Dum, Dum, Dum... Chapter 2. (ooooooooo, aaaaaaaah)

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Now that he was out of that blasted hallway, things were definitely looking up for Duo. Pulling a sharpie out of his pocket, he drew little arrows on the floor to help him along the way. It seemed, however, that ink didn't like to stay put in this labyrinth. "Some one's been changing my marks! Damn you, Relena!"

He threw his sharpie against a wall in frustration, throwing himself against the wall behind him, but the wall was missing. Instead, he just fell through, landing in a heap on the floor of a room he was sure was not there a few moments ago. "What the Hell?"

He found he was not alone, in fact, two very familiar faces were leering at him as he stood an brushed himself off. It was none other than Trieze Kushrenada and is tow headed right hand man, Zechs Marquise. Instead of scaring the be-jesus out of his little terrorist heart like he had always thought a sight like that would, he had to clap a hand to his mouth to keep the laughter at bay. OZ's top commanders were dressed like, well, the only thing that came to Duo's mind was the king and jack off of a deck of cards. Each of them had extra hands and heads coming from what looked like their... crotches? It was all too funny.

He stopped laughing though when he noticed they were guarding doors. "Hey, formidable guards and doors! I gotta be getting somewhere! Oi, Ozzies! Where do these doors lead?"

Zechs seemed to snicker and answered glibly, "One of these doors leads straight to the castle. Other leads to - "

Treize piped up with, "Bum bum bum bum."

"Certain death." At that, the two scariest men in the universe began to giggle like little school girls. Duo had to roll his eyes.

"Well, which is which?"

"Which one of us are you asking? Know that you can only ask one of us, and that one of us always lies, and one of us always tells the truth." Trieze seemed to smirk as he added, "I always tell the truth."

"Oh, what a lie!" squealed Zechs in mock outrage.

"This is fucked up. Alright, so one of these doors leads to my, and therefore Heero's certain doom, and one of them leads to the castle. One of you guys always lies, and one of you always tells the truth. Huh." He seemed to mull this idea in his head like one would sample a rare wine before breaking out in one of his trademark grins. "Got it!"

Still grinning like the fool he certainly was not, Duo stood in front of Zechs and demanded, "If I were to ask Trieze if the door on the left lead to the castle, would he say yes or no?"

Zechs seemed taken aback by the question and looked to his other head, the bottom one, sharing words of whispered conversation. Duo tried real hard to not imagine that the Lightening Count was having a conversation with his crotch. Finally, Zechs lifted his head and an eyebrow, slowly said, "Yes?"

"So then the door on the right leads to the castle."

"Are you sure?" asked Trieze. "I could be telling the truth."

"But then Zechs would be lying and it would still be the door on the right."

Zechs looked puzzled for a bit and turned to Trieze, "Does that work?"

Treize seemed to shrug, "I don't really know, I've never understood it."

"Yes, yes it does," declared Duo with confidence as he opened the correct door and strode through. "This is a piece of cake!"

But no sooner did the words fall from his lips did the ground literally open up from underneath Duo and swallow him whole. His last thought before falling was, "Sorry, Hee-chan."


It was not the end for Duo, however. His fall was broken by many hands, and to his surprise, just hands. "Hey! Lay off the goods! I am not that kind of guy."

A strangely familiar voice seemed to seep in through the walls, "So sorry, Kid, but you looked like you could use a hand."

"Howard? What the hell, where are you?" Suddenly, five or six of the hands melded together to created a parody of Howard's face.

"Oh, you know me, I'm just hanging around... it seems you're finally facing off with that little girl."

"I don't have much choice, Howie, she's got Heero."

"The part-stealer? Nah, let her keep him." The hand made Howard seem to smirk.

"Now you know I can't do that, Howie, my man. Can you give me a hand- er, some hel out of here?"

"Sure, Kid, Which way? Up, or down?"

Duo gave himself some time to ponder this, but the hands were kinda hurting with the way they were gripping... he could only imagine what it would feel like to have to go back up, so he came up with the easiest solution, "Down... I'm already pointed that way."

All of the sudden a chorus of voices, most of which Duo recognized from his time with the Sweepers started babbling, "Down?"

"He said down!"

The way they were freaking out about it, Duo knew he'd made a bad choice, but when he asked them if that was the wrong answer, he simply heard a stout voice reply with, "Too late." Duo was cast into darkness.