The Big Finish

"Oh come on guys," Forge pleaded. "I told you it was an accident! And being shrunk did help you in the fight against the sentinel! And besides no one was really hurt and you're all back to normal now so please GIVE ME BACK MY CLOTHES AND UNTIE ME!"

Forge was hung upside down from a tree wearing only his boxer shorts. "Let me think about that request," The now normal sized Hank stroked his chin. "Ahhh…NO!"

"So you guys fought off a sentinel while you were small?" Daria asked. The Triplets and the others had returned as well by now. "That is so cool!"

"We always miss the good stuff," Spyder pouted.

"Oh but you can get in on this," Hank grinned. "Ever hit a piñata before?"

"Come on guys I know you're all a little upset…" Forge gulped. "And you have every right to be…"

"Oh we have a right to be all right!" Warren shouted. "My feathers are all singed and I have a hangover!"

"I was nearly eaten alive!" Hank shouted.

"So was I!" Ororo shouted. "AND I AM DRESSED UP LIKE TINKERBELL!"

"Not to mention the therapy session from hell," Todd added. "Yeah I know I spend too much time with Roadblock!"

"I don't even know how to explain this to my supervisor!" Mr. Small shouted.

"Hey Barney! I wanna borrow your whiffle bat!" Logan shouted.

"Oh come on guys you're not really gonna hit me now?" Forge gulped.

"No we are not," Xavier sighed. "Let him down."

"What?" Logan roared.

Xavier sent a telepathic message to the adults. We'll do it later, AFTER he analyzes the sentinel and does a level 15 Danger Room scenario. TWICE!

"Oh okay…" Logan grinned. He causally cut down the ropes that held Forge and he fell to the ground. "Oops! My mistake."

"Here are some clothes," Shipwreck tossed him.

"These aren't my clothes," Forge looked at them. "Are these tights?"

"Put 'em on!" Ororo snapped. "I'm not going to be the only one to suffer the humiliation of dressing up like a Disney character!"

"But you were only shrunk for less than two hours," Forge whined.

"Really? That's all?" Hank shook his head. "It seems like ten days to me. Maybe longer."

"I think you guys are taking this a little too far," Forge grumbled. He was now wearing a Peter Pan costume. "And where did you get this in the first place?"

"I made it a couple of minutes ago out of your drapes," Pietro grinned.

"You can take it off after you analyze that!" Logan pointed to the sentinel.

"Wow you guys are really harsh you know that?" Tabitha snickered.

"Hey wait a minute!" John pointed at Sam and Tabitha. "You two brought him to us in the first place! You're just as responsible!"

"Actually that was Tabitha's idea," Sam gulped nervously.

"You know," Pietro grinned. "I can make a Cinderella and an Eeyore the Donkey costume pretty quick."

"Oh really? Well that's very helpful to know Quicksilver," Ororo grinned. "I think we could use your services!"

"Three guesses who's gonna wear what?" Logan folded his arms and grinned.

"Oh man please tell me I get the donkey costume…" Sam moaned.

"No I think you look better in blue and high heels…" Hank had a wicked glint in his eye.

"Uh oh…" Tabitha gulped.

"If I were you two," Lance grinned. "I'd start running now." Which they did.

"Whoever catches them doesn't have to learn advanced algebra!" John shouted. Immediately all the X-Kids ran off after them.

"Oh this is going to be my best scrapbook ever!" Pietro laughed as Scott, Xavier and Mr. Small went inside.

"I'm truly sorry for your experiences today Mr. Small," Xavier apologized. "Things are usually not this hectic around here."

"Yeah today was a quiet day," Scott said sarcastically.

"Well at least I can now understand the reasons for all those deductions you have," Mr. Small replied shakily. "They're all valid ones."

"What I don't understand is why would Foresight and Trask would only send one sentinel?" Scott asked.

"I suspect that sentinel was merely a test run to see our defenses as well as gage our mutant abilities," Xavier frowned. "Most likely he will implement what little information he obtained to improve them."

"Yeah well something tells me its gonna be a long time before Trask tries a stunt like that again," Shipwreck nodded as he walked in with Ororo. He put his arm around her. "You really look good in that. Wanna grant me a few wishes?"

"And I would have thought by now that you would have learned not to try that stunt again!" Ororo shouted as she grabbed his arm and flipped him over her shoulder.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Several X-Men and Misfits ran into the room.

"What's going on?" Scott asked. "What's the matter!"

"FORGE DID IT AGAIN!" Amara shouted.

"Did what?" Scott glared at him. "WHAT DID YOU DO NOW?"

"Well actually…" Forge gulped. "We have a problem. Or I should say…four problems. Four big problems…"

"Four big problems?" Xavier's eye twitched. "What do you mean by four…?"

"DA DA!"

"Oh god no…" Lance gasped and pointed. They went out and looked at a frightening sight.

Out on the lawn were Claudius, Barney, Polly and Lockheed, all of them as big as the sentinel they had defeated only a few moments ago. "FORGE!" Scott screamed and Jean fainted.

"You see I thought I could examine the sentinel better if I shrunk it but I accidentally hit the wrong button and…" Forge gulped. "I'm never going to see the light of day again after this am I?"

"Oh you'll see a light all right," John chased after him. "A nice bright shiny one after I kill you!"

"Not again…" Shipwreck groaned. "My worst nightmare!"

"Dolly?" Claudius looked down at Hank.

"Oh god not again!" Hank screamed as he ran away. "I AM NOT GOING BACK INTO HIS MOUTH!"

"Now what do we do?" Kitty cried out.

"Well you should train your dragon better!" Rogue told her. "He's drinking out of the pool!"

"That's it!" Mr. Small shouted. "I'm gonna quit my job and become a rodeo clown! It's safer and I get more respect!"

"Can you get me an application?" John shouted.