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Clean Chapter 7

Written by TPQ and jao was too damn bright. Turning on her side, Kim tried to cover her face, scrunching up her poor, sensitive eyes, trying to block as much sunlight out as she could. After last night the last thing she wanted was to wake up to more of it. Maybe if she went back to sleep she'd wake up and it'd all be a dream. Even though her eyes were closed they couldn't block out the look, the pain in Ron's eyes the night before. Neither could it hide her guilt. But...the idea of Ron, her Ron, having a daughter? It just seemed unreal. But still, Kim knew she couldn't let that little girl die, nor could she desert her friend.

Kim pictured the happy look Ron would have when she'd tell him the news, knowing that goofy smile of his would be well worth it. She rolled over, using her arms to try to block out the sun but decided it to be useless. To her right, she heard a soft chuckle, and once she opened her eyes it took Kim a few moments to remember who it was.

"What're you doing...?"

"Good mornin' to you too, sheila. And what's it look like I'm doin'?" Savin waved the potato peeler in the air before glancing at her. He must have noticed something about her expression because as he went back to pealing the potatoes, he said, "If you're lookin' for Ron, he's out huntin'. I'd be out with him, but damn if I didn't get stuck with potato duty." He sighed, absently placing a fully pealed potato down next to a pile of other potatoes.
Kim sighed as well, getting up from her bit of ground and moving towards Savin.

"I need to talk to him."

"About what?" He asked, studying the bunch of potatoes waiting to be pealed in front of him before picking up one.

"I'm going to help him save Bailey," Kim answered softly, looking away. "I was being selfish, last night. If he needs me...I'm going to be there for him."

"That's great!" Savin said quickly, looking up from his potato pealing. "Wait 'til Mon hears, she'll-"

"Kim!" Savin stopped talking, turning his head in the direction he heard Monique's voice. Kim followed his gaze and saw Monique running towards them, shielding her eyes from the glaring sun. Before she realized what she was doing, Kim moved towards Monique. Maybe, just maybe they could set things right...things could be like before.

"Monique, I'm going to help save Bailey," Kim said, a smile on her face. Instead of the smile Kim expected to see on Monique's face, Monique's expression remained flat.

"They were going to let her go, anyway," She responded, shrugging.

"What? How do you-" Kim fell backward before she could finish her sentence, Monique calmly pulling a tazer away from Kim's body. Slowly, she turned to Savin and smirked.

"Was that really necessary, Mon?" He asked, looking up at her before getting off the ground, the potato he was pealing forgotten. "She was gunna help." Monique moved away from Kim's still body.

"She was lying." She waved the tazer at Savin like a wagging finger. "You didn't know Kim, Savin, whatever Kim Possible wanted, Kim Possible got--I am not about to let her get the only thing I've ever wanted." Savin snorted slightly, raising an eyebrow.

"Looks to me she had 'im all along." Savin didn't turn his head or change his expression when Monique's tazer ended up underneath his nose. "You wanna be careful with where you wave that thing, might poke an eye out."

"I dare you to say that again," Monique hissed.

"What do you plan to tell 'im?" Savin asked nonchalantly, crossing his arms.

"That Kim ran off. He'll believe it. She ran from us before," Monique explained, placing the tazer in her pocket. Soon enough the loud booms of hover bikes filled the air, causing Monique and Savin to look towards the sky. The red and purple bounty hunters from the night before made their way over to Kim, their faces masked and any distinguishing body features covered. Without so much as a word to Monique or Savin they gathered Kim off of the ground, binding her securely and loading her onto the back of the red one's bike.

"What's going on?" Savin and Monique turned, watching as Ron ran towards them. "I saw two hover--" he stopped, his catch from early that morning forgotten as he dropped the hares. He pulled out his gun and began running towards the hover bikes, aiming as best as he could while he tried to keep up with the red and purple bounty hunters. Without needing a further second to react Ron pulled the trigger, only to feel no recoil from the gun. Stunned, Ron stopped moving, lowering the gun. As the bikes flew off he turned back to Savin and Monique.

"See anythin' missin'?" Savin asked slowly, turning to Monique, raising an eyebrow. He removed his hat, his face solemn as Monique's face paled.

"Where is she? Where's Bailey?!"

"What do you mean, 'where's Bailey'?" Ron's stunned expression was replaced with a confused one, and he grabbed Monique's wrist, trying to get her to turn to him. "Monique--Monique, what did you do?!"

"I...I made a trade," she whispered, unable to look him in the eyes. As soon as the words left Monique's mouth, Ron let her go.

"You did what?! Kim--you traded Kim for Bailey? Don't you know what they do to women Kim's age there?!" Monique looked up from the ground, tears in her eyes.

"She wasn't going to save Bailey, Ron! It was the only way to save our daughter!"

"Ronnie, I can't just sit back anymore," Savin spoke up finally, Ron turning to him. "Kim said she was gunna save Bailey when she woke up this mornin', but Mon here--"

"Shut up!" Monique hissed. "You didn't do a damn thing when they came and took Kim away, either!"

"I also wasn't the one who sold out her best friend," Savin said calmly, turning away from Monique. "She was our last hope.... You women and your petty grudges and hatred ruin everything from that rat bag queen to you and Kim." Savin watched as Ron marched off towards the passageway. The things Ron must be thinking, Savin couldn't fathom it. It was true Ron was perhaps the strongest of any of the people here in the hole in the wall, but no one could face this alone. With one last glance at Monique, Savin sighed and followed Ron inside.

The two were silent, going through a collection of weapons, deciding which ones would be the most useful. As Ron was digging through the weapons, he stopped at a box. It looked as if it had been rather old, dust having collected on top of it in a thick layer. When he opened it, he smiled. The Lotus Blade...without a thought he tucked it into the homemade sheath and tied it to his waist. It might be useful to have.

"Just what are you doing?" Monique's voice was almost shaking. Ron kept his eyes in front of him, searching through the last of the weapons.

"I'm going to save them."

"Save them? Ron, you can't! You'd die!" A slow smirk made its way across his face as he picked up a rifle and loaded it, the rifle clicking loudly in the unbelievably silent cavern. He shouldered the rifle before turning to Monique, his smirk changing into an emotionless expression.

"Then I'll die."


Voices...she could hear voices, but she had never heard them before. Where was she? What happened? What was going on...?

"That was too easy," said one voice. Whoever it was seemed to have a slight nasal problem.

"Guess they knew the Regiri would do anything for her, huh?" said another. This voice laughed. Kim struggled to open her eyes, trying to see the two who were talking.

"Wonder if she's even awake yet? Even with a tazer at the highest setting, a human shouldn't be knocked out for this long. And we're almost inside the Palace," the first voice said. Suddenly Kim realized there was an arm under her back and another under her legs, carrying her. For a brief moment she felt a surge of panic, but calmed herself down enough so that she wouldn't struggle. Perhaps if she pretended to still be knocked out...she moved her arms slightly, realizing it was almost impossible for her to move them. She was bound.

"It would upset the Regiri greatly if her prize wasn't awake. Why couldn't we kill her again?" the second voice asked. He, she had decided he was male, sounded rather disappointed.

"It wouldn't have been any fun, with her being knocked out and all," the first one responded. He, this one was definitely male, was the one who must have been carrying her, because she felt her body shift as he moved his arms a bit. "It would have been even easier than capturing her."

"Heh... Can you believe that they actually believed they were going to get their daughter back?" the second snorted. He broke out into giggles. Kim felt anger bubbling slightly inside of her. "Did you see the look on their faces when they realized their precious baby girl wasn't there?" The first one snorted, seeming to try to hold back laughter.

" was great. I wish we could have stayed there longer, but the Regiri wanted her back," he said, lifting Kim up a bit as he said 'her.' "Now be quiet. You know the Regiri doesn't like it when we talk." The two fell silent, causing Kim to dread what was happening. She couldn't see, couldn't move...there was no way she could defend herself against the Regiri. She heard doors being pushed open--her guess was that the owner of the second voice had pushed the doors out of the way for the owner of the first voice.

"Ah, Red, Purple...I see you have not failed me, this time," the voice was unmistakable--the Regiri had spoken. Kim's heart sank--she was back here again.... But where else would she be? "Red, you may put her down. My guards will take care of her from here."

"Yes, my Regiri," the owner of the first voice, Red, said softly, slowly placing Kim on the ground. Kim attempted to look and feel like dead weight, attempted to let her body seem lifeless. All she heard was footsteps and doors closing before another pair of softer footsteps made their way towards Kim.

"I know you're awake, Miss Possible," the Regiri said. Kim could just hear the triumphal tone to her voice.

This was just too much, it hadn't even been a day out of the palace before she was captured and returned like some piece of meat. The blindfold was removed, revealing the smirking queen standing over her, the cloth running through her long slender fingers. If only her arms and legs weren't still bound, she would find a way to at least get rid of that ever-present smirk. If only she weren't so alone....

"Welcome back, Kimmie. Today you begin your duties. You'll be taken to your room, bathed and set. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy the ride." Kim's face went pale but before she could say anything Jordine began to speak again. "I'm sure Li's already ruined the surprise. Oh well, it doesn't really matter, it won't make a difference in your performance," Jordine said, looking at the blindfold in her hands, still smirking.

"I'm not some dog for you to breed around! You can't make me do this," Kim shouted, trying to twist her arms free. If her arms were free....

"Oh but you are, Kim. All humans are mine to do with as I please. Like that girl Bailey for example. I could slaughter her and feed her to you if I wanted. You have to agree, human tastes so much better than cattle. Wasn't it so much...sweeter?" A cruel chuckle came from Jordine as Kim's face turned two shades paler. As Jordine chuckled she knelt down beside Kim.

"Now stay still... I don't want to ruin the surprise as to who you're going to be performing your duty with," Jordine muttered, holding Kim's face still with one hand before tying the blindfold tightly around Kim's eyes. "Take her away." Kim struggled as guards began to drag her off.

"You-you won't get away with this!" Kim could hear Jordine's short, triumphant laugh. Even if she hadn't known the queen for very long, she could almost hear the smirk that must have been on Jordine's face.

"Don't blame me. I'm not the one responsible for you being back here."

Kim's shoulders slumped and she stopped struggling. Jordine was right--she wasn't the one responsible for her being back here. Monique...Monique had sold her back. Her friend...Ron's--well, she didn't really know what Monique really was to Ron. But Monique and Ron had a child together...and she, Kim, was going to save that child. How could Monique do this to her? How could Monique send Kim back to this place? She had to have known about the duties of the female human beings that lived here, in the castle. She had to have...

But what if she didn't? What if Monique had no idea what the true purpose of a human female was? What if she didn't know? Would Monique care if she did know? Or was she just too concerned with making sure that her little girl was safe and all right? That little girl--Bailey--Kim still could save her if she just struggled free. She was Kim Possible--nothing was impossible for a Possible!

With new vigor Kim began struggling again, but the guards' grips were tight, unrelenting. It was useless, Kim realized, slowing her struggle. There was no way she could get free--the Hoobans were much stronger than she, and would could she do once she was free, anyway?

Even if her eyes were covered she could almost tell where she was in the palace. If only she could see, if only her arms weren't tied, if only she was capable of using her legs.... Being carried like this--it was degrading. A Possible should not be reduced to this--there had to be some way she could get free.... But the binds were done perfectly, with no looseness in the knots for her to exploit. She didn't want to give up, but it seemed like she had to. But she didn't--there was no way she wanted to be taken, not without a struggle.

The sound of a door opening and the sensation of being suspended in the air for a few seconds overcame Kim's body. Another pair of arms, ones that seemed less harsh, ones that seemed almost...protective. She did not like the feel of these arms. They reminded too much of Ron's, two--no, three years ago. The arms tightened their hold on Kim, and Kim heard retreating footsteps. Slowly the arms lowered Kim onto what she had guessed to be a bed.

"Don't," she whispered suddenly. There was a sigh, and the hands that had carefully placed her on the bed moved slowly to Kim's shoulders, then to behind her head.

"Please don't," she said, louder this time, looking away. There was a soft sound, almost a slur of letters forming words that Kim could not possibly understand. But the tone of the voice, the way the words were said. It sounded to be an apology. The voice also sounded so very familiar, and the hands at the back of her head, slowly untying the knot to her blindfold, were shaking ever so slightly.

"Please...if you're going to go through with this, don't take off the blindfold," Kim pleaded, jerking her head away from the hands.
There was another sigh. Kim felt the hands pull away and the space next to her suddenly lowered, as if the person had sat down next to her. There was another whispered apology in Hooban--or at least, that was what it sounded like. Kim turned her head in the direction of the voice, completely in shock.

"What did you say...? I can't understand Hooban," she stated. But it was only a trick to get the Hooban to speak in English. There was something eerily familiar about that voice, something about how the melodic tones struck something in her. But the owner of the voice seemed not to want to speak, and instead he just reached behind Kim's head and finished untying the knot, letting the blindfold fall away. It was dark in the room and it took a little bit for Kim's eyes to adjust to the dim lighting, but once she could see, she gasped. "No..."

"I'm sorry..."

"Jazz, no! Let me go, Jazz! You don't have to do this! You can help me escape and save Ron's daughter--you can help me get rid of the Regiri!" Kim said hurriedly, struggling to pull her arms free, trying to move further away, finding herself unable to even manage to move an inch.

"I'm sorry, Kim," Jazz's eyes were closed, his mouth set in a small frown, his blue hair reflecting the dim light. "I'm sorry... I don't want to..." He moved closer to her, lightly moving her, turning her around so he could untie the knots that bound her arms. "I don't want to, Kim, I want you to know that..."

Once Kim's arms were free she pushed Jazz away from her and tried to push herself off the bed, forgetting that her legs were still bound. She crashed onto the floor, her head landing dangerously close to the closed door behind her. Even with her legs still bound she attempted to crawl over to the door.

"You can't…" she breathed, pressing her back against the door, trying to reach the doorknob. Jazz looked at her sadly before placing his head in his hands.

"The door is locked from the outside, Kim," he whispered. "The Regiri didn't want there to be any chance for you to escape...or for me to just let you go."

"Why are you doing this? Why, Jazz? I thought you were my friend!" Kim shouted, pushing herself along the wall, trying to get as far away from Jazz as possible. He remained sitting on the bed, his head still in his hands. Slowly, he looked up at her, his eyes finally open. Light reflected off of them, almost like a cat's eye.

"I don't want to, Kim... I already told you that," he whispered, getting up off the bed slowly. He walked towards her cautiously. "I...I don't have any choice."

"You do have a choice! You can stand against her, Jazz! You're capable of fighting against her--"

"I don't have a choice, Kim," he repeated, kneeling in front of her, his eyes boring into her. Slowly his eyes fell from her face and traveled down her body. She shivered subconsciously at the look in Jazz's eyes. "It means my life, Kim. I can't stand against her. She's much more powerful than you think." He placed a hand out, reaching for hers. She felt no warmth, and even if she knew she wouldn't, it still shocked her when he touched her.

"Kim...please... Don't make this difficult."

"I don't want to be breed just like a dog," she whispered, pulling her hand away from his. Jazz looked hurt, but the look disappeared as he sighed and sat down on the floor. "I'm not here on this planet just to be passed around like some whore! I came back to this planet hoping to help my race and here I am, about to be used by the race that enslaved my own..." Kim's eyes became foggy and she looked away, hiding her tears from Jazz. "Don't do this, Jazz..."

Another sigh. "Kim...I'm sorry. My race--I can't control what my race does. I'm only second in command. I have no power over Jordine. I can't stop her no matter how much I may try. She'd know if I were planning against her. She'd stop any of my plans before I even got a chance to get them off the ground, or use them against me," Jazz explained quickly. "You will not leave this room, Kim, until..." he couldn't finish his sentence. He sighed again, placing his head in his hands. " doesn't matter whether I want to do this to you or not..." There was something about how his voice jumped pitches when he spoke that alarmed Kim.

"You--You want to do this to me?!" she gasped, snapping her head back over to him. Jazz's eyes were remorseful.



"I'm sorry, Kim!" Jazz's voice rose quickly, and he looked away. "I'm sorry..." he whispered, this time, hugging himself. "Kim, you don't know how sorry I am... I--yes, I will admit that I...that I want to do this..." he began slowly, still looking away. "But..."

"There is no but, Jazz! You want to rape me," Kim growled, trying to crawl further away from Jazz.

"No, Kim! I don't want to rape you!" Jazz responded, turning his head towards her. His eyes were still remorseful. "I wouldn't be here in this room right now if I had a damn choice! But I don't, Kim! It's either rape you or die, and if I die there will be no one here to even so much as try to monitor what Jordine is doing. I want to do something, Kim. I want to be able to stop Jordine but I have no idea how... Damnit, I'm sorry I'm not f-fucking strong enough to do anything against Jordine right at this moment... But Kim--you can. You can find a way to get past her." That said, Jazz got off the ground, went over to Kim, and picked her up. She struggled for a moment then realized it was useless as he brought her back over to the bed.

"Jazz...please don't..." she whispered as he laid her down on the bed. Jazz sighed, his hair failing in front of his face as he averted his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Kim," he whispered back, kissing her before bending down to untie Kim's legs. She remained still, staring at the ceiling. "I'm sorry," he whispered again, kissing her again before tugging her shirt off. She didn't respond to him. "Kim... I would have waited for you, you know. I would have waited until you wanted to actually do this..." Her pants and underwear joined her bra and shirt on the floor. "I'm sorry."
Kim closed her eyes and just hoped it would all be over soon....


A fighting spirit...a spark of hope--the resistance was extinguished, and the desire to be, gone. Everything was gone. Unwanted air went and left her lungs, Kim's eyes locked on the unfamiliar ceiling. There was nothing left. Nothing at all. Even the faint beating of her heart and her soft breathing was not a part of who she once was.

"Is that the face of a broken soul?" Li's face smiled down at her and Kim did nothing to even cover herself. Her body refused to move. It wasn't even her body anymore. "It's such a shame that it's come to this, Kimmie. Your males used like cattle, the women bred like dogs. The person you loved had a child by another woman and now you, Kim. You now carry a child of your own. Your innocence stolen by someone you trusted, and you don't even have anyone to cry to." He lit a cigarette, taking in a long drag before sitting down.

"This wouldn't have happened to you if your friend didn't sell you out. Who would have thought your sidekick would be the one who would hand you back over to this fate? Such a shame that he would hold his child's life over yours." Kim's eyes blinked back tears. "He sent you to this, Kim. He handed you right over to Jordine without a second thought.

"You're wrong." Li smirked, surprised she'd respond. "Ron would never--Ron couldn't-"

"But he did. He told Monique to call you in, told her to take care of you simply because he couldn't do it himself. He betrayed you, Kim. No family. What is there left to live for?" Li paused, taking another drag of his cigarette. "To produce children for the destroyer of your world? I think you need to take things into your own hands. Kim, no one loves you, no one cares about you anymore. There is no world to save, no one you can trust and in you grows an unwanted beast." He placed a small knife in Kim's hand.

"End it before you lose the chance. Jordine is out doing a public announcement. Do it before she comes back, if you wait she'll stop you for sure." He took another drag. "What is there to look forward to? Is this the life you wanted?" He stood, flicking ashes onto the ground.

"Do your species a favor." And with that he disappeared. Kim studied the knife, her arm finally moving the blade into view. She studied the blade, turning it over in her hands. Maybe she would.... No. Kim sat up, her body sore, dirty, violated. Her hair falling like a curtain round her face, hiding the now flowing tears. Why…it was a question that resounded in her mind. Why did this happen? Why did it come to this? Benchmark said this was for humanity's betterment. Bet she never saw this coming…or maybe she did, it didn't matter now.

Her mind raced over Li's words. Ron couldn't have; he'd never sell her out, not like this. But she couldn't deny that little voice of distrust screaming in the back of her mind. No. The blade pricked her skin and Kim jumped, her eyes falling back to its reflective surface. Why would Li, a Hooban, give her a knife, anyway? Why would he want her to kill herself? It didn't make sense. "Well, sort of. My sister-" That's right Li was the Regiri's brother. It reminded her of someone… Kim felt a sad smile cross her face at their memory. Doctor Director and her twin Gemini. Wait, that was it!

Kim placed the knife next to her, grabbing her discarded clothes, getting dressed while ignoring the sorness. Maybe, just maybe, she could find a way to use them against each other. With Jazz' s help-- She stopped, slowing as she pulled her shirt the rest of the way down. No, there was no way she'd trust him again. Kim sighed, using the small knife like a pick, messing with the doorknob.

"If there ever was a time I needed you Ron…it's now."

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