Author's Notes

I had previously wrote this story. I had decided to revise a few bits. I took away some parts that I thought did not work too well and added parts to the story that I had previously omitted.

I do like reviews and anyone who read the story prior, I hope you like the changes

Chapter 1 A Young Mother

Sara awoke to the sounds of a child's crying. She rolled out of her bed and walked over to the crib that was in the same room. She picked up the little boy that was crying. "Sh sh baby, it's alright." She said walking in a circle around the room with the little boy she had named Eric.

She finally took a seat on the bed still cradling the baby. Sara continued to make soothing sounds with her voice until the baby went back to sleep. When she was sure that he was completely asleep, Sara placed the baby boy back into the crib. She ran her fingers through her bushy brown hair and then she went back into her bed.

Lying in bed Sara just thought, unable to sleep. She had to get enough sleep tonight; she had a dinner date tomorrow. Sara had met a man while doing laundry at a local laundry mat.

The laundry room in basement of Sara's building was creepy at best. It was also a place she did not want her little boy to be.

When it came to men, Sara was very careful and did not react to them until after she was sure. She was always careful with everything that she did. By an outward appearance she did not have a lot to lose. But Sara did have a lot to lose. In her life she had only one constant that was Eric. Babies were a handful at times, but she would never give him up for anything. Sara would do anything at all to protect him.

That was one of the reasons she had agreed to the date. She thought Eric deserved a father. That was what she would do, find him a good father and make sure he had a family. She knew that he deserved nothing less. It had been the first thing that she had ever promised him. Sara kept her promises.

After a while Sara turned onto her side and fell asleep.

When morning came she got up and cooked breakfast in the cramped kitchen. She had turned on the news so she would have some noise. Sara then went into the bedroom and picked up Eric who had woken up finally. She placed him in his special chair and got his food.

Eric was like a bird when it came to eating. His mouth stayed open until the food entered. It quickly closed and then it opened again. Sara laughed as she finished feeding him.

Afterwards she put Eric in his stroller and grabbed his diaper bag. Sara took the elevator down two floors. She pushed the stroller down to the third apartment on the left. Sara knocked on the door. It was answered by an old lady.

"Hello, Annie." Sara said pushing the stroller into the apartment. "He only woke up once last night. He had a big breakfast so he probably won't eat that much for lunch. Everything is in the bag."

"I know dear. You just get to work. I'll take care of the little one." Annie said practically pushing Sara out the door.

Sara walked down to the elevator and pushed the button for the parking garage that was in the basement. She got into her old Ford and headed to work.

She worked as a librarian in the public library. She was not actually qualified at the job, but she proved herself more capable then the ones considered being qualified. That was the only reason that they had let her stay for so long.

The thing about Sara was the she was technically only a little older then Eric. Sara had been found in an alley by a walking bobbie in the middle of the night. She had been beaten and it appeared that she had been robbed. Nothing was found on her save her torn clothing and some bruises and cuts. Some of which had become scars. She wore sweaters most of the time to cover the long one that ran from her elbow to almost her wrist.

It had been the scariest moment of her life when she had come around in the emergency room of the hospital.

The doctors, at the hospital had been able to heal her wounds. But did not know why she had no memory of who she was and what had happened to her. It had simply been labeled Amnesia. The doctors had told her then that she pregnant and that she was almost three months along.

Every precaution was made to take care of her and the baby. That was one thing that she really loved about Eric. There was no doubt in her mind that he was hers.

Social Services had set her up with a cheap apartment and a monthly stipend until she was able to get a job. They had also tried to track down anyone that she would be related to. She was not found on any local missing person's list.

Sara had hired a private detective for a short time, but that had grown too costly. She had Eric to take care of.

When Sara had gotten to the library she said a proper greeting to the people she passed and sat down at her desk. It was usually calm in the mornings. Only college students and a few adults showed. This was the easiest portion of the day.

It wasn't against rules to look on the Internet during work hours it was just advised not to. Sara did not like breaking rules. But she figured that it was for a good cause. She searched lists of missing persons and descriptions to see if she could find some kind of match. Anything that would lead her somewhere, or just to someone.

No one she worked with was bothered about her doing this. Her work performance was excellent.

The search proved nothing new so she went about checking shelves and putting books away properly.

After work she headed back to her apartment. She had left Eric with Annie longer due to the fact she needed to get ready for her date.

She did her best to control her hair and tie it up nicely. It was just so wild. She had considered cutting it, but it would look funny with her rounded face. She then changed into a blue dress she had bought in a department store when she was having lunch with some of her friends from work.

When she was finished she went to Annie's apartment. "I'm heading off." She said. "Here's the extra key. When Eric falls asleep just put him in his crib. I don't know how long I will be."

"Just have fun dear." Annie said. "Eric and I will do just fine together."

Sara smiled and headed downstairs to the front of the building. There she saw him.

"Hello, Tom." She said.

"Well, looking nice tonight. Let's go to dinner." He said holding out his arm.

Sara took it and they both walked together to his car. He politely opened the door for her and then drove to the restaurant. Once there they went inside and the hostess sat them at a table.

Sara immediately began talking. She told Tom about Eric, even the parts that he already knew. She mentioned her job and about the people she knew in the building.

The waitress then came and they both ordered. Sara only ordered a salad. Mostly because she was so nervous she did not know how much she could eat.

Tom did not speak much. He continued listening to Sara talk. She did that when she was nervous, talked a lot. She imagined it must have gotten her in trouble quite a few times, or maybe some people not liking her that well.

She did not openly answer any questions about her past. She gave little fibs that could be taken as the truth. No one really knew her situation. Only a few people that she worked with who had been around long enough.

After dinner Tom insisted on dessert. He talked Sara into a piece of chocolate cheesecake. Sara ate it and started to feel full.

Tom then paid for the dinner and escorted Sara back to his car. He drove her back to her apartment building.

"Would you like to come up for some coffee or tea?" Sara asked. She usually wasn't so bold.

"That would be nice." Tom said following her into the building.

Sara went up to her apartment and opened the door. Annie was sitting on the couch with a book.

"Back already dear." Annie said. "I just put him down a little less than an hour ago."

"Thank you." Sara said. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Annie gave an approving nod towards Tom then stepped out.

"Well Coffee or Tea?" Sara said stepping into the kitchen.

"Tea," Tom answered.

Sara put the pot on the stove and then grabbed two coffee cups from the dishwasher. She then grabbed her service tray and two coasters. She hated leaving rings on the table. They were so hard to clean.

When the pot started to whistle she picked it up and poured it into the two cups. She then brought the tray into the living room.

"Here you go." She said passing the cup.

Tom took the cup and sipped from it before putting it down. "I really had a good time tonight." He said.

"Me too." Sara said.

"Well, I guess if two people should be together they find each other."

Sara was shocked. That phrase was a big jump.

Tom then leaned in to kiss Sara. Sara accepted it and continued with it. Tom then put his hand on her knee. This was a tad of a jump, but Sara went with it. It had been a long time.

He then leaned in further. This brought Sara almost completely down on the couch.

Then she heard crying from the bedroom.

"That's Eric." Sara said.

"He'll be alright. Kids go back to sleep after a moment." Tom said not letting go.

"I better check. I'll be right back." Sara said trying to move.

Tom still did not move.

Eric's crying was starting to get louder. "I just need to see." Sara said thrusting her body upwards to push Tom off. Tom was taken by surprise and fell half off the couch.

Sara got up off the couch quickly as she could.

Tom grabbed a hold of Sara's wrist. "He's just fine."

Sara jerked her arm so Tom would release his grip. It only grew tighter.

"Let me go." Sara demanded.

"Not yet." Tom said.

With her other arm, Sara went for Tom's elbow and pushed it inward. This caused enough pain in his arm Tom released.

"Now get out." Sara demanded. She held her stance as she looked at Tom. Every protective alarm was going off in her mind.

Tom shrugged and walked out the door.

Sara quickly locked the door then went into the bedroom. She picked up Eric and started to stroke the orange curls of hair on his head. "It's alright. Someday I will find you a Daddy. He will be the best." Sara said reassuringly as she rocked Eric back to sleep.