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Summary: 6th year Severitus – challenge. On Harry's sixteenth birthday, Harry finds out that he is not the son of

James Potter but rather the son of Severus Snape. Harry's casting the cruciatus on one Bellatrix Lestrange

at the Department of Mysteries will have some severe consequences for Harry. Not Azkaban so. Fudge is

still Minister for some time and as moronic as ever. Some aspects might be AU.

Spoilers: All five books (SS/PS; CoS; PoA; GoF; OotP)

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cursiv - thoughts in general

Meet Eric Emrys Snape

Prologue: Pondering, a Raven and Evil Birthday Surprises

The school year had not ended well for one Harry Potter although it had little to do with his OWL exams, which he took at the end of his fifth year. His godfather Sirius Black was dead, killed by Bellatrix Lestrange in the Department of Mysteries. Because of a false vision planted by Lord Voldemort … Because of his "saving people thing" as Hermione has put it …. Because of withheld information by the headmaster… Because no one ever saw fit to explain why it was oh so essential to learn to block his mind with Occlumency… Because he was always treated like the child he never had the chance to be…Because of his inability to trust his elder's… Because of a prophecy made by Sybill Trelawney which controls his very life …

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches, born to those who thrice defied him, born as the seventh months dies…and he shall mark him as his equal but he will have power the dark Lord knows not …and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…"

On this ill-fated night, he learned exactly why the Dark Lord went after him, on this ill-fated Halloween night almost fifteen years ago, why he always has to return to his hateful Blood relatives, the Dursleys. Upon his return to his muggle relatives, he swore to himself that come what may, he would study whatever piece of magic comes his way; whatever piece of knowledge might benefit him to finally vanquish the monster that destroyed his life. Whatever the cost he will keep his friends safe. Every night now before falling asleep, he doggedly clears his mind to prevent other false visions send by Voldemort. Every minute of the day besides eating and sleeping is filled with revising old course books with a fervour surpassing even that of one Hermione Granger. Everything to keep his mind busy…to keep his mind occupied …just not to be swallowed by the all encompassing grief and guilt he felt after his godfathers demise. Miraculously his relatives mostly leave him to his own devices and do not bother him in any way after being threatened by the order of the phoenix, that is. So, they make painfully sure that Harry attends every meal and actually eats something, lest those freaks would think they were trying to starve him. Every three days he send his letters to assure the order that he is still fine and no he won't need any rescuing anytime soon. Alas, his aversion to leave the house created some minor misunderstandings with the order, which is still keeping a close watch on their charge.

About two weeks into summer holidays and still no sight of one Harry Potter a very concerned letter was sent by Remus Lupin.

Dear Harry,

I know you miss Sirius very much. Knowing Sirius as much as I did he would not want you to drown in sorrow. He loved you very much it was his decision to follow after and no one could deter him for a second. If we had a little bit more faith in you… if Minerva had not been injured…if that foul Umbridge woman wasn't installed by Minister Fudge. Too many ifs, too many things that could have been done differently. You cannot change the past but you can make a difference in the future. Place the guilt were it belong namely with Voldemort and Lestrange.

Please do not distance yourself from your friends. You will see us sooner than you think.

Remus Lupin

PS: Maybe you should show yourself sometimes. One might think you are a prisoner.

Pensive eyes were studying the latest letter of his ex-professor, his mind racing.

Doesn't he see it's still my fault this happened, if only I had remembered that Snape is actually a member of the order … If only I had mastered Occlumency sooner…if I wasn't so damn snoopy to look into Snape's bloody pensieve … But yes so many ifs … so many regrets. Professor Lupin is right! I cannot curl up in a corner and shut my eyes. I cannot afford it. I have to do something. Many of last year's mistakes definitely can be mainly put down to not reining in my rather volatile temper and my brashness, to jump headfirst into the danger zone. This must change. As much as I hate to admit it, Snape has a point when he says fools who were there heart on their sleeve are weak. I mustn't let myself be trapped like this again. I think clearing my mind every night is finally paying off - no pains in my scar, no surges of strange emotions, and the nightmares I have now are definitely caused by my subconscious -Cedric and I taking the triwizard-cup, Cedric hit by a flash of green light, Voldemort emerging from a cauldron, Sirius in the Department of Mysteries, Sirius fighting Bellatrix, Sirius falling through the veil, hunting Lestrange, casting the cruciatus curse…Shit! What was I thinking … Oh yeah revenge! One day I will have my revenge. Oh, Sirius I miss you so much.

Professor Lupin seems to think I'm being cooped up by the Dursley's. Well we can't have that. Maybe I should take one of my textbooks outside and read in the garden. Wouldn't the Dursleys simply love that? What will the neighbours think.

For a second a small mischievous smile spread across his face before it was immediately quenched again. His thoughts were rudely broken as the lovely voice of Mrs Petunia Dursleys shrilled through the house.

"BOY! Come down here this instant!"

"Coming aunt Petunia." Groaning Harry went slowly down the stairs following his aunt's voice. Amazed he noticed she was holding the receiver in her hand.

"Phone call! For you!" With a sniff she handed over the receiver and hurriedly left the room.

Puzzled Harry stared at it for a second before taking it.


"Harry this is Hermione. I'm sorry that I didn't contact you earlier but I thought that maybe it would be better to give you some space before either call you or send a letter. How are you holding up? "

A small sad smile stole itself on Harry's face.

"Hello Hermione, nice to listen to your voice too. Well if you ask after my health, I would say rather fine, thank you. However, I miss Sirius, Hermione. I miss him beyond words. It hurt's so much. I hardly manage not to think constantly of what happened in the Department of Mysteries and that it was mostly my misjudgement of the situation that nearly got all of you killed too. The only way I can forget for a while is when I study." it broke out of him.

"Oh Harry I can't say how sorry I am, please believe me when I say it's not your fault. Wait… what do you mean by nearly getting all of us killed. Harry James Potter! Do you honestly want to imply that neither Ron, Ginny, Neville, Luna nor I are able to make our own decisions, however pigheaded they might seem? We love you, you dolt. We don't want you hurt. And don't you dare to even try to scare us away. It's too late for that." she didn't add It was to late when you and Ron defeated that troll in our first year. "Besides, there is no guarantee for survival."

"I …logically I can see your point but I can't bring myself to actually accept it. Honestly, I'm trying but it's so hard. Did you know back on Christmas I got this funny feeling that I might not see Sirius again? That Snape's baiting might lead him to do something foolish? You know what's best? He gave me a package. A package I forget to open until he was gone forever. He actually gave me a save device to contact him. A two-way mirror. You see we actually had a perfectly safe way to contact Sirius if only I had unwrapped it sooner. In Dudley's hands, it wouldn't have lasted a second. Than again the mirror might not have lasted much longer either. However much I want to change the past, I can't. So….what do you have planned for the rest of the holidays? Remus let something slip about seeing each other soon. "

"Well you know I'm going to stay with Ron and the Weasleys same place as last year. Ms Weasley also told us that you would be allowed to come on your birthday."

"Where to? Grimmauld Place again? What about Kreature, is he still stirring up trouble?"

"HARRY! Don't voice where we are going to stay. It's not safe. And no, Kreature is not around anymore. He killed himself because his betrayal led to his master's death."

Having the good sense not to add something along the lines of "poor thing". Knowing very well this would set Harry off.

"Why shouldn't I call it by it's name it's not as if any off the Death Eaters even knows off the existence of a telephone much less how to tap one. Besides my side of the connection is absolute safe cause if they were able to tap this telephone they also would be close enough to actually kill me or abduct me. But I abide by your wish. Do you think it's possible to send me some books maybe about potions and transfiguration? I somehow run out of reading material after completely revising the fifth year syllabus."

"Oh I have perfect book about transfiguration you will love it." Hermione promised.

"Thank you Hermione, but…just out of curiosity…. are you and Ron finally together?"

"HARRY JAMES POTTER HOW DARE YOU! If we were we would have told you by now, don't you think. Besides Ron is too thickheaded to notice anything. " came the very flustered screech from Hermione, which made Harry wince slightly because of the shear volume this was delivered through the receiver.

"OK I'll drop it. For now that is. "Harry replied soothingly.

"I have to go. Send me Hedwig we see about the book. Bye"


Harry slowly hang up the receiver and in a slightly better mood walked back to his room. He had only talked about things what seemed expected off him to dispel her concern. Not very likely, but one can always hope. He kept some rather strange occurrences to himself at least for the moment. Like how he suddenly seemed to pick up thoughts from his surroundings. This is rather disturbing if you're living in the same house as the Dursleys as he involuntarily found out one morning at breakfast.

Breakfast was a silent affair as usual, as his presence really seems to dampen the appetite and mood of his family with exception perhaps of his cousin Dudley, the appetite that is.

"Boy, pass the bacon! …please!" ordered his uncle, the please added as an afterthought through clenched teeth.

These ruddy freaks! How dare they leave that BOY on our doorstep! This ruffian, such a burden. We would have been better off if he had been placed at an orphanage or had the decency to die with his parents…

Shocked and angered he nearly let the platter with bacon clatter on the table. Also, he didn't expect any civility from his obnoxious relatives this seemed slightly harsh. His eyes flashing dangerously he set out to reply in kind, plates and cutlery trembling slightly. Only to realize his uncle hadn't actually spoken the last bit aloud. Deep in thought and confused he passed the bacon on to his uncle. Placing his plate in the sink and with a muttered "I'm upstairs", he left.

"Mental that one", came the voice of his uncle out of the kitchen, "bloody mental!"

As he shut the door of his room, Harry took a deep breath and tried to figure out what just had happened. Finding no immediate answer, he proceeded to study. Over the space of the next few days, he found out that he could "read" his relatives minds if he concentrated hard enough. He also would catch random thoughts sometimes without even trying. These strange events didn't stop there. His magic too seemed off sometimes. A broken glass fixing itself or when he was studying the correct wand movements of the odd curse or charm with his hand said spell or charm would suddenly work without him holding a wand. Those incidents had really freaked him out in the beginning, remembering last year, when the ministry plant Dolores Umbridge tried to get him expelled by setting two Dementors on his trail to force him to perform underage magic. Just thinking about that particular incident made his blood boil. By doing this, in a muggle only residential area nonetheless, she willingly accepted the fact that he could have lost his soul or anyone who was unfortunate enough to cross their path for that matter. She couldn't know that he would be able to perform the Patronus charm or even had his wand with him. Strangely this year he didn't receive a single rude owl from the Improper Use of Magic Office concerning any magic he accidentally had done, ordering him to relinquish his wand to break it and expelling him from Hogwarts the only true home he ever had.

He also had a rather frightening growth spurt from 5' to 5'4" in two weeks time. Oh well, what was ever normal with him. Even his hair decided to act weird. Instead of staying the unmanageable mop of short black hair, it was now much to the disgust of aunt Petunia falling down his shoulders. However, what really set her of was the fact that his hair now sported quite noticeable bright coppery red strands. Her threat of dragging him of to the hairdresser was quite easily quenched so, when he mentioned the order.

Before he knew it, his birthday was nearly upon him. Just one more day and he would be back in the wizarding world. In one day, he would see his friends again. He couldn't wait to see his friends and everyone from the order again, well maybe not Snape, but you can't have everything. After asking Hermione for reading material she had decided to send him his birthday present early. A very captivating transfiguration text indeed by name of 'The beast within you' by Carnis Lupus a step-by-step guide to become an animagus. Where did she get that book? And Hermione encouraging rule braking? The world must have come to an end.

The first steps were rather easy, consisting of some meditation exercises to find his inner animal. It was rather similar to his Occlumency exercises, actually. Strangely, the whole affair would need only an incantation for the initial transformation, "transformare". According to the book, it's the only time a wand is actually needed but it's also the most crucial step were the most accidents happen. For every following transformation one must only will himself to transform. What makes this spell so difficult is the fact that the initial transformation is exceedingly painful. One mustn't loose his or herself in the pain. It's crucial to stay focused on ones animal form until the spell is complete. The consequences of failure reaching from sever transfigurations even to death. So Harry wasn't to keen to try this spell anytime soon.

Harry got the hang of the first step rather quick and after a few trials had found his inner animal, he would be a raven.

Only one day and he would be sixteen. The Dursleys were not at home and for a change didn't try to lock their nephew in his room or threaten him with dismemberment if anything was only a hairsbreadth out off place, rather Undursleyish. After he had spent the whole last two weeks studying his raven form, he was thoroughly fed up with meditation. This afternoon he started to practice the correct wand movements, leaving his wand on his desk and pronunciation of the spell not trusting himself to do this with his wand in his hand. After all, with his magic acting weird he didn't want to risk to transform prematurely. Sound reasoning and if he hadn't been concentrating so hard on his raven form, it might have actually worked.

When the first wave of pain hit him, he nearly lost consciousness, the raven seemed to envelope him, and melt into his skin, closely followed by the most horrible sensation of his body shifting into the much smaller form of the raven. Heavy mammal bones turning into hollow light bird bones, his arms turning into wings and all the time shrinking, shrinking in a breathtaking speed to the size of a raven. The pain was so intense that he came close to losing focus several times and risking severe consequences. After years, days, hours the pain finally seemed to ebb away and instead of a rather tall nearly sixteen-year-old teenage boy, an exhausted, slightly disoriented raven sat in his stead on the bed. Relieved that he was still alive and had managed to transform completely. He didn't dare to think what would have happened if the transformation had only been partly successful or if the Dursleys weren't out of house. For a second he envisioned what would have happened if either uncle Vernon or aunt Petunia had walked in on him while transforming. The outcome wouldn't have been pretty he was sure of that.

This will surely get me expelled, even if the ministry chose to overlook the previous bouts of accidental magic this summer. Accidental magic or no, there is no way in hell they will overlook this transgression. I managed the initial bloody animagus transformation without a wand. Come to think of it, how did I manage that? The instruction states clearly that one needs a wand. Strange.

Suddenly a very official looking owl was swooping through the open window and depositing an equally official looking letter on his head before leaving again. Minutes ticked by as he stared at the letter with a sense of doom. Concentrating very hard, he tried to transform back…and…nothing happened. Slightly panicking he tried over and over again to transform back. About an hour passed until he finally managed with a slight pop to revert to human again. This time he only felt a slight tingling sensation. Slowly, his heart filled with dread, he reached out for the letter and opened it.

Ordinary Wizarding Level Exam Results

Potter, Harry James

He blinked, than read again. It was from the Department of Education not the Improper Use of Magic Office. Relief flooded him. He would return to Hogwarts. If they hadn't send a letter in an hour, he was surely safe, wasn't he.

Ordinary Wizarding Level Exam Results

Potter, Harry James

The following scale is used to score examination results and determine passing grades.

Passing Scores Failing Scores

O = Outstanding P = Poor

E = Exceeds Expectations D = Dreadful

A = Acceptable

Every passing grade is equal to 1 OWL

Please note that the scores in your Practical and Theory part of your Charms, Transfiguration, Defence against the Dark Arts and Potions exam will count individually.

Minimum course score requirements for acceptance into N.E.W.T. preparatory courses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are listed on the course sign-up forms provided by Hogwarts. Questions, concerns or contestations of earned scores shall be directed to the Ministry Office of Wizarding Education.


Theory: E Practical: O


Theory: E Practical: E

Defence against the Dark Arts

Theory: O Practical: O


Theory: O Practical: O


Total: E


Total: A

Care of Magical Creatures

Total: E


Total: O

History of Magic

Total: A

Total Score: 13 OWL

In the name of the Department of Education, we like to congratulate you for the highest-ranking OWL score in Defence against the Dark Arts of all Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry since 1943.

Released by Griselda Marchbanks,

Department of Wizarding Education,

Ministry of Magic

PS: We of the board of examiners decided to award you with a passing grade in your History of Magic exam due to extenuating circumstances and the fact that you were only a hairbreadth away from a passing grade anyway.

How the hell did I manage to get outstanding in Potions? That's rather unbelievable. Snape will have conniptions when I appear in his NEWT prep. Course, that's for sure. How will I be able to survive two more years of that snarky git? 13 OWL's I still can't believe it. How did I manage that many OWL's.

Totally exhausted and still completely clothed he fell on his bed and fell asleep before his head touched his pillow. However, at midnight he was rudely awakened again, by excruciating pain, wrecking every nerve in his body. It was worse than in his second year when he took the polyjuice potion or more recently his animagus transformation. Again, he felt his bones and skin shifting. He was afraid that there was some lingering damage from his earlier transformation.

After endless minutes the pain finally stopped. Something didn't feel right. Switching on the light, he grabbed for his glasses and the world went … fuzzy. Putting the glasses back down his sight grew sharp again. He also noticed that his trousers where to short again. Standing up he almost fell, his equilibrium felt off. Suddenly a strange owl swooped through the open window carrying a letter, which it dropped on the bed. To confused, he took the letter without opening it and went to the bathroom, switching on the light.

As he looked in the mirror, he froze. Staring back at him was a stranger. He was very tall almost 6'3" with long black hair streaked with coppery strands, long fingers and a very pale complexion almost vampire like. When he looked at the face… there was nothing left of James Potter …nonetheless it was somehow familiar. High cheek bones, a slightly crooked nose and fine eyebrows. Only two things remained the same -his mother's green eyes and his accursed famous scar. If he raised his eyebrow just so… the reflexion reminded him of Sn….The realization hit him like the proverbial bucket with ice water.

Snape!...Professor Severus Snape! …Potions master of Hogwarts!... Ex-Death Eater,… master spy, …slimy git extraordinaire! …Founder of the "I hate Harry Potter" club.…The bane of his existence…

Breathing hard, he suddenly remembered the strange letter he was still clutching in his hand. Viewing the letter, he stared at the address, not believing his own eyes. In slightly faded green letters it read:

Eric Emrys Snape

A.k.a Harry James Potter

His hands were shaking as he opened the thick, yellowed envelope. Included was a key, which looked like a Gringotts key and a birth certificate.

Birth Certificate Saint Mungo's 01.08.1981

Date of Birth: 31.07.1981

Child name: Eric Emrys Snape

Mother: Lily Kathryn Potter-Snape

Father: Severus Salazar Snape

Adoptive father: James Potter

The Adoptive Potion and spell were used on Eric Emrys Snape.

Please note that the Adoptive potion has to be administered on the 31.07.1988 again or the full effects of this potion will not be permanent. If the potion is not administered again, the effects will wear off on the child's 16th birthday.

Eric Emrys Snape will hence be known as Harry James Potter.

Witnessed and signed: 1. Healer Catharine Eleanor Snape

Med witch Brianna Jane Potter

Med witch Poppy Pomfrey

Shocked, angry and feeling betrayed his eyes wandered over the sheet of paper over and over again. His head felt like it was stuffed with cotton wool, he couldn't think anymore and for the first time in a month his scar hurt. Suddenly he heard loud voices, a key was being turned downstairs in the front door -the Dursleys were back. Silently he retreated to his room. It wouldn't do if the Dursleys saw his new face, he couldn't handle any more trouble right now. Silently he locked his door. In the morning, he would contact Albus Dumbledor, for now he would rest. Miraculously remembering to clear his mind, he fell in a fitful sleep.