"So that's it? That's the whole story? That's how you got together?" 7-year old Caitlin asked with a tone that said she expected more, "So when you got together when you were 15, you stayed together the whole time until you were 22 and then decided to get married?"

"Well," Freddy said to his daughter, "It's not exactly like that. After we graduated from high school, we had split up because of course everyone went their separate ways. But it was weird, cause we all stayed in the same state so at least once a year we would see each other."

"And then when we were about 20 years old, I think," Katie added, "We decided to try and work it out since I had transferred schools and it wasn't so much of a long-distance relationship."

"And then you proposed to her, right daddy?" Caitlin asked with a smile showing off her cute dimples that she got from her dad.

"Exactly," Freddy said, "Now, it's time for bed."

"Your dad's right. Time for bed Caitlin," Katie said tucking in her daughter.

"One more story, please! What about School Of Rock? Didn't you guys split up?" Caitlin pleaded for another story.

"Fine, one more short story," Freddy smiled, "Well, after high school, we split up for a while, but after your mommy and I got married, School of Rock got back together and then, well you know the rest."

"Yeah, mommy and daddy and Auntie Summer, and Uncle Zack, and Uncle Dewey, and Uncle Lawrence, and Auntie Alicia, and Auntie Tomika, and Auntie Marta got famous cause they got a record deal! And it became successful so now they're famous and that's why the whole School or Rock members and their families live in separate big houses that are on the same street in Los Angeles," Caitlin smiled.

"Yes, now go to bed," Freddy kissed her on the forehead, "Good night Lin." He said and walked out the door. Darn, Caitlin thought. Her father had been the easy one to lure. You know, daughters can always melt their father's hearts, but however, her mom was more hard to convince.

"But it's summer mommy!" Caitlin yawned, "There's no school! And plus, I'm not a tad bit sleepy!" Her eyes fluttered a bit. Katie gave her a knowing look.

"Yeah right. Like your not a tad bit sleepy, but you do have a good point. Okay, you can watch Shrek 2 until you fall asleep, but that's it. Night Caitlin," Katie kissed her on the forehead.

"I love you mommy," Caitlin yawned once more.

"Love you too," Katie said and walked out softly shutting the door behind

her where she saw Freddy. Outside in the hall Katie grunted and held her big belly.

"What's wrong?" Freddy asked worriedly.

"It's the baby. It kicked again," Katie laughed, "I have a feeling it's going to be a boy. Strong kicker, this one."

"You know, even though we had our ups and downs, it's amazing everything worked out great. Some people say you can't stay friends forever, but you can. I mean, we live with our best friends!" Freddy said, "Well, not actually live with them, but all of them are just across the street from us. Well they're not exactly across the street from us, they're more like—"

"Relax. Don't give yourself a headache," she gave him a light kiss on the lips, "Come on Summer, Zack, and Alicia are waiting for us downstairs."

As Katie and Freddy marched their way down the long flight of staircases Alicia asked, "Tuck her in okay?"

"Protested a bit," Katie said.

"That's my daughter. Yep, the rebel," Freddy smiled. Katie sent him a short glare, "Well she's just watching Shrek 2 until she falls asleep."

"What about you guys? Are you sure your kids aren't sleepy?" Katie said. Ever since Caitlin was born, Katie acted so much like a mother to everyone, though every now and then her wild spirit was still with her.

"Tamaya is at home with Lawrence," Alicia said, "And plus, she's only a baby. She sleeps more then half the time." To Katie's surprise, Alicia and Lawrence had stayed together through thick and thin and have not once broken up since they had first gotten together. They even went to the same college and ended up getting married when they were only 20.

"And we don't have kids," Zack said then looked slyly at Summer, "But we'll make some as soon as we get back home." Summer punched him playfully on the shoulder. Now, Zack and Summer had definitely broken up but had gotten back together when they talked out their issues at Freddy and Katie's wedding.

"Yes, well all this talk is making me miss my baby girl and Larry," Alicia said picking up her purse, "It's been fun, but I'll see you guys tomorrow. Night." She said and walked out the front door.

"It's amazing," Summer sighed and rested her head against her husband's shoulder, "Who would've thought that this would happen? We'd actually get a record deal and then we'd end up living right next door to each other! It's so much of a miracle."

"It's weird how we say that everyday," Freddy said, "I guess we're just lucky. Real lucky."

"Well one thing's for sure," Katie said, "Even though people never believe in it."

"What's that?" Summer asked.

"Friendship can last forever."

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