Warning: This chapter contains some content not suitable for people under sixteen.

The Midnight Hour


"I have come to pick you up as well, Ginny…." He said. She looked around suspiciously. It could be a trick.

"Where are my parents?" She asked him. If he was really there to pick her up she knew what his response would be. It was a code that she and her parents had figured out before she left for her sixth year. She waited for Remus' response…

Remus smiled at Ginny comfortingly, ignoring the questioning look from his nephew.

"You parents are in Australia hunting hippos for their ivory." Remus replied. Ginny smiled and hugged him. That was the answer he was meant to give her.

"Are they okay?" She whispered while hugging him.

"They are perfectly well." He whispered back, she took a deep breath in relief.

"In Australia… hunting hippos…. For ivory." Liam said in a state of utter confusion. "Uncle Remus, that is impossible…. I have done muggle studies and there are no hippos in Australia… And hippos don't have ivory!" Ginny grinned and Remus looked at him plainly.

"Of course they do Liam!" Was all Remus said before using his wand to place the two trunks onto the nearest trolley. Remus walked over to the barrier with the trolley, Ginny and Liam following closely behind. Before he reached the barrier he walked over to a cigarette butt on the floor. "Portkey." He explained, they all reached down and touched it, feeling an odd sensation tear them away from the platform. Split seconds and much spinning later Ginny, Liam and Remus were standing on a cobblestone road that led to a picturesque stone cottage. Ginny took a look around and guessed that it was probably somewhere in the English countryside. They walked towards the cottage and when they reached it Remus picked up Liam's trunk. "I will take this inside for you, and you two can say goodbye." Remus said before opening the door and disappearing into Liam's house.

"Well…" Liam said, "Goodbye." He grinned at Ginny.

"Goodbye…." Ginny said back to him. He laughed.

"I don't know what uncle Remus was expecting…." Ginny laughed. "Would you mind if I owled you one day?" He asked.

"Definitely not. You never know, I may actually owl you back." She said. After a few minutes of polite chatter Remus walked back out and dusted his hands.

"Ginny, are you ready to go?" He asked her, she nodded.

"Uncle Remus, would you and Ginny like to come in for tea?" He asked, Remus shook his head.

"Sorry Liam, but we better be off, I have to get Ginny home before her par- brothers worry." They said their goodbyes and Ginny and Remus walked off along the cobblestone path. Before they reached the fence Remus looked around and they took a sharp left towards rolling green pastures.

"Where are we going?" Ginny questioned, Remus looked around.

"There should be a portkey around here that will take us to Hilt Avenue…. It is the street two blocks away from Grimmauld Place." Ginny nodded "So Ginny, is Liam this mystery boy that the order has heard nothing about?" Ginny stopped dead in her tracks and looked at Remus.

"Liam?" She asked, he nodded and she laughed "No, no… wow…. No, Remus, we are only friends." Remus frowned.

"You know, Harry really does like you." Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Please Remus, I know, and I feel terrible about it. There is nothing I can do, and for that I am sorry, but I know for a fact that there is someone else out there for Harry." Remus shrugged.

"Will we ever find out who this mystery boy is?" Remus asked.

"Sooner than you expect." Was all she said in response.

The mood at Grimmauld Place was the same as usual, boring and serious. Ginny had found out that her parents were both on duty for the order and that they would be back around dinner time. The only other people in the house were Fred, George and Charlie. Ginny had a lengthy talk to them before retreating to her room to unpack her belongings. When she was finished she made her way back down to the lounge room where her brother were watching television.

"Do you know how many people are going to be here for dinner?" She asked, Fred and George shrugged. "Charlie?"

"Um… us and Ron, Hermione and Harry. Mum and dad will come home later but they will probably go straight to bed." Ginny nodded.

"So who is cooking?" Ginny asked, Fred and George shrugged again and she was tempted to throw her shoes at their heads.

"Don't know. Hermione may when she gets home." Charlie said, more interested in the television.

"Then Fred and I won't eat." George said with a grin.

"You would rather starve than eat Hermione's cooking?" She asked George. He nodded unenthusiastically. "I guess I could cook dinner." Fred looked at her.

"Ginny, we don't have a death wish." He drawled. She picked up the book on the coffee table and threw it at his head. After her years of being a chaser she was able to hit with stunning accuracy. The book slammed into his nose and there was a small crack.

"You will have a death wish if you don't eat what I cook." She said, she took out her wand and healed Fred's nose.

"Crazy woman." Fred sighed as she walked out of the lounge room and towards the kitchen.

By the time that Ron, Harry and Hermione came home Ginny had just finished preparing dinner. It was a simple spaghetti, but from what she guessed, it would be better than something Hermione had prepared. She called the others into the kitchen and served their meals for them.

"This is nice Ginny." Ron said, stuffing the food into his face.

"A welcome change from Hermione's cooking." George added, Hermione glared at him angrily. "You save those looks for Ron, young lady!" George said in an offended tone.

Dinner and desert was eaten in near silence, people only speaking to ask Ginny about school and her quidditch matches. Ginny was glad to find that Hermione and Ron had volunteered to do the dishes, so she went up to her room and pulled out the two way mirror. She looked into it. And there was some writing on Severus side, although she couldn't read it because it was written backwards. She looked at it closer and realised that it said meeting. Ginny sighed and put the mirror in her draw. She was lucky that she hadn't seen her parents that evening, she had a feeling that it would only make her feel more nervous about Tuesday.

Sunday passed by uneventfully and gave way to a rather dull seeming Monday and in turn the Monday gave way to Tuesday. Ginny barely got a minute of sleep that night, instead she tossed and turned for hours, contemplating the day that lay ahead. At around seven in the morning an owl flew into her window. She rushed over to the window and opened it, picking up the owl that fell onto the window sill. She took the owl and put it on her bedside table, it looked as though it had broken it's leg. She held her wand out and went to say the healing charm, but the light escaped from her wand before a word left her mouth and the owl's leg was back to normal. She stroked the feathers on it's head and took the note from around it's foot.

My love,

I will be there at three o'clock. Have your parents in the kitchen.

Make sure they are seated….


Ginny held the note and nervousness rushed through her veins. It was finally happening. She had no idea where she was going to find the courage to tell them. She sighed and tucked the letter into her draw before gathering some clothes and heading for a shower.

Lunchtime came and Ginny, Molly, Arthur, Fred, George, Ron, Hermione, Remus and Dumbledore were all enjoying a nice baked meal, with pork, potatoes, peas and gravy. Truth be told, Ginny wasn't enjoying it too much at all. Her nerve had almost reached breaking point and she was worried that anything she ate would soon be thrown back up. Dumbledore looked over at her with a knowing smile and she managed to return it. Perhaps Severus had told him of their plans to tell the Weasleys, he was probably there to make sure that no members of the Order tried to kill each other.

All too soon the plates were empty and Ginny was asked by her mother to help her with the dishes.

"So Ginny dear, how was school?" She asked, Ginny shrugged.

"Not too bad. Glad it's over." Ginny replied shortly, worried that she would become tempted to tell her mother before Severus arrived to save her stomach from the anxiety.

"You won the quidditch cup, your father and I are very proud of you." Molly said kindly, Ginny blushed "There wasn't much we could do to reward you, but I think after this I will let you off the dishes for a month." Ginny laughed.

"Thanks mum." She said gratefully. She did get sick of the washing and wiping every night. But now she was of age she could use magic. It was a favour nonetheless. Molly pulled the plug out of the sink and let the water drain. She kissed her daughter on the cheek and left the room. When she was sure her mother was gone she sat down and cast a drying spell on the rest of the plates. She put the tea towel on the table and put her head in her hands. Maybe she and Severus could continue to hide their relationship. It would save Ginny having to tell her parents and losing Severus to their wrath. She took a deep breath before using her wand to direct the plates back to their shelf.

One and a half hours later Ginny found herself walking about the house anxiously looking for her parents. It was ten to three and she wanted to get it over with. She had decided that she would tell them, plainly, quickly. She would be blunt. She didn't think that it would do her any good to beat around the bush.

"George, you seen mum and dad?" She asked poking her head into the lounge room.

"Yeah," He replied. She waited for a moment.

"Where are they?" She growled.

"You just asked if I had seen them, not where they were." He said with a playful smirk.

"Now I am." She hissed, unable to keep the agitation from her voice.

"In the drawing room." Ginny turned on her heal and bounded up the stairs two at a time. She knocked on the door and waited for a reply before opening it. She saw her mother and father sitting around the desk talking to Dumbledore.

"Ginny…" Her father said, she looked at him desperately.

"No problem Arthur, we are finished here." Albus said.

"What is it dear?" Her mother asked. Ginny cleared her throat to make sure her voice was working.

"Can I talk to you and dad please?" Molly nodded "In the kitchen?"

"Sure." Molly said standing and exchanging a questioning look with Arthur.

Ginny led the way to the kitchen and gestured for her parents to sit down.

"You wanted to talk?" Arthur said, Ginny had begun to pace nervously. She bit her lip and decided to take a seat as well. They were at the table and Ginny looked at her watch nervously.

"You know you can tell us anything." Her mother said softly, Ginny nodded and looked at her watch again, her stomach now flipping dangerously. Three o'clock struck and the kitchen door opened. Severus walked in and Ginny's nerves settled slightly.

"Ginny, Arthur, Molly." He said, he walked over to the cupboard and Ginny's parents looked at him "Would you like a drink?" He asked, pulling down four cups. He opened the fridge up and filled them with some cold water before setting the glasses on the table.

"Sorry to be a pain Severus, but Ginny wants to talk to us." Molly said, Ginny could tell that she didn't want to sound rude. Ginny had to stop herself from laughing hysterically. Severus sat in the chair immediately to her right and used his left hand to pat her leg soothingly. It worked wonders.

"No, Mum, I don't mind if Severus is here." Ginny said to her mother. Molly nodded, un-phased by the use of the wizard's given name.

"What is it Ginny?" Arthur said. Ginny smiled. It was now or never.

"Mum, Dad…" Ginny said, her throat went dry. She couldn't chicken out, not now. She was far too close, she took a deep breath and a sip of water before continuing. "I have something to tell you." Her mother and father looked at her eagerly, ignoring Severus.

"Go on Ginny, you know you can tell us anything." Ginny took another sip of water.

"Severus and I are together." She blurted it out a little louder than she had hoped. Her parents looked at each other. Molly sighed.

"No Ginny, really, what is it?" She asked. Ginny looked at Severus desperately and he clutched her hand under the table.

"What Ginny said was true. We are together." Severus drawled. Molly laughed.

"Severus, how on earth did she convince you to do this? Ginny, please tell us what is wrong, your father and I have a meeting to attend." Molly said, voice slightly angry now. Ginny clutched Severus hand tighter and pulled it above the table. Her parent's looked at each other.

"This isn't a joke, or a prank, mum and dad. Severus and I are together. We are involved in a romantic relationship." Ginny said, trying to make it as obvious as possible. Her father's face went a deep crimson and he rose from his seat. He stalked over to Severus and pulled out his wand, pointing it at Severus' cheek.


"Dad, you don't know what you are talking about! Please, sit down." Arthur glared at her.

"He has given you a potion Ginny, settle down." Arthur said through his teeth, he turned back to Severus with a dangerous look in his eyes.

"There was no potion Arthur. No charm, no incantation, no curse." Severus said calmly. Ginny admired his composure. She walked over to her father and put hand on his wand arm, forcing it away from Severus.

"Ginny, this isn't funny, he has done something to you and I want to know what it is." Her father growled at her, she had never seen him so angry before. Ginny looked over at her mother for help. Molly stood up.

"It is true, isn't it Ginevra?" Her mother asked, dumfounded.

"Yes." Ginny replied. Her mother fell back into her seat.

"Arthur, sit down." Molly said, Arthur looked at her angrily. "SIT DOWN!" She yelled. He dropped into the nearest seat, still steaming. Ginny sat down again and took a breath. There was silence for a long while. "H-How long has this been going on for?" her mother asked, Ginny looked at her in the eye.

"For a while." She replied.

"Weeks?" Ginny shook her head "Months?" The same response.

"Years." Ginny said softly "Almost two." Her father jumped out of his seat again.

"YOU FOUL BASTARD! SHE IS A CHILD!" He yelled, Severus looked at him calmly, despite the wand pointing in his direction.

"No, Arthur, she is a young woman." He replied, her father's breath quickened and Ginny had to intervene again.

"Dad, I am of age now, please, settle down." She said.

"YOU WERENT TWO YEARS AGO!" Arthur cried. Ginny nodded frantically, seeing the anger in her fathers eyes rise to a new level. She had never seen him this angry before and she was scared.

"Dad, please." She begged.

"Arthur." Molly growled. Ginny knew that she was not happy about it either, but she knew that her mother didn't want her father to become a murderer. "Severus, can you please leave?" Molly asked.

"Molly," He begun.

"Leave." She hissed venomously. "We need to talk to our daughter." Ginny looked at Severus and nodded. He stood from the table and walked out of the kitchen.

"Ginny, he is old enough to be your father." Her mother said, Ginny shrugged.

"I don't care." She replied.

"He is a death eater, or didn't he tell you that?" Her father growled.

"I know. And I don't care."

"He was your potions master." Her mother cried

"I don't care." Ginny said. Her mother looked at her.

"We didn't bring you up to be like this." Her mother cried "He is much older than you Ginny, he has different wants, different needs. He is only using you!" Ginny shook her head.

"I know he is old enough to be my father, I know that he is a death eater, I know that he was my potions master, but there is no need for you to tell me he is using me. He isn't and I know it. I don't appreciate you talking about him like that." Ginny said warningly, courage welling up in her.

"If you were doing it to get better marks I am sorry Ginny. I am sorry that I made you feel that what you were doing wasn't good enough. School is over now, you can end it." Her mother said, tears splashing onto her reddened cheeks.

"Is that what you think of me?" Ginny hissed, her mother looked up at her "IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK OF ME?" She yelled, it was the second time in her life that she yelled at her mother. "How dare you! How dare you think that I did this for better marks! I can't believe that you would think that of me! My own mother!" Her mother and father looked away from her. "Do you want to know why I am doing this?" She asked, there was no response. "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY?" She yelled, a tears now escaping from her own eyes. Her mother looked at her "Because I love him. Mum, I love Severus. I love my potions master, the man old enough to be my father, the death eater. I am in love with him. And there is nothing you or I can do to change that." She said, trying to calm down.

"You are too young to know what love is." Her father said. Ginny stood up and walked over to him.

"And yet you are willing to let Hermione and Ron get married because they are in love? How is it that I am too young to know what love is, but they weren't at my age?" She asked. Her father looked away from her. "Tell me!" She demanded.

"Because he is Severus." He said. Ginny threw her head back.

"Don't say that dad. Don't you dare. There is nothing wrong with him, and you know it. You have been trying to get Hermione, Harry, Ron and I to stop calling him names for years. You told us that we should respect him, that we should appreciate him. So why can't I love him?" She cried. Her father put his head in his hands. There was another long silence.

"Your mother and I don't want you to love him." Arthur said finally. Ginny fell back into her seat, the tears flowing more freely. "He is not the one for you Ginny. We want you to put an end to this nonsense right now." Ginny howled in anger and stood up. Her parents got out of their seats as well.

"It is not nonsense." She hissed. Her father glared at her.

"Ginny, either you put an end to it now, or you can get out of here." He hissed.

"NO!" her mother cried, her father turned to his wife. "We have already lost two! Please, not my baby! Arthur… please!" Molly begged, Arthur turned back to Ginny and she glared at him.

"End it." He demanded, Ginny shook her head defiantly "END IT!" He yelled.

"NO!" Ginny yelled back. "I am not going to end it." She waited for a second "Because I LOVE HIM. There is nothing you can do about it. I am of age. And I have already promised myself to him!" Ginny said, wiping tears away from her face.

"What?" her father said. Ginny took out her wand and pointed it towards her ring finger "Diaphanious!" she whispered, the ring on her finger slowly became visible. The gold was radiant, as though it had been newly polished, and the diamond sparkled more than it ever had before "We are engaged. We are to be married." Ginny said. Her father's mouth opened and closed in disbelief and her mother fainted. A loud thump announcing that she had hit the floor. The kitchen door flew open and Severus ran in, slowly followed by Fred and George. Severus wrapped his arms around Ginny's shoulders. Fred and George walked in and looked around questioningly.

"Get out!" Ginny yelled at then, waving them away. George caught her hand mid wave and looked at the ring on her finger and then to his parents.

"Ah, I see…" George said, he moved aside so Fred could see the ring.

"Who is the lucky man?" Fred asked with a big grin.

"I am." Severus snapped, to busy trying to calm Ginny down.

"WHAT!" Fred and George yelled in unison.

"YOU BASTARD!" Fred yelled, launching himself at Severus, fists flailing. Ginny took out her wand and pointed it at her brother.

"DON'T YOU DARE!" She yelled. Fred stopped.

"Ginny, you can't be serious." George growled.

"Yes, I am quiet serious." She hissed, her eyes not leaving Fred. "And you all better get used to it." She clutched Severus hand and ran out of the kitchen, pulling him along behind her.

"GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!" Her father yelled from the kitchen. She pulled Severus through the hallway and used her wand to open the front door. Once they were outside she slammed the door behind her and wrapped her arms around Severus.

"Apparate to the shrieking shack." She demanded. With a blink and a spin, the ground beneath her feet disappeared and was replaced by the wooden floorboards of the shrieking shack. She fell to the floor, dust flying into the air. Severus knelt down in front of her and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her on the forehead. "T-they…" She begun, but was interrupted by a hiccup.

"Shh…." He whispered comfortingly "Shhh… it's okay. I know… It will be alright."

It took an hour for Severus to calm Ginny down. They were both still on the floor, covered in dust. Ginny's head resting on Severus chest while he stroked her hair softly.

"We better go back." He said, kissing her temple.

"Not yet." Ginny whispered "Give them more time to calm down." Severus nodded. She had every intention of going back when things had calmed down a bit more. She hoped that it would happen in the next few hours because she knew that spending the entire night away would only make things worse. Her heart was still sore from the fight with her parents, from walking out of the house

By the time that Ginny felt she and Severus should return to Grimmauld place the last rays of the suns light were peering through the tattered curtains of the shrieking shack. The dusk hues were making the dust motes seem to dance magically, and the shadows around the room lengthened in a haunting manner. Ginny and Severus got to their feet and dusted their clothes off.

"I love you Ginny." Severus said as he leant over to kiss her.

"I love you too Severus." She replied, taking his hand. In the blink of an eye they were standing in the exact same spot outside of Grimmauld Place that they had been in a few hours ago. Ginny looked at him and smiled, hoping that this would be easier than the discussion she had with her parents earlier. She opened the door of the musty old house slowly and peered into the hallway. Still clasping hands, she and Severus walked into the hall and shut the door behind them. There was a rustling sound and Ron poked his head out of the lounge room.

"Ginny!" He said "What happened?" Ginny shook her head.

"Where are mum and dad?" She asked.

"What happened?" He persisted.

"Later Ron. Where are mum and dad?" Ron rolled his eyes and decided it was better not to argue with Ginny. He pointed to the kitchen and Ginny took a deep breath. Ron managed to retreat into the lounge room quickly enough to miss seeing Ginny and Severus hands linked together. Ginny knocked on the kitchen door.

"Come in." It was Fred's voice. She bit her lip, it was hardly what she needed at that moment. She pushed the door open and walked in, Severus closely in tow.

"Ginny." Her mother said softly. "Please sit down dear." Ginny looked back at Severus. If he wasn't asked to sit down, she wouldn't.

"You can sit too, if you like Snape." George spat.

"Thankyou George." Severus replied evenly, he and Ginny sat beside each other.

"Now Ginny, before you say anything," Her mother begun "Your father and I would like to apologise about for our reactions earlier… Wouldn't we Arthur?" Ginny's father glared at her mother. Molly brought a hand up to slap the back of Arthur's balding head, all subtleness thrown to the wind.

"Yes." He said grudgingly. Ginny nodded.

"Apology accepted, but-" She was interrupted.

"I didn't say you could speak yet. I want to say that I don't think that you should blame your father and I for reacting the way we did. While we did not act in the most appropriate manner, you must agree that what you told us warranted at least some amount of anger." Ginny glared at her mother, letting the older woman know that she did not agree in the slightest. "And as for the news itself, I want you to know that your father and I are as far from happy as we could be right now." Ginny went to speak but her mother brought a hand up to silence her "I am not finished. I can't begin to express the confusion I feel at your choice of partners, it is hardly the most appropriate choice for a young lady such as yourself."

"Don't talk about Severus as though he isn't here. Don't say he is a choice, you can say his name, it wont hurt you." Ginny growled, not caring that she was interrupting.

"Oh, come on Ginny. Snape, for Merlin's sake! You could have had anyone! Liam, Harry…" George said.

"Sorry George, but I don't seem to see how you fit into this scene. What has happened today has nothing to do with you." Ginny sneered venomously, Severus placed a hand on her knee calm her down.

"No Ginny, you are wrong. It has everything to do with me. I walked into the kitchen to find my mother on the floor, my father stark raving mad, and my sister in tears being comforted by one of the people I thought she hated. In case you don't know, that is what I call being concerned about your family. Not that you would know of course, because you were willing to walk out on us for the sake of this degenerate paedophile!" George gestured at Severus and Ginny's face turned red, she took out her wand.

"I think that has something to say in itself." Came the calm and amused voice of Albus Dumbledore, he pulled a chair up to the table and took a seat. Ginny looked around, he seemed to come out of nowhere. All of the heads around the table turned to him. "George, can you describe to me just how much love one must feel for another to even contemplate leaving their family for them?" George looked at him, dumbfounded. "Personally, I think that it was very honourable of Ginevra to stand up for her love so strongly. There are very few who would have the courage to do that."

"Albus…. What are you saying?" Arthur asked slowly.

"What I am saying, Arthur, is that Ginny and Severus must have a very strong love for each other to stay together when facing your wrath and the possible exclusion from such a wonderful family." Ginny's father took a moment to comprehend what was said.

"Wait." He said "You knew about this?" He asked, Dumbledore shrugged.

"I wouldn't say that." A familiar sparkle came into the old wizard's eyes.

"You mean to tell me that this was going on under your nose for two years, and you didn't have the slightest idea?" Arthur asked.

"Not the slightest idea." Dumbledore said. Ginny could now see that nothing he said was a lie. When asked if he knew about the relationship he responded; I wouldn't say that. And it was true, he had told Ginny and Severus that he wouldn't say that he knew about their relationship. When told he didn't have the slightest idea he agreed, he didn't have the slightest idea, he knew it for a fact. Ginny to hold her mouth shut. She looked over at Severus and he gave her a small smile, he had noticed too. Arthur sat back in his chair and rubbed his temples in frustration. "Personally," Albus begun "I really don't see what the prolonged fuss is about. Two people have fallen in love, and wish to be together." He stood up and walked over to the sink, placing his cup in it and heading for the door.

"Why the fuss?" Molly said as though it was the stupidest thing she had ever heard. "These aren't just any two people Albus. We are talking about my daughter and Severus Snape." Dumbledore shrugged.

"And?" He asked.

"They can't possibly stay together, it isn't right!" Arthur cut in.

"Who are we to decided what is right and wrong?" Albus asked "They are not hurting anyone are they? They aren't putting anyone in danger. I don't see what the problem is. As I said, they are clearly in love. Molly, Arthur, how would you feel if someone wanted to tear you both apart because in their own minds your relationship was wrong?" Albus asked before opening the door.

"But that is different!" Molly called after him. He stopped and turned, hand still on the door knob.

"Is it really?" He mused before walking out of the room and shutting the door behind him. There was a long silence and Arthur stood up and walked towards the door himself.

"Where are you going Arthur?" Molly barked.

"There is nothing more to be said." And with that he left the room. Slowly and reluctantly Molly followed. Fred and George rose from their seats and walked towards the door. Ginny leapt at Severus and hugged him.

"We'll warn you now," Came Fred and George's voice in a chorus, Severus and Ginny looked over at them "If you do even the slightest thing to hurt, or even upset our little sister we will make sure you suffer a fate worse than the dementor's kiss." They too disappeared behind the door and Ginny kissed Severus.

"You know," He begun as he pulled away from her "This doesn't mean that they approve." Ginny smiled.

"I know." She replied "But they accept it!"

Ten minutes later Ginny and Severus emerged from the kitchen to see a few members of the Order standing in the hallway, most of them waiting to report their day's work. As Ginny and Severus stepped out of the kitchen the people waiting focused on them.

"What was all that about?" Asked Remus, Ginny looked at him.

"Sounded pretty nasty." Harry added, stepping out from behind Remus. Ginny bit her lip and looked at Severus.

"We might as well tell you, seeing as you will find out soon enough." Severus drawled, some of the people waiting just noticing that he was standing beside Ginny. "Ginevra and I are engaged." There was a shocked silence.

"What?" Harry asked with a nervous laugh.

"Severus and I are engaged." Ginny said. Harry looked between Severus and Ginny and strode forward.

"You bastard!" Harry hissed, Severus rolled his eyes.

"If I had a galleon for every time I was called that today I could buy Hogwarts." Severus said to no one in particular.

"Harry, please." Ginny said softly. Harry rounded on her.

"This is a joke, isn't it?" Harry asked, forcing a laugh. Ginny shook her head.

"No joke." She whispered.

"So…you… you rejected me for him!" Harry stammered pointing to Severus.

"Harry, it wasn't like that." Ginny said.

"Then how was it Ginny? Tell me! I would love to hear." Harry sneered, Ginny glared at him.

"This has nothing to do with you." Ginny said, trying not to loose her temper.

"What do you mean it has nothing to do with me? Ginny, I asked you to go out with me and you said no because of him? Ginny, what could he possibly have to offer you! He is old! He is a death eater, he is filthy. I could give you the world." Harry whispered.

"Harry, I don't want the world. All I want is love." She told him firmly. Before she knew it she was pulled against Harry's body, his lips pressing against hers in a passionate kiss. She tried to pull away but failed. After a second she felt their bodies being wrenched apart and she gasped for air. Remus was behind Harry, his arms wrapped around him, forcing him to stay away from Ginny. Severus was holding Ginny protectively.

"You can say what ever you want to say about me Potter, but if you ever touch my fiancée again I will break every bone in your body." Severus sneered.

"Don't you dare call her that." Harry yelled, his arms flailing in attempt to get away from Remus.

"Harry." Remus hissed. "Harry, stop." Harry slowly calmed down. Ginny stood on her toes and gave Severus a kiss on the cheek.

"Goodbye my love, I will see you tomorrow." With a curt nod in the direction of the people assembled in the hall Severus swept through the corridor and out of the house. Ginny turned on her heel and walked up to her room, eager to get to her bed.

Ginny wove her hair into a loose plait and fastened a hair tie at the end of it. She pulled back the covers on her bed and settled into the crisp white sheets. She rested her head on the pillow and willed herself to sleep. As soon as her eyes closed there was a soft knock on the door.

"I am trying to sleep!" She yelled. The person knocked again. "FINE!" She groaned, the door opened and Ron and Hermione walked into her room. Ginny covered her head with the pillow. The light was turned on and Ginny heard her brother and sister-in-law walk over to her bed, and felt the mattress sag under the weight of another person. Her pillow was tugged from her hands and she found herself looking at Hermione. "What do you want?" Ginny asked bitterly. She just wanted some sleep.

"What happened today Ginny?" Hermione asked, Ginny rolled her eyes.

"I am sure someone has already told you." Ginny said, Hermione looked back at Ron.

"No one has said anything to us, Ginny. Mum is in hysterics, Dad is too busy trying to calm her down and Harry is so angry that he refuses to talk to anyone. Oh, and Fred and George have retreated to their room, I don't want to know what they are planning." Ron said with a short laugh about Fred and George.

"So, you have no idea?" Ginny asked, she wasn't really in the mood for another argument. She just wanted to get some rest.

"Well, we have a vague idea, but we don't want to jump to conclusions." Hermione said softly. Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Tell me, Hermione, what do you think the fights today were about." Ginny asked, bored of the conversation.

"Well… don't be offended if what I say is wrong, but judging by what we saw and heard… well, you know, Snape was with you the whole time… and your parents do seem rather distraught…" Hermione said vaguely, Ron sighed.

"We think that there is something going on between you and Snape." Ron said exasperatedly, clearly annoyed by his wife's vagueness.

"You think Severus and I have a relationship?" Ginny asked, raising her eyebrows. Hermione and Ron nodded. "The answer is yes. Severus and I are together. As a matter of fact we are engaged. Not to mention that we are very much in love." Ginny said, Ron's mouth fell agape.

"R-realy?" Ron stuttered.

"Yes, Ronald." Ginny replied, she held her hand up to show them her engagement ring. She didn't feel the need to cast the invisibility charm on it again, now that she had told her parents.

"Snape?" Ron said in disbelief, Ginny nodded "That is disgusting!" He cried before recoiling in pain as Hermione's elbow collided with his stomach.

"You and Severus are together." Hermione mused thoughtfully "That would explain why you danced with him at our wedding… and why you were so depressed when he had gone on a mission. And the detentions, and the last quidditch game… Oh my." Hermione said.

"It also explains the remedial lessons, my parents' distress, Fred and George's anger and the ring on my finger." Ginny said. Hermione looked at Ron who still looked disgusted.

"Snape?" He repeated. Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Yes Ron, Severus. The man old enough to be my father, the death eater and my ex-potions master." Ron looked at Hermione in horror.

"You do know that he is a murderer." Ron whispered.

"How many people in the Order aren't Ron?" Ginny said, Hermione looked at him, clearly acknowledging that Ginny had a point.

"He killed Fleur!" Ron said "And he saw Bill die!" Ginny bit her lip.

"I have already discussed that with him, Ron, please don't start on this topic. He did what anyone else would have done in that situation. He was out numbered and angry." Ginny said.

"What did he have to be angry about?" Ron said raising his voice, Hermione grabbed his hand.

"He was angry because Fleur had betrayed our family Ron, angry because she had killed Bill. He is my fiancée, even though no one knew, he felt a sense of duty towards Bill. If he was still here he would be attending our wedding." Ginny said, trying not to let her emotions get the better of her. "He did it at great personal risk, may I add. He killed a death eater, do you have any idea of how much that endangers him? He is a double agent, the death eaters will likely hunt him now. For betraying them and killing one of their kind." Ron and Hermione were silent.

"We better go, Ron, Ginny needs some sleep." Hermione said, giving Ginny her pillow. They walked out of the room quickly and shut the door behind them. Leaving Ginny to get her much desired sleep.

Ginny woke up late the next morning. She gathered some clothes and headed straight for the shower, feeling as though a burden had been lifted off her shoulders. Even though she wasn't happy with all of the arguments she had yesterday, she was happy that she didn't have to feel as though she was hiding something anymore. Now that everyone knew she was seeing Severus she didn't have to avoid or ignore him when he visited Grimmauld Place.

After her shower Ginny headed downstairs, knowing that lunch would be ready soon. She opened the kitchen door and was greeted by four bitter faces.

"Good morning." Ginny said, walking over to her mother. Molly looked at her daughter.

"Morning." She replied unenthusiasticly. "Lunch will be ready soon." Ginny nodded and took a seat at the table with Harry, Fred and George. Harry stood up abruptly

"I'm not hungry, Molly." He said and with that he left the room. Mrs Weasley sighed.

"Ginny, a letter arrived for you this morning." Her mother said pointing to a piece of parchment on the bench. Ginny got out of her seat and retrieved the letter. She knew from the writing that it was Severus. She turned it over and broke the seal, eager to see what he wrote.

Dearest Ginny,

I have a shift today, starting early this morning. I will arrive home at around eight o'clock and look forward to talking to you then.

All my love,


Ginny smiled and tucked the letter into her jean pocket.

"Who was the letter from?" George asked.

"Severus." She replied, walking over to the table and taking a seat again.

"What did he want?" Fred asked bitterly.

"He wanted to let me know that he was working, and that we could talk later on tonight." Ginny said.

"I don't remember you asking me permission to visit him." Her mother said offhandedly.

"That's because I didn't." Ginny replied "A while back he gave me a two-way mirror." Ginny explained. Fred and George exchanged looks before staring off into space.

"Harry sure is pissed off." George said.

"GEORGE!" Molly hissed.

"Well, she has to know." Fred interrupted.

"I understand that he is upset, and I cant completely blame him. On the same not I don't think it is my fault either. If he wants to walk out of a room and miss lunch just because I am here that is his choice, I never asked him to be immature about it." Ginny said evenly.

"If the person you had liked for ages turned out to be dating you ex-potions master and one of your worst enemies you would be pretty angry too." George said defensively.

"Don't act as though I led Harry on. He has asked me out a number of times, and told me that he likes me, and I told him flat out that I was not interested in him like that, and that I was not going to date him. If he wanted to live life under the impression that one day I would see my error and come running back to him it is his fault." Ginny said, her brothers did not reply. Her mother placed a plate on the table in front of her, and did the same for Fred and George. "Thanks mum." Ginny said picking up her knife and fork. Their mother joined them shortly.

Half way through the meal the door opened and Ginny turned around to see Charlie walking through the door.

"CHARLIE!" Ginny cried, she jumped out of her seat and crossed the room in two steps, throwing her arms around her brother in a bone-breaking hug.

"Hey, Gin." He said softly as he squeezed her.

"Have you heard the news?" George snapped, Charlie raised his eyebrows.

"Yes, mum owled me yesterday." Charlie said matter-of-factly "Charlie dear, please have a talk to her, she listens to you the most." He quoted in a perfect rendition of his mothers pleading voice.

"CHARLIE!" Molly cried indignantly, Charlie laughed. He took a step back from Ginny and took her hand.

"Wow," He said looking at her ring finger "That sure is one hell of a ring." He mused, Ginny smiled.

"Charlie! I did not-" Molly begun, but Charlie cut her off.

"I know, I know. You didn't ask me here to comment on the ring. You asked me here to talk her out of it." Charlie said waving a hand in the air dismissively. Ginny shot her mother an angry look. "But I bet no one has commented on her ring yet… am I right?" He asked, he looked around the room at the blank faces "And I am sure that no one has said congratulations, or asked if they have set a date… have they?" Fred, George and Molly shook their heads. Charlie put his hand on Ginny's shoulder. "Am I also right in saying that your announcement has brought nothing but argument?" He asked her.

"Yes." She replied with a curt nod. He let go of her left hand and pulled her into a hug. When he pulled away he smiled.

"I am not going to say that I wasn't surprised when I found out. I was. I had to read the letter three times before I could fully believe it. And I must also tell you that I was especially surprised at the identity of your fiancée. But, don't get me wrong, I am happy for you."

"Oh Charlie!" Ginny cried hugging him again, a few tears escaped from her eyes.

"Charlie!" Molly said warningly, he ignored her.

"I know that Snape was a git of a potions master, but I am sure he will make a dedicated husband." Charlie said, he kissed the top of Ginny's head.

"Charlie, I didn't-" Molly was cut off by him again.

"Look mum, she has had a hard enough time as it is. She has found some happiness in this god-forsaken war, we should all be happy for her." He said in a tone that told his mother that he wasn't going to argue with her. "Remember when I was dating Aradia?" He whispered to Ginny, she nodded "I had a similar argument with mum and dad. They told me that she wasn't any good for me because she was related to the Le'Strange's." Ginny raised her eyebrows, she had no idea "Things didn't work out between us, but I know what you are going through." Ginny grinned. "Are you finished eating?" He asked, Ginny looked over at her plate and shrugged. "Do you want to go for a walk?" He asked. Ginny nodded eagerly and he held the door open for her. When they made it to the front of Grimmauld place Charlie looked around

"It's a miserable place, isn't it?" She asked.

"Extremely. I feel sorry for you, being cooped in there all the time." They walked along the footpath slowly.

"Thank you Charlie." Ginny said.

"For what?" He asked, surprised.

"For supporting me." He shrugged.

"It's all part of the job." He laughed "I was a bit annoyed that mum wanted me to talk you out of it." He said "Though, there isn't anyone else she can ask now, apparently Dumbledore is on your side as well…" Ginny nodded.

"Yeah, he is, I guess." Ginny said.

"I wouldn't like to argue with him." Charlie told her she agreed "So, have you set a date?" He asked, she shook her head.

"Not really. I didn't want to make any decisions until I had told mum and dad."

"How is old Snape faring?" he asked with a laugh, Ginny smiled at him.

"I think dad was about to murder him yesterday… so was mum, and Fred, and George and Harry." Charlie laughed.

"It was valiant of him to be there with you." He said.

"Mmm… I told him that he didn't have to be there, because I was worried that mum would tear him limb from limb. He said that he didn't care." Charlie looked amazed.

"I would have had second thoughts if I were him," he mused, Ginny nodded. "So, what are you going to do with yourself now that school is over?" He asked, Ginny shrugged.

"I actually thought of joining the order, you know, just as a look out or something." Charlie whistled.

"I imagine that mum will be angrier about that than she was about your engagement." Ginny shrugged.

"I just want to help."

"What else are you thinking of?" He asked her. She thought for a moment.

"A magizoologist." She replied.

"Have you applied for any training courses yet?" She nodded, it was something that they had to do during their last year of school. "Well, if you don't get in, not saying that you wont, but if you don't you can always come to Romania with me and be a dragon keeper. We don't have nearly enough people willing to take on the job." Ginny smiled.

"Thanks. That would be great, but I think I am best off staying here." She replied.

"Ah yes, sorry, I forgot." He said, she laughed "I don't think that Snape would appreciate you being so far away from him." She smiled.

Later that afternoon Ginny sat in the lounge room of Grimmauld Place. She had thoroughly enjoyed her walk with her brother, and was now relaxing and watching the television. She heard the front door open and shut and she peered out of the door to see who had come in. It was Harry. He purposely looked straight past her, as he walked by she grabbed his eyes.

"Harry, can I talk to you please?" She asked, he went to keep walking but she tugged him into the lounge room. "Can you please listen?" She snapped, he looked at her but said nothing. "Look, please don't be angry with me. Some things just happen. I am not going to apologise to you, because I haven't don't anything wrong, but I want to let you know that I don't see any reason for why we can't still be friends." Harry looked away from her "For Merlin's sake Harry! Grow up!" She growled.

"Me? Ginny, I am not the one who had an affair with my potions master." He replied bitterly, she rolled her eyes.

"I know, that was me. And it wasn't an affair Harry, he isn't married." He glared at her.

"And you know that it is illegal, don't you?" He asked, she glared back at him.

"It was illegal. I am no longer his student, and I am of age as well, so there is nothing wrong with it." She told him calmly.

"He can still go to Azkaban." He whispered savagely.

"No, he can't, unless I want to press charges. Now that I am of age, mum and dad are not able to take him to the Wizengamot. I am the only one who can." Harry turned to leave but she forced him to turn around again.

"What?" He asked.

"I want you to know that I do not plan to leave Severus, so you will just have to get used to it. If you cant, that is your problem, not mine. So please do not take it out on me or Severus, if you want someone to blame, blame yourself." He wrenched his arm free of her grip and swept out of the room. She took her seat on the lounge again, not wanting that discussion to ruin her mood.

That evening after a rather tense dinner with her family, Ginny retreated to her room for some light reading before eight o'clock came. When the clock ticked onto the appropriate hour she took out her mirror and saw Severus waiting for her.

"Hey!" She said, he smiled back at her.

"How are you my love?" He asked, she shrugged.

"Okay. Do you know what?"

"Tell me."

"Mum actually had the nerve to owl Charlie and ask him to talk me out of this." Severus rolled his eyes "But he got here this morning and congratulated me instead." That got Severus' attention. He smirked.

"Really?" He asked, interested.

"Yeah! He said that he is shocked, but nonetheless!" She said happily, Severus smiled.

"Well at least that means that we have some support from your family." He said, she nodded.

A week passed by and the tension in the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix had started to settle down, although Harry was still avoiding Ginny. Ginny and Severus had not seen much of each other, just a brief hello in the hall way on two occasions, but they had talked a few times and owled each other. Ginny sent Hazel a long letter describing the goings on at Grimmauld Place, but she said that she was at the Burrow for security reasons. Hazel sent back a letter that was full of sympathy and offers to bash some sense into her family, also asking if Ginny had chosen her maid of honour.

Ginny sat in her bedroom reading when she heard tapping on her window. She looked over and saw an owl decked in Hogwarts insignia pecking the glass pane. She bit her lip and walked over to the window, opening it and taking the thick letter from it's clasp. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before breaking the seal and reading.


Pass Grades: Outstanding (O) Fail Grades: Poor (P)

Exceeds Expectation (E)Dreadful (D)

Acceptable (A) Troll (T)


Astronomy: A

Care of Magical Creatures: O

Charms: A

Defence Against the Dark Arts: E

Divination: D

Herbology: P

History of Magic: A

Transfiguration: A

Potions: O

"Oh my God!" Ginny squealed, she jumped up and down on the spot excitedly waving the parchment in the air. She ran out of her room, down the stairs and straight into the kitchen, relieved to see her mother there.

"Are you alright?" Molly asked upon seeing Ginny.

"YES! LOOK!" Ginny thrust the parchment into her mother's hand and she read over it carefully. She pulled Ginny into a tight hug.

"You did so well Ginny!" Her mother said happily. "Seven N.E.W.T.s! I always knew you were a smart one!" Her mother looked over it again "Did you get a report as well?" She asked.

"Didn't look." Ginny replied, it would make sense that she would receive and end of year report as well as her N.E.W.T.s. results. "I will go and see now, if you want." She said.

"No, go and show Hermione your marks first, she would love to see them." Molly said, Ginny nodded.

"Where is she?" Ginny asked.

"In the lounge room I think." Molly told her. Ginny took the parchment off her mother and walked into the lounge room. Ron, Hermione and Harry were sitting on the lounge watching the muggle news.

"Hey Ginny." Ron grunted.

"Hey! Hermione, look!" Ginny said giving Hermione the parchment.

"Oh!" Hermione said happily looking over the marks. Ron and Harry read the results over her shoulder.

"Wow Ginny! That is amazing! Seven N.E.W.T.s…. and two outstanding marks!" Ginny grinned and bowed.

"An outstanding for potions!" Ron said sceptically.

"I wonder how you got that." Harry drawled.

"What are you implying?" Ginny snapped, Harry stood up.

"You are the intelligent one. You figure it out." Harry growled, Ginny glared at him.

"Harry, Ginny is quiet good at potions." Hermione warned, Harry rolled his eyes.

"I am sure that the shagging on the side would have helped." Harry said maliciously, Ginny took out her wand and before knowing it Harry was on the receiving end of one of Ginny's famous Bat-Bogey hexes. Bogey poured from his nose and grew bat-like wings before turning on him and attacking him viciously.

"Hermione! Aren't you going to do anything?" Ron cried as Ginny walked out of the room.

"No, he deserves it." Hermione said simply before returning her attention to the television.

Ginny walked up to her room, satisfied at the revenge she had carried out on Harry. He had no right to say what he did and she wanted to let him know it. She knew for a fact that her academic work in potions had improved immensely, and she also knew that Severus would award her with a mark she didn't deserve. She tore through her bedroom and retrieved her school report before making her way back down to the kitchen. Her mother waiting for her at the table. She handed her the report and she looked through it.

"You did so well, especially in Care of Magical Creatures…." Molly mused as she read the professors comments. Molly read the comment that Severus wrote and showed it to Ginny.

Ginevra has achieved excellent results in all of her assessments although her attitude in class leaves a lot to be desired. She is often abrasive and reckless. Unfortunately her behaviour in class does not reflect her outstanding talent in potions.

"Is this true?" Molly asked making Ginny grin.

"Yes. I did make quiet a mess during most lessons. Mostly to… Well. I wasn't always on my best behaviour." Ginny said awkwardly.

"Surely you would have been a little more well behaved." Molly said indignantly, Ginny laughed.

"Not really, I had to make sure I had my fun. That is what changed, it wasn't malicious, it was teasing." Ginny said, her mother nodded and continued reading the comments. When she was finished she smiled and gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek.

"You should show that to Hermione too." Her mother suggested, Ginny took a deep breath before leaving the kitchen for the lounge room. She walked in to see Harry cleaning up the bogey off the floor.

"Mum wanted me to show you this too." She said, Hermione smiled and took the report. Ron threw the television remote at Harry.

"Ginny." Harry said, his face reddening significantly.

"Yes, Harry?" Ginny asked sweetly, not hiding the anger in her voice.

"I- Look-" He stopped and took a breath before trying again "I am sorry. What I said was uncalled for." He said.

"Thankyou Harry." She said, he looked away from her.

"And… I am sorry for the way I have been treating you lately. I … well, I was just angry." He continued bitterly.

"If you don't really mean it, you shouldn't say it." She said softly.

"No, I mean it. I am genuinely sorry." He said.

"So, can we still be friends?" She asked, Harry nodded slowly.

"Friends." He repeated. Hermione gave Ginny back the parchment and she smiled.

"You are the first female Weasley born in decades, and you are a smart one. Too bad there are so many male Weasleys." Hermione said, Ginny grinned.

"Hopefully you and Ron can change that soon!" Ginny said cheekily, both Ron and Hermione blushed. "I am sick of waiting for a niece or nephew." Ginny said before walking out of the room to get a glass of water.

When Ginny entered the kitchen her mother motioned for her to sit at the table, Ginny got her glass of water and joined her mother.

"So, what are you planning to do with yourself?" Her mother asked, Ginny bit her lip before speaking.

"I was wondering if I could join the order, help out in some way…" Ginny said, Molly's eyes widened.

"No." She said, that was it, her mind was made up, Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Everyone else is in it, they are helping, I want to help as well." Ginny said.

"The answer is no, and that is final." Molly snapped.

"Mum, I want to. I feel so useless sitting here and doing nothing. I could at least help. Surveillance or something… Anything." She begged.

"What could you bring to the Order, Ginny? You are not trained as an auror." Molly said, not expecting a response.

"I don't care Mum, I would do anything that I was asked to do. You need all the help you can get." Her mother shook her head.

"No. What will you do after the war?" She asked.

"I want to become a magizoologist." Ginny explained.

"There you have it, you can start studying to become one as soon as the course starts." Her mother said, Ginny rolled her eyes and was suddenly struck with an idea.

"Maybe I can bring something to the Order mum!" Ginny said, amazed at the revelation she had just had "I got an outstanding in potions, perhaps I can join and help Severus brew the potions, take some of the stress away from him." Ginny said, Molly shook her head.

"No. Ginny, Severus has had years of experience with potions, you just finished your N.E.W.T.s." Molly argued.

"He barely has enough time to find the ingredients and watch over the potions, let alone work for the Order. I could help, mum, I could get the ingredients and mix the basic potions for him." Molly glared at her.

"I don't want you to be involved with the Order Ginny. It is too dangerous." Molly said, Ginny knew that her offer was tempting her mother slightly.

"I live in the headquaters of the Order mum! I am already closely affiliated with it." Ginny said, her mother bit her lip.

"Do you even know if Severus wants an assistant?" Molly asked, Ginny shrugged.

"I don't see why not." Ginny said. Her mother stood up abruptly and took Ginny's empty glass away.

"This conversation is over." Her mother growled. Ginny sighed and walked out of the kitchen. She would try and convince her mother again later, but for now, there was a good book calling out for her to read it.

When Ginny reached her room there were two letter on her bed. She opened the one on top and read the unfamiliar writing. She smiled, the letter was from Liam. After she read it she walked over to her desk and wrote a reply.

Dear Liam,

I am so happy that your holidays have been so great, but it is a pity that your mother shot down your ambition to become a cheap hooker. I am sure there are many other career paths you could follow, perhaps a masseur or exotic dancer.

Everything here is going well, Mum and Dad have returned from their unsuccessful hunting expedition in Australia. You were right, as it turns out hippos do not have ivory, and there aren't any in Australia, well, except for those in the zoos. You also asked if you may inquire about the identity of my mystery man. No, it isn't the giant squid, although he is pretty saucy. The cat is out of the bag now, so I might as well tell you. I have been seeing Severus (yes, Professor Snape) for nearly two years now. And no, this isn't a joke, I am as serious about this as a Hungarian Horntail is about her eggs. I understand that the news may have come as a shock to you, so, I guess it will only add to it by telling you that we are engaged. We have not set a date for the wedding yet, but do expect an invitation by owl some time in the near future.

If you are still able to read this I congratulate you. If you are flat on the floor after fainting from shock, I apologise. I should have at least had the decency to send a cushion with this letter to soften the fall.

I hope all is well with you N.E.W.T.s. results.

Take Care,

Ginny Weasley

Ginny folded the letter up and poured wax on it, pointing her wand at the hot liquid and imprinting her signature on the seal. She put the letter aside and read the one on her bed. It was from Severus, he would be coming to the Headquarters for a meeting at four and would be staying for dinner. She smiled happily, it had been a while since she had spent some time with him.

Dinner that evening was lovely. Molly had cooked her special chicken mince pie and it was eaten in the dining room, at least twenty members of the Order had attended. Ginny say in the seat next to Severus and she was completely aware of the looks they were receiving from some of the guests. Dedalus Diggle, who was seated to Ginny's left, leant over to her in-between the main meal and desert.

"Why is everyone staring at you?" He whispered, Ginny looked at him in amazement.

"Haven't you heard the news?" She asked, he shook his head. Ginny knew that he was a very talented wizard, but was very excitable, she guessed that he hadn't been told for that precise reason. "Severus and I are engaged." He almost choked on his pumpkin juice.

"S-Sorry… went down the wrong way." He coughed, turning to Remus who was sitting next to him. Ginny laughed and Severus looked at her questioningly. She made a gesture towards Dedalus and Severus nodded, understanding immediately.

Desert was a very hearty custard tart served with fresh whipped cream. Ginny relished the taste of it, it was her favourite desert, but her mother didn't cook it very often. After desert Albus Dumbledore cleared his throat and called for the attention of the people seated at the magically extended table. Cups were set to rest and when he had everyone's full attention he spoke.

"Some of you may, or may not, have heard the wonderful news. Love has struck the Order of the Phoenix once more. This time, I am pleased to announced that Ginevra Weasley and Severus Snape are engaged." Dumbledore and Charlie begun to clap politely, slowly, Ron and Hermione joined in, followed by Remus and then Fred and George. The other people at the table were either to shocked or annoyed to join in, but nonetheless Ginny was happy that their support group had grown significantly.

Ten minutes later the bloated members of the Order begun to excuse themselves from the table, eager to get some rest and relax after the filling meal. When most of the people had left Severus stood up and walked over to Molly and Arthur.

"Excuse me, Molly, Arthur." He drawled, Ginny's parents looked at him, trying not to glare. "I was wondering if I may stay her for a while and talk to Ginny, we have some things that we need to discuss." Molly and Arthur exchanged looks.

"That is fine Severus." Arthur said grudgingly. Severus nodded politely and walked back to Ginny, offering her his hand.

"We should find somewhere that we can talk." He said, Ginny smiled and stood up, taking his had.

"Perhaps the drawing room?" She asked.

"Sounds fine." Severus replied. They made their way up the stairs and into the drawing room. They sat on the lounge against the wall, Ginny leant over and kissed him softly. "How have you been?" He asked, Ginny smiled.

"Good. I got my N.E.W.T.s. results today. I got an outstanding in Care of Magical Creatures. I also-"

"What about potions?" He asked, she sighed.

"You already know I got one in potions as well." She said dismissively. "I also cast a killer of a bat-bogey hex on Harry." She said, Severus smiled.

"Sounds like you had the day of a life time." Ginny shrugged.

"I also had a talk to mum about my future." She said, from her tone Severus knew that there was something she wanted to ask him. "She refused to let me join the Order." Ginny said, Severus frowned.

"I am afraid I would have to agree." He said, Ginny's mouth fell open in horror.

"What?" She asked, he caressed her face.

"You are not properly trained, my love. It is hardly practical." He said, trying not to anger her any further.

"I had an idea though," she begun. He knew that this was leading somewhere. "It must be hard on you sometimes" she sighed, he was just waiting for the point "you know, with all the potion brewing you have to do as well as your shifts." She looked at him for a response, but he remained emotionless.

"What are you trying to say?" Severus asked, Ginny smiled.

"You know me too well. What I am saying is that you need help. I could help you. I could get the ingredients for you and brew the basic potions." Severus looked at her as though he was sizing her up for the job.

"So, you are saying that you want to be my assistant?" He asked, Ginny nodded, fully expecting him to say no.

"That isn't such a bad idea. Although you will have to ask Albus." He said, Ginny threw herself at him.

"Really?" She asked, he nodded and brought his lips close to her ears.

"You are so sexy when you are concentrating." He whispered, hot breath caressing her ear sensually, she grinned. She kissed him passionately and sat back. "Now that we have that out of the way," he begun, "I believe we have a wedding to plan." Ginny laughed in excitement. He took her hand.

"Do you want to set a date?" She asked.

"Yes, and you can start planning as soon as you want to." He told her, she could hardly contain her excitement. She was finally able to plan her wedding, something she had been dreaming about ever since she was three. "But," He said "We can't plan anything too large, the times are still treacherous." Ginny smiled.

"So, you don't want to wait until the end of the war?" She asked.

"Not unless you do." He replied. She shook her head quickly.

"Of course not!" Ginny said, she thought for a moment. "What about the second of August?" She asked. Severus smiled.

"On Lammas?" He asked, she nodded. She wasn't sure whether he would know about the holiday. "I think that would be appropriate." He said. Lammas was the festival often associated with the shifting of the Wheel of the Year to signal the beginning of the harvest year. Ginny knew that it was an old fashioned holiday, rarely celebrated any more, but she thought that it was a good choice. Symbolic of their relationship taking a turn, they would finally be able to reap the rewards of their perseverance and dedication towards each other. There were footsteps outside and Severus looked into the hallway. "Albus?" He asked, Dumbledore popped his head into the room.

"What is it, Severus?" He asked in an amused tone.

"Ginny and I have something to discuss with you." Severus replied, Dumbledore smiled and walked into the room, sitting on one of the chair in front of the desk.

"What can I help you with?" He asked, blue eyes shining.

"Well, Ginny wanted to join the Order of the Phoenix." Severus begun.

"Oh! How delightful!" Albus said, Ginny smiled.

"And her mother and I both thought that she may not be able to without training." Albus chewed on his lip thoughtfully. "But, Ginny had a wonderfully idea." Severus patted Ginny on the leg, telling her to continue.

"Well, I was wondering if it was possible to become Severus' assistant, I could help him gather ingredients and brew some of the basic potions." Ginny said hopefully, Dumbledore strokes his long white beard and thought for a few moments.

"I don't see why not, just as long as you attend the course you have applied for at Newtlore when the time comes." Ginny nodded, she realised that she had the marks for the magizoology course that she wanted to get into, she would study it at Newtlore, a training school for every subject to do with magical creatures.

Two days later Ginny had talked to her mother about her discussion with Severus and Dumbledore. Mrs. Weasley grudgingly approved of her daughters new found role in the Order of the Phoenix and the date she had set for her wedding.

A week after the initial discussion with Dumbledore Ginny was being trained about the basic fighting techniques and spells, just in case she needed them. She was also told that if the need arise she may be called to take a surveillance shift. The training was a full, forty hour week, at the end of which Mad-Eye Moody said that Ginny would be capable of holding her own in case of an emergency.

Ginny quickly ate breakfast in the kitchen on a Monday morning, in five minutes she would have to apparate to the front of Severus' house on Spinner's End to begin her first day as his brewing assistant. Ginny found out that while there were other people that brewed potions for the order, their attentions were slowly being turned to more defensive measures such as surveillance and under cover work.

In the fortnight that had passed Ginny had managed to find time to send out invitations to her wedding. She had also asked Dumbledore if he would be willing to conduct the ceremony, he was more than happy to accept. The mood towards Ginny and Severus' relationship was very slowly becoming neutral, one of the main signs was Fred and Georges joking nature returning when she spoke to them.

Ginny swallowed the last of her orange juice and picked up the bag she had beside the chair she was on, checking it one last time. She placed her hand on her hip pocket, making sure her wand was there. She stood up and walked down the hall and out of the front door. She made her way into the small side passage beside the Black House and closed her eyes. In a split second she opened them again and she was standing in front of Severus' house. She smiled to herself and walked towards the door, it was getting easier to apparate, and the odd sensations she used to feel were slowly ebbing away. Ginny knocked on the door and only had to wait a few seconds before she was greeted by Severus. She stepped into his house and he shut the door, she threw herself against him and kissed him hungrily. When she pulled away he caressed her face softly.

"So, what are we doing today?" She asked. He took her hand and led her through the lounge room and into the kitchen. He took out his wand and tapped the pantry door twice, saying "mandrake root". He opened the door and there was an old, dark staircase leading down to what Ginny guessed was a basement. He led her down the stairs, lighting some candles on the way. The room that was illuminated made Ginny gasp. There were cauldrons of every shape and side stacked against the far wall of the sizeable room. The other wall was covered with hundreds of jars containing potions ingredients, some of which Ginny had only read about. There was also a cold storage box and a few tanks in the corner of the room containing small, live creatures. In the middle of the room there was a large table with several cutting boards and boxes filled with various potion-making tools. Against the wall adjacent to the one with the ingredients there was a sturdy looking granite bench with five burners on it. Ginny looked at Severus.

"What do you think?" He asked with a grin.

"A little small, isn't it?" She teased. He led her over to the table and pointed to a piece of parchment.

"If you want, you can brew the first two potions, but, if you would prefer I can get you a chair and you can work on the wedding arrangements." He said, Ginny laughed sceptically.

"I didn't become your assistant to make wedding arrangements." She said, he shrugged.

"Well, help yourself to the ingredients you need." He said, she kissed him on the cheek. "And if you are interested I think that we will have some spare time after we are finished brewing the potions." Ginny grinned, she knew exactly what he wanted

"Well, we better get started then, all this mindless chatter is wasting precious time!"

At four o'clock that afternoon Ginny and Severus were lying in his four poster bed. Severus looked at the clock on his bedside table and kissed her on the forehead.

"You'd better go my love, you are meant to be back by four thirty." He said, Ginny smiled.

"I still have half an hour." She replied.

"Yes, but that is how long it will take you to get ready." She poked him in the ribs. "What, it is the truth?" She kissed his cheek and stood up, she picked up her clothes from beside the bed and pulled them on. She walked over to the door and picked up her bag, pulling out some parchment. She walked back over to the bed and sat down, she pulled his head into her lap and placed the parchment in his hand.

"Just some plans for the wedding that I thought I would run by you." She said, he read what she had written on the parchment. Ginny stroked his hair lovingly. She was so relieved that they were finally able to be together without having to make excuses for the time they spent with each other. He handed her the parchment.

"It looks wonderful." He said. She sighed. "What is wrong?" He asked.

"I was just wondering, after the wedding, will I have to stay at Grimmauld Place?" She asked in a melancholic tone. He kissed her hand.

"We will see." He said, she frowned and he brought his hand up to caress her face "I think we will have a hard time convincing your parents to let you leave the safety of the headquarters." He explained. She shrugged in a disheartened manner and looked away from him. "I know, my love," He whispered "It isn't really what we want, but I am concerned about your safety first and foremost." She nodded mutely "If it will make you feel better I will have a talk with your parents." She smiled and kissed him.

"Thankyou." She said, her tone sounding much happier.

"Now, you better go." He said, he sat up stepped off the bed. He walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out a dressing gown. He put it on and walked over to her, offering her his hand and helping her off the bed. He walked her down the stairs to the front door where she kissed him goodbye before walking out of the house and apparating back to Grimmauld Place.

Once back inside the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix Ginny walked into the kitchen and put her bag on the table. She sat down, exhausted from the long day of potion brewing and the fervent afternoon of love making.

"Where have you been?" Her mother asked, entering the kitchen, Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Mum, I am three minutes late." She said exasperatedly. Fred and George followed Molly into the kitchen.

"Severus should know better than to hold you back, he should have know that I would be worried about you." Molly mumbled more to herself than to Ginny.

"Again mum, it is only three minutes." Ginny sighed, Fred and George took a seat at the table.

"Who knows what could have happened to you," Molly continued her frantic mumbling "You could have been captured by death eaters, or killed, or who knows what. I should knock some sense into that man. Imagine that. Keeping you back-" Molly's mumbling was overpowered by Fred's voice.

"You know Ginny, that isn't really what she is worried about." Fred said, Ginny looked at him.

"Yeah, Fred is right, Gin." George stated matter-of-factly "That's now what mum is worried about at all."

"Yep. She is worried that you are late because you were shagging old Snape!"

"FRED!" Mrs Weasley cried, dropping the pot she was holding, spilling water all over the floor, Ginny blushed furiously.

"What mum?" Fred asked "You worried that Ginny was having a shag?"

"That she was doing the dirty deed?" George added.




"Making love."

"Engaging in coitus."

"Doing the wild thing."

"Frolicking in the grassy green pastures of desire-"

"ENOUGH!" Shouted Molly interrupting Fred and George's word association game. There was a tense silence before Fred and George burst out laughing. Ginny bit her lip, embarrassment flooding through her.

"Oh, come on mum!" George laughed, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes. Ginny stood up and walked over to her mother, trying to ignore the immature laughter behind her back.

"Mum, I was wondering if I could ask you something?" She said, Molly looked at her and nodded, still trying to recover from her outburst at Fred and George.

"Go ahead dear." She said, taking out her wand and mopping up the spilt water.

"Well, after the wedding I was wondering if it would be okay with you if I moved in with Severus." Molly placed a hand on her heart and leant against the bench. Fred and George howled with laughter.

"W-well… I…" Molly begun.

"Think about it mum," George begun "you can either let them do it here, under your roof-"

"Or there, under his roof." Fred finished. Molly shot them both harsh looks.

"Either way mum, you have to face it, they will be shagging." Fred said evenly.

"That's right, they will be doing the dirty deed."



"Tasting the forbidden fruits."

"Making the beast with two backs"

"Exploring the exotic seas of unadulterated gratification."

"BE QUIET NOW, OR SO HELP ME-" Molly begun, brandishing a wooden spoon violently in Fred and George's direction. The twin's laughter started up again, louder and more enthusiastic than before.

"Just think about it, please, mum." Ginny said before she walked over to the table and picked up her bag. She walked towards the door, making sure to give the twins a sharp slap across the back of the head before she left the room.

The next few weeks passed by. All across Europe a nervous tension was growing. There had been no sign of action from either the death eaters or the resistance and people were reaching their wits end. They knew for sure that the war was not over, and that the worst was yet to come, but they couldn't enjoy the peace out of fear that something may happen.

Ginny and Severus were thoroughly enjoying the time they spent together while brewing potions. After the incident with Fred and George on her first day of brewing duty, Molly had insisted that Ginny was back at Grimmauld Place by precisely four thirty, otherwise she would withdraw her approval of the marriage.

The wedding plans were coming along well, Ginny had received R.S.V.P's from all of the guests she had invited stating whether or not they would be able to make it or not, and she was now working on the final touches and last minute arrangements with help from Hermione.

Ginny put a cap on the two phials of bright orange potion that she had just brewed. She held them up for Severus to see and he smiled.

"You have done a wonderful job." He said looking at them intently; there was nothing wrong with them. They were the perfect colour and consistency; Ginny's skills in potion making were improving greatly. "Not many people get that potion on their first go." He told her.

"Well, it meant a lot to me that I make it right." She said, putting the phials into her bag. "Are you sure that the Order won't mind us using their stores to make this?" She asked.

"I don't see why, the ingredients can easily be replaced on your next trip to Diagon Alley." Severus said. Ginny walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek before picking up her bag.

"I better go before mum has a fit." Ginny said. She made her way out of the house and apparated back to Grimmauld place.

On the first of August Ginny arrived at Hogwarts with Hermione and a few aurors carrying a suitcase full of clothes, cosmetics and various toiletries. Because of some of the people who she invited to the wedding, it was not appropriate to hold it at the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, and she couldn't hold it at the Burrow because it was too dangerous to return there. Albus Dumbledore kindly offered the halls of Hogwarts, Ginny thought that getting married at Hogwarts was very appropriate for Severus and herself to be wed in the school and was more than happy to accept Dumlbedore's offer. After a laborious set of discussions with her parents and Severus, Ginny finally managed to gain their permission to move out of Grimmauld Place. She was of age, but she did want their blessing

Ginny looked over at Hermione who smiled back at her, it must have been a relief for Hermione to see Hogwarts again, it was her home for seven years as well.

"I have missed this place." Hermione sniffed, Ginny rubbed her arm. One of the aurors cleared his throat from behind the two women and gestured towards the grand front doors of the castle.

Ginny and Hermione taken through the castle and shown to two of the teacher's quarters. After they dropped off their bags they met at the stairs on the first floor.

"So, what do you want to do first?" Hermione asked, Ginny smiled.

"I guess we should set out the seats and work around that." Ginny said with a shrug. They walked towards the Great Hall. The school was completely silent except for their footsteps, and it was strange, Ginny was so used to hearing students talking and yelling, and teachers telling them off.

An hour later, Ginny and Hermione had managed to arrange the chairs and were sitting down on the raised platform at the front of the room having a much deserved rest.

"What were you going to use to decorate this place?" Hermione asked Ginny.

"Well, Dumbledore told me about a store room that has old furniture and rugs in it, I thought that we could probably get something from there and charm it. I will also have some flowers coming tomorrow, but Mum said she would pick them up for me. And Dumbledore also told me about a spell to bewitch the banners." Ginny said. Hermione smiled.

"Well, you are more organised than I thought." She laughed, Ginny grinned.

"Thanks for volunteering to help me." Ginny said.

"It was no problem," Hermione said dismissively.

"I was worried that no one would be willing to help." Ginny told her, she bit her lip.

"You are my friend, and sister-in-law, Ginny. Of course I want to help you." Hermione said.

"Do you think my parents are okay with all of this now?" Ginny gestured to the chairs around her and Hermione clasped her hand.

"I think they have gotten used to the idea, now that they know that you are more mature and responsible than what they initially gave you credit for." Hermione said softly "I still don't think that they are too keen on having Severus as a son-in-law, but they will grow to accept him. Don't worry Ginny, deep down we are all happy for you, some of us just have a harder time showing it than others." Ginny smiled, Hermione knew exactly what she needed to her. Hermione laughed "Although the amount of shock your news generated was amazing." Hermione said, Ginny laughed as well.

"I felt so rotten that I had to hide it for so long." Ginny told her.

"I understand."

"It wasn't as though I wanted to hide it, but I had to, or…." She drifted off.

"Or you would both get into a lot of trouble. You did the right thing." Hermione said, Ginny smiled.

"Thanks, Hermione." Hermione got to her feet and brushed off the jeans she was wearing.

"Well, we better keep going, we have quiet a bit to do." Hermione said, Ginny nodded.

Later that afternoon Ginny and Hermione walked down to the front gate with two aurors to meet Hazel. Ginny hugged her best friend happily and planted a kiss on her cheek.

"Thankyou so much for coming early!" Ginny cried, Hazel laughed.

"Oh, come on, as if I want to miss out on all of the fun." Hazel said, "Hello Hermione." Hazel said with a nod. Ginny took bag and Hazel looked up at the castle in awe. "You know, I never thought I would see this castle again." She mused "How did you manage to organise it so that your wedding is here?" Hazel asked.

"Oh, you know, mum and dad are friends with Dumbledore and all…" Ginny said vaguely.

"Enough talking. What needs to be done?" Hazel asked, Ginny smiled and explained what they had to do on the way up to the castle.

The next morning Ginny was awoken by a pillow being thrown at her head. She rubbed her eyes and sat up.

"You know," Growled Hazel "You think that you would wake up of your own accord on your wedding day, but nooooo." She threw another pillow at Ginny "You just have to be your usual Ginny self and sleep in!" Ginny sat up.

"Okay, okay, I'm up." Hazel sat down on the bed and poked Ginny in the ribs playfully.

"Well, Hermione said we should let you sleep in for a while." Hazel said, Ginny raised her eyebrows.

"What time is it?" She asked.

"Eleven thirty!" Hazel replied. Ginny swore and jumped out of bed. Her wedding was in four and a half hours and she hadn't finished the decorating.

"Hermione let me sleep in? But there is so much to do! Is she crazy?" Ginny said changing from her pyjamas into and old pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

"Ginny, settle down, it is all done." Hazel laughed, Ginny looked at her and flopped back down onto her bed. "All you have to do is take a long, hot bath and relax. When you want your hair and makeup done come down to the hall, but knock on the door, don't come in. We want to surprise you." Hazel said. Ginny sighed, knowing better than to argue.

Severus looked at his reflection in the mirror and adjusted his dress robes slightly. He took one last look around his bedroom. He had changed his sheets, they were now black in stead of white, and he had spread rose petals over it. He had set candles all around the room. He knew that Ginny would appreciate the effort, even though he didn't mind if the decoration was there or not. He placed his wand in his pocket at walked downstairs. His hand touched the doorknob and there was a knock on the door. He didn't know that anyone was going to visit him. He opened it and had to make sure that he did not show his anger.

"Hello Severus." Drawled Lucius Malfoy. Severus looked around to see another two death eaters who he didn't know, but were in the outer circle.

"Lucius." Severus replied. Lucius looked at him and an amused smile spread across his face.

"Going somewhere?" He asked, Severus nodded curtly.

"As a matter of fact I am," Severus replied coolly. Lucius took a step into Severus' house. "I have to go to a formal dinner for the Order of the Phoenix, I have already told the Dark Lord of this." Severus added calmly.

"Oh, we wont take up much of your time." Lucius sneered and motioned for the two men to follow him into the house. "I wanted to introduce you to Pierre Luxor and Hans Freigman." He said motioning to the two lower level death eaters.

"How do you do, gentlemen?" Severus said, the men simply stared at him.

"These are the two men that will be fighting with you…" Lucius drifted off and Severus looked at them as though he was sizing them up.

"Very well, please tell Lord Voldemort that I am grateful for his assistance." Severus said, Lucius nodded and walked over to the door.

"Goodbye Severus." Lucius said "I am glad to see that you are making such an effort to dress up for the Order." He spat before walking out of the door. Severus shut it after him and looked around the house. He took out his wand and cast a number of protective charms before walking to the farthest corner of the back yard. He closed his eyes and apparated to the Hogwarts gate.

Ginny sat in the transfiguration classroom nervously. Everything was done, and now all she had to do was wait for her mother to come and get her. When she last asked Hazel if Severus had arrived yet she changed the topic and talked about the weather instead. Ginny was worried that he had been held up. There was a knock on the door and Ginny jumped.

"Who is it?" She asked.


"Oh, come in." she said, trying not to sound as though she had been let down. She was sure that it would be her mother. Harry opened the door and walked into the room. He looked at Ginny.

"Y-You look amazing." He said, Ginny blushed.

"Thankyou Harry." She said, he walked over to her and held out his hand.

"Your mother wanted me to come and get you." He said, she hopped down off the desk and took his hand. "And…." She looked at him "I want to wish you the best of luck." She kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks Harry, you have no idea how much that means to me."

Severus stood outside the doors of the Great Hall, looking calm and composed. It was minutes before the wedding was due to begin, and he had not seen or heard from Ginny all day. He felt a sudden wave of cold rush through him.

"Well, if it isn't stink winky Snape!" cackled Peeves, Severus rolled his eyes.

"Honestly, you pathetic poltergeist, do you have nothing better to do?" Severus drawled, dodging a spit wad that was sent his way. "What was that sound?" He cupped a hand to his ear "Oh, Peeves, I do believe I heard myrtle calling for you." Peeves dropped the straw he was using to shoot balls of saliva-coated tissue and his eyes widened.

"I told her to leave me alone!" He cried before whizzing down the corridor. Severus smiled to himself and turned to the stairs. To his great relief he saw Ginny and Harry descending the staircase. Her long red hair flowing freely down her back, a lock of hair from either side of her head pulled back into a loose pony tail, white baby's breath entwined through her hair. Her long white dress was trailing delicately on the steps behind her. The top of her dress was a corset embroidered with delicate gold Celtic knots, she had two gold bands wrapped around her upper arms from which delicate strips of white material flowed. She looked down at him and smiled. He walked over to the base of the stairs and Harry offered Ginny's hand to him.

"Thank you Harry." Severus said, not wanting any of his reservations about Harry to surface on his wedding day.

"That is okay Severus." Harry replied, before walking over to the hall and opening the doors wide. Ginny and Severus followed him, hand in hand.

Ginny looked at Severus, he looked amazing. His cloak was floor length and made out of fine black silk, lined with silver silk. The silver clasp on it matched Ginny's Celtic knot pattern perfectly. His dress robes were made and lined with the same black and silver silk, with a high, priest neck collar and silver buttons.

When Ginny walked into the Great Hall she couldn't help but smile. The chairs were arranged in the centre of the room in the shape of a circle, about four feet from the edge of the circle of seats there was a circumference of tall gold candelabras with pure white candles burning around. She and Severus entered through a gap at the back of the circle, which magically closed up behind them, and walked around the circle once. Most of the people they had invited turned up, including some of Ginny's house mates, Ginny's relatives and some of the Hogwarts Professors that she invited for Severus. When they had completed a full circle they stopped in front of where Professor Dumbledore was standing. Ginny looked towards the room, which reflected the soft light of dusk. Her eyes fell on the school banners that she had bewitched the previous night to become a pearly white colour. She smiled; Hermione must have bewitched them again this morning because they now bore the initials GW in blazing red writing and SS in glowing green. There was a gold ribbon entwined between the letters elaborately.

"On this fine August evening you have gathered here to celebrate the union of Ginevra Molly Weasley and Severus Snape." Dumbledore begun with a smile at Ginny and Severus. "In the presence of friends and family, this happy couple wishes to be joined in matrimony, so that they can merge their minds, entwine their hearts and unite their souls. I ask you to all bear witness to this sacred moment when Ginevra Weasley and Severus Snape merge their life's past into one road paved with love." Ginny and Severus turned to face each other. "Before this ceremony continues I ask any one who does not feel that his union should occur to speak now, or be forever silent." Ginny looked at Severus, he smiled back at her. The silence remained unbroken and Ginny let out a breath of relief, Severus squeezed her hand. "Ginevra, Severus, you stand before this assembly of your family and close friends to declare your undying love for each other. I am sure that you are both aware of the reality of the vows that you are soon to speak, that they are binging and permanent. I must ask you now if you have come here today without reservation and of your own free will?"

"We do." Severus and Ginny chorused. Albus Dumbledore turned to Ginny.

"What is your name?" He asked her.

"Ginevra Molly Weasley." She replied loudly.

"And what is your desire?"

"To join with he whom I love."

"Ginevra, will you take this man to be your husband, to live together with him in marriage? Will you love him unconditionally, care for him ardently and soothe his aching heart in times of need?" Albus asked, Ginny smiled.

"I will." Albus turned to Severus.

"What is your name?" He asked.

"Severus Snape."

"And what is your desire?"

"To join she whom I love."

"Severus, will you take this woman to be your wife, to live together with her in marriage? Will you love her unconditionally, care for her ardently and soothe her aching heart in times of need?"

"I will." He stated confidently. Dumbledore reached into his pocket and retrieved two gold wedding rings engraved with Celtic patterns and the ancient rune Geba, symbolising infinity. He handed one to Ginny and one to Severus.

"A ring is the symbol of love without an end. This ring will be a physical symbol of the love that you share and the vows you speak to each other. They will serve as a reminder that all things but love must end, and that it is part of the cycle of existence. As the wheel of life turns ever onward your love will also." Albus smiled at Ginny.

"I, Ginevra Molly Weasley, swear on all that is good and beautiful in this world, to devote myself to you, Severus Snape, wholly and completely. I give unto you my mind, body and soul in their entirety. I promise to care for you through times of happiness and sadness, hope and despair, joy and anger. I promise that my love for you will grow ever stronger as we walk through life as husband and wife." She said, she slipped the ring on he finger and she smiled at her.

"I, Severus Snape, promise to love you, Ginevra Molly Weasley, with all of my heart. I swear to care for you and protect you to the best of my ability. I will make sure that your home is never empty, that there will always be food on your table and that I will be there to comfort you when you need me to be. As your husband, I will support you in all of your decisions and help you achieve your dreams. I will make sure that you come before everything else, that nothing else takes precedence over the love and devotion I feel for you. I vow to you today that I will commit myself to you as we walk through life as a married couple." He said, he put the ring on Ginny's finger. Dumbledore motioned for them both to kneel, and they did. He took out his wand and rested it against their clasped hands.

"Before the witnesses gathered here today, do you both wish to be joined in matrimony by a love that will last deep into eternity?" He asked.

"I do." Ginny said.

"I do." Severus added. As soon as the words left Severus' mouth a thick stream of blinding gold light flew out of Dumbledore's wand and wove itself around Ginny's and Severus' clasped hands, the two ends tying into a knot and sitting idle for a second before exploding into a thousand gold sparks. Severus and Ginny then stood, hands still clasped together tightly.

"Ginevra, please hold your hands out to Severus, so he may see the gifts that they are to him." Ginny let go of Severus' hands and held hers, palms up, Severus rested his hands on top of hers, their palms together. "These are the hands that are smooth, young, and carefree, that are holding yours on your wedding day, as she pledges her love and commitment to you for all the days of her life. These are the hands that will hold you tight as you struggle through difficult times. They are the hands that will comfort you when you are sick or console you when you are grieving. These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, for a lifetime of happiness." Ginny leant over and kissed Severus on the cheek. "Severus, please hold your hands out to Ginevra, so she may see the gifts that they are to her." Severus now had his palms face up, Ginny's hands rested against his. "These are the hands, strong and vibrant with love, that are holding yours on your wedding day as he promises to love you for all of the days for the rest of his life. These are the hands that will countless times wipe the tears from your eyes: tears of sorrow and tears of joy. These are the hands that will comfort you in illness, and hold you when fear or grief rack your mind. These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, for a lifetime of happiness." Severus leant over and kissed Ginny on the cheek.

Ginny and Severus clasped hands again and turned to face the people who were seated. For the first time during the ceremony Ginny was able to realise that it was real, that it was actually happening. She smiled and squeezed Severus' hand tightly. He looked at her and smiled. Ginny looked at the faces of the people gathered, seeing the same longing in their eyes that she felt at Ron and Hermione's wedding.

"Ladies and gentleman who have gathered here to honour the union of these two people, I wish to present to you, as husband and wife, Mr. Severus Snape and Mrs. Ginevra Molly Snape." Dumbledore said. The people watching the ceremony got to their feet and clapped as Ginny and Severus walked around the circle once and out of the Great Hall. When they were in the entrance hall Ginny threw herself at Severus and kissed him passionately.

The guest slowly filed out of the Great Hall and congratulated Ginny and Severus, some more willingly than others. Hazel and Colin walked over to Ginny and Severus, Colin's camera hanging from around his neck.

"Congratulations Ginny!" Hazel said, throwing her arms around her friend, she pulled away. "You too Severus." Hazel added, hugging Severus as well, he hid his shock well. Ginny smiled at her friend and Colin told then to stand together for a photo.

No more than ten minutes later Dumbledore had completely re-arranged the Great Hall for the reception. The banners were now changed, with the initials GS and SS in a sparkling silver with the gold ribbon entwined between them. When every one took their seat Hermione walked over to Ginny and Severus and handed them each a gold goblet with a bright orange liquid in it. They turned to face each other and all of the people in the hall raised their glasses in a toast. Ginny and Severus entwined their arms and swallowed the liquid in the cups. As the potion slithered down her throat Ginny had to stop herself from screaming. It burnt at her inside and made her body tingle as though it was being prodded by a thousand needles. After a few seconds the pain subsided and Severus had caressed her face tenderly, he was more prepared for the potion than she was.

"Not all branding potions are bad." She whispered to him, he smiled.

"I know." He replied, placing a hand on the top of his right thigh, feeling the tenderness where the branding had just occurred.

Late that night Ginny and Severus said goodbye to the guests that were left and stepped into one of the horseless carriages which took them to the gates of Hogwarts where Ginny farewelled her teary-eyed mother and father. Severus held her hand tightly and apparated to the backyard of his house at Spinner's End. He took Ginny's had and silently led her through the house and up the stairs. Ginny smiled. Severus opened his bedroom door slightly and stuck his wand through the space. Ginny looked at him questioningly, but all of her questions were answered when he opened the door for her. She gasped. The room looked amazing. There were hundreds of pure white candles around the room, casting a sensual, flickering light. She looked at the bed to see that it was covered with deep red rose petals.

"Do you like it, my love?" Severus asked, Ginny nodded eagerly.

"Yes, I don't think we should ruin it." She teased, he swept her into his arms and carried her over to the side of the bed.

"It is funny how what we think and what we do often contrast greatly." He whispered into her ear before he kissed her passionately. His arms wrapped around her waist. She pulled away from him and turned so that her back was facing him, she lifted her hair up so that he could unlace her corset. He loosened the last string and watched as her dress slid down her body and landed on the floor softly. He placed his hands on her back and ran them up to her neck and then down her shoulders, settling on the bands around her upper arms. He tugged at the laces that held them on, and they too fell to the floor. She turned around slowly and smiled at him. He looked over her body seductively. His eyes fell onto the small pattern on her upper thigh, a Celtic love knot that they were both branded with that evening. He felt a wave of heat rush through his body, she was his.

Ginny undressed Severus as slowly and teasingly as he had undressed her. Taking her time to strip him down. When they were both completely naked Severus lifted her up again and laid her down on the bed softly, he laid on top of her and kissed her soft white neck, the scent of her skin and the rose petals setting his senses into over drive. He thrust himself inside of her and she bit his shoulder.

After three days of lovemaking and relaxation, the newly wedded couple was required to continue their jobs for the order. Making their first visit to the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix as husband and wife that evening for dinner. Ginny and Severus made their way into the dining room clasping hands. When Ginny saw her mother she let go of Severus and gave her mother a hug.

"Oh Ginny!" Her mother sighed, Ginny smiled at her "I have missed you." Molly said, Ginny kissed her cheek.

The dinner that evening consisted of baked pork, potatoes and peas, Ginny's favourite. She and Severus sat at the table with the rest Weasley's, enjoying their first meal as a family.

"Snape, can you please pass me the gravy?" Fred asked, Severus passed the small bowl to the red head.

"Fred, he is your brother-in-law, you should call him Severus." Hermione hissed, Fred shrugged.

"Nah, I like Snape better." Fred said.

"You don't mind if we call you Snape do you, dear brother-in-law?" George asked.

"I don't see why not." Severus replied, Hermione looked at Ginny in horror.

"You should tell your brothers to grow up." Hermione said indignantly.

"So, when you are annoyed at them, they are my brothers?" Ginny begun, spooning some more peas onto her plate, she shrugged "At least they aren't threatening to murder him." Hermione shrugged as if that was fair enough and turned her attentions to Ron, and telling him off for no particular reason.

"It was a lovely wedding." George said. Ginny smiled her thanks.

"Yeah," added Fred "I bet the wedding night was lovely as well." Severus looked at Ginny, not wanting to insult the twins himself.

"You see Severus," Ginny explained "the twins are so incredibly ugly and daft that they can not find any girls that will go out with them, so they ask insanely personal questions about other people's love lives in order to compensate for their personal lack of action." Severus laughed and Fred and George rolled their eyes.

"How do you know we haven't been getting any action?" Fred asked, Ginny waved her hand at him dismissively.

"Yeah, how do you know that I didn't bring a lovely blonde specimen home last night?" George said cockily, Ginny clapped in delight.

"Oooh! What is your boyfriend's name?" She asked, George threw a spoonful of peas at her.

Ginny and Severus were in the potions room at Spinner's end working on some healing potions that the order needed. Ginny was preparing the ingredients and Severus was adding them to the cauldron.

"You know," Ginny said with a grin "It is a real pity that you don't cook nearly as well as you make potions." Severus laughed.

"Well, you aren't too good either. Compared to your mother, anyway." He said teasingly, she turned to him.

"Oh, are you trying to pick a fight are you?" She asked, brandishing her ladle at him recklessly.

"Perhaps," He drawled with a shrug "it is about time we had a fight anyway." He said, Ginny laughed. She started stirring the thick blue potion again, before stopping abruptly.

"Severus," She begun, he looked over at her while trying to catch a tadpole from a tank against the wall.

"Yes my love?" He managed to snatch one of the little creatures out of the tank and threw it into the cauldron, Ginny felt sorry for the poor thing.

"Well, I was wondering. What is going to happen in a few weeks when you have to return to Hogwarts and I need to go to Newtlore?" Severus frowned.

"I don't know. Maybe I will go to Hogwarts and you will go to Newtlore." He said, Ginny rolled her eyes.

"No, really, because Newtlore is nowhere near Hogwarts." She said softly. He stopped stirring the potion that he was working on and walked over to her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her head softly.

"I know, my love, but you need to go there, and I need to go to Hogwarts, there is still money to be made." He said, Ginny rested her head against his chest.

"Isn't there another way? Because when you return to Hogwarts I will have to move back into Grimmauld Place, and we wont be able to see each other for- well, for ages." He brushed some loose strands of hair of her face.

"I don't know Ginny." He sighed, she closed her eyes and thought for a moment.

"Do you think, maybe, that we could find somewhere to stay in Hogsmeade? I could floo to Newtlore, and you could go to Hogwarts in the mornings." Severus frowned.

"I don't think that would work. Albus has been adamant that I return to Hogwarts, in case of an emergency it would be easier for him to contact me and save a great deal of time." He whispered, stroking her flaming red hair. She sighed and pulled away from him, stirring her potion vigorously. He clasped her hand and moved it more slowly around the cauldron. "If you stir it too fast you will ruin the potion." He said softly, she shrugged. He kissed her neck softly.

A loud knocking sound echoed through the house and Severus looked towards the roof of the potions lab. He turned to Ginny.

"Ginny dear, stay here. I will see who it is." He said, she nodded.

"I can't leave this potion here anyway, I need to keep stirring it after I add the mandrake leaf." Severus nodded and made his way up the stairs, brushing off his robes. He walked through the pantry door, shutting and locking it behind him. He walked over to the front door and took a deep breath, he wasn't expecting any visitors and he was sure that Ginny wasn't either. He opened the door and had to bite his tongue to stop himself from swearing.

"Lucius, what can I do for you?" He drawled, Lucius glared at him.

"You could let me in for a start." He hissed, Severus raised his eyebrows.

"I am rather busy at the moment, can you make it quick?" Severus asked, Malfoy laughed.

"I am here on important business Severus, the least you could do is let me in so that we can converse in privacy." Severus took a step back and grudgingly let the blonde-haired death eater walk into his house. "And besides, what could a single, childless man on holidays possibly have that is so urgent?" Severus glared at him.

"Just because I do not have children, Lucius, it doesn't mean that I am not busy." Severus sneered, Lucius laughed and patted him on the shoulder.

"If you say so." He scoffed.

"What is wrong?" Severus asked shutting the door.

"I wanted to tell you that the-"

"Severus, did you want me to stir your potion for you?" Called Ginny's voice from the potion lab, Lucius raised his eyebrow and made for the kitchen, Severus stepped in his path.

"I have heard that voice before." Lucius said with a knowing smile, Severus raised his eyebrows.

"Really? What do you want?" He asked.

"Isn't that the debauched Granger girl?" Lucius asked, Severus shook his head.

"Severus?" Ginny called again, Lucius raised a hand.

"Ah, no, it is the Weasley girl." Lucius said "You better answer her Severus." Lucius barked.

"Of course." Severus called over his shoulder. Lucius smiled at him.

"So, you have the young Weasley girl in your charge?" He asked, Severus searched his mind for something to say, an excuse, a lie, anything.

"Charge?" He scoffed "I would hardly call it that. She is only here on Dumbledore's orders to brew potions. I think he has become suspicious." Malfoy nodded.

"I wonder what Percy would think of you spending so much time with his baby sister?" Malfoy asked, now pacing the lounge room.

"I would wager that he wouldn't care. I wish I could get rid of her, but unfortunately, I have a job to do." Severus explained, Lucius nodded as though he understood perfectly.

"While we are on the topic of jobs…. And alliances. The Dark Lord wanted me to tell you that he has moved the plan forward."

Ginny threw the ladle down impatiently and walked up the stairs. She placed her hand on the door know and jumped when she felt it turn in her palm. The door open and Severus was looking back at her.

"Ginny, what were you doing?" He asked, she furrowed her eyebrows.

"Coming to see what was taking you so long." She replied, he glared at her.

"I told you to stay here." He drawled, her mouth dropped open.

"Sorry, but last time I checked I lived here too." She snapped, he looked away.

"I apologise Ginny, I didn't mean it like that." He said, he hardly wanted to get onto her bad side. "It was one of those muggle door-to-door salesmen. At least, I think it was. It could have been anyone Ginny, we have to be careful, we can not risk people finding out that you are here." She shrugged and turned around. They made their way down the stairs and returned to brewing their potions.

Two nights later Ginny and Severus were lying in their bed. He pulled her warm body closer to his and kissed her bare neck softly. She turned to face his and caught his lips with her own, kissing him passionately. She ran her hand down his body teasingly and felt his body reacting to her touch. She pushed him back softly and climbed on top of him, straddling him seductively. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him, begging for her to sooth his longing.

After teasing him for long five minutes she finally gave in, unable to resist the temptation pulsating through her own body. When she gently eased him inside her she heard him breath out a sigh of hunger. She leant forward and kissed him as she rocked against him, slowly at first, but as her lust for him grew, so did her pace. Their bodies moved together in perfect unison, each one knowing exactly what the other wanted. The pleasure swelled inside them, begging for satisfaction, and they responded their pace increasing.

"I love you." Severus moaned, feeling as though he was about to erupt.

"I love you too." Ginny replied, feeling the same pleasure sweep through her that Severus was feeling. With a final thrust they were both carried away by the pinnacle of their desire to a world of their own.

As Ginny eased herself back onto the bed besides Severus the world that they had shared for a short moment started to slip away and she floated back into the real world, Ginny rested her head on his chest, feeling the closeness and taking comfort in it. Severus sat up slightly and stretched his arm out towards his bedside table, groping around blindly in the dark for his wand. Ginny reached out and put a hand on his forearm, stopping him.

"Ginny," He whispered, she kissed his chest and looked up into his eyes barely visible in the starlit room.

"I don't care." She replied softly, he brought his arm down to stroke her hair.

"But what about…" He begun using his free hand to caress her stomach, hinting at what he meant, she lifted a finger to his lips.

"I don't care, Severus. Not tonight." She said, he rested his head against his pillow and turned to face her.

"I really do love you, you know." He told her, she smiled.

"I know, I really do love you too." He kissed her on the lips softly.

"Goodnight my love." He whispered, before closing his eyes. Ginny's eyes shut softly as she willed herself to sleep.

Before either of them could be seduced by dreams there was a loud bang from downstairs. Severus jumped up and grabbed his wand from the bedside table, he pulled his dressing gown on quickly and turned to Ginny.

"In the cupboard" He whispered, creeping towards the door.

"Severus…" She hissed, he turned to her.

"Please Ginevra, do it." He said with such urgency that Ginny couldn't refuse. She pulled her own dressing down over her naked body and reached for her wand before stepping into his wardrobe and disappearing into the magically concealed attic.

Knowing that Ginny was safely hidden away Severus slowly crept down the hallway, careful to avoid the that he knew would creak. He made his way silently down the stairs and walked.

"Severus?" A familiar voice called out, he felt his heart beat a little slower. He lit up the tip of his wand. He saw the person that the voice belonged to and a new current of dread flowed through him. "It is time." The voice said. Severus ran into the laundry and pulled on some clothes before taking a deep breath. In a split second his disappeared into thin air, knowing full well that he would reappear in the place he least desired to be.

Ginny sat in the attic, trying not to let the dust and panic overwhelm her. She had taken to distracting herself by looking through some boxes of photographs that were in the attic. She had tried to sleep but the dust floated into her nose and tickled it so that she could relax, and her stomach kept doing nervous flips that had nothing to do with the fact that she and Severus didn't cause a contraceptive charm earlier that evening. She bit her lip as she flipped through the photo album that was in her lap, the soft light emanating from her want barely enough to illuminate the photos.

Seeing Severus face in the photos only made the wait more unbearable for her. She didn't know if he was still all right. She didn't even know what the noise downstairs was. She knew that there was something going on, she had never heard such urgency in his voice before, but she knew that she should stay where she was. The temptation to get out of the dust ridden attic grew stronger in her for every second that she sat, motionless, in the room.

"Distifilt." She hissed, with a wave of her wand some of the dust disappeared. She used placed a photo album on the wooden floor and rested her head on it, striving to close her eyes and sleep.

The first rays of the sun's early morning light touched the ground, illuminating to all who were still alive the precarious circumstances in which they had found themselves. Dead bodies littered the floor as though they were part of the emerald green grass, the burning rays of sunlight warming the stone cold flesh and causing the smell of decay to rise from them.

His long black cloak brushed against the dead bodies as he tried to find a path through them, the wind ruffled his raven black hair and carried the scent of the dead into his nostrils. He looked around at the carnage that surrounded him and felt a stabbing in his stomach. Everywhere he looked he could see people that he knew, people that he had become close to. His heart lurched for those who were lost in the battle, even those who he did not like did not deserve such cruel and merciless deaths.

As he searched for people who may be wounded, and not dead, his thoughts drifted back to Ginevra Weasley, he could only hope that she was waiting for him.

Ginny felt a thumping on the attic floor and her eyes snapped open. She crept over to the trap door and tapped it with her wand before lowering it slightly and looking around.

"Ginny!" She heard a woman's voice call frantically, Ginny jumped out of the man-hole and ran over to her mother. Molly was covered in blood and dirt, looking tired and stressed. "Ginny, come on, we have to go." Molly said taking her daughter's hand.

"Severus?" She whispered, her mother tugged her arm.

"Ginny, we don't have time for this now, hurry up." Her mother barked, Ginny stood rooted to the spot.

"What about Severus?" Ginny yelled, her mother turned to face her and put her spare arm on her shoulder. Ginny felt the ground beneath her move away, suddenly replaced by the familiar floor of number thirteen Grimmauld Place. "Mum, where is Severus?" Ginny hissed, her mother pulling her into the kitchen. Ginny fell silent when she stepped through the door. There, in front her, stood a few people, most of which looked as though they were in worse condition than her mother. Ron and Hermione stood, tears streaming from their eyes, blood leaking from cuts all over their face and bodies. Ginny's father, Fred and Charlie were there too. Ginny bit her lip, they all looked devastated. Ginny heard footsteps and turned around quickly.

"Ginny, I am so glad you are safe." Whispered Harry, bringing up a hand to caress her face. He looked the worst for wear, his face was covered in no less than fifteen cuts, his robes torn so much that they looked as though they would soon fall off, his left hand was so badly damaged that in most places the skin was completely torn off, the perfect white of his bone exposed to the cool morning air.

"Harry…." Ginny said softly "I am glad to see you are alive… But…" She took a breath before continuing, wanting to make sure she had the confidence to say it "w-what about Severus…" she asked, Harry frowned slightly.

"He is fine." Harry said, Ginny let out a breath of relief and tears started to pour from her eyes. Harry looked away from her. Ginny turned to her mother.

"What about e-everyone else?" She asked, her stomach once again loosing stability. Molly bit her lip and looked away from her.

"Albus, Remus, Severus and others are looking for survivors." Harry said, Ginny nodded mutely.

More than two hours passed in complete silence and desolation before their fears and hopes were confirmed. Albus, Remus and Severus returned, not looking any cleaner or less injured than the others, their faces a picture of distress, covered in blood and dirt. When Ginny saw Severus step through the door she ran over to him and wrapped her arms around him, her tears absorbed by his robes. He returned her hug as well, and a sense of relief flooded through her, he was there, with her. Molly walked over to Albus and grabbed his arms, tears streaming from her eyes.

"D-did you find him?" She stuttered, Albus looked at her and shook his head sadly, Molly wailed in anguish and fell to the floor, Ginny looked at Severus questioningly.

"What is going on?" She asked him, he pulled her head against his chest and leant down.

"We found George's body, he didn't survive, Ginny." He whispered. She felt the familiar plunging sensation in her stomach and wished that she could just disappear. The pain seared through her quickly as she realised that she would never see him again, never hear his voice or joke around with him. Albus cleared his throat.

"But, it is over, isn't it?" Harry asked feebly from somewhere behind Ginny, she turned to look at him.

"That stage is over Harry, Voldemort is gone, for good this time. But there will me more, take my word for it, we can not rest until all of his followers have been brought down." Ginny looked at Severus and the realisation hit her that while she was hiding there were hundreds of people fighting for the life of wizards over the world. Ginny looked up at Severus and he gave her a small, triumphant smile.

The news that Voldemort had been defeated spread like wildfire, fuelled by rumours and the media. All around the world wizards and witches were dancing in the streets and celebrating the freedom of their kind. They no longer felt the threat of the most notorious Dark Wizard of all time. They were able to speak the name Voldemort, their fear of his retribution wiped away by the knowledge that Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, had defeated the evil wizard for the second and last time.

While the entire world was celebrating, there were many wizards who were mourning. For while the Dark Lord was defeated, so were hundreds of innocent people fighting for the freedom of their friends and family. There were so many to mourn for, so many had fallen, never to taste the freedom that they had a hand in creating.

The Order of the Phoenix was not celebrating like other magical folk. They had the most to lose in the battle, and they escaped far from unscathed. They lost almost half of their entire organizations, aurors both new and old. T

The Weasley family in particular had many to mourn for, friends and family alike; troublesome twin George, long time family friend Alastor Moody, friend and confidant Dedalus Diggle, teacher and companion Rubeus Hagrid and many more of their friends and acquaintances. But while they mourned, the Weasley family knew that the people who died did not do so in vain, even though the war was far from over it the worst of it had passed.

Ginny's personal suffering was slowly relieved by the love and guidance of her husband and best friend; Severus Snape. He took his time to tell her about the events of the night when the Dark Lord was defeated, knowing that it would help her cope with the pain of loosing so many.

The feeling that came along with the end of the war for Severus was not only one of loss, but also despair. For years he had been a double agent, helping the Order of the Phoenix and misleading the Death Eaters. It was inevitable for him to feel some amount of responsibility for the death of the innocent people on both sides. He knew that for a fact there were Death Eaters who were forced into fighting by bribery and the use of the forbidden curses, and for them, his heart ached. The members of the Order who fell also added to his feeling of guilt, he should have done more to warn them, but as it was Voldemort unexpectedly moved his attack forward by twelve hours. It seemed that Severus was the only one who was unaware of this, and in his mind, he should have known.

As Dumbledore had told Ginny some time before the final battle took place, "There is always light in the darkness, Miss Weasley. Often all we need is to find the courage to open our eyes and see it". Ginny did open her eyes, and what she found was something that had always been there, love. She realised that the light Dumbledore spoke of was love, and she knew that she could find it in Severus. The amount of courage Ginny had used in the past two years was incalculable, but with out it she would never have found Severus, never have loved him and never found comfort in his embrace or peace of mind.

Ginny and Severus were able to draw a conclusion from the events of the past two years; their lives were exactly as they should be. Nothing more, nothing less. And they would not prefer it any other way.

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