She Meant Everywhere! By joeb1451

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Mutant Enemy. Stargate belongs to MGM productions.

Authors Note One: This takes place after Chosen for Buffy, and sometime before Dr. Fraiser's death in Stargate.

Author's Note Two: I have not abandoned Imhotep's Key. Unfortunately School this quarter has more writing assignments than the last 8 quarters combined so I'm having some difficulty getting time to write. This is something that has been floating around on my hard drive for a while

Fic starts here

Alarms sounded in the entire SGC complex, "Unauthorized gate activation!" Sgt. Walter Davis announced over the PA system.

Colonel Jack O'Neill, the CO of SG-1, came rushing into the control room pulling on his uniform jacket he looked into the gate room to see the situation. The room was dominated by a huge metal ring covered around its' perimeter with various symbols. It sat at the top of a metal ramp, around it was various pieces of equipment, some of which were scientific, others that were obviously military.

One of SGC's computer techs stood at the base of the ramp as the ring turned. "Sixth Chevron encoded," Sgt. Davis reported, "We are still shut out of the computer."

General George Hammond, the CO of Stargate Command, stood staring down at the tech and the two soldiers that were covering him the room. "Sergeant Bently, if Lt. Hastings places one foot on the ramp open fire. Lt. Hastings I call on you to surrender, and unlock the computer."

Hasting glanced over his shoulder at the control room as the Seventh and last Chevron locked on the Stargate and a whoosh of energy that looked like water shot out and then collapsed back till it looked like the gate was filled with water. "General, you got to understand, once there was one, now there are hundreds, I watched two of them take apart twelve of us and not work up a sweat. I HAVE to get off this planet." So saying he began running for the gate.

Neither of the soldiers that had managed to get into the gate room before the door closed and locked hesitated. Both opened fire with their M-16's and dropped Hastings before he got five feet.

Sgt. Bently approached the body careful and looked it over, he checked for a pulse and turned back to the control room and shook his head. His eyes barely had time to register shock as a hand grabbed him around the neck and crushed the vertebrae. "That hurt," Hastings, said. His face had transformed, it now had low bestial ridges above eyes that had turned a tawny color. His mouth had changed the most though; his canines had elongated becoming fangs, with the rest of his teeth also lengthening.

He quickly covered the distance between him and the other soldier and managed to grab him before the shocked soldier was able to get off another shot. He easily stripped the M-16 from him and threw it into a corner of the room. He punched the other man in the head knocking him out. He then hoisted the limp body into a fireman's carry and strode up the ramp toward the gate, showing no difficulty in carrying the 200 lbs. man. When he got to the event horizon he turned, "General, you'll get your gate back in about twenty-four hours, I advise you not to follow me. I have no interest in Earth anymore, I advise you not to generate any." He then turned and walked into the gate were he vanished. The gate closed down immediately.

The control room was silent with what they had just seen. "Where did he go?" Hammond asked finally.

"PXE-646," one of the techs reported.

"Which one was that?" Jack O'Neil asked.

"Late Middle Ages technology, Theocracy, rabidly patriarchal," Major Samantha Carter, SG-1's 2IC, reported as she came into the control room.

One of the troopers assigned to SG-6 was just staring into the gate room. After Sunnydale he hoped he would never see one of those things again, now it was loose on the galaxy.

"We need to figure out what kind of alien that was," O'Neill was saying, "and how he beat security to get in here."

"Excuse me Colonel?" Lt. Bill Paterson said.

"What?" O'Neill asked annoyed at the interruption.

"That wasn't an alien, that was from Earth."

"What part?" Jack asked sarcastically.

"Wherever Hastings was from," Paterson answered and looked toward General Hammond who nodded his head.

"That was a vampire and we need to get some help, then find it and kill it."

Chapter 2

Ten minutes later SG-1, Lt. Paterson, General Hammond, and the leaders of the other SG teams met in the Briefing Room of the SGC. Hammond was on the phone at the head of the table seeing if he could get an Initiative Team on short notice. Lt. Paterson was explaining to the rest of the table about what went bump in the night. He had a feeling that if they didn't have a dead sergeant in medical, anyone who hadn't been in the control room would not have believed a word of it.

General Hammond said his good byes into the phone then turned to the table. "The Initiative is currently deployed to the Andes Mountains. They are out of communications and it would take over a week to just get someone into the area that they are operating in."

Paterson looked to the end of the table and said, "General, we can't wait that long. Hastings can make three or four vampires a night, and then they can go out and do the same thing. In a week we could be dealing with thousands of them."

"Okay," Jack O'Neil said, "We saddle up and go after him the minute the gate clears. We handle Goa'ulds all the time, how hard could a bunch of blood suckers be?"

Paterson turned to the Colonel and said, "We thought that way too when we first started out in Sunnydale, we ended up taking forty percent fatalities."

O'Neil winced.

"Do you have any suggestions then Paterson?" Hammond asked. "We have limited options here."

"Just one."

Chapter 3

Buffy and Dawn Summers, Faith, Kennedy, Rona, Vi, And Willow Rosenberg sat in the lobby of the Hyperion Hotel in Las Angeles holding what the others had taken to calling the daily meeting of the Executive Board. The meetings had started in the weeks after Sunnydale sank and the Hellmouth was closed to plot strategy in the rebuilding of the Watchers Council, and how to insure that it never became what the old council had been. Now that they had a firm plan of action in place the most world-shaking subject of discussion for most of the meetings was where they were going to order lunch. Not today though. Buffy, Kennedy, and Vi had shared a Slayer Dream last night, but Faith and Rona had not. The group was both discussing the dream and trying to figure out the significance that not all the slayers had had it.

"Let me get this straight," Dawn, said as she sketched on a pad, "You three dreamed the same thing, you were in an elevator, the doors opened and you were in a big room. There were four people in the room, the first was a guy in his late 40's or early 50's with salt and pepper hair, next there was a blonde woman, and a cute guy with glasses."

"I'd call him cute," Buffy commented.

"I agree," stated Vi

"If I bent that way I would think so too." Kennedy confirmed, making it unanimous.

"Then there was a big guy with a belt buckle on his forehead, and they are all wearing some kind of uniform," Dawn went on as if no one had said anything.

"Right so far," Buffy told her younger sister.

"Okay, behind them is this big ring standing on end with what looks like a pool of water in it, but the water isn't running out, and dancing in front of the this thing is The First Slayer motioning you to go into it."

"That's the dream, now what does it mean?" Buffy asked, staring at the roof.

"And how come not everyone had it?" Rona asked.

"Is this the ring?" Dawn asked, handing the drawing over to her sister.

Buffy looked at it and said, "Yeah that's pretty close, though I think the ramp was a little longer."

Faith looked over Buffy's shoulder at the drawing that showed a ring shaped object that had symbols running along the perimeter of it. "Dang Dawn, if you did the ring that good do you think you could do a drawing of the cute guy? I'd like to get a look at him."

Movement by the front door caught Dawn's attention. Five people entered the lobby and went to talk to Andrew, who as usual, was manning the front desk as a receptionist. Buffy let him stay, he had nowhere else to go; plus she felt that anyone that would put up with him enough to still request a meeting must have something important to discuss.

"Buffy?" Dawn asked.

"Hmmm?" Buffy answered as she studied the drawing.

"Was the guy with the belt buckle on his forehead black?"

"Yep," Buffy responded looking up at Dawn.

"Faith if you look over by the front desk I think you get your wish," Dawn told the dark haired Slayer.

Faith turned around and surveyed the group by the desk, "The older guy ain't to bad either, but I have to agree with you B, THAT is definitely cute."

Andrew was obviously giving them a hard time, but they were becoming persistent. Buffy tucked the sketch under her arm and headed for the desk. Lt. Bill Paterson noticed The Slayer coming and detached himself from the group to meet her.

"Ms. Summers, I don't know if you remember me, my name is Bill Paterson. We shared a briefing once." He said to Buffy.

Buffy looked him over and thought he looked sort-of familiar, but not anything beyond that. "I'm sorry but I don't remember you."

"That's okay, I didn't really expect you too. I'm not with The Initiative anymore, but the group I'm with," He indicated the others he had come in with, "Have a problem I hope you can help with."

SG-1 left Andrew and came over to where Paterson and Buffy where talking, "If you want our help," Buffy said, "Then we want some information."

"What kind of information," O'Neil asked cautiously.

"Well to start with, what's this?" Buffy said, holding up a very credible drawing of The Stargate.

O'Neill cursed, Carter looked concerned, Daniel looked interested, Teal'c impassive, and Paterson looked like he might be drawing blood from biting his tongue to keep from laughing.

"How did you get that?" O'Neill finally asked.

"My sister drew it," Buffy returned. "She drew what Kennedy, Vi, and I described to her from a dream we had last night. Everyone but him," She said nodding to Paterson, "Had staring roles, so I think we are supposed to be working together."

"Is there some place less open that where we can talk?" O'Neill asked.

Chapter 4

Buffy had sent Rona and Faith to get Giles and to ask around of the other Slayers to see who else had the dream last night, assuming that anyone who had it was supposed to be going on this mission. While they waited for people to show up Buffy lead the Stargate people to the Hyperon's main Conference Room.

"Okay while we are waiting why don't you explain what the problem is that you need help for?" Buffy asked as she settled in at the head of table. The SGC contingent took over the other end of the table and the Scoobies settled into the space between.

O'Neil was about to speak when the door to the room opened and Rupert Giles entered the room, looking around and then studying the newcomers "Sorry I was delayed," He said as he took a seat that was left open next to Buffy.

O'Neill began by introducing his team. The blond woman was Major Samantha Carter, The Cute Guy was Dr. Daniel Jackson, who Giles had actually read several of his papers, and the big guy with the belt buckle on his head was named Teal'c. Once he finished the intro's he went on and began, "The device you dreamed about is called a Stargate, or a Chappa'ai. They were created by a race called The Ancients and allow a person or small vehicle to travel near instantaneously between planets that have stargates," O'Neil began. "We belong to an organization that uses the 'gates to go out and explore the galaxy. There are some bad guys out there that would like to re-conquer The Earth and we are involved in a covert war with them. Fortunately there are some powerful good guys out there that are helping us out.

"Last night one of our support people reported back from leave. He went right to the Gate room and executed a worm that he had already placed into the system that allowed him to enter the coordinates of a planet and to lock us out of the system. He killed one guard and kidnapped another in his escape. He exhibited some surprising physical strength, he survived being shot at close range, and his face physically transformed after he was shot. He went into the gate with a captive and we have yet to get control of the gate back.

Lt. Paterson identified that Lt. Hastings had become a vampire. Since the usual units where out of touch he felt that your group might be of assistance." Jack finished

Giles took out a handkerchief and began polishing his glasses, thinking. He finally began, "I think that there is little doubt that your person was a vampire."

"That's why we're here," O'Neill replied. "Lt. Paterson seems to think we need help in dealing with this situation."

"You are right now probably dealing with two vampires. You would have to show some caution when you go to what ever planet he ended up on, but two vampires are hardly a threat to a prepared military unit," Giles said calmly.

"Would they be able to change an alien into a vampire?" Daniel asked.

"I have never seen a documented case of a demon being turned, so I believe that the process only works on humans. So just monitor people coming back from that planet and you should be fine. Once you are looking for it, spotting a vampire is no great problem."

"Mr. Giles?" Major Carter said quietly, "There are about seventy-five million people on that planet."

"Seventy-Five Mill...." Giles said in shock. Buffy and Willow joined in.

"Wait," Willow began, "Are you saying there are human colonies off Earth?"

"Remember the bad guys I mentioned?" O'Neill asked. "There called Gu'oald, they first ran into humans in ancient Egypt and decided that we make great hosts, and slaves. They transported a lot of humans off Earth to serve them on other planets. Sometimes they just drop humans off on a planet to colonize it then use it for breeding stock. This planet is one of those, it has a medieval technology level and no real clue about what goes on in the rest of the galaxy."

"What do you mean hosts?" Giles asked.

"Goa'ulds are basically a parasitic worm, they burrow into their victim and then takes total control. The original mind is still there, but it has no control over its body anymore." Carter answered.

The Scoobies shuddered, "And I thought that vampires were about the grossest things going," Xander said. "At least with them your soul goes to it's reward. Unless of course you piss off a gypsy tribe."

"Soul?" Daniel asked.

Giles replaced his glasses and explained how vampires were sired concluding with, "What you saw wasn't your compatriot, it was what killed him."

Giles and Daniel began discussing vampires in legend and how different cultures portrayed them. Jack was about to drag the meeting back onto topic when the door opened and six teenage girls and one woman in her thirties entered the room. Jack turned back to the Scoobies and said, "Hold it! This is supposed to be a confidential meeting, not show and tell!"

Buffy smiled and said, "Relax Colonel, these girls all had the same dream as me so their coming too."

"Wait a minute! We came here looking for help to deal with a vampire, we're not running some kind of travel agency!" Jack said hotly.

"They aren't coming to sight-see Colonel, they are all Slayers," Buffy replied.

Jack started then turned to Paterson, "I thought you said that there was only two of them, and the other one was in jail?"

"That was the information I had Colonel," Paterson apologized. "That's what Riley told me."

"Relax Colonel," Buffy told the irate O'Neil, "The multitude of Slayers just happened recently. We were fighting something real big and real bad so we changed the rules. We tweaked the spell that originally created The Slayer and activated all of the potentials everywhere."

"How many Slayers are we talking about?" Daniel asked.

Giles answered, "So far we aren't sure, but it looks like one potential for every ten million population would be a good guess."

Daniel said, "One per ten-million? That means that there are over five hundred on Earth?"

"Less than that unfortunately, The First, the entity we were fighting, started its campaign by first killing off potentials, there are perhaps as many as two hundred right now.

"If there are humans off Earth then quite possibly there will be Slayers out there as well. If the dream that Buffy and the others had is any indication then The Primal Slayer wants us to go out to collect and train them," Giles finished.

O'Neil was unimpressed, "We also aren't set up for that. We want help dealing with Hastings and any other vampires he might make..."

"Sire," Giles said.

"What?" O'Neil asked sidetracked.

"The process that one vampire makes another is called siring."

"Okay, any other vampires he sired. We aren't going to supply you guys a gateway to the stars."

"You may well have too Colonel. If these planets are as primitive as you suggest then a Slayer would be able to gather an army to herself and be unbeatable. Without the discipline and ethics we can instill in them I doubt you would be able to handle them. Worse if they would be able to capture advance technology you could end up with them moving off of what ever planet they started on and spreading the havoc."

"Okay, that would be bad," O'Neil, conceded. "But we have no indication that these off planet potentials were activated. Or even if there are any off Earth potentials."

Giles shook his head and took off his glasses and started polishing them. "I'm afraid that there is some evidence that there are potentials off Earth besides the dream that these Slayers shared last night. Four times in the history of The Slayer the old Slayer died and the portents said that the mantel had passed, but no new Slayer could be found. Once it was just for weeks, twice for months, and once it was for five years. Then the portents said that the Slayer had passed and a new one was located immediately. This would be explained if The Chosen One was off Earth."

Daniel nodded and turning to Jack he said, "You know who would probably know for sure? Selmak."

Jack looked sour but nodded too, "And Jacob is at JPL isn't he?"

Sam nodded this time, "Yeah, he's helping out with the thrust ratios with the 302B"

Jack stood up, "Okay, lets go and ask them."

Chapter 5

They went in separate vehicles. It was decided that Buffy, Willow, Vi, and Giles would go along. Sam rode with the Scoobies to give them directions and to get them thru the gate. On the way she explained to her traveling companions about the Tok'ra and the aid that they were giving in fighting the Goa'ulds. She also explained how touchy they were about being called Goa'ulds. Arriving at JPL Sam said, "There's Dad," pointing out a tall balding man in an Air Force uniform that was waiting by the main door. Jack beeped to get Jacob's attention then found parking a parking space. If the crowd of people that piled out of the two cars surprised Jacob Carter he gave no sign. He greeted O'Neil then took Sam into a hug and kissed her.

"Who are your friends?" He asked O'Neill.

"Not here, we need someplace quite that we can talk," the Colonel told him.

Jacob nodded agreeably and led them into the building. He held the door of a conference room open and waved everyone thru. Once everyone was in the room he took a small silver device out of a pocket and squeezed the sides. Several green lights lit up on it. Jacob nodded and turning to the others said, "Okay, we're secure. What's going on?"

"We actually want to talk to Selmak, Jacob," O'Neill told the To'kra.

Jacobs eyes flashed causing the Scoobies to jump then Jacob spoke in a very deep and hollow voice, "What is it I can help you with Colonel O'Neill?"

"We had a security breach at the SGC last night. One of our techs was turned into a vampire.

Jacob snorted, "It's late for Halloween and early for April Fool's day Jack," He told the other officer. He then stopped for a second and then said aloud, "What do you mean they're real?"

"It is true," Selmak said aloud for the benefit of the others. "The Goa'uld became aware of these creatures when they were on Earth pretending to be gods. They originally thought that they would make superior hosts do to their strength and resiliency, Unfortunately the fact that they would burn to death if exposed to the sun rendered them unsuited for hosts if the Goa'uld in question was to be considered a god.

"This is indeed serious. Why have you not pursued the creature?"

O'Neill answered, "He locked us out of the computer. He said it would clear in twenty-four hours, which should be in about five hours from now. If it doesn't we might be in trouble because we haven't been able to figure out what he did to the computer in the first place."

"If that happens I'll need a lift to get home anyway," Jacob said, "I could transport a strike team to the planet on the way."

Selmak answered, "That will not be sufficient, vampires can spread like a plague. I will contact the Tok'ra and see if any are in a position to render assistance."

"We're pursuing some avenues of inquiry ourselves, which is why we came to talk, we hope you can give us some info."

"If we can help we would be glad too," Jacob said.

"One of our people worked with a unit that dealt with these things and he suggested we look up The Slayer."

Selmak actually hissed.

"What?" Jacob asked.

"I would advise you to not do that Colonel O'Neill," she told the officer.


"It was a Slayer that lead the rebellion that drove the Goa'uld from your world. One then appeared on one of their worlds. The system lord destroyed her before we could contact her. When it happened again we managed to get a delegation to her to offer our assistants. She refused to believe that we were not Goa'uld and had our delegations put to death. For five years she fought for her planet. Her rule was harsh, perhaps even more brutal than the System Lord she wished to supplant. Finally she freed her world, but Ra would not have the rot spread so he sterilized it. Finally a Slayer appeared in a minor System Lord's harem. He decided that she would make a superior host so he entered her. He lasted two weeks, the Slayers immune system attacked and destroyed the Goa'uld. They tried to remove him but she managed to fight them off, how she could resist we never could find out. Finally he released his venom into her and they both died."

"So far I'm not hearing any reason not to go and talk to this girl," Jack said. "I mean dealing with Goa'uld you can't really blame her for taking your people out."

"We are not Goa'uld, plus she sent back recordings of what she did to them before she allowed them to die. A Slayer is nothing more than a rabid beast. They will not be of help in this situation."

Jack shrugged, "I don't know, considering that Buffy and Vi here are Slayers and they seem pretty calm."