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Author's notes:

This is my little story that is a sequel to The Past Revisited. The story is an AU of The Sentinel and Highlander: The series. Again, Blair is less nebbish and two of my favorite immortal characters make an appearance.

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Chapter Four
(Nearly a year later)

The day had finally come. Joss' period as Blair's student had come to pass. He had been challenged a few weeks before and Blair had consented to allow Joss to determine his own future. As the wheel of fate had turned, Joss acquitted himself well and had survived.

With Joss taking his first head, coupled with an offer of a job at a legitimate newspaper in San Francisco, they were parting. No longer were they student and teacher, but friends.

"Joss, take care of yourself. Stay in touch okay," Blair said, offering his hand.

Joss smiled and shook his former teacher's hand. "Thanks for everything man. You'll never know how much I appreciate everything you did for me. Once I get settled and you get some time, you and Jim should come down to San Francisco."

"Sounds like a good idea. Anyway, you might need this," Blair said and handed him a slip of paper.

Joss opened it up and saw an address and name written on it. "Who is this?"

"If you want to survive, you always need to learn. Mashimo Sensei is a master at Kendo. He's not an Immortal, but you can learn plenty from him. Just be careful of when he wants you to demonstrate something with him and he is smiling," Blair said, remembering getting his butt handed to him by the old master.

"Thanks," he said and pocketed the paper. "Jim, it was nice to know you."

"See you around Joss. Watch yourself," Jim replied.

At last, Joss got into his car and drove off to his new life, leaving Blair and Jim standing there in the parking lot. Blair was looking slightly down.

"So what now Chief?"

Immediately Blair switched modes and returned to his usual hyper self. "A great Thai restaurant just opened up down the street," he said.

Jim just shook his head and shoved his partner, and best friend, into his truck and slammed the door shut. Things were somewhat back to normal, whatever normal was in their crazy lives.

The end . . . for now . . .

Author's notes:

Thank you to those who read and reviewed. Again, I know it wasn't the greatest story in the world, but I had fun writing it and it gave me an outlet for the frustration that my life and job cause me. Right now, it is either write or go on a killing rampage. Writing seems to be a better way to keep out of jail. Take care!!!