilled his promise dying to win in a battle, "I think I should end this now I do not want him to die right now…I know he will not give up because he is as stubborn as his father. Yet that Emerald Leaf Blade contained incredible power and that's probably due the creature stored in him as well as his own hard work. Naruto you may not realize but you are a true genius, one who is honest and hard working, your father would be proud of you!" as Hiashi was getting ready to quickly hit several pressure point that would knock out Naruto, for he knew Naruto would continued to fight.

However Hiashi never had the moment, as Naruto once again appeared before him, with a quick strike that surprised Hiashi. Like before, Naruto was irritated that Hiashi had continued to block and parry his attack even when he had put everything he had into it.

Naruto started again with a strike near Hiashi's right shin area, and then turned around where he tried to place a strike near the head. That strike missed as Hiashi moved his head away to avoid it so Naruto pulled back and plunged the sword towards the chest area once again.

Hiashi dodged to the left, while Naruto pulled his sword from where it missed to the left towards Hiashi's body. Naruto hoped to strike, yet Hiashi moved back, so out of frustration, Naruto performed a horizontal swipe before he had moved away, but this time the sword came close enough that it sliced a hole in Hiashi's clothing.

Neji was shocked that Naruto had actually came close to land a hit on Hiashi-sama, and for once saw that as mighty the Byakugan is, it could not reveal everything about an individual.

Even with his charka supply quickly being depleted, exhausted to the point where he could easily fall unconscious, Naruto still continued to slice, pull, and swing attacks towards Hiashi.

Hiashi however was more nimble and agile than the floating dummies that Naruto had been training with, which made it impossible for Naruto to land a hit. However those that were witnesses to the battle noticed Naruto had slowly been inching closer to hitting Hiashi.

Before Naruto could began his choice for the next series of strikes, a painful sickening pain shot up his back and arms, and he suddenly dropped to the ground. He could feel his vision blurring, and was unable to stand up, almost like his body had shutdown.

"Naruto I must admit never expected you to last this long and with that much power, however you have reach the max that you body is letting you take. You are the blink of exhaustion, and anymore you would face the danger of dying", said a concern Hiashi, as he did not want Naruto to die before him.

Determined not to give, the hazy fog in his eyes disappeared and surprisingly responded in a strong voice, "No Hiashi-sama I don't care…like I told you before I will die before I let myself lose and I will do the same in protecting your daughter", as Hiashi noticed that even with all the fighting, loss of charka, loss of energy, Naruto's determination burned like a fiery apocalypse. A candle that shall not be erased, a candle that will remain bright in darkness, and a candle that won't waver as it withstand the storm of chaos. A candle that had became a young blond child that will leave imprints in people's heart.

"Very well" as Hiashi smiled once again, "You have passed my test, I Hyuuga Hiashi decrees that Uzumaki Naruto is more then capable of assisting and protecting my daughter while in training with this new sensei. You also have my permission to leave this mansion and stay with your new sensei, Hinata. Also Uzumaki Naruto will be granted honorary guest status at Hyuuga compound and shall be deemed as an honorary Hyuuga", which left many speechless. The statement not only grants Naruto a home, but also nobility status within the village and such any hostility will be reprimanded by the clan. However to Naruto, the only words that felt like heaven were being accepted and acknowledged for his effort. Yet the greatest warmth he felt in his body was the thought that Hinata would be joining him.

Hinata is overjoyed to hear what her father said, and could not keep her happiness contained as ran towards where they stood. Neji was shocked, but at the same time pleased at the outcome, for he was glad Naruto had came and helped Hinata became stronger. Neji knew his beloved sister would be under great care, and the blond child would be someone he would respect to grow into.

Before Naruto could rejoice, Hiashi had appeared behind him and proceeded to give a quick strike behind Naruto's neck that had knocked him out. However that action did not settled well with the young Hyuuga heir, "F…Father…why…did you do that", asked Hinata as tears were being hold back as she through this all have been a trick.

With a soft gaze at her grief-stricken daughter, Hiashi responded, "Hinata do not worry about that, you do not know Naruto that well yet. It runs in his family they never like to lose and he would still keep on fighting. But right now he has exhausted too much of his body's charka, energy and strength. If Naruto were to keep on continue, he might endanger his life. I had disabled him so we can take care of him. Then you can both leave the next day to continue your training with your new sensei", which had made Hinata relieved at what had happened.

In a soft voice filled with various emotions, "Thank…thank you father", as Hinata came closer to her father and gave their first true hug to her father who happily returned the embrace, a hug they have sorely missed.

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