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Cracked Reflections

Shattered Reflection


"FAILURE" screamed the voice in Dash's head.

"It wasn't my fault. He ain't human" Dash protested.

"He's Fenton for crying out loud. You couldn't even scare Fenton?"

"I'm sorry" Dash sobbed, curling up into a ball, "I'm sorry"


"Thanks for waiting for me, Sam" said Trip, drying off with a towel from the locker room.

"Anytime, that's what friends are for." said Sam simply.

"Friends…" murmured Trip, dwelling on the word. "Sam, I think there's something I have to tell you"


But before Trip could say anything, he was bowled over by an invisible Danny. He fell into Sam and the three landed in a heap, Danny's visibility returning.

"Dash…(pant)..tried to…(pant)…kill me" Danny wheezed, out of breath from his long run.

"WHAT?" cried Sam and Trip together.

"Caught me on the way home...(pant)... He had a knife"

"Shit" Trip squirmed his way out of the pile and picked up Danny, "Did he hurt you?"

"I'm fine, scared him off. It scared me though, I've never seen Dash like that." Danny shuddered at the memory of Dash's eyes, of the pure malice they gave off.

Sam picked herself up. "Drugs do that to people. They mess you up."

"This is all my fault" mumbled Trip, looking shell shocked, "All my fault."

"This isn't your fault, Trip" reassured Danny, "It's Dash's!"

"You're the one who told Lancer, aren't you" said Sam, remembering how Dash had tried to pounce the redhead on the day of his expulsion, "You did the right thing. If Dash is this violent now, imagine him at school. He'd have hurt a lot of people before he was stopped."

"You don't understand" said Trip, "I blew it."

"Blew what? What are you talking about?" asked Danny.

"So the big oaf didn't kill you. Good I get my shot."

They turned to the sound of the voice, none of the three believing what they were seeing.


The Hispanic girl grinned wickedly, her eyes glowing a dull green. "Paulina's not here right now, can I take a message?"

"Who are you" Danny demanded, sinking into a fighting position.

The eyes glowed brighter, Paulina's pretty face contorting in rage. "So now you care about me" She screamed, launching herself at the halfa.

Unfortunately, she hit one of Danny's shield head first.

"Run!" cried Danny, grabbing Trip and Sam, and leading away from whatever was attacking them.

After winding through several hallways, they ended up hiding behind the bleachers in the gymnasium.

"Who was that?" Sam asked.

"How should I know?"

"She seemed to know you. And thought you should care about her" Sam pointed out.

"The only ghost who ever wanted me to show her affection was Kitty. And that was just to make Johnny jealous." Danny protested.

"We don't actually know the ghost if female." Trip pointed out. "Just because it inhabits a female body doesn't mean anything."

Danny shivered.

Sam's eyes narrowed, "You don't seem surprised by any of this…"

Trip sighed. "I know, this is what I was trying to tell you abou…LOOK OUT!"

The bleacher exploded. Danny reflexively put up a shield to protect his friends. "Who are you? Why are you doing this?"

"Because you abandoned me" screamed 'Paulina'. "You just left me there like I was nothing. I want the life you stole from me!"

"You wouldn't happen to be related to Valerie would you?"

'Paulina's' eyes narrowed. "You still don't know who I am? Let's see if this rings any bells?"

A ring of blue light appeared around her midsection and traveled up and down her body.

It can't be! She was planning on this. Trip realized in a panic. And I played right into her hands. The council is going to KILL me!

If whatever the hells in front of us doesn't do it first…

Danny just stared at the face. Oh yeah, this was familiar.

After all it hadn't been that long ago he had been looking at that face in the mirror.

The female Danny smirked. "Miss me?"

Danny snorted, "Like a bad cold,"

The smirk vanished. The female Danny took a deep breath and let out a wail.

Danny threw up a shield as fast as he could, but it could withstand his ultimate attack, even if his gender switched doppelganger's was a little weaker than his own.

Sam felt Trip's arms around her.

"Don't worry" she heard a voice in her mind, "I won't let anything hurt you,"

Danny cried out as his shield finally gave. Sam felt Trip's arms vanish when suddenly a loud roar bellowed over the noise of the wail.

Danny and Sam looked at the giant figure towering defensively above them.



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