Year: 2006

No one walked the streets of Middleton. No one walked past the shattered glass, or the crumbled buildings. Stone, steel…fragments of a way of life strewn across the broken pavement. It was gone…Middleton was but a whisper of the wind that swept down scarred earth.

Life was also just a memory.


Chapter One

Year: 2005

Ron sighed, seeing Kim like this was too much to handle. That Mankey jerk dumped her flat after three months and needless to say Kim was crushed. He wanted to run to her side, but he remembered…they weren't speaking to one another. Kim sat at her regular spot at her table and Ron knew better than to come near, not when she was angry with him. After all, it was his fault Kim and Josh broke up in the first place.

Even though Ron didn't sit at the normal table he didn't go unnoticed. Monique sighed, moving her eyes from Ron to Kim who ate her lunch silently.

"Why don't you go talk to him, 'cuz I can't stand seein' you two like this." Kim didn't acknowledge her friend, choosing to continue to stir what she guessed was mashed potatoes. "You don't still blame him, do you?"

"Of course I do!" The cafeteria froze at Kim's outburst, Monique herself had backed up. Kim cleared her throat and took a breath. "Everything was going great until Ron decided to mess things up."

"You know he didn't mean to. He was just being…Ron. You can't blame a guy for-."

"I don't want to talk about it." Monique frowned.

"And when will be a good time, Kim? Graduation is coming up in a week! You're going to end a friendship, that's lasted since your preschool days, a week before Graduation over some guy?" Kim's response was standing and dumping her tray in the trash before grabbing her books and leaving early for her next class. Monique was about to make pursuit when a hand grabbed her shoulder.

"Mon, thanks. But Kim's right; I messed up." She sat down and offered Ron a chair. Sitting hesitantly, he stared at folded hands. It was horrible seeing him like this. Too bad that boy was so caught up with Kim; he was so sweet, funny and caring. Who couldn't love a face like that? She patted him on the shoulder before scooting closer.

"And you were supposed to know they were sitting in the next booth? That almost ceiling stack of nachos and cheese could have fallen on anyone." Monique tried hard to stifle her laugh. "The look on that boys face must have been the best. I woulda done anything to have seen him get clobbered!" Monique definitely wished she had taken Ron up on that offer to go, but after-school-shift at Club Banana on Thursdays, it couldn't be helped. Good thing talk about it was all over the school.

Ron smiled at what she had said. He had to admit, seeing Mankey dripping with nacho cheese was far better than he had imagined. After his cheesy fate, Josh stood and found Ron sitting in the next booth. Turning to Kim he announced that he was tired of being covered with food on every date, declared it was over and left. Kim stood, glared at Ron and ran after Josh. It's all that Ron remembered of it anyway. Monique put an arm over his shoulder.

"What do you say you and I hit Bueno Nacho after school? My treat, grande size the whole menu if you want." He smiled, but gently shrugged off her arm.

"Sorry, Mon. I think I should just go home after school."

"You feelin' ok, Ron?" He grinned at her look of worry, before looking at the doors Kim had walked out through.

"I just…I have the worst feeling."

Math class…it wasn't the same with Kim feeling so far. Ron sighed and looked out his window. It didn't feel right at all. Sure he had messed up before…and perhaps it might be on like, a daily basis, but she was still mad and it hurt.

The green outside was refreshing. Spring turning into summer was nice, the way everything was so warm and bright. It was a beautiful contrast to the way he felt. He felt so detached, as if watching from a dream and he could just feel…something was shifting under the surface. Something was getting ready to explode; the world was getting ready to change. His fingers found their way to his pencil and he began to put unspoken words to paper.

The bell rang, the kids in the class standing and rushing to the door. As Ron passed Kim's desk he left the paper and walked out. He sighed and kept walking, not turning back. Kim picked up the folded sheet, looking at the scribbled words. Normally he'd write their names; "From Ron to Kim" on the outside, but instead it simply stated "From one friend to another." Her hands went to open it but she stopped, the memory of her anger returning. Not talking meant notes too. The note was stuffed into a random part of her pants pocket and quickly forgotten.


"Welcome home, Kimmie cub." Kim gave her dad minimal acknowledgement. "Don't forget to be ready by 9." She froze.

"What's going on at 9?"

"You don't remember?" Kim's Mom inquired from the kitchen before stepping out into the spacious living room. "Mrs. Benchmark, an official from the government, is coming to have a formal dinner with us promptly at 9. She said it was very important that the whole family is there."

"We're counting on you being here, Kimmie." Kim sighed and nodded before heading to her room. Throwing her book bag down Kim collapsed onto her bed and opened the drawer to her nightstand. Finding her dairy just where she left it Kim opened it. True, she used one on her computer, but it was too predictable. No one knew about her real one. Her last entry was rather long. 4 pages to be exact, 4 pages of hateful rant, 4 pages about Ron. Her fingers ran down the dried ink…

These words were written out of anger and at the time without remorse, after all that's what a diary is for. As Kim read through it she wondered how much she really meant and how much was just from heated emotion.

It was very true Ron had a tendency to slip up and ruin something whether it was in gym, during a mission, or well…anything else. But did he hold her back like she had stated in her boldfaced words on the paper before her? Did he keep her from being better than she was? How much time did she waste having to go back to save him? How many friends did she never get to meet because he was making a scene? How much time had she spent tutoring him or cleaning up after his mistakes?

Kim closed the book and placed it next to her. Ron always meant well. She knew it. But, this realization made something crack inside. Picking up a pen and the book she opened it to a new page.

Today was weird, Diary. It… felt different. I didn't say anything to Ron, and you know, it was easier than I thought it would be. It was more quiet, but that would go without saying. More importantly I got to every class on time, got all my work done and had less headaches. But I smiled less. And I wonder, which is truly more important?

At lunch Monique tried to get me to talk to Ron, and I kinda got mad. I'm still angry with him, I mean he does seem to know how to just…I know he doesn't mean to, but Diary, I'll be out of high school in a week. I'll be in college, and I'll be what will feel like a full fledge adult. I can't spend my whole life cleaning up after Ron. I know I'm destined for, well, greater things. He does mean a lot to me…but I think there's a line that needs to be drawn. I'm drawing it here. Ron just needs to grow up is all. He needs to learn to do things for himself and to face up to the consequences of his mistakes, after all I won't always be around to make it ok.

Placing the pen in the pages she closed the book and placed it back in its spot. A nap before dinner would be nice. Kim crawled under her light sheet and fell fast asleep.

"Kim! Get up and take a shower! Mrs. Benchmark will be here in half an hour!" She sat up and stretched. Formal dinners were so boring, with the proper way to do everything. After getting on her feet Kim began to empty her pockets. She couldn't remember how many things that were lost to the washing machine. That was when a piece of paper brushed against her hand; it was Ron's note. It was warm and slightly wrinkled from being in her pocket all afternoon, but she placed it on the nightstand and proceeded to get ready for her shower. Maybe she'd read it before bed. Maybe.

Kim walked down stairs, clothed and ready for this dinner, when the door bell rang. Thankfully Mrs. Possible got there before the twins. The woman waiting behind it was a sight to see. She towered high, threatening the doorframe with her large intimidating physique. Her dark black hair was held in a tight bun that pulled her slightly sagging feature back with it. Her eyes however, they were the most freighting, the way they stared down from on high, analyzing and surly judging the Possibles. She then smiled, placing down a large brown suitcase.

"Thank you so much for having me over and being ready on time, you don't understand how important that is to me." There was a slight German accent in her voice, the tone quick, precise and without emotion. "I am Mrs. Benchmark."

"This is my wife, my daughter Kimberly and my sons Jim and Tim." Mr. Possible wasn't affected by her stature, even as he led them all into the dinning room. The larger table was dressed and set so regally it surprised Kim as she entered. This Benchmark lady must be something special. Why hadn't Kim heard of her before? Mrs. Possible soon brought out a stunning dinner, one that rivaled the Possible thanksgiving for sure. It was well into the hour before everyone was finished. At ten the guest stood, gaining everyone's attention.

"I would like to get down to the urgent business at hand. If you would, please follow me to the living room." The others did so without question. Once gathered, Benchmark flipped on the Television, the news was on and something was seriously wrong. The news anchor's face was so pale, her hands shaking as she read from the teleprompter.

"World War 3 has just been declared and as a result riots have broken out all over the world. Millions of protestors have gathered in streets, even mass suicides were reported in America's mid-west. The Pentagon reports that major bombing will begin in the Middle East as well as the opposing countries in as little as four days…many are calling this the end of humanity as we know it." Mrs. Benchmark turned off the TV, on her face was a smirk.

"Don't worry there's more." She opened her suitcase and from inside sprang a hologram of the earth, around it flew many tiny dots. At first it was only a few but then came millions like a swarm that engulfed the earth.

"On the 7th day of World War 3," Benchmark continued. "An alien race; the Hoobans will exterminate all human life on earth."

"And you want us to stop them?" Jim asked excitedly. Benchmark just frowned.

"No. The Hoobans will clear the earth of human life and begin repairs to its damaged ecosystem as well as fully colonize the planet on both land and sea. Their attack, little boy, is welcomed."

"Welcomed?" It was Kim's turn to question the behemoth of a woman.

"Indeed. It's part of Operation Eternity. We have selected a mere few thousand to save from the attack. You, the Possibles, are just a few of those thousands. On the 6th day this family along with many others will board our spaceship Eternity and will be sent into hyperspace. There you will wait 2 weeks and in those 2 weeks 3 years on earth will pass. By then there will be such thing as humans. There will be no cities other than those of the Hoobans. Every villain you ever faced, every friend you ever knew will be gone."

"But millions of innocent people will die! H-How can you just-."

"Kimberly, there's something you may not understand. And it might be hard to see from this perfect home in the suburbs but there's an immeasurable amount of suffering in the world. Diseases, hunger, violence. Humanity is beyond repair at this point, so we're pushing the reset button. That is why we've chosen only a few candidates for this project. We wanted only the best genetics, people with as little bad genetic traits as possible. The top scientists, the best athletes, all will help build a brighter, far better future for the human race. Don't worry, your friend Wade Load and his family will be on the ship as well."

"A-and Ron?" Kim's face was so pale, her heart beating furiously against her chest. Benchmark burst out laughing.

"Ron Stoppable? Hardly. His genetics are very poor and he has little to offer the operation. His physic is weak; he's clumsy, has one of the lowest GPAs of the graduating class and in about 3 years will need corrective lenses. Besides, I've read Global Justice's reports on your little crime fighting team. Aren't you tired of his antics holding you back? Aren't you tired of having to take care of him every time something goes wrong?"

"There's more to him than just that!" Kim stood, stepping toe to toe with the towering woman. "He's kind and funny and-and"

"And very important to you I'm sure, Kim, but there is no way he can come. Any stowaways on the Eternity will be jettisoned into space and anyone impregnated at the time with undesired genetics will have the child terminated. A world with no cancer, no disease. The world will be perfect with a perfect green earth and a higher species to help guide us. No crime, no murder. It'll be perfect. It will be clean. We're talking about a world with no pain, Kim."

"What about my pain? You're asking me to let everyone I've grown to love, everyone I know die? No. I won't have anything to do with this-this massacre. I'm not going to run away!" Kim felt her father's hand on her shoulder.

"Kimmie, please, calm down and listen to Mrs. Benchmark."

"You might not know it," Benchmark was almost laughing by this point. "But you were created for this operation." Emerald eyes went wide. "You don't think a brain surgeon and a rocket scientist would just—get together, do you? And your missions? Heh, all training, tests. Think of it as a test run of the operation, your mother and your father. We picked them out of our top list about 20 years ago and matched them according to their personalities. We wanted to see what kind of child would come from two highly prized individuals, and we were more than pleased with the results. You think the world's forces couldn't handle villains such as Drakken, Shego and Monkey Fist? We left them alone, even released them from jail to keep you moving and to keep testing you. And the twins here are becoming brilliant inventors. All of you are powerful assets to our cause, and you Kim are proof that this project will work."

Hurt wouldn't begin to describe the look in Kim's eyes. She whirled around, her eyes falling on her parents.

"You knew? You two knew about this all along?!"

"Kimmie," Mr. Possible did his best to stop Kim, but she easily made her way past and out the door and as far from that house as she could get. Benchmark only grinned at two glaring parents who held their sons in place.

"Don't worry, she'll come around and if she doesn't she gets left behind to die with the rest. She's a strong girl. I'm sure your daughter will make the right choice."

Jao: Man that took forever to write out and man is it long. Normally for a first chapter I go 2 pages in Word with Verdana size 9 (same font and size you're reading now) but this one ended up being 5 pages. I plan this story to be at least 10 chapters long.

What about Long Shot? I cut it because A) it was hard to think of a continuation. The characters are fun to Role Play, but they're hard to write out, and B) I want to save the characters for an original work rather than a fan fiction.

I loved how Benchmark turned all the stuff Kim was saying about Ron against her near the end. This has been a recurring theme in my works about not taking people for granted. This type of ordeal usually happens to me when I feel the need to talk bad about a person, then I end up almost losing that person and go running back to them, which you should know by now Kim will do in the next chapter.

Also it was fun to make the theory that ties it's self deep into the show's story. About Kim's creation, why she is the way she is and the reason she does what she does. It pulls stuff from some episodes as well, like the Ron Factor, and the one about animology and a few others's I'm forgetting.

There is only one plot loop here, and I might as well be the first to point it out. In Ron's thoughts in the very beginning we find that Kim has been going out with Josh for 3 months, yet it's senior year. I needed to keep the time together short so he'd leave for something as dumb as being mashed with food all the time, yet it was important this happens on senior year.

I think one of the saddest things is that they won't even get to graduate together, after being friends from day one of Pre-K. On that day, the graduation day the Hoobans will come.

XD I know there's one reader that's reading this probably laughing at me for using the Hoobans in a Kim Possible fanfic, but I couldn't resist. TPQ and I created the race for an Invader Zim fanfic series and I have been working on them for well over a year, perhaps two. She knows that the characters are in for an interesting ordeal, so you all should know as well.

The Grand Colony Leader will be one of my most favorite characters I have ever created. My very own brainchild.

I figured my last KP fic should be the best yet.

You all are in for quite a ride.