It's been quite awhile.

"I think I have leukemia from living in your basement so long."


"Well – I think there's radioactive waste down there. Must have had us cooped up too long there."

No – I mean HOW?

"I just said it," grouched Miroku.

No – that's now what I meant. I meant, WHAT basement?


I don't have a basement.


"You better not be toying with us."


"Hey! Answer us!"

Now Inuyasha, I'm going to just keep what I shot the other day – "Very other," came a mumble – and we'll just continue from there.

Okay? Action!



Everyone scrambled to get into their respective places when… Uh oh… hey… "What nooooow?"

You're so grouchy Inuyasha. But would none of you happen to have the script lying around here do you?

"No. We need them. They're in our safes. Inuyasha likes to eat them."


"AH! I'm telling the truth! AH! Save me! Save meeeeeee!"

Hm. Okay. We have a problem. I lost MY script. Any of you's have a backup?

"We aren't getting paid enough for this."

But you aren't getting paid…


And thus concludes the reason for postponing my movie! Erm – Disney's movie. Yeah. That. Anywhoo's, I'll start it back up again. Soon. I think. I mean, I'm not getting paid either. That's not fun.

"We're starving. Can we leave until you decide to start again?"

Kagome, dear dear Kagome. I could use Kikyou to replaaaaace you couldn't I?

"Fine. Forget I said anything."

Yesh. That is the director's lame excuse. Besides the fact that the authoress – "STOP CHANGING WHAT YOU CALL YOURSELF!"

I have multiple personality disorder. Don't blame me.. ask Sin. I'm going to have her help me "direct" the next scene… MUWAHAHAHAHA…

Until next time kiddies – go and dance in the puddle around the fridge!


"You know, reading that section over showed me what a lazy ass you are." (Kouga is a big fat meanie so the authoress has inserted comments into their dialogue. Hah! I can do that you know?)

I'm so proud I updated.

"This is nothing to be proud of. We didn't even shoot anything!" (Really should get around to finding Kikyou under the sand to replace this one…)

But I posted…

"But there was no content in this chapter at all whatsoever!" (I really should..)

But I updated!

"After like a frikkin YEAR you pyscho!" (I forgive him because I thought he was a girl. It's an innocent enough mistake.)

But I have ADD…


"I quit. You're intolerable."

So many have said that to me… and now I'm off to get Sin to write the next scene with me because she's morbidddddddd…

"Great. Another pyscho."

But a MORBID pyscho!