She MEANT Everywhere!

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Authors Note One: This takes place after Chosen for Buffy, and right after Chimera in Stargate.

Authors Note Two: This story is not in my Rainbow/Buffy Universe. I felt when I put that story together if the SGC was in existence then they would have been the logical ones to tap to go to Sunnydale rather than Rainbow.

"Colonel O'Neill, Help!" The diminutive figure clutched in Buffy's hands pleaded.

"Buffy!" O'Neill exclaimed. "Let her go!"

Buffy set the figure down and released her grip. The Nox immediately dashed behind O'Neill and peered around his hips at the Slayer.

O'Neill turned around and backed up to get a clearer look at the Nox, but as quick as he dodged back, she followed him, only rotating to keep herself between him and the Slayers. "Lya, stand still," he commanded. "What are you doing here?"

Buffy for her part was confused. The way O'Neill was acting, it was clear he considered the alien to be a friend. For her part she wasn't picking anything particularly evil about her, but remembering the Knights of Byzantium, she knew that just because someone wasn't evil, it didn't mean that they were on your side.

Daniel Jackson moved toward Jack and Lya from his position on the ramp. "Jack, maybe we should get Lya out of the room." He'd noticed the Nox seemed to beginning to hyperventilate.

"Colonel O'Neill," Lya gasped. "I apologize for coming here like this." As soon as she finished the apology her eyes rolled up back in her head and she fainted.

Chapter 37

"All right Doctor, what seems to be wrong with Lya," General Hammond asked outside the infirmary ten minutes later.

Dr. Patrick Welsh almost shrugged, "I am not sure general. We have no idea what the readings for a healthy Nox are. Judging by the reactions described in the gate room I think she had an anxiety attack and fainted."

Glancing at Janet, who was still in her BDUs with a white frock coat thrown on top, and asked, "Dr. Fraiser, meaning no disrespect to Dr. Welsh, you have a lot more experience dealing with alien physiology. I'd like you take a look at her."

"I'm not sure that's a good idea General. I agree with Dr. Welsh, but what if instead of an anxiety attack it was some kind of an allergic reaction to Buffy as a slayer, I could do more damage if I approach her. Until she regains consciousness and we can ask her, I really think I should keep my distance."

Not really happy Hammond acquiesced, "Very well Doctor. I'll have SG-1 baby sit her until she awakens. We don't want her to just to disappear on us when she does."

Janet had a thought, "You know General that might be what caused her to faint. I imagine it would be quite a shock to your system to find out that when your whole survival strategy is based on being able to hide from people; to suddenly find out there are people you can't hide from."

Hammond nodded in understanding; he still didn't like anything about it.

Chapter 38

Nesa led Dawn into the cafeteria. Colonel O'Neill had suggested putting off going after the vampires until after Lya woke up. He wanted to know what she was doing sneaking around the SGC. He explained that the Nox were one of the four most advanced races in the galaxy and that they had strong feelings of isolationism. The fact that Lya had snuck into the SGC indicated that something big was going on. Buffy had not wanted to wait originally, but when General Hammond had concurred with O'Neill she had given in. When they had explained who the Nox were, Buffy even felt a bit guilty. In the mean time, Dawn decided that she wanted to get to know the new alien Slayer.

Harry Mayborne had suggested that he and Tiriea might be better off waiting off planet so they had headed home to Nelkul, promising to wait in the city that had grown up around their gate. The way the SGC people had reacted to this, Dawn suspected that they had real doubts that Harry and Tiriea would be there when the rest of the Slayer entourage arrived. In the end, General Hammond had sent SG2 along with them, both to make sure they didn't disappear, and to make contact with the various governments that kept embassies around the Nelkul gate.

Nesa was hungry so she suggested that they go get something to eat. Dawn, always willing to snack, agreed. Entering the cafeteria they spotted a blonde hair teenager about Dawn's age sitting at a table by herself. Judging by the clothing she was wearing and the backpack by her chair it looked like she had just gotten off from school. Remembering that Doctor Fraiser had sent Samantha Carter to get her daughter, Dawn figured that this was her. She also did not look real happy.

Dawn decided she needed some company. She knew what it felt like to discover that a relative is a Slayer. Going down the line she grabbed what ever was handy, Dawn could never be accused of being a picky eater. Nesa on the other hand stayed away from the mystery meat and grabbed some fruit and a salad. She still found the Tau'ri's ability to have fresh vegetables year round one of the best things about them. She followed behind Dawn to the other girls table.

"Hi! You must be Doctor Fraiser's daughter. I'm Dawn Summers," the former key introduced herself.

The girl looked up and just glared, she really wasn't in the mood for a meet and greet, wait, the name, "Are you one of these Slayer things? Like what they did to my Mom?"

"Not me," Dawn replied as she sat down, "Nesa here is one though."

Cassie looked the other girl over, who in return looked her over. Seeing how she was dressed Cassie asked, "You're from off world?"

Nesa nodded as she began to eat her salad, "I am from Hak'tyl."

Cassie frowned, "You're a Jaffa?"

"I was, but the Slayer seems to be undoing the changes that made me one."

"How can it do that?" Cassie asked, momentarily forgetting her own troubles.

Dawn frowned, "We're not sure. Willow is supposed to be talking with Ishta, when we finish with the vampires out there, hopefully they'll have enough knowledge that between the two of them, they can figure it out."

Cassie nodded, "If they could figure out how to duplicate the effect it would mean a lot to the Jaffa."

Nesa shrugged, "We discussed this when we thought it was the trentonin causing it. Both my sister and Ishta believe that even if we could, most Jaffa would choose not to undertake the healing. It would mean the end of our race."

Dawn and Cassie both nodded, they could see that.

"So, Cassie, I noticed you weren't happy when we came in, I'm guessing that we are the cause of that? I mean not me and Nesa in particular, but Slayers in general."

Cassie was forced to nod. She wasn't all that proud of how she reacted when her mother had explained why Sam had come and picked her up after school. She knew that her mom went off world sometime, and when she saw Sam waiting for her she thought something most have happened with her mom. Sam had quickly let her know that Janet was fine, just that something had come up and that her mom was involved in something, and wanted to talk to her about it. She was somewhat confused as to why this couldn't wait for her adoptive mom to come home, but she was always happy to go to the Mountain. Getting there and having it explained to her that her mom was now a superhero and that vampires and monsters were real, put a chill on that. Janet didn't have a lot of time to explain things to the girl, which hadn't calmed her down any, because of the Nox in the infirmary. So Cassie had agreed to wait in the cafeteria for her mom to get a half hour block so they could sit down and talk. She'd been waiting over an hour when Dawn and Nesa had come in to get something to eat.

"I'm worried about what you guys did to my mom. I mean going after Dracula and stuff sounds dangerous," Cassie explained.

"First, my sister so kicked Dracula's ass, he's not as tough as his press. Second, some of the stuff is dangerous, but I know your mom isn't going to be there by herself, she probably isn't going to be out there at all unless it's a big emergency. We're really trying to set things up so that Slayers that were called have a minimum disruption in their lives as possible."

"Yeah, Sam coming to get me from school because you got my mom worried that some night time nasty was going to grab me sounds like a minimum disruption," Cassie replied.

Dawn, hearing a little of her own petulance through the years in Cassie's rant smiled, "You're worried about how this going to effect your dating, aren't you?"

"What!?" Cassie almost shouted, "Of course not! I'm worried about my mom!"

Nesa leaned back in her chair, when a Jaffa yelled at another in that tone of voice blows were usually not far behind. Dawn held up her hands in placating gesture, "Of course you're worried about your mom. I worry about Buffy all the time, but come on, admit it, you're at least a little worried that Doc Fraiser won't let you out of the house once the sun goes down."

Cassie shook her head, "That's not it, exactly. It was hard enough getting a second date out of guy with my mom being a doctor, Uncle Jack and Teal'c there to threaten them, now my mom can bench press a car, I'm never going to get a date until I'm college, assuming I go to one out of state, and not the Air Force Academy."

Dawn smiled, "You should try dating with my family. When Xander delivers the shovel speech, he's missing an eye, really helps with the intimidation factor. That's saying nothing about Buffy; she can be really scary when she wants to be. Willow, you just don't want to have her explaining to a potential date what will happen to him if he hurts me. It wasn't really too bad in Sunnydale, I didn't have a lot of opportunity. Since we've moved to LA it's starting to get annoying.

"Hey I know, let's apply to the same colleges, that way we can argue that we can cover for each other, and hopefully they won't be as clingy."

Cassie looked at the younger brunette and considered. Smiling she reached toward Dawn with her right hand, "Deal."

Chapter 39

Lya finally opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was Colonel Jack O'Neill frowning at her from the bottom of the bed. "Greetings Colonel Jack O'Neill, I'd like to apologize for my actions in the gate room."

"Hiya, Lya," Jack replied, relieved that the alien had finally woken up. "About that, exactly what were you doing sneaking around our gate room. That's not exactly a friendly act."

"I'm sorry Colonel O'Neill, but our council feared what the waking of the Slayers might mean. We have always feared that it might one day happen. I was trying to pass through your facility and out into your world to see if it was aware of them. I did not expect to find your gate room crawling with them."

"You guys knew about the Slayers being awakened?" Jack asked. The SGC really had to get on the mailing list for when stuff like this went down.

Lya nodded. She pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them. "You know there was once four great races, correct?"

Jack nodded, "Yeah, you guys, the Asguard, Ancients, and the Furlings. We haven't actually met up with the Furlings yet."

"And I doubt you will. They were not in the habit of leaving souvenirs behind."

Going on Lya said, "We were friends, not just allies. We had differing philosophies of how our races should go forward, but were willing to allow the others their own uniqueness. When the Ancients met the race that was to be their last advisories, they brought to the other races not only the plans they had for fighting these creatures, but also weapons that they planned to use to fight them. One of those weapons was a warrior. It had to be female, with a specific genetic code in their make up. They had discovered a creature at one of their outposts. They had originally thought that it would help them with their plans for ascension, but that turned out to not be the case. They did discover though, that if it was introduced to certain females it could be induced to bond with them, and it would give them increased physical and mystical abilities."

"Let me guess, heightened strength, dexterity. Enhanced senses, ability to read the future, etc, etc?"

Lya sadly nodded. "When we looked at how the senses of this warrior would work, we realized that there was a very strong possibility that the warrior would be able to detect The Nox. The Council was torn in what to do. If we requested that Ancients not pursue this weapon, people might ask why we wished them not to. We, after all, had never commented on weapons they had proposed before. We were afraid that others, not our not our friends, might correctly conclude that there was something about this warrior that was dangerous to us. We doubted that it would be long before they figured out there was something about this weapon that we feared. Once they started looking, it would not take them long figure out how to render our only defense useless.

"In the end, we decided to wait, after all, this was just a proposal, the actual weapon might never be made," Lya went on. "Pardon me Colonel, Could I have some water please?"

Jack felt like a jerk. He quickly poured the Nox a glass and handed it to her.

After taking her drink, Lya went on. "In the end it seemed like we had made the correct choice, six of your months later, the Ancients sent us word that they were abandoning that project, it turned out that in the course of simulating the procedure, they discovered once it was activated, it couldn't be de-activated. The Nox breathed a collective sigh of relief."

"Don't take this the wrong way Lya, but you weren't there to see that were you?"

Lya laughed, a delightful sound, "No Colonel O'Neill, we are a long lived race, but not that long. I was not even there for the next part of the story.

"We are a careful people Colonel O'Neill, so we took the original specifications for this warrior and we created a detector, it would show us if one of these women were ever activated. For millennia it simply sat and gathered dust. Finally about six thousand of your years ago it activated. We looked and saw that what we had feared was on Earth. Worse, Ra and the Goa'ulds were the rulers of the part of the Earth with the Stargate. A team was dispatched to investigate. The watched the revolution staged by this hybrid, now called a Vampire Slayer, and the burying of the Stargate. We, as a Race breathed a sigh of relief. Over the centuries we have noticed that on a rare occasion that the Slayer is activated out in the galaxy, but that never lasts, so we felt safe.

"When a second Slayer appeared we started worrying again, especially since you were using the Stargate and coming out into the galaxy. But still, your government seemed to have no knowledge of the Slayer so it was again decided to sit and wait," Lya sat and started to look nervous, like she dreaded where the next part of the conversation would go.

Jack decided to cut her some slack, "Let me guess, a couple of months back your detector overloaded."

Lya could only smile, "That is one way to describe it. Though 'exploded' might be closer to the truth. We had to find out what had happened, so some of us volunteered to go out and try to find out what had occurred. Since I know the Tau'ri the best, I was assigned to come here, to Earth."

Jack nodded, looks like the Doc had been right, Lya had been terrified by Buffy and the Slayers. "Listen Lya, the reaction you had down in the gate room. Was that mental, or are you like allergic to Slayers?"

Lya actually looked embarrassed, "No, Colonel, that was all emotional. I did not expect your gate room to be filled with Slayers so I did not mentally prepare myself for such a confrontation. After I was seized all I could think about was getting away from her, them. For all we chide you about not being grown up enough, I think we might have some growing up to do too. After all it is not very mature to faint in the presence of the boogy-man."

Jack nodded, surprised she knew the phrase, "All right, two things. First, if you want the straight scoop on what happened a couple of month's back you probably want to talk to Buffy or Willow. Buffy is the head Slayer and she is the one who grabbed you. Willow is who actually activated all of the Slayers. The second thing is that Doc Fraiser would like to look you over. Not that the doc who did treat you isn't very competent, but Janet is better. The problem is we just found out she's a Slayer too. If you say no, I understand."

Lya looked like the last thing she wanted to do is to say yes, but, "The mature thing to do is put my fear aside, at least I assume that neither Buffy, nor Willow wish to do me any harm?"

Jack shook his head.

"So, yes, both to me talking to Buffy and Willow, and allowing Doctor Fraiser to check me out."

They decided to send Janet in first, both to get Lya used to slayers, and because she wanted to get with Cassie for what was likely not to be a pleasant conversation. Putting on her 'Doctor' face she smiled as she came into the room. "Hello Lya. I'm Doctor Janet Fraiser. I'd like to check you out. If at any time you are uncomfortable with my presence let me know and I'll get Dr. Welsh."

Lya smiled, though not looking all that comfortable replied, "Thank you Doctor. But I think I need to learn how to be comfortable around Slayers."

"I'm sorry if you feel apprehension about me. I just found out myself that I am a Slayer, and I'm not sure that I'll ever be comfortable with being one.

"Now, how are you feeling?"

Lya shrugged, "I'm nervous, normally a Nox is in control of any situation we find ourselves in. If something happens we can leave or hide. Now, with the Slayers that is no longer possible. The Nox may well not be able to survive."

"That's rather harsh Lya," Janet said as she took her wrist to check her pulse.

"No Doctor Fraiser it is not. If we can not hide our choice is either to die, or change our ways. If we are forced to adopt active defensive measures then the Nox will be as extinct as if we had all died. I may skirt the edge of our beliefs of pacifism, but I would rather die than break them."

Janet picked up an electronic thermometer and took a reading of Lya. "Are you able to convert our Celsius reading to your temperature scale?" When Lya nodded Janet Fraiser showed her the screen of the thermometer, "Is this normal for you?"

Lya looked, "It is perhaps a bit high, but it is not quite a fever yet."

Janet looked at the alien, "If you get sick, do we have drugs that can treat you?" The hint of a prayer was in her question.

Lya smiled, "Probably. When you are finished with your exam, could you let Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenburg that I would like to talk with them?"

Chapter 40

Neith entered the SGC's gym. She wouldn't tell anyone, but she actually enjoyed sparing with the SGC troopers. She had more skill with melee combat. Plus she was stronger and better able to take hits, but the warriors of the SGC just kept coming. Most of them even felt thankful for the skills they picked up while fighting each other. In turn, she was picking up skills in tactics and strategies for small unit combat. At first she was resentful, after all, the entire Jaffa nation had been fighting each other for thousands of years, you learn a thing or two during that time.

Instead she discovered that the Jaffa had been playing a bloody game. Everyone followed the same rules and built up skills for use in that game. However, the Tau'ri had a saying, "All's fair in love and war." She wasn't sure if she could buy the love part, Jaffa looked at things like love differently than the Tau'ri, but with how right they were about warfare she was giving them the benefit of the doubt. Not that she had her eye on anyone. Of course Nesa was reaching the point that she needed to be concerned about her sister.

Inside the gym she found several of the Slayers working out with each other. They were, enthusiastic about it. The one with long brunette hair was sparing with two of the other Slayers with staffs. Neith looked at the Slayers; she cocked her head and was surprised when she recognized something about it. This was surprising; because except for Nessa, Neith had never seen Slayers spar before. Ah, that was it. The Slayers were using many of the same moves she had seen Nesa use. That was interesting. Watching the brunette, Kennedy, she thought her name was, easily handling the other two she began studying the senior slayer. After several moments, Neith realized she was not sparing with the girls to train them, well there was a little of that, but not much, she was dominating them. Not the best way to train less experienced people by a long shot.

Neith had been accused by many of being a bully, but she wasn't really. She pushed people, but only those she thought worth the effort. This Slayer, she saw, was doing this because she enjoyed it. Neith turned and left, she needed to find Teal'c. She found him in the weight room doing reps with a barbell. As soon as she entered he put the weights down and asked, "May I help you Neith?"

"May I borrow a bashaak?"

"Indeed, but I am curious why." Teal'c asked as he went and picked up a towel to take the sweat off.

"I was looking at Slayer Kennedy sparing with two of her juniors. Her intent was not to improve them, but to establish herself over them."

"So you want to point out her error?"

Neith snorted, "Before I do that, I will have to get her attention."

"I have one in my quarters. I believe I would like to observe if you do not mind."

"I do not mind. In fact, if I fail, it will be up to you to point out the error of her ways."

When they got back to the gym Kennedy was talking to some SGC troopers, ignoring her bruised sparring partners as if they were beneath her notice.

Teal'c looked things over, "I think the situation may be worse than you believed. Good luck."

"I heard O'Neill say, 'There is no such thing as luck,' I will defeat her by skill, not luck."

"How can you be so sure?" Teal'c wondered.

"I have fought a Slayer before; she has never fought a Jaffa."

Moving forward Neith joined the group that had Kennedy as the center of attention. "Pardon me Slayer Kennedy. If you are feeling up to it, I would like to spar with you."

Kennedy looked the Jaffa over, she was well muscled and Willow had commented that Jaffa were stronger than people, but Kennedy doubted it was up to Slayer level. "Sure, are you using that?" She asked. "You're not going to shoot me right?"

Neith shook her head, "This is a bashaak. It is used to teach hand to hand combat with a staff weapon, but can not shoot anything."

Kennedy smiled; she went over and picked her staff up from where she dropped it after the fight. The mat cleared and Kennedy and Neith faced off.

Neith brought her bashaak up into a mid-guard position. Kennedy went with a high-guard. The two warriors circled each other for about ten seconds then Kennedy attacked in a whirl of motion. Neith dodged back, and then quick as a snake her weapon licked forward slapping the back of Kennedy's staff and pushing it along, pulling the Slayer off balanced. Neith, using the momentum of her swing, brought the fan shaped other end of the bashaak around behind Kennedy's right leg and clipped her behind that knee. Kennedy went down on her right knee. Neith brought her weapon around, heading for Kennedy's face, but Kennedy managed to get her staff up and block the blow. Neith took the momentum of the block and brought the bashaak around and slammed it between Kennedy's shoulder blades, knocking her flat. Before Kennedy could force herself back to her feet Neith planted her right foot between Kennedy's shoulder blades and pushed the bulbous end of the bashaak into the back of Kennedy's head. Teal'c clapped, indicating a point. Neith got back up and retreated to her side of the mat. Kennedy scrambled to her feet, a scowl of black fury on her face.

Chapter 41

Willow knocked on the door to Lya room. The Nox looked up and smiled, "Come in Ms. Rosenberg. Seeing the red-headed witch seemed to be alone she asked, "Is Ms. Summers not coming?"

"Buffy feels real bad about what happened in the gate room, and she doesn't want to upset you. So she wanted to make sure it was really alright for her to meet with you."

Lya smiled, "I was surprised in the gate room, and I too would like to apologize to her. I acted poorly when we first met."

Willow leaned back out of the room and said, "She say's it's alright Buffy."

Willow entered the room and a short time later an uncomfortable Buffy joined them. Lya felt her blood pressure start to rise. She calmed her self and said, "Ms. Summers, I'm sorry for the way I acted in the gate room, you were just protecting your friends, and I was in the wrong hiding."

Buffy shook her head, "I probably overreacted. I've had some bad experiences with invisible people and I reacted instinctively."

Willow stepped in, otherwise the two would probably be apologizing to each other for the next ten minutes, "Jack and Janet explained the situation to us. I feel really bad; my waking the Slayers might have doomed your whole race!"

Lya nodded, "I don't see a solution to the problem either. I'm curious why did you feel the need to wake all the Slayers?"

"Well, it's like this," Willow began. She then spent about twenty minutes explaining the situation with The First, and why Buffy had felt the need to awaken all of the Slayers. Willow then apologized, she hadn't realized at the time that the spell would travel off world, and put anyone else in danger.

"I see now why you cast the spell. In one why I'm glad you did, from your description of this creature, The First, I doubt it would have been satisfied with Earth, after it had conquered this planet, it would have spread out into the universe. Perhaps my people will suffer, but at least everyone else now has a chance."

Buffy had been largely silent through out Willows explanations, when she was finished she announced, "I have an idea."

Both Willow and Lya looked expectantly at her. "Lya, your people are completely opposed to violence in any form right?"

Laya nodded, "It is the core of our beliefs."

Turning to Willow, Buffy said, "Sister Mary Serenity."

Willow got excited, "Yeah, she would work!"

Lya looked confused, "Who?"

Willow turned back and excitedly said, "Sister Mary was chosen when I cast the spell. She's a member of the Order of Missionary Charity, Mother Teresa's order."

Lya's look repeated 'who?' without her saying anything.

Buffy put her hand over Willows mouth to prevent her from babbling on. "Mother Teresa was nun who ran an organization devoted to helping out the poor around the world, she was really big on the non-violence, I think she would have gotten along great with you guys. Sister Mary belongs to the order and is based out of Los Angeles. From what we've been told, she should fit right in on your world."

"What would she do there?" Lya asked, not really seeing how this would help.

"If someone brings a Slayer to your world to act as a birddog, Sister Mary can deal with her," Buffy explained.

"We do not allow violence on our world Buffy. It would make no difference if she was there or not."

Buffy smiled, getting a little excited herself, "You don't understand either. Sister Mary won't lay a hand on the other slayer, and she won't get hit either, I don't know if it's just because she dedicated to non-violence, or because she's never going to attack she can concentrate fully on defense, but the girl is unhittable. I know, I tried for two hours one afternoon. Once she's worn the other Slayer out physically, she'll be able to talk the other Slayer around."

Lya frowned, "I suppose it could work, would this woman be interested in coming to our world?"

Willow spoke up, "I think she will be. She believes that God has given her these abilities for a reason, and she has been looking for what it is. Buffy may have something; she's practically perfect for your people."

"Very well, if she is interested, I will speak with her."

Buffy and Willow grinned, "Great, I'll call her."