Title: Beauty and the Beastess

Author: mistymidnight

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: They. Do. Not. Belong. To. Me.

Timeline/Spoilers: Pre-Season one. Buffy is thirteen and Dawn is seven.

Summary: Buffy gets generous and lets Dawn play with her makeup. Oh, the horror!

Author's Notes: Requested by gidgetgirl. Again. I think I'll just write "RBG" at the beginning of any author's notes in a story requested by her. Of course, she has great ideas, so absolutely no complaints. Are the rest of you people dead? I want some fresh ideas!

Beauty and the Beastess

"Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy!" Dawn dashed up the stairs, dashed down the hallway, stopped short in front of Buffy's room and skidded inside.

"What do you want, Dawn?" Buffy asked, carefully applying eyeliner.

"Your dance is tonight!"

"No kidding, Dawnie," Buffy said dryly, gesturing around to all the makeup spread out on her bed.

"Can I…can I try on your make up?" Dawn asked shyly.

"Sure," Buffy smiled, feeling generous. "Come here, let me…"

"No!" Dawn shouted. "I can do it myself!"

"Fine," Buffy sighed. "I've got to get going anyway. Don't make a mess or you're dead. And don't smudge the make up all over the place. And don't use it all up! And—"

"I know, I know," Dawn said. "Bye."

Buffy grabbed a denim jacket and a purse and left. Dawn looked after her sister, admiring how pretty she was, even without makeup. Dawn made up her mind to look as pretty as Buffy.

She inspected the blush. Stupid pinks and reds, girly colors. Dawn was in the middle of her tomboyish phase. Blue was a much better color. She searched for blue blush. There was none. But there was blue eye shadow! This would work.

After applying a bluish tinge to her face that made her look like she was drowning, Dawn searched for a good eye shadow color to actually use on her eyes. Purple was her second favorite color. Purple should work. She found a grape-purple shade and applied it from her eyelid to her eyebrow, then added light eyeshadow under her eyes for good dramatic measure.

Buffy didn't have any good lipstick colors, so Dawn got black lipstick from the box of last year's Halloween costumes. She hated the shape of her lips, so she elaborated a bit.

Dawn's new lips extended from halfway down her chin to halfway between her lips and nose.

She was having so much fun that she never heard Buffy come back, until she turned around to check the time. Buffy screamed and jumped backwards. Dawn screamed too.

"AHHHH! WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?!" Buffy screamed.

"I made myself pretty. Like that girl in Beauty and the Beast."

"I don't think you realize that the Beast wasn't a girl."

Dawn didn't understand what Buffy had said until a few second later. She might be young, but she was by no means dumb. "Hey!"

"Beastess," Buffy corrected, gathering up her makeup. "Bye, Dawn." She shooed her out of the room. "Go take a shower. Whatever you do, don't show Mom or Dad. We don't want them to have heart attacks in their old and fragile states." Buffy was at the age where anyone over twenty-five was considered an old geezer.

"But I am pretty!" Dawn insisted.

"Not like that."

Sunnydale, California 2002

Dawn yelled down the hallway to her sister's room. "Buffy, I'm out of makeup! Can I borrow your lilac eyeshadow?"

The was a brief silence, and Dawn wasn't sure her sister had heard her. Then she heard her sister say, "Not after last time!" before cracking up.

Dawn sighed. Never gonna live that down.

Sorry, kinda short, but I'm not on my home computer and I gotta run!