AN: Ok, it's kinda a tradition, kinda an obsession with me, every series I write fanfic in, I have done at least 1 Ranma ½ cross over. This is the Obligatory Ranma 1/2 Danny Phantom crossover.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom or Ranma ½. Those honors got to their creators, Butch Hartman and Rumiko Takahasi. But I can oogle over their transformation coolness.

Cracked Reflection: Prologue

"I thought the plan was perfectly clear. Lokir would implant the deigns for the Phantom Gate in the mind of that Ghost-chasing fool, Fenton. Then my minions would exit through the gate and thus conquer the Living World. I want someone to tell me exactly WHY my plan is failing."

"Please my Queen" one small apparition mumbled. "It was Fenton's son. He is quite powerfull. He's the one that has been stopping your plan."

"How can a mere human BOY thwart both our greatest and most pathetic warriors?" Demanded the Queen.

"Please, your Majesty, he is NOT a mere human boy. He was caught in the vortex when it first opened. Somehow, protoectoplasm fused with his DNA. His very molecular structure was rearranged to become a hybrid of ghost and human."

"Is there any way this...situation... can be remedied?" seethed the Queen.

The minion trembled.

"It can." came a voice from the crowd. "A relitively simple matter." The crowd of ghosts parted, to reveal a shrivled old woman.

"A hag, how original" sighed the Queen.

" Do you prefer this" said the hag, changing into a small boy, "Or this?" the ghost the changed into a beautiful Woman. "I am Jyu Sen Ko. My specialty is cursing mortals."

"And your 'curse' can stop this demi-mortal?" asked the Queen.

"No. It will be little more than an annoyance. It will be when he finds the cure that Danny Phantom himself will create the force that will destroy him."

The Queen smiled. "It shall be done."