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This story takes place during the X-Treme X-men time. It's after x-treme x-men x-pose #2. That would seem about right.


It was half past seven as the sun shone brightly through the window and gently onto the southern belle's serene face. With the knowledge that the light probably would not subside until eleven hours later, she slowly succumbed to opening her eyes to greet the warm sunlight. Instead of being welcomed by the light, she found a pair of rubies staring straight into her emerald green eyes.

"Mornin' chere." The owner of those magnificent rubies greeted her.

"Mornin' sugah. How long ya been starin' at me?" She asked while she released a loud yawn and stretched her arms.

"It's 'bout eight a.m. now, so Remy'll have to say… since 4 in de mornin'." He replied with an amused smirk on his face.

She let out a pleased giggle at his response, then, calmed right down as she put a hand on each side of his face. She stared up into his eyes, and said in the most serious matter, "you're crazy, swamp rat."

"Chere, don' y' know dat Remy's only crazy for you." He replied right on cue as he bent down and kissed her.

This was part of the regular routine in the Raven-LeBeau household since the first night they had spent in their new home when Remy actually stayed up all night just watching Rogue slumber. Although they both realized how cheesy this act of love was, it ceased to prevent them from doing it simply because they were finally free of all obstacles when it came to loving each other. And they were intent on taking advantage of that very fact.

After a deep long kiss, Rogue finally managed to pull away from Remy in order to catch that necessary breath of air. Following their kiss, only silence filled the room for silence was all that was needed. Rogue only stared up at Remy while she marveled at how close they had become. Every time she thought about their new relationship where she was finally able to express her love to him physically, she always thanked her lucky stars that they both didn't walk through the gates of heaven on that fateful night. While Rogue was internally expressing her gratitude to the heavens, Remy simply allowed himself to drown in her sea-green eyes.

So, for the next fifteen minutes, Rogue lied on the bed while Remy hovered on top of her, and both of them relished in each other's touch. Remy started to trace her jaw line with his index finger, while he made it a point to memorize every freckle on her gorgeous face. He noted that there was a new one that sprung up at the corner of her mouth. This new fact only encouraged him to bend down and gave her a long lingering kiss.

When they broke a part to gasp for air, Rogue took in a deep breath and pushed Remy off of her. He fell back onto the bed next to her with a stunned expression his face. While he got over his initial shock, Rogue got up and off the bed. She walked towards her dresser and grabbed a few items before she headed in the direction of the bathroom. Eventually, Remy registered in his mind that Rogue was apparently not going to come back to bed, thus it explained his outburst. "WAIT!"

Rogue whipped around with a hand on her hip and responded, "what?"

Sensing a small opportunity, Remy positioned himself on his side, while his left elbow rested on the bed and his head rested on the his left hand. His left leg lied on the bed straight, while his right leg was bent. Basically, against the background of the sunlight shining through the window, he looked like he was straight off the cover of any romance novels found in the local drugstore. Rogue suppressed a giggle at the somewhat ridiculous but still adorable sight.

"Where y' going, chere?" Remy drawled with his sexy Cajun accent.

She couldn't hold it in any longer as a chuckle escaped her luscious crimson lips. Upon seeing his girlfriend laugh at what he thought was one of his best performances, he simply pouted as his confidence became slightly crushed.

This only amused Rogue further and as much as she wanted to kiss that pout off those gorgeous lips, she merely answered, "as much as ah love to hang around in bed and have ya be my sex slave all day, a girl's gotta work to pay the mortgage, sugah."

"Aww… c'mon chere, let's just fool around for a lil bit? Dis bed is much too big for Remy when you're not in it." He pleaded playfully, as he patted the spot where she had been lying.

"Sugah, ah have a lot t' do at work today. Need to work on two messed up bikes that just came in yesterday. We'll play when ah come home. Y' can cook me up sometin' nice for dinnah, and ah'll give ya sometin' nice for dessert." She answered and gave him a flirtatious wink.

Her teasing didn't help subside his arousal at all. Instead, the sight of her barely clothed body only encouraged it. "Chere, you're driving Remy crazy here. How do you expect a man to wait 'til y' get home for some action? Especially when y' look like dat!" He exclaimed.

Rogue giggled as she could tell that he was trying really hard not to let his hormones get the best of him. She finally caved in and said, "Fine, swamp rat. We'll fool around for a lil' bit on one condition."

"Dat would be what, chere?" Remy asked eagerly as he got up, looking as if he was ready to pounce on her.

"We fool around in the shower. It'll save me time. Ah might as well kill two birds wit' one stone." As quickly as the words left her mouth, Remy lost his boxers, practically attacked Rogue by ripping off her barely there underwear, and carried her into the bathroom where the shower was waiting for them.

It was just another day in the Raven-LeBeau household.


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