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"What do you mean 'together'?" Piper asked. "Chris is not leaving this room, he's hurt. He was practically dead a moment ago, he's too fragile to go out to the underworld. There has to be another way."

"Piper," Mel said softly, "I wish there was another way. I don't want anything to happen to Chris, either, but Wyatt and I both know...that this is the only way. Wyatt will know about it soon enough when the shape shifting demon doesn't come back. If we don't act quickly, Chris will die. Please, Piper," she begged, "let him go. For all of our sakes. We don't want to lose him."

Piper nodded, then ran a finger through Chris' hair. He flinched. His mother had barely even noticed him before, and now, here she was, concerned. It almost scared him. Was she under a spell? He looked over at Mel, he could always tell if she was hiding something—but she wasn't.

"Be careful, honey," Piper choked, letting go of him. "I love you."

"I...it's nice to know that, mom," he said. "I love you too."

He got up slowly, stumbling over to Mel. Leo reached out to help him but Chris turned the other way. He wasn't ready for all this...not after all these years of betrayal. Not after what they'd done to make his life a living hell. Not just yet.

"What do we need to do?" he asked. His voice was weak but confident. He wouldn't let this pain he was feeling let him down, he couldn't let Wyatt get to him. He was trying to forget that Wyatt was evil, and in doing that, he'd have to forget everything in his body that ached all over, which was caused by Wyatt. Wyatt. The brother he would've trusted with his life...had just tried to take his life away from him.

"We need to go to the underworld," she explained quickly, "I've already found out where to get the antidote. Prue, come here, we need you, too."

Prue grinned. It seemed as if she was going to team up with her cousins a little sooner than she had anticipated.

She walked up to Mel and took Chris' and Mel's hands, stepping in between them. Waving to her mother and blowing her a good-bye kiss, she got read to orb away, which, like Piper, she was a bit wary of. Her mother was a witch and her dad was a mortal—Jason Dean, but he'd died before she was born—so she didn't have the power to orb. Since Mel and Chris both had either a white-lighter or half whitelighter for parents, they inherited it. Mel's father was Richard, but he was on a business trip at the moment, thankfully.

Before she knew it, they were orbing. It was like the sensation she got on a roller coaster at the fair that would come to the city in August. It had so many twists and turns and spins...

Then it stopped in about three seconds. Her face fell in disappointment—orbing was totally cool!—but then she remembered that she was on a mission. A mission that, if not handled quickly, could mean the death of one of her wonderful cousins.

Mel looked around. "We're in the right place," she observed, squinting through the black cavern. "It wasn't as dark the last time I was here, though. I wonder why...maybe that demon had something to do with it? I dunno. Anyways, Chris, you stay here for a minute. I'll feel the walls for the boulders...Prue, stay with Chris, something might go wrong."

Prue nodded. She knew that this time she wasn't staying behind because she was a nuisance, this time she had a job to do: watch Chris. Normally she'd laugh—Chris was thirteen and highly capable of taking care of himself—but it didn't seem funny anymore. Even though they had used the potion minutes ago, he was already gasping for air and pale in the face, sweating.

"I found it!" Mel called from about ten feet away. "Come on, over here!"

"Where?" Prue called back. "I can't see!"

Mel didn't reply. Prue figured that she couldn't hear her, so she followed Chris slowly to the sound of where her voice had been heard. A few footsteps in, she was completely lost and didn't have a clue where she was headed.

"Mel?" she cried shakily.

She turned to her right and saw that Chris was gone, too. Where could he have gone? He wasn't strong enough to get away from her that fast, and he was right behind her a moment ago. Something seemed...wrong...

"RUN!" Chris' voice howled out. "RUN, PRUE, GET OUTTA HERE!"

"Chris!" she shrieked, "Where are you guys? What am I supposed to—"

"I said, RUN!" Chris repeated again. "It's Wyatt, he's down here, get out before it's too late! Hurry, Prue!"

She gasped and leapt to make a sprint for her life, but mid leap, two strong, demanding arms grabbed the back of her knees and neck. Wyatt had gotten her and slung her over his shoulder carelessly like a sack of potatoes before roughly dropping her on the floor between Mel and Chris. An electric pulse went through her, and she tried to get away from it before realizing that the magic he had created was binding her to the floor.

"Did you really think a toddler could escape me, Chrissy?" Wyatt sneered. "Yet another rash prediction you have made today. What's wrong? Poison? Woopsy, my bad. Not."

"I'm not a toddler, I'm nine!" Prue screamed. "And his name isn't Chrissy, it's Chris, and he's smarter than you'll ever be! Now let us go!"

"Cute," Wyatt said sarcastically. "A baby's defending you, Chris. Gee, what back up you've got there."

"He's got me backing him up too, you know!" Mel lashed out at him, trying to loosen her foot so she could kick his leg. "In fact, now he's got the entire family backing him up, not just me and my mom!"

"SILENCE!" Wyatt roared, sending a burst of magic through them both. They squealed then became eerily silent... "I don't want to hurt you two, you're not the ones that'll cross me. You did that," he pointed to their mouths, "to yourself."

Mel squirmed around desperately, trying to cry out in frustration. The noise never came, her voice was gone. When she tried to speak she couldn't even manage a whisper. Wyatt must have anticipated their rebellious natures enough to compose some kind of magic to make them stuff it.

"What did you do to them?" Chris demanded with a frail voice, panting. The temporary spell wasn't going to work much longer, it would only be a matter of time before the poison would sink all the way back into his veins and kill him. "If you hurt them, I'll...I'll..."

"You'll what?" Wyatt cackled. "You're pretty defenseless from where I stand, little brother."

Chris gasped in agony as the pain began to return. His head buzzed, aching so hard that he couldn't see anything. The world was spinning and he felt a sharp stab at his side...somebody kicked him, but it didn't make much of a difference, the other pains he felt were consuming his mind.

Mel fought tears as she saw Chris, dying. They had failed. Tonight Chris would die...all because of Wyatt. She took Prue's hand for comfort and saw that her little cousin was crying, too. How could Wyatt, of all people, do this to them?

Suddenly a blinding light filled the entire room, worse than when the demon had found the antidote. It was emerging from Chris, his eyes clenched tight in concentration and rage as he began to mutter some words underneath his breath.

"Send this demon far from here," he whispered hoarsely, "to where he can't find the people that love him dear." He groaned. Something was happening. Was it like Wyatt had said? Were these the powers that had been bound from before? How come he had them now?

He couldn't finish the spell, he was too focused on this new power that was making Wyatt suffer. Mel realized what was happening and said the first words that came to mind off the top of her head. "Take him somewhere harmless for now, somewhere for safe-keeping—"

Prue chirped in to finish. "So he cannot find the brother he's seeking!"

By now Wyatt had attempted to grab at Chris' throat and stab him with an athame several times, only to get burned by the light. Once the spell had been recited he shrieked, "You can't stop me!" before dissolving away to a place for "safe-keeping."

Chris flashed a small, internal smile before falling into unconsciousness. Maybe there was still hope...

"Chris!" Mel screamed once Wyatt was gone. "Chris, wake up!"

"Mel," Prue said forcefully, "we need to get that antidote. C'mon, we'll still use his hand to open it. Wee need to do this, and FAST."

"You're right," said Mel, dragging Chris about a foot forwards, towards the rock. She took his hand and balled it inside of hers like a fist and knocked with his three times, knocked with her own, then motioned to Prue. Prue stepped forwards and knocked too.

"Charmed," Mel stuttered.

"Charmed," Prue repeated.

The boulder stayed firmly shut. "We need Chris," Mel sobbed. "This isn't going to work!"

Prue bent down and shook Chris gently. "C'mon, Chris...wake up, just a minute..."

"Charmed," Chris gasped.

The boulder split in two, but there was no light, no dramatic music, no heart-stopping mind-boggling entrancement. All they could see was an altar, a potion-like vial atop it. It seemed no more important than the average day potion, in fact, but Mel knew from Wyatt's "loving" that looks could often be deceiving.

Mel rushed up to the vial, ready to throw it at Chris, when—

"Wait," Prue demanded out of nowhere. "We need to chant. It won't work unless we chant."

Mel looked at her cousin quizzically, then decided that they didn't have any time to lose. She aimed at Chris again, and right as she lifted her arm, Prue grabbed it in mid-air.

"Mel!" she exclaimed. "We need to chant, that woman over there that looks like my mommy said so. Don't call me crazy or anything, but she said her name was Prue, like me. But she said to chant...I don't know what she meant."

"Prue?" Mel questioned. Prue was the name of their dead aunt that she and her mother had never known, but seen lots of pictures of. Could she be guiding them to save Chris? "What do you mean by chanting?" Then it hit her. Before they'd blocked the house off to all evil when she was about five or so, her mother and aunts would chant something...what was it?"

"The Power of Three will set us free," Mel spat out in realization. "The Power of Three will set us free!"

Prue chimed in and they both took hold of the vial, throwing it at Chris but continuing to chant. "The Power of Three will set us free, The Power of Three will set us free, The Power of Three will set us free!"

Chris sat up, grinning. "It worked," he marveled. "I'm alive. Thank you guys so much, I don't know what I'd do without you both! You saved me."

"Don't thank us," Prue laughed, "thank that lady over there."

They all turned to where she was staring to see a woman dressed a white dress, transparent and glowing beautifully. She smiled and waved at little Prue, flipping her dark hair. As she faded away, she and little Prue both blew the familiar kisses at each other.

"Good bye, Aunt Prue!" little Prue called.

"That's our aunt," Chris murmured in awe, "the one we never met. Aunt Prue. She must be watching over us now."

"I've seen her before," Prue explained. "In my dreams, my nightmares. She always comes up to hug me and tell me that it'll be alright, and then I wake up and see mommy there instead."

They were all silent for a moment, confused and amazed at what they had just seen. Chris jumped up first.

"Where's Wyatt? I never finished the spell—"

"Don't worry, we did," Mel assured him.

Chris breathed in relief. "He'll be okay, right? At least until we can get him back and turned good again, I mean."

"Yeah, that was a part of the spell. We don't know where he is, but you're safe now. We're all safe now, and we've managed to put a stop to the chaos in San Francisco—while you were asleep. Everything will be okay, and that's all that matters." Mel sniffled a bit, grinning. "We thought you were a goner for sure, Chris! Speaking of which, Aunt Piper will KILL me if we don't come back with you soon. She's actually worried about you..."

"For once," said Chris darkly. "But I'm not going to get my hopes up that it will last. Nothing ever really lasts around here."

"Chris..." Mel trailed off.

"C'mon, Prue," Chris interrupted, holding out his hand to her. "Let's go to the Magic School and get everybody."


There'll probably be a sequel, don't you worry! I'm thinking it'll be about what happens after Wyatt escapes and tries to make Chris SUFFER at any costs. MWAHAHAHA!!!