Peter Parker couldn't believe his luck. Or lack there of. First he spent all last night grading papers. Jameson wanted more pictures of Spider-Man, and last night Electro decided to make reappearance to New York.

All in all things had gone on as they usually did. He got Jameson the photo, and got cheated out of some money in the process. Electro was back in jail, after an hour long fight and he needed to repair a web shooter and his costume after it.

And now he was late for his class...again.

With everything in his life, he had missed too many classes. He already used up all his sick days up in the first two months alone. The Principle had warned him about his lateness.

Peter wouldn't even do this except he and MJ needed the new income. Since MJ had moved back to New York and away from LA where her career was, her agent had dumped her and now she was trying to find work in New York again.

Unfortunately leaving for LA had caused some waves to the NY people, and well, it kind of snowballed from there. She got a few photo shoots, but nothing like what she had.

He hated the fact that she had pretty much given up her career for him, left him feeling like he didn't deserve MJ. When she was away in their separation it was the worse time in his life. And she had felt the same, which is why there were finally back together.

It was still hard though. Aunt May was doing everything to help, she was actually patching up his costume as of this moment.

He smiled at the thought. He was glad she finally knew about his secret, and she was handling a lot better then he had guessed. She was even trying to get the papers, (Albeit covertly thankfully) to get other papers to start thinking more positively of him.

She didn't want her nephew thought of as a villain, even if no one knew it really was Peter under that mask.

Everything was finally seemed to be getting along in his life. At least for now. The three major threats Ezekiel had warned him of, was finally over, and life was looking up for a change.

He saw the school in site. 'I still can't believe how much this place has changed.' Peter thought at the site of his old high school. When he first saw it he didn't recognize it, then the incident with the student and the gun, made him realize just how much the world had changed since his days in high school.

He got a job teaching the kids science there, and to his surprise he enjoyed it. He really felt like he was getting thought to some of the kids and he was. In his life he never would have thought he would either be a teacher or enjoy it. Well to be fair he had never seen himself in a skintight spider costume swinging through the city either, so life was full of surprises.

Peter was running through the halls now trying to get to class. He glanced at one of the clocks on the walls. 'Aw Hell, I'm so late.' He managed to storm through his classroom door, startling a few of the student.

There were a collection of groans from some of the students, who thought they were getting a free period, and he noticed a few students exchange money, most likely they had bets on him showing up today.

He looked at the clock. He was over half an hour late for his first class, not good. "Mr. Parker." He looked at the corner of the classroom and found the Principle was sitting there waiting for him.

Peter groaned inward. 'Great, just what I need.' The Principle got up and walked over to Peter. He was obviously not a happy man. "Mr. Parker in my office after school." He said coldly and walked out.

There were a few students joking about the teacher getting detention. Peter however felt he wasn't going to get off that easy.

It was later in the day and Peter had finished up his last class. He wasn't looking forward to this next part at all. He walked to the Principle's office, the secretary nodded at him and gesture for him to go in.

Peter walked in and felt like this wasn't going to be pretty. The Principle looked sternly at him before speaking. "Mr. Parker, you've been constantly late, and you've taken more sick days then the entire teaching staff has since you started here. I feel that hiring you was a mistake, since you can't seem to do your job with the proper resolution and commitment that the other teachers have."

"So I have no choice but to fire you Mr. Parker. I already have a substitute on the way here for tomorrow and a permanent one is one the way also." The Principle sighed. "I whish I didn't have to do this. You have a real gift for this work and the students love you. But if you can't do this job like a professional then I'm afraid I have to go with someone else."

Peter nodded his head. He knew he was right about everything, it's not like he could tell him he was out saving the city. What really got him was that he really enjoyed this and didn't want it to end.


Peter walked through the door felling not so good at his life at the moment. "Hey tiger how did it go?"

He turned to see MJ reading a magazine by the couch, looking up at him, when she saw his face she knew something was wrong. Peter walked over to the couch and sat down. MJ put away the magazine and moved closer to him.

"Peter what's wrong?" she asked concerned. Peter let out a deep sigh. "I got fired from the school today."

"Oh Peter I'm sorry." She said hugging him. She knew how much he was enjoying his new job. He seemed happier at his time there, and she hated to see that he had lost it. "Well maybe you could get another teaching job?" She said, trying to lighten up his mood.

Peter gave a small smile. "That's a nice thought, I just hope I can keep it, if I ever do."

MJ patted his arm. "Well don't get so down, besides May is coming over for dinner and we can all discuss it then, and maybe we could help. Besides, if you really liked it you should try and get another one."

Peter smiled at his wife. "How did I ever get so lucky to get a woman like you?" he said with a smile now on his face.

"I told you once, that you hit the jackpot remember?" She said smiling back at him. "So when does Aunt May get here?" Peter asked her.

MJ looked at the clock. "About two hours why?" Then she saw the look on his face and she grinned. "Why mister Parker, are you insinuating that we should occupy our time with certain activities?" She teased him, by sitting on his lap and placing her arms around his neck.

Peter grinned and sat up and cradled her in his arms, she let out a small excited shriek at the unexpected movement. They looked at each other then MJ moved in to kiss him on the lips.

'You know.' Peter thought to himself. 'Maybe things aren't so bad after all.'