The Midnight Hour

CHAPTER ONE: And It Throbbed...

Ginny Weasley walked down the corridor angrily; there wasn't one potions lesson that she could remember where she hadn't gotten into some sort of trouble. She clutched the detention slip in her hand and opened the old wooden door and stepped into the dungeon, looking around grudgingly.

"Your late Weasley!" Came Snape's slippery drawl, she looked over at him.

"Sorry about that professor, I ran into peeves on the way and he threw chewing gum into my hair so I had no choice to go to the bathroom and wash it out, but I went into the wrong bathroom you see sir, and ran into Moaning Myrtle, she was not a happy ghost! She started wailing and crying and even had the nerve to throw a U-bend at me. You should really do something about her- she is VERY temperamental!." She lied with fake sincerity (and all in one breath).

"Shut up and sit down Weasley, if I wanted an essay I would have asked for it." He snapped putting his quill back in the ink bottle in front of him.

"So what do you want me to do this time sir?" She said grudgingly "Should I clean the potion vials or do you want me to rearrange the ingredients in your office?" "I have a better job for you this time Weasley," He said as tough he was talking to a stubborn five year old.

"And what would that be?" She drawled and rolled her eyes.

"Well, since you insist on acting like a five year old, your punishment for this evening shall be to sit in the corner of the room with your finger on your lips. Maybe, that will shut you up... for once." He said, a nasty smirk playing on his lips. Her lips fell open and she looked at him.

"No really sir, what is it?" She asked afraid of the cruel and plain honesty in his eyes.

"Well, I am feeling rather generous.... So you have a choice." He snarled "You can sit in the corner of the room with your finger on your lips, or you can write me a thirty inch essay on why you insist on chattering endlessly in my class." He said, Ginny thought for a moment, Snape pulled out a very long piece of parchment and prepared to hand it to her.

"So, which corner did you want me to sit in?" She asked looking around enthusiastically.

"Don't give me cheek Weasley!" He yelled, slamming his fists impatiently on his desk. She walked slowly over to the far back corner of the room and plonked herself down, cross-legged.

"MISS WEASLEY! GET UP!" He yelled, standing up.

"Sorry sir, but I am not allowed to talk!" she stated childishly, then put a finger up to her lips. Snape took in deep breath and sat down.

"You, unfortunately, Miss Weasley are uncannily similar to you older brothers Fred and George, and in respect to their wonderful reputation you have a months worth of detentions!" Snape said jeeringly. He looked at her for a reaction and she shrugged her shoulders carelessly and pointed to her finger. "I daresay you do have other things to do with your nights... running around with Potter and what not." He said, hoping almost desperately to touch a nerve.

She nodded and gave him a rather cheeky wink.

"So what is it that you two get up to? I'd hate to think you do anything against school regulations. You seem much more sensible than that..."She wiggled her bottom on the ground in attempt to get comfortable "Or not..."

This is going to be a long night...

Towards the end of the evening, Ginny – in her childish pursuit - had taken a vow of silence, as she listened to Snape mocking her, her family, friends and of course Harry Potter. He always had something to say about Harry. She managed to ignore the nasty comments by focusing on the way he acted wen he talked, she found it rather interesting. When ever he was angry there was a vein in his neck, which throbbed as though it was threatening to burst. When he calmed down the vein deflated and there was a faint red line on his ghastly skin. When his talked his lips barely moved and his eyes were fixed on her, only her. She felt uncomfortable under the pressure of his gaze; she could not believe how much hate there was behind those cold eyes. He talked about Harry's and her relationship as though it was a painful memory from his childhood, he bitterly mocked him as usual and made inexcusable references to their private lives- but she just focused on the throbbing vein... it was huge.

"Weasley. It is your bed time." He said in a feigningly sweet voice. She stood up and walked towards the door, he grabbed her arm as he walked past the desk and she turned to face him.

"The same time tomorrow night Weasley." He snapped, his nauseatingly sweet breath plagued her. "Hopefully you will not make up any more codswallop to excuse your sorry self for being late." Focus on the vein...that large throbbing brain...

She looked him in the eyes and whipped her finger up to her lips, and skipped out slamming the heavy door behind her.

Severus sat back in his old wooden seat, wondering what it was about the young Weasley girl that he did not understand.

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