"Traffic's a bit heavy tonight," Elwood remarked offhandedly as he drove out a subway entrance into Times Square traffic, sending a number of taxis scattering to the side with the blaring of horns.

"Better book it, Elwood, he's not looking too good back here," Zee spoke up loudly, just as Jake let out another loud cry of agony in the back of the Winnebago.

"Hang in there, Jake, I'm going as fast as I can-and we've got company already," Elwood swerved wide to the left to avoid a phalanx of cop cars zooming right at them.

"They're not the only ones; the bikers are back too, Elwood," Buster glanced worriedly out the rear windows, where the bikers were on their tail.

"Looks like those country and western guys too," Katrina added, noticing Bob's camper amid the cop cars behind them.

"Give me some time, I think we can lose them," Elwood turned hard to the right, causing four cop cars to crash into each other, "Shouldn't be too much further to the Lincoln Tunnel..."

"About eight more blocks straight ahead," Mack pointed, just as Jake howled in carnal agony, followed by a scream from Katrina. A horrifying scene greated Elwood when he turned around next; Jake's legs were starting to disappear rapidly. "Jake, what's...!?" he gasped in shock.

"The devil's coming out already, Elwood; Hell's...rising...now...!" Jake moaned in agony, "We...can't...make it...!"

"We'll make it, Jake; we're on a mission from God; we can't not make it. Here's the tunnel," sweating, Elwood spun hard to the left down into the Lincoln Tunnel, all of their pursuers still hot on their heels.

"Uh, are the walls supposed to look like that, guys?" Zee was deeply frowning, pointing at the sides of the tunnel. And indeed, Elwood could see what appeared to be burning coals forming on them. "Jake...!?" he asked worriedly.

"It's...too...late...Elwood...!" only Jake's head was visible now. And it was at that moment that the tunnel started tilting forward, lifting the Winnebago off the ground and sending it tumbling forward through space. Elwood could only see horrible flames all around them now as they spiralled towards the depths of Hell, even as something else seemed to be ringing out around him, getting louder and louder...

"Elwood!? Elwood, come on, wake up...!"

Elwood's eyes flew wide open. A fully recorporated Jake was standing over him. "Jake, you're OK," he exclaimed, "But weren't we...where...?"

He glanced around to find they were in a deserted parlor. And then he remembered; the two of them had decided to shack up for the night in an old abandoned manor house well off the highway to get away from the authorities that had been pursuing them ever since they'd broken out of prison two weeks ago. "Jake, I just had the most incredible dream..." he said softly.

"Don't tell me, let me guess," Jake could be seen rolling his eyes behind his sunglasses, "You get out of jail, find I'm dead, and go off on a big road trip with McTier, the bartender from down at the Dill Pickle, Curtis's long lost son, and some kid from the orphanage to..."

"Nope, not this time," Elwood shook his head; he had, however, been having that dream a lot lately for some reason, "This one was bigger and better; it was up to us to dave the world, with a whole bunch of people we'd never met before..."

He slowly related the entire dream to Jake. "Well, all I can say is, I knew you were asking too much having that wicked a pepper steak for dinner," Jake shook his head softly, "Well, try and get back to sleep; we've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

He trudged back to the sofa he'd crashed on for the night and pulled the blanket up to his neck. Elwood leaned back in the armchair he'd chosen and pulled up his blanket as well. "Say Jake," he called to his brother, "You couldn't have waited a few minutes later to wake me up? I really wanted to see if we saved the world..."

"Well, go on back to sleep and find out," Jake mumbled, "Glad to know I was part of this one, unlike that other dream; it wouldn't be right if I wasn't there..."

"Yeah, Jake, I'm glad you ain't really dead," Elwood nodded to himself, "It wouldn't be the same without you at all. Jake?"

A loud snore hinted Jake had already fallen asleep again. Elwood shrugged and leaned back in his chair, listening to the low whispering of cars on the highway a mile or so away. "At least we didn't really go to Hell," he thought with relief to himself, "Still, would be nice to know if we made it out," he closed his eyes, wondering if the dream would in fact continue, "Would be nice if we actually did save the world. But it's only a dream..."

Suddenly there was a loud barking from outside the manor house. Elwood shot up in his chair. "Nah, couldn't be," he mused out loud. Rising up softly, not to wake the still sleeping Jake, he bustled towards the front window and glanced out...

Just as a German shepherd wearing what looked like a torn Blues Brothers' outfit leaped up into sight and barked in the window. Elwood jumped back in surprise. "It...it was only a dream," he mumbled out loud, "Wasn't it...?"